are you Struggling to Get Your Soul Inspired
Coaching Business off the Ground?

You’ve always been that girl. The one everybody turns to when life gets raw and real.

You were born with the uncanny ability to cut through the bullshittery and sense what others need at a very deep level.

You’re a genius at serving up white hot truths in your ‘tell-it-like-it-is” style that people find refreshing.
Just by being you, you help people understand that anything is possible.

But You’re Hesitating, Not believing In Yourself because you’re secretly Afraid to Fail…

Or find out you don’t have what it takes to be a world-class changemaker and coach.

You’ve jumped on every freebie and ‘top secret’ formula possible.

You’ve signed up for a trillion trainings – and all the advice you get contradicts what the last “biz guru” said yesterday.

And if you see One More Coach over-exaggerating their success…

while hocking that stale “Hit 6 to 7 Figures!” sales pitch come down your feed on more time…

You’re. gonna. Lose. It.

You want to create a Soul-Aligned Business that’s built on more than Marketing Gimmicks and hype.

But you need real clarity of purpose, and the systems and structures that produce concrete monetary growth.

It’s time to stop ugly-crying at your bank statement, and achieve steady, stable results that make your bank account and your Higher Self do a happy dance.

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So, stop for a sec with me &
See the Way Forward,

If you feel overwhelmed by everything you don’t know, confused on how to properly implement the things you do, and nervous as hell about “taking the big leap” into soul-centered entrepreneurship, then..

I’m the Yin To Your Yang, My Love!


Intuitive Life Coach, Business Development Mentor,
& Founder of Atmana Coaching Academy.

I work with emerging coaches like you to clarify your purpose, claim your potential, and create soulful, systems, packages, and products that book your practice solid.

I’ve created a spirituality focused, results driven coaching empire that has helped thousands of people on five different continents make their big dreams an even bigger reality.

Before working with Heather, I had been experiencing a great deal of pain and difficulty starting my business as a first-time entrepreneur. From our very first session, she was able to tune into the issues that were blocking me not only in my professionally, but my personally as well. She shed light on things I didn’t even realize were plaguing me and gave me timeless advice that left me with countless ‘aha’ moments. It was one of the most liberating experiences of my life. Afterwards, I truly felt as though my spirit was singing; like years of long overdue messages had finally been heard. I now feel like there is nothing stopping me from creating the business and life I have always wanted. If you want to feel uplifted, if you want to gain clarity, if you are ready to let go of things that are burdening you and feel truly inspired, then you want to work with Heather. She is the real deal!

Hilary Foster

Life Coach, Speaker, & Free Spirit

The Atmana Intuitive Coach™Program
is for people like you,
spiritually oriented game changers who want to uplift others and make meaningful money doing work they were born to do.

What is Intuitive Life Coaching, & how is it Different?

The Atmana Coaching Method is the world’s first research-based Intuitive Life Coach Training & Business Development Program that formally integrates intuition as a part of the coaching process.

Our Coaching Philosophy holds that the information you gather from “intuitive hits and sources” are just as crucial to the coaching process as information you receive from “rational and traditional” methods.

fact #1

70 years of solid research has proven that integrating spirituality into the coaching/counseling process drastically increases client mental health, wellness, and overall resilience.

fact #2

Your intuition is a highly accurate “inner information gathering tool” that allows you to access intelligence unavailable to the conscious mind and apply it in practical, helpful ways.

fact #3

Science now explains the psychophysiological processes through which we intuitively communication, and offers techniques to consciously cultivate and employ these abilities.

As an Atmana Intuitive Coach™ you’ll learn Research Based strategies that allow you to masterfully use both Intuitive & Traditional coaching skills to get Mind-Blowing Results with every client.


This program has catapulted my company into an internationally trusted brand and allowed me to build a purposeful + profitable business in just 4 years.

And Now I’m sharing It With You!

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I work with Coaches, Therapists, & Healers at 3 main levels:

The Emerging Coach

  • who has vision in her veins and a fire in her belly to launch a very lucrative soul-aligned coaching practice, but doesn’t know how to bring it to life without breaking the bank.

The Ambitious Coach

  • who wants to get off the money merry-go-round and consistently make 7k-10k each month by developing solid scalable business systems, packages, pricing, and by getting published and “known as an expert” in her field.

The Spiritually Centered Coach

  • who wants to learn how to develop and incorporate her intuitive and empathic abilities in her work with clients – in way that’s high vibe, monetizable, grounded and supported by the latest cutting edge research.


Many Influencers like you are looking to achieve some of the things I’ve Already Accomplished, Like…

Booked a full calendar coaching practice (20 clients a week) within my first 8 months of business.

Hosted several 5-figure launches of my signature Program, in over 10 countries within 5 months online.

Tripled my rates in my first 18 months of business, and then took the entire business model online.

Dedicated to philanthropic efforts that support underserved women through organizations like Kiva.

Created a foolproof system for landing speaking gigs on platforms I love and that love me back in the form of high opt-in rates and conversions!

Perfected my vision, mission, and message so that I could finally stop playing small, shine my light, and go big, now.

Helped clients in over 25 countries on 5 continents live a more rewarding meaningful life by aligning with their Higher Self.

Released money issues and embrace the abundant life you deserve through making money in a way that speaks to your soul.

Add these Results to your “Did That” List!

I invite you to learn more about the program here.

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Introducing The

Atmana Intuitive Coach™



Module 1

Clarifying Your Personal & Professional Goals

This module will help you get super clear on what your personal definition of success looks like, as the Higher version of You that you aspire to become in the process.
Understanding not only what your goals are but why you want them is the foundation of your entire business. Knowing who you truly are, what you’re doing, and why you’re doing it creates the confidence, trust, and belief you need to succeed. This allows you to create the right business, the first time, with less stress, in half the time.

Module 2

Solidifying Strengths, SELF Confidence & Releasing Resistance

You are called to do this type work for a reason, but first you must learn how to turn your mental stumbling blocks into building blocks for success. You’ll learn to identify the limiting patterns and beliefs that are sabotaging your ability to move forward with mindfulness techniques that push past your resistance on a daily basis so you can stay 100% focused, energized, and on track to building the successful coaching business you desire.

Module 3

Defining Your Dream Client, Problem SoLving, & Goal Setting

After this module, you’ll never shy away from the question “What do you do?” ever again! You’ll discover your Unicorn Effect” – what makes you special as a coach, and you’ll learn how to effortlessly articulate the unique transformation that only you can provide your clients so ‘selling’ becomes a cinch. When you know exactly who your perfect clients are, the problems they face, and how you uniquely help them overcome them, everything in your business becomes easier.

Module 4

Powerful PRIVATE SESSIONS: ETHICS, STRUCTURING, & Monetizing your work

The “Bread and Butter” of your coaching practice are your private sessions. Here, you’ll learn how to conduct sessions in way that feels easeful for you, and engaging and rewarding for your clients. We’ll cover how to onboard new clients from start to finish, and we’ll create your coaching ethical “best practices” that inform how you deal with difficult clients and handle pro-bono work. You’ll also get legally covered with session contracts and communication policies you need for proper client boundaries.

Module 5

Transformational Coaching Skills 101: Facilitating lasting change

Here, you’ll learn to cultivate an empathic, authentic, and nonjudgemental atmosphere for your clients.   You’ll learn to apply and master active listening, reflecting emotions, active listening, and the art of asking powerful questions that get clients out of their comfort zone.  We will also cover how to set goals and use accountability in a loving yet strong way. After this module, you’ll walk into each healing encounter confident in your ability to facilitate a robust session that opens your client up to massive self-insight and awareness.

Module 6


This Module will help you learn how to accurately, properly, and professionally apply your intuitive coaching skills into your sessions using an evidenced-based strategies. You’ll learn the stages of intuitive reception, how to get into the ‘intuitive state’ effortlessly, and how to deal with the resistance that naturally comes with being coach who uses energy-based sources to guide your work. You’ll also learn simple yet powerful was to accurately interpret and present the information you receive in a way that helps you clients.

Module 7

Open Accountability & Implementation Call: Follow through on all your actionables

This session marks the end of Phase 1 in your journey of becoming a coach! You’ve identified your business goals, clarified who you serve, how you help, and you’ve mastered the basic coaching and intuitive skills. Now, we move to Phase 2 – building your business structure, systems, packages and products that will help you rake in the soul-inspired profit and prosperity you deserve! We’ll use this call to wrap any loose ends from Phase 1 so you’re 100% ready to move forward.

Module 8

Conducting Soul-Guided Clarity Calls That Sizzle, Sell, & Serve Like Crazy

There’s nothing more daunting than the idea of ‘selling’ yourself and your services to people you don’t know and are unsure if you can really help.  Here, you’ll master selling from the heart and learn how to ask smart, effective, and honest questions that helps both you and your client decide if there’s a perfect fit.  You’ll be able to identify within a few minutes if they’re someone you’d like to work with, and you’ll be able to answer their questions in way that feels like an authentic and friendly conversation verses a ‘sales call.’   You’ll also learn my signature 8 element framework that walks you step by step through the process of relationship building with potential clients, and how to enroll the right clients in a way that makes them super excited to work with you!

Module 9

meaningful money:
How To Price, Package, And Scale Your Services So You Can Get Paid What You’re Worth

It’s time to monetize like a Lady Boss! Here you’ll learn how to design one-on-one and group packages that skyrocket your value (and your clients results) while leveraging your time, making it easy for you to grow your business like a boss. You’ll learn how to triple your hourly rates in one year, and how to jump out of the “trading your time for money” trap for good through systematic scaling, product packaging, & anding VIP services.

Module 10

Unknown To Overbooked:
Establish Yourself As An Expert, Get Published, Interviewed, & Highly Visible

This 5 step framework literally puts money in your bank! Spending countless hours writing content no one reads, and posting in FB groups will not build your list or audience. Here you’ll learn how to get published in major media outlets, interviewed on your favorite podcasts, and establish yourself as an expert in the eyes of current industry A-listers who will be happy to introduce you to their audience filled with your dream clients. You’ll get the full 5 step framework, with email done-for-you templates to build 6 months of content on 3 core brand stories.

Module 11

Copywriting that converts: effortlessly Communicate your Expertise To Your Audience & Other A-listers you love

“Don’t chase, Attract” is your motto for calling in your tribe! Think of your message and brand stories like they’re a lighthouse that calls ships into harbor. The copy on your website and articles are the light that cuts through the fog and allows your future clients and industry influencers to recognize your expertise, resonate with your work, and reach out to work with you. Together, we’ll craft 3 main brand stores and cover the secrets to writing great copy that converts.

Module 12

Your online presence: Mapping Out A Website That Converts & Using 6 Must Have Tech Tools To Get You Going Under $40 A Month

In order for your business to be a stark-raving success, your website needs to be more than just pretty and informational.  Its needs to be a functional money-making machine.   Despite how it may seem, building a website is relatively easy when you have the right tools and know-how.  Here you’ll discover the four main pages you need to nail on order to for people to understand you and your work so they’ll get up book sessions and purchase packages.


Module 13

List Building strategy, Opt-in Offer,
& Building An Amazing Funnel To Go With It

Let’s get technical! In this module we’ll hone in on the perfect opt-in for your audience, and explore the various list building strategies that will work best with your time and budget, and create a 2 month schedule of automated emails that will provide tons of value to your tribe and give them countless opportunities to you book with you. We’ll also cover your ‘opt-in’ and other tech solutions like online schedulers, email service providers, marketing and automation tools, etc.

Module 14

OPEN Accountability Call: wrapping up lose ends Before You Officially Launch!

This program is very dynamic and comprehensive, with many moving parts and actionables that need to be addressed and completed. In order to make sure you have support and accountability through out that entire process, we save your last session for 30 to 60 days after we wrap up with the Module.


You’ll also Gain &Get…

Complimentary access to the Mini-Course “Intuition & Getting Messages” which is jammed packed with everything you need to know about intuitive development and working “energetically” with clients.

$253 value

Done-for-you marketing email templates that will make your networking game 100% hotter!

$757 value

Email access to me throughout the week to help you handle all your questions and “oh sh*t!” moments.

$4,102 value

8 templates that structure and scale your services, products, and packages to meet your clients at any price-point.

$2,030 value

Fully customizable Intake Forms, Privacy & Communication Policies & Procedures, and a step-by-step Sales Call Template that makes your on-boarding process so amazing it will feel like a religious experience!

$1,250 value

This isn’t & Cookie Cutter Coaching,
It’s 100% Fully Customizable to you.

Need more help with one module? Want to skip another one all together? No problem.

We’ll map out exactly what will work best for your business and budget on our Complimentary Clarity Call and design a program that’s perfect for you.

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If you’re struggling with your life or business, you need to work with Heather! I finally have the confidence I’ve needed for years! She has a beautiful gift to understand what you need, and working intuitively saves so much time and struggle. I felt safe, accepted for who I am, and heard. After working with her, I am ready to show the world who I really am! I highly recommend Heather, she is kind and is very good at what she does

Valerie Nourissat

Wine connoisseur + Educator
Paris, France

If you’re struggling with your life or business, you need to work with Heather! I finally have the confidence I’ve needed for years! She has a beautiful gift to understand what you need, and working intuitively saves so much time and struggle. I felt safe, accepted for who I am, and heard. After working with her, I am ready to show the world who I really am! I highly recommend Heather, she is kind and is very good at what she does

Jenninfer McCarthy Mons

Empowerment Coach +
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Jacksonville, Florida

There are tons of Programs Out There
on how to Start a Business…

But if you don’t start from a clear and purposeful place within yourself, all of the business-building tactics and methods you try won’t make a difference.

You can build a spiritual focused business that feeds your soul and bank account, but you’ve got to have a soul-inspired strategy that works smart and from the heart, with the discipline and street-tested know-how to back it all up.

Here’s How We’ll Build Your Business,
Then Make it Go Boom!

Phase 1
Build the foundation

Purpose, Potential, People

The first half of the program addresses your resistance and confusion by clarifying who you are, what you do, why you do it, and who you do it for, so you are poised for steady, soulful, sustainable success.

Phase 2
Scale for growth

Packages, Programs, Profit

The second half of the program focuses on building strategic systems, structures, packages, and products that artfully and exponentially grow your business without burnout and stress so you can actually enjoy this!

Together, we can
Make This Happen.

Let’s connect and see if what I do and what you need are a perfect fit. This is about you finding the support and help you need, and I promise to do my best to help you take your next step in your journey in becoming an incredible coach!

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