45 Spiritual Lessons In 45 Years That Change Everything

Carl Jung, (the famous psychologist who discovered archetypes) once said that life begins at 40.

I agree with him.  Today marks my 45th trip around the sun and I feel like my life’s just gotten started over the last 5 years.

Life is challenging for us all to be sure.  And for women, one of the biggest pressures and fears we have is around growing older.  We live in a society that worships the youth and beauty – that wants to define you based on those parameters alone. 

If you let it, these false ideas and expectations can and will take you to your knees…

Make you feel less than…

Nothing like the worthy, beautiful, smart, talented person you are.

So today, I am asking myself:

“Who am I without the filter? How would I feel about myself if I lived in a world that didn’t demand, pressure, and coerce me to wear one?”

I think I’d feel pretty damn good about myself if I allowed myself to be more of myself.  

That’s what I want my life and Atmana to stand for – A world where we feel free to not only be our real selves but are embraced and celebrated for it.

And so today, I wanted to share the 45 lessons I’ve learned in the 45 years I’ve learned while being human this time around.

  1. “I don’t know” are three of the wisest words a person can say.
  2. The answer to all suffering is inside us but almost no one is willing to look there, which is why the world is in so much pain.
  3. Speaking your truth will absolutely piss some people and that’s not your problem.
  4. You become more powerful than you can possibly imagine the moment you start believing in yourself.
  5. You will be loved by some and hated by others.  Don’t allow the hatred to define you, but don’t let the adoration do so either. Only God and your own Soul are in a position to do that.
  6. Your purpose isn’t something you do. It’s something you’re called to become.
  7. There are two kinds of people in this world. People who swear and people who don’t. People in the former category are way fucking cooler than the latter.
  8. Your parents did the best job they could with what they had at the time. Forgive them.
  9. You aren’t responsible for other people’s feelings. Be patient until they figure that out.
  10. The world isn’t a bad or a good place. It’s what we choose to believe about our life that determines whether or not we experience it that way.
  11. Forgiveness is divine but sometimes that can only come after lawyering the fuck up and suing the shit out of the people who have woefully wronged you.
  12. Intuition is the highest form of intelligence we have.
  13. When you’re young, you feel like everything is important. As you get older, you realize that only three things are: Family, Friends, and Faith. 
  14. Your feelings are sacred. Don’t expect everyone to care about them and only share them with people who do.
  15. If you need to cry, cry. But you can just as easily laugh, which is way more fun.
  16. Don’t take things personally. It’s really not about you.
  17. Love people enough to let them learn their lessons. It’s not your job to fix anyone.
  18. It’s far more kind to treat people the way they want to be treated than it is to treat them the way you want to be treated.  
  19. Never ever ever ever give your power away. To anyone. For any reason. Ever.
  20. Do not apologize for things you haven’t done wrong or when you don’t really mean it.
  21. Having kids will drain the shit out of you but once they’re older they make you feel young.
  22. Blaming and shaming are a huge waste of time. Learn what you need to learn and move on.
  23. Botox is your best friend once your forehead wrinkles start running the show.
  24. Everyone wants a magical life but very few people are willing to actually believe in life’s magic long enough to get it.
  25. Talent alone isn’t enough. Passion, persistence, action, commitment and courage will take you everywhere.
  26. Failure is a myth. You are either succeeding or on your way to succeeding. You can only fail if you give up.
  27. Santa’s not real but you still get presents.
  28. God/Universe is constantly trying to guide you through signs, symbols, and synchronicity. Pay attention.
  29. Knowing where you’re going isn’t necessary in order for you to get started.
  30. It’s clique as hell but so very true that through Love, all things are possible.
  31. There comes a time in your soul’s evolution when you simply outgrow religion. It’s ok to let it go, even though the majority of people still seem to need it.
  32. Being “religious” and personal relationship with God are NOT the same thing at all. 
  33. If you can’t be happy right now for no reason at all, then you’ll never be happy; because true happiness demands it come, “for no reason at all, right now.”
  34. “No” is a perfectly good answer that doesn’t need to be followed up with an explanation.
  35. It’s better to live a hard truth than a beautiful lie. 
  36. There’s no point in achieving anything if you don’t stop long enough to celebrate it.
  37. You can be spiritual and still kick ass, drink whiskey and be a real person.
  38. Change is the only constant thing in the world. Your ability to create what you desire is directly correlated with how comfortable you are living in and with the unknown.
  39. Your greatest teachers in life will be the people who hurt and anger you the most. Be grateful for them.
  40. Your thoughts and emotions create your reality and both are under your control.
  41. You can “have it all” throughout the course of your lifetime, but not all at the same time.
  42. Wine and a night out with your girlfriends can solve a surprisingly enormous amount of problems.
  43. Financial success is a great way to discover who your real friends are. You will be shocked at who wants to use you and who really has your back. 
  44. Give what you can – even if it’s small. The fact that you care enough to do so is what touches the heart.
  45. The only person you have to spend the rest of your life with is you, so you’d better make friends with yourself fast.


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