Ambassador Program

Hey Atmana Intuitive!

Welcome to the Atmana Ambassador Program.

This program is especially for Atmana coaches, alumni, and community members who want to link arms with us and welcome others into becoming an Atmana Intuitive Coach.

On this page, you’ll find information and resources to begin guiding others to explore the Atmana Intuitive Coach Certification Program.

It is an honor to stand side by side with you in leading others to the revolutionary work of Intuitive Coaching!

Thank you for joining us!

How the Program Works

It’s super simple…

For every person you refer into the program who enrolls within 12 months, you receive a $400 USD Ambassador Bonus (paid via Paypal, 30 days after their enrollment). 

How to Refer Your People

There are 4 easy ways:


Reach out and let your person know about the workshop or program and ask if you can introduce them to your support coach in a 3 way DM message on FB or IG.


Send an email to your support coach with your person included and introduce them to their new support coach! Be sure to let them know that the support coach will reach out to them directly to chat about their goals and vision.


Invite your person to the Facebook group and send a 3 way DM introducing them to your support coach and ask them to accept the invitation to join the group.


Invite your person to the attend our workshops and events! Send a 3 way DM introducing them to your support coach so we can get them registered.


The key is to directly connect them to your support coach. That helps us bump them to “priority” status and serve them in a streamlined way!

Resources to Help You Promote!

We’ve written the copy and make the graphics for you!

The secret to success as an ambassador is simply sharing from your heart your biggest wins, greatest successes, and what you love about this program the most. Just tell your story. It’s a simple as that.

Once your application is approved, you’ll be given…


PDF Overview of the Program


Document with Copy & Links


Social Media Graphics

We’re here to support you! 

When you win, we win. It’s that simple.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions, support, or awesome ideas you have about the ambassador program.

Please email ambassador@atmanaacademy.com with any questions you have!

Together We Rise,