Heather’s Awakening Story

From illness
to Illumination.

How a spontaneous healing unlocked my intuitive abilities and made my life go boom!


This is my story, but it’s Your Story, Too.

My hope is that it will move you in some meaningful way to ditch your demons and embrace your own power with enthusiasm.


I’ve never been one of Those People.

I’m sure you’ve heard stories of people who, from childhood, have been able to perceive the fantastic and paranormal.

They claim to be able to see orbs or lights, commune with spirits, or know things that are impossible for them to know. Things that defy logic and reason.

I’ve always slightly envied those people. Not because they were “gifted.” Hell, most of the time I thought they were bat-shit crazy.

I envied them because they had the with great conviction in Something Larger Than Themselves.

It was as if they knew a secret the rest of the world had yet to discover, and knowing it was the key to their inner serenity. I longed to believe like that, but never could.

I compared that with the strict conservative religion I was taught I should believe in as a child, which made the gap inside me grow even wider.

I longed to feel connected to a divine someone or something beyond myself. But religion felt too punitive and the spiritual/esoteric realm seemed too ridiculous and sensational.

Then, I literally experienced A Miracle.

Something so mind-blowingly powerful it couldn’t be dismissed as new-age nonsense or explained away by traditional religion or debunked through rational thought.

In 2008, I was diagnosed with a debilitating painful and chronic illness. My doctors said the surgery would make it better, so I tried it. It didn’t help. In fact, it got worse.

So much worse, that over the next four years I went on to endure four more surgeries, each promising to ‘fix’ it. Nothing came close to working and I went from sick to — “do you have a living will?” — kind of ill.


My fourth surgery was hell on earth and I Finally Snapped.

I was failing to recover, fearing for my life, and filled with rage and resentment towards an aloof and uncaring God who abandoned me, despite a lifetime of trying to seek and please Him. “Well…” I thought, “Screw Him!”

If I was going to die, I damn sure wanted to know why. Come hell or high water, every fiber of my being was committed to this end. I decided to pray and ask for…no, demand answers…

That’s when things Got Weird.

The instant I made this declaration, as clear as a bell, I heard a voice from within me say…

“Heather, you can accept what has happened to you with Grace & Dignity,

or you can remain in your Anger & Bitterness for the rest of your days. Choose Wisely.”

At the same time, I noticed a presence within me that I had never felt before — there watching, listening and waiting. It felt indescribably peaceful and full of love. In that moment, I knew no matter what happened to me, everything would be ok. I also knew I had a serious choice to make.

Anger or Grace?

Overwhelmed and exhausted, I asked not for answers but for unconditional love.

I chose grace, and I allowed myself to embrace the fullness of what this presence was offering me.

I let go of everything, the questions of why it all happened, and whether or not I’d live another day. I even relinquished my insistence on being healed. And as I made peace with this Divine Presence, my body relaxed and I fell into a deep, restful and restorative sleep.

No more pain or illness. ‘Spontaneous recovery’ is what they called it — when they have no other way of explaining it scientifically.

And not only that, I could Still Hear The Voice.

After months of devouring every esoteric and scientific book I could get my hands on, I discovered that this power and voice was actually my Higher Self; the Divine Presence (or call it God, whichever works for you) that resides within each and every human being, waiting to be realized. I also discovered I could hear this voice in and for other people, too.

So, my life’s work as an Intuitive Guide, Coach, and Business Mentor unfolded organically from there.

As I reflect on my story, there are many things that could be said about it. But for me, the biggest epiphany is this:

I was wrong. I am one of those people. And so are you…

You aren’t a Flawed Being finding your way back to Divinity.

you’re a Perfect Manifestation Of It.

You are your Higher Self here in physical form. Miracles happen the moment you have faith in and listen to the wisdom waiting within.

Ultimately, I believe true faith and self-realization aren’t things that can be taught. Rather, they are something you actively choose and experience. .


No religion, dogma, creed or movement will ever be able tell you your truth or give you what you need. It’s not out there. It’s inside, and that’s where you’ve got to learn to look in order to find it.

My experiences were no cake walk, but they taught me how to fully embrace, and thereby transcend, my own suffering and pain from a place of authenticity and compassion. This has allowed me to help others do so as well.

No matter Where You Are in your own story, Know This…

You are more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

You were born for an important purpose.

You are guided every moment by the Divine to accomplish it.

I deeply thank you for being here. I am grateful for your presence, your light, and your willingness to take this crazy journey through this thing called life with me, and do it kicking some ass!

Love Big,



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