5 Universal Qualities of the Higher Self

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Higher Self Buddha

You yoga. You meditate. You read personal growth books until your eyes go fuzzy.

You each kale even though deep down you think it tastes like wet tree bark, and you limit your mainstream news intake because it’s depressing and lowers your vibe.

There are a lot of things you do every day to try and express your full potential and be happy.  But it begs the question….

How can we tell if we’re making progress in our spiritual growth game, and to what are we aspiring to become, anyway?

Here’s the deal.  Most people, regardless of their spiritual or religious beliefs, acknowledge they have a life force within them; a spirit or soul or Higher Self, that inhabits and animates their little lump of stardust (aka, their physical body).

Every person on earth has a Higher Self and is born with an innate drive to align with it.  However, we all express it in different, unique and wondrous ways.

A problem that often arises when we begin the journey of personal or spiritual expansion is we have conflicting ideas about how the expression of our Higher Self presents in our daily lives.

Since we are all here to be unique representations of the divine, how can we recognize the expression of such a vast universal force working through us on a distinct individual level?

As we move up the ladder of consciousness, so to speak, there are 5 universal qualities all people exhibit as they move more fulling into expressing their Higher Self.

Witnessing these characteristics within yourself will serve as sign that you’re making progress in aligning with Source energy…and that eating all that nasty kale is finally paying off.


A quality of aligning with your Higher Self is the ability to notice and truly appreciate your own uniqueness.  In understanding your uniqueness, the contribution you’re here to give the world (your ‘purpose’) becomes glaringly obvious; because what you are here to give the world is you.  The real You.

Think of yourself as one of the Universe’s fingerprints. Just as no one on earth will ever have your fingerprints, no one in all of creation will ever be just like you.  As you align, your ‘fingerprint’ (you) gets more defined and distinct; it’s brilliant qualities are put on display for all to see and celebrate.

That’s what self-actualization, enlightenment, and ‘raising your vibration’ is really all about; just being your whole Self. 

It’s not complicated.  Dr. Seuss nailed best when he said,  “Today you are you; that is truer than true. There is no-one alive that is you-er than you.”

And from that place of pure self-expression you begin to exhibit another incredible quality…


‘How did I get myself into all these people?”

This is how Dr. David R. Hawkins, PhD, M.D., celebrated pioneer and researcher of human consciousness, described his experience of self-actualization and spiritual enlightenment. 

He said that fully comprehending his own ‘selfness’ bought about the automatic understanding that there is only one ‘source’ from which all life springs and we’re all irrevocably a part of and connected to it.

The quality of unity means you are capable of recognizing yourself as an aspect all other things.  To borrow a metaphor, it’s like you can see that you are both the forest and the trees, and so is everyone else.

Higher Self-alignment give you a sense of Self so complete and whole, you can’t help but relate to and love everything and everyone you see as yourself.


As we unify with our Higher Self’s perspective, we gain a strong sense of the deeper meaning and inherent truth behind things. This opens us up to see and receive subtler forms of information.

You not only hear what people say, you hear what they don’t say; you understand the points they’re conveying and also concealing. To sum this one up in colloquial terms, you basically become a walking bullshit detector.

Your intuition is heighten and you’re about to gather knowledge from both your physical reality and subtler ‘energetic’ forms of information.


When we say someone is ‘creative,’ we typically mean they are an artist, painter, musician, or writer; someone who makes or produces a tangible experience or work for others to enjoy.

That’s not what I’m talking about here (although that does happen as a by product of Higher Self alignment).

The research of Dr. Bruce Lipton, stem cell biologist, author of The Biology of Belief, suggests that 95% of our behaviors come from our subconscious programming.

That means that 95% of our decisions, actions and beliefs are unconsciously chosen.  We think we’re consciously in control of our lives, but we’re not.  In reality, we are on a type of reactive auto-pilot towards all we perceive and experience.

As you connect with your Higher Self, you develop a profound ability to be self-aware and witness your unconscious behaviors and attitudes when they arise.  You can then shift from reactive responses to pro-actively choosing your behaviors, thoughts, and feelings.

The creative quality of the Higher Self is all about getting off auto-pilot and gaining the ability to create interesting, novel, and innovative ways of solving everyday problems, interacting with the world, and consciously living your life.


The Universe positively loves action.  It’s in a constant state of growth and expansion and since we are a part of the universe, alignment demands we move and flow with it.   

Activity from the Higher Self perspective is about engagement towards what you want to accomplish most from a place of soul-inspired action.  This is the direct opposite of the frantically-desperate-wheel-spinning -busy we see so much of in the world today.   

Higher Self encourages you to act with a clear sense of purpose, in calm state of mind, and with a peacefully centered heart.  As you align, you master the ability to decipher which activities are coming from true inspiration versus ‘shining new idea’ syndrome.

And there you have it! Stop today and spend a few moments reflecting on how these qualities are showing up for you.  Make a commitment cultivate them on a daily basis and you find yourself effortlessly leveling up your life.

After you’ve contemplated these 5 qualities, let me know your thoughts in the comments…

  1. Which quality do you possess more of? Less of?
  2. What quality do you feel you’ve learned how to embody most through your practice?
  3. How can you you begin to express more of these qualities in your daily life? Which one would you like to start out with?

Love big!




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