10 Tips to Improve Your Reading With An Intuitive

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improve intuitive reading

You get out of things what you put into into them.

If you work diligently in the gym, you’ll gain better health (and a firmer boo-tay. Word!) If you meditate consistently (you really should be doing that…get started here) you’ll find the present moment and your sanity a little more peacefully.

It’s the same with the quality of your readings when you’re working with an intuitive.

The best readings I’ve ever done had NOTHING TO DO with me or my ability to rock a great two-way convo with Spirit.

My clients who show up ready to receive and are serious about getting answers are the ones who invoke the holy-sh*t-I-can’t-believe-that-just-happened style readings outta me.

It’s like their heart-felt intention sends a signal to the Universe that says, “Spirit! I need you to listen up, show up, and lead the way NOW because I’m dead-serious!”

The quality of the intuitive reading you get (assuming you’re working with someone legit) is largely determined by you and the intention you bring.

And since you’re more than likely paying good moola for these sessions, you owe it to yourself to make sure your showing up in an energy that helps you get the answers and guidance you desire.

Below are 10 tips to help you prepare for and improve your next intuitive reading.


You’d be amazed how many people come to me overwhelmed with soooo much they want to ask about, but once they get in session, they can’t articulate one single coherent question at all. This one is hard, because part of the reason you’re doing this is to get the clarity you need.

But not even the most skilled intuitive will be able to resolve all your problems at once, and certainly not in one session. Your reading be far more helpful if you focus on diving deep into one or two areas of interest instead of trying cover everything at once.


Once you’ve narrowed your ‘issue of interest,’ you can then brainstorm the specific questions about that topic. Just like in grade school the idea here is, “There are no stupid questions, only good questions that didn’t get asked.”

And specificity is the ‘secret sauce’ of all great intuitive questions.  Intuitive information flows into our awareness in response to inquiry.

It’s a lot like a google search; all the information in the world is there, but you’ve got to tell it what you want to know.

The answer you get will be of the same quality as the question you ask, so if you want profound answers, take the time to formulate profound questions.


Your Higher Self’s job is to help you in the way that serves your highest good. Trying to bargain with the universe is a bad idea because it doesn’t want anything other than for you to just be you.

The whole “I’ll do this or give up that if you’ll just {fill-in-the-blank} for me!” doesn’t really work because Spirit’s goal isn’t to manipulate you to some end of its own.  It doesn’t need to to DO anything – only BE more of the person you’d like to naturally become.

The sole purpose of entering into a dialogue with Spirit is to illuminate the path within that leads you back into remembrance that you already have all that you seek.  

When your Higher Self gives information, its serving as a reference point for you to align with your highest power and potential at that moment, and it will always reflect to you the highest possible path that allows you to do so at that moment. Period. Therefore, bargaining is totally pointless.

Just get clear on what you most want to explore, and have the courage to witness whatever information comes forward.


I fervently believe every person on earth should be fluent in two languages: merciless sarcasm and critical thinking.  Sarcasm aside, sometimes we forget to integrate our intuitive growth on a mental level.

Examining what you currently believe to be true and asking yourself if you’d like to change your mind is spiritual growth in it’s highest form, and one of the ways that’s done is by critical thinking.

The quality of your life and everything you do (and don’t) accomplish in it is determined by what you DO in the world. And what you do (your behaviors) are 100% determined by what you BELIEVE to be true.

Every exterior action you make is preceded by the inner belief that what you are doing will produce the results you desire. That means that before you can act to manifest the exterior conditions you want, you must think in an aligned way first.

Critical thinking has gotten a bad rap in the spiritual community as being something that prevents you from accepting higher truth. I could write an entire book on why and how that’s wrong…but I digress.

What keeps us from embracing higher states of consciousness is judgement and cynicism, not critical thinking.

  • Judgment and cynicism say, “Nothing in the world, no matter how impartially true it is, will change my mind!”
  • Critical thinking says, “I’m open to changing my mind based on good evidence and credible new information that feels right to me!”

If you want amazing results from an intuitive reading, spend some time with the new intell you get and ‘criticize’ the information. Criticizing it means asking yourself if you believe it to be true or not or want it to be true for you.

Don’t knee-jerk accept it as true or reject it as false until you’ve put on your Sherlock Holmes hat and objectively analyzed it. From that space, you can then make a conscious choice in what you will and will not believe.


The purpose of an intuitive reading is to help you get tangible answers to specific questions so that you can create an actionable plan that helps empower you life. The numero uno way to accomplish this is by asking questions about the information presented to you. Think of it as a two-way convo with Spirit.

For example, if you ask, “Should I quit my job and start my own business right now?” and the reader says, “No, wait 6 months,” don’t just leave it there. You could get tons of clarifying info by asking the following questions…

  • “Why 6 months? What will be different then?”
  • “Do I even need to quit my job at all in order to start?”
  • “What needs to change in order for me to be ready to start my business?”
  • “How can I make those changes?”

Then let the reader respond. Voila! You’re now smack-dab in the middle of a killer intuitive reading!


Commentary (especially in your first reading with someone you’ve never worked with before) is very different than asking questions. You don’t need to give the intuitive the ‘back story.”

 In fact, the whole point of the reading is to see precisely what will come through or not based on the energy, not the mental story around it.  If you ‘feed the reader’ with too much information, you’ll more than likely cloud their impressions and make it harder for both of you to get accurate info.

Now this might sound confusing because a moment ago I was telling you to make the reading more like a conversation. But, notice how entering into a dialogue via asking questions with the reader is way different than just giving them information straight out.

In the former, you’re the one driving the conversation and getting answers. In the latter, you’re not receiving new insight you’re merely sharing the old one’s you already have.  So remember as a general rule, you need to be asking questions and then clarifying with more questions.

(A caveat: As your work with the reader over time, you’ll find the sessions do get more ‘chatting.” This is due to the intuitive getting to know you well and working to help you create actionable goals and plans.)


The nature of an intuitive reading is such that some of what’s presented to you will not make sense at first. That’s totally normal.

Sometimes information is given so that in the future and at just the right moment, you’ll be prepared for stressful or challenging situation that would have otherwise steamrolled you. Sometimes the information you’re given is for other people or for situations that haven’t presented themselves yet.

The bottom line is, during the reading is not the time to try and make logical sense out of what’s coming forward.

I’ve found that waiting about about three days for everything to sink in before trying to integrate and examine things is good rule of thumb for most people to use.

Now if you’re find yourself feeling weird or uneasy, then follow the next tip.


If what you’re hearing doesn’t feel right or seems way off base, speak up!  There’s nothing worse than sitting through a reading that feels totally askew.

Remember, the best intuitives love it when you ask questions and engage with the guidance given. If what they’re saying doesn’t resonate then usually one of three things happening…

  1. What they’re presenting is accurate, but you’re not consciously aware of it
  2. The information is applicable and accurate in the future, and…
  3. For whatever reason, they are just plain ol’ wrong (and that’s ok ‘cause nobody’s perfect).

The remedy for each situation is to let the reader know how you feel so they can intuitively check in on what’s happening and get to the bottom of why the vibe is off.


On an energetic level your physical, mental, and emotional Self knows that some pretty freaking amazing stuff is about to go down!  Being nervous for an intuitive reading is perfectly normal. Plus you don’t know what’s about to happen and we’re all a little trepidatious to hear truths that might be hard or scary, to feel exposed and vulnerable, and to (gulp!) open up to change.

Consider that nervous feeling a sign you’re taking the work seriously and are about to experience something powerful enough to knock your blocks into the past and embrace one helluva bright tomorrow.


Getting a reading is fun and entertaining, but the truth is it can really change your life if you let it.

There’s ample evidence to suggest coaching and therapies that incorporate a spiritual/intuitive component can facilitate healing and growth so rapidly it boggles the rational mind.

I’ve had hundreds of clients who’ve spent literally (I’m not saying literally when I really should be saying figuratively here), I mean literally spent all their life and 10’s of 1000’s of dollars trying to overcome self-doubt, hatred, depression, abandonment, anxiety, anger, frustration, guilt, shame, and fear of every kind on every level, all with little or no lasting results.  

Then after working with the intuitive component for a fraction of the time and cost on the very same issues, their entire lives change!  They do the work and then Whoosh! It’s all in the rear-view.  It’s non-linear and very ‘meta,’ but if you’re into what works, then prepare yourself by doing the stuff on this list and you’ll be soaring in no time!

Much Love,




P.S. Curious about what an intuitive session with me is all about?  Check out how a Private Intuitive Session can help you here!






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