6 Questions To Activate Your Intuitive Abilities

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intuitive abilities

In order to create the life you want, you need access to higher truth.

And not just any truth, your truth.  The kind that gives you the personal and accurate information to your problems in a way that helps you solve them.

The best way to do this is to create and maintain a gorilla glue-like connection with your Higher Self.  After all, it already knows how to get you there.  Your job is to learn how to listen.

As a powerful intuitive, you forget that your ability to see, hear, and feel a constant dialogue with your Higher Self is accessible at every moment.  Think of this energy like a river flowing through you.  Sometimes it ebbs and sometimes it flows, but no matter what, it’s always there. 

And a great way to get your intuitive mojo flowing is by asking the right questions. 

This issue isn’t that intuitive information you seek isn’t available.  But rather, you’ve got to be in a state of mind that allows you to receive the source-inspired awesomeness that’s already there.  That’s the secret!

Do that first, and I pinky promise your intuitive abilities will quickly go Boom.

Here are 6 insightful questions to ask yourself when you feel like you’re in an intuitive rut.

These questions will help you pump up your inner volume, get receptive to guidance, and rejuvenate your Higher Self connection so you can get busy sharing your shine with the world.

 1. Am I paying attention?

Your Higher Self is constantly sending you signals from all over the place all the time.  It’s positively desperate to have a big crazy conversation with you!  It wants to communicate as much as you do; actually even more so.  Learn to pay attention and believe in the synchronicity and signs all around you. Those are the messages you’re looking for.  Don’t dismiss them.  Yes, they are real.  No, you’re not making it up.

2. What do I really need/want to know?

A big reason why people can’t get intuitive answers is because they aren’t clear on what they are want to ask or know.  The result of this is, even when answers do come in, you don’t know how to apply it.  Did that mean yes or no?  What if it’s answering only one part of the question or the whole thing? If you ask ambiguous questions or only vaguely understand what you are asking for,  your chances of getting vague and ambiguous answers are pretty high.  Before trying to tap in, stop and get super clear on exactly what you really want and need to know.

3. Do I believe I’m capable?

How you perceive your intuitive abilities has a huge impact on how well you’re able to connect.  In other words…

You receive what you believe.

Learn to view yourself as a powerful intuitive.  Whole-heartedly believe in your abilities.   Make that a part of your self-concept, and your access to source energy will be put on speed dial.

4. Am I open to receiving?

Have you ever tried to pour something into a cup that has a lid on the top?  No, because you know there’s zero chance of anything making it in.  It’s the same with you.  Open your heart and allow your Higher Self to help, lead, and guide you.  This takes a lot of trust because life teaches us to guard ourselves and close down. I know it’s hard sometimes, but you’ve gotta let it go!  Make a concerted effort to open up.  You’ve asked, now be willing to receive.

5. Am I ready to release my attachments?

Continuing on with the cup analogy here, it’s hard to fill one that’s already full.  We’d like to think we’re open to following our intuitive wisdom, but let’s face it, we’ve all got answers we’re secretly hope for and ideas about how it should go.  In order for higher information to flow in, you’ve got to release your attachments to what you want (empty the cup).  Again, trust the crap out of the universe and follow what your heart is telling you.  It’s way better than what you have planned anyway, I promise.

6. How do I feel?

A massive wealth of intuitive information is found in your emotions.   By simply learning how to pay attention to how you feel at any given moment, you can easily tap in.  Human beings are emotion-making machines.  There’s never a time when you aren’t feeling something, so start paying attention to the constant flow of intuitive information in your feels each day, and use them to help you align.

No matter what, remember that the universe has always got you back and the most important and accurate guidance you will ever hear will be from within yourself!


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