7 ways to spot a fake intuitive

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fake intuitive
Every time you turn around there’s a “intuitive coach” or “healer” sprouting up.

While it’s very en vogue, the sad fact is not all who claim to be intuitive readers or coaches possess the level of skillfulness required to reliably wear the title, or the integrity to do so. fake intuitive

At best, some are honest people who have an interest in the world of esoterica, but no real intuitive ability at all. At worst, some are straight-up fakes with the soul intention of conning you out of your well-earned money.  These are the ones you’ve got to look out for the most, because while the former might want to help you but simply lack the ability to do so, the latter have zero interest in your welfare and would sleep just fine knowing they’ve ripped you off.

Below you’ll find 7 ways to spot a fake intuitive. If you meet with someone who fits any of these descriptions, as we say in the south, “Cut bait and run!”   fake intuitive


Intuitives asking questions or trying to engage you in a lengthy conversation before a reading is a sign they’re searching for cues from you, instead of receiving real intuitive information.  If they say things like, “So what moved you to want to have a reading?’ or, “What area of your life are you most wanting to explore?” that’s huge tell.

Now with this being said, to some extent an intuitive reading is genuinely a two-way dialogue,  and I regularly engage in this myself…after I’ve done my initial reading.  Once the intuitive has given you their impressions, a back and forth conversation can work wonders to help you flesh out more information and put into context the information they’ve already provided.  And doing this will usually trigger more intuitive and synchronistic information to flow in.  But starting a session with probing questions and lengthy conversation is a sure sign they are looking for tidbits to work from, instead of their intuitive ability.  fake intuitive

2. GURU COMPLEX  fake intuitive

A tell-tale sign of a fake intuitive is they get frustrated when you question the information they’re providing or they expect you to believe everything they say with no questions asked. They have a deep need to appear mysteriously wise; with the power to access other-worldly information that makes you feel dependent on them for the ‘right’ answers.  

Authentic intuitives love it when you ask probing questions and communicate when you feel the information they are giving you is off.   

The goal of a genuine intuitive is to help you deepen your connection to your own wisdom and help you discover your own truth. Period.  They encourage your questions and challenges, because they know that this is a sign you’re working to discover your own insight and answers; and that’s the most important ingredient needed to unleash your most empowered Self.


Priming is a psychological effect in which exposure to one stimulus (in this case, the phrases listed in quotes below) influences the response to another stimulus (the information they give you). Scammers preface their ‘intuitive hits’ by saying things like..

  • “Wow… this incredibly interesting!”
  • “Oh, this is special…I’ve never seen anything quite like this before,”
  • “Hum…this is really powerful!”

…in an effort to make you think the information they’re offering you is accurate and important.

Here’s priming in action. Let’s say you and I go shoe shopping at a store you’ve never been to before, and I try on 15 pairs of shoes.  Every time I pick up a shoe, I say something like, “Wow, the quality of the shoes in this store are quite something!” or “Gee, the shoes here really are amazing.”   By the end of the shopping trip, even if you never tried on a pair of shoes yourself, you’ll walk out of the store under the general impression that it’s a great place to buy shoes, because my comments primed you to feel that way.

If the intuitive you’re working with constantly uses phrases like these right before they give you information, they’re trying to persuade you to awed by what they’re telling you, even if it’s of no importance or inaccurate.


You’d think this one goes without saying, but unfortunately it doesn’t.  If you meet with an intuitive who says you’re cursed or have a hex or spell on you, end the session immediately and for the love of pete don’t give them a dime.  This is the oldest scam in the book.

Once they believe you trust them, they’ll tell you the ‘curse’ is reason you’re not making the money  you want, or why you’re relationship is on the rocks, or you can’t lose that last 15 pounds, or make peace with your mother, or feel so stressed out, yada yada yada. Then they’ll offer to remove the imaginary curse (at a hefty price, of course) with the promise that your life will magically become the way you want it to be, happily ever after included.


Look out for intuitives who try to context shift from information they’ve given that’s just flat out wrong.  I once had a reader tell me, “I see you having more children…yes, a son.  He’ll look just like you.” I replied, “Well, that would be one helluva miracle, because I had a full hysterectomy when I was 35.”  She then backtracked by saying, “Uhm…well…..it must be that you’ll adopt a little boy in the future.”

Red Flag!  Instead of admitting she was wrong, she tried to manipulate the dialogue to make her information seem correct.

A genuine intuitive will readily admit when they’re off the mark. They aren’t desperate to make their intuitives hit fit, because they understand that no professional, no matter how skillful their ability, will perform perfectly all the time. To give an analogy here, even Labron James, one of the greatest basketball players alive today, misses the basket every once in awhile. It’s the same with intuitives.

A good intuitive will be confident enough in their abilities to admit when they’ve flubbed it.


A great way to spot a fake intuitive is by being mindful of how they make you feel.  Fake intuitives (especially the cons who are intentionally trying to scam you) leave you feeling disempowered, disheartened, and fearful about your future.

Be on the lookout for subtle suggestions that steadily put you down, make you question your own judgement, or undermine your self-confidence. Pay attention to see if they are peppering their content with negative impressions that make you feel you’re desperately in need help in order to ‘healed.’ The whole goal of an genuine intuitive is to serve you, and leave you feeling more calm, centered, confident, secure, hopeful, and most of all, connected to your own source of inner power and wisdom.


Watch out for statements that could be true for anyone. Assertions like “I sense you’ve been though a lot of challenges in your life” are categorically meaningless.  Everyone with a pulse has experienced difficult times at some point in their lives.  

Also, look out for statements such as “I see an older person, maybe a grandparent or relative in spirit who is always watching over you.”  Come on!  Everyone has a relative on the other side who’s watching over them. Statements like this are a clear sign the person you’re working with has little genuine intuitive perception, they’re a con, or they don’t know what they are doing.

And now I’d love to hear from you!
  • Have you ever been scammed by a fake intuitive?  Let me hear you story in the comments box!
  • What characteristics would you add to this list?
  • What advice would you offer someone looking to find a great intuitive?

Sound off in the comments below!

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