Free Intuitive Coaching Guide


Master the exact same coaching skills that skyrocketed my business to 7-figures while letting my intuition lead the way.

Deep down, you know you’re a powerful and impactful coach…

  • But do you sometimes doubt your ability to create real + lasting transformation for the people you long to serve?

  • Or maybe you wonder if you’re capable of running a profitable business that doesn’t demand you work yourself to death?

  • Or are you tongue-tied every time you try to tell someone “what you do” as a coach – or you’re even a little scared to tell them you are one?!

Whether you’re a new coach, seasoned coach, or someone who wants to incorporate your intuitive gifts into your work

This guidebook will help you discover your own unique coaching style and shout about it from the rooftops…

All while embracing an intuitive-focused but research-supported approach that shortens your timeline to own your confidence and create massive success in your business

  • Grow your natural intuitive talent into deeply impactful and aligned mastery.
  • A new, revolutionary coaching technique that creates client transformation at lightning speed and skyrockets your profitability.
  • Transform your client’s lives by allowing your true Self to shine (and earn more without “working harder.”)
  • Invoke unshakable confidence to handle your client’s most challenging issues without becoming overwhelmed.

Hi, I’m Heather Alice Shea.

Early on in my coaching practice I realized that the most powerful coaching tool I possessed was my intuition. Using my intuition with my clients allowed for lightning speed results incomparable to any other method I’d ever used before. 

I have built a 7-figure training company that has helped hundreds of coaches across 5 different continents make their dream of becoming a purposeful and profitable intuitive coach a reality. 

I created the 3 Master Skills Guidebook to teach you the 3 research-supported coaching skills that help you build a wildly successful, soul-aligned intuitive coaching practice on your terms — so you could skip the hard lessons and expensive mistakes that I made.

I’m so excited to share these intuitive-focused coaching skills with you!