Become A Dual-Certified Intuitive Life Coach In 6 Months

Unlock your intuition, clarify your unique coaching style, & create a signature program that sells itself without undercharging, chasing clients, or doubting yourself ever again.

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Calling ALL…

Coaches, Healers, Teachers, Therapists, Lightworkers…
Status Quo Shakers, Seekers of Truth, and Conscious Beings here to elevate the world…


  • As a highly sensitive person, you’re constantly feeling and sensing the needs of those around you.
  • People instantly tell you their whole life story at the grocery store, airport, or a party because of your compassionate, honest energy.
  • You dream of owning a successful coaching business that feels like you’re living YOUR unique purpose — not a carbon copy of someone else’s.
  • You’re obsessed with the idea that there is an energy-based reality operating behind the curtain of this physical one and want to know everything about it.
  • But you’re not all “woo,” you also appreciate research-supported methods because you value your profession and take it seriously.

But deep down you know that now is your time to stand boldly in the spotlight while sharing your gifts with the world.



  • Feel incredibly alone on your journey, some people in your life don’t  “get” what you do. You wish you had more soul-aligned humans surrounding you.
  • Don’t want to just “be another coach.” It feels like anyone can be a coach these days, but you deeply want to be one of integrity.
  • Are stuck  in self-doubt, questioning yourself constantly and wondering if you can be a great coach.

  • Know you have gifts and abilities, but don’t know how to use them well enough to create impact and financial freedom.

  • Or maybe you’re waiting for xyz to happen before you’ll feel ready enough to pursue your purpose in this life.

No matter where you are on your journey as a new coach, seasoned coach, or someone who wants to incorporate your intuitive gifts into your work…

If you feel compelled to become a deeply impactful, purposeful, and profitable Intuitive Life Coach, then you’re in the right place!


Is Rising

One where we, the next wave of revolutionary healers stand together, shake off the status quo, and pave a dynamic way forward for all of humanity.

Atmana Academy is leading the way, empowering you to elevate human consciousness and ignite others to live a full, free, and authentic life.

We Are the World’s First  Life Coach Training Academy that Formally Integrates Intuition  into the Coaching Process.

Our teaching philosophy and curricula are based on research-driven approaches that are proven to work.

Let’s Look At The Facts, Shall We? 

Fact #1

70+ years of solid research shows that integrating spirituality into coaching drastically increases your client’s mental and emotional wellness.

Fact #2

Intuition is a highly accurate “information gathering tool” allowing you to access intelligence unavailable to your conscious mind and use it in helpful ways.

Fact #3

Science can now explain the mind-body processes through which we energetically communicate with others and offer techniques to cultivate and use these abilities.

Intuition is The Secret Skill of  Every World-Class Coach.


Using your intuition intentionally and with integrity gives you a direct connection to the energetic world that shapes and influences everything that happens in this one.

  • You know those moments when you get a “gut feeling” and you turn out to be right?

  • Or when you get a “hit” about something and it’s actually true?
  • Or when a thought pops into your head and it actually happens an hour later?

THAT’S YOUR Intuition

It catapults your clients’ results in ways you could never before imagine.

And the best part?  

Just like riding a bike or playing the piano, intuition is a skill you can learn, practice, and master that gives you elevated impact with your clients and the incredible income you deserve.

What is Intuitive Coaching & How Is It Different?

There are 4 main benefits to expanding your skill set as a certified intuitive coach.


Intuitive Coaching

Recognizes intuition as a valid coaching tool that aids in faster, aligned transformation due to its multidimensional nature.

Regards intuition as a primary coaching skill that unlocks creative, heart-centered solutions that expand client growth.

The coach takes confident command and control of their intuitive skills because they have received proper ethical training on exactly how to safely do so.

Grants the ability to deepen the empathic connection with any client on any issue.

Traditional Coaching

Relies solely on the “old paradigm” coaching methods that result in slower client transformation due to the linear nature of the process.

Relies primarily on “in the box” coaching strategies, resulting in withered or lost opportunities for client growth.

When traditional coaching falls short, you end up using intuition without proper training that may result in harm.

Is limited to whatever system or method you are previously taught.

But Maybe This Feels a Little Too Good To Be True?

I wouldn’t blame you for feeling that way! I used to think the same thing.

Let me tell you a little bit about how I got started do this…

Leila Ansart

“I enrolled my first high ticket client before I even finished the program! And, I’ve had two major magazines publish my work, which has helped me immensely to establish credibility in my field!”

Stefanie Shaughnessy

“Implementing these skills, I accomplished in 3 months what had previously taken me 2 years to do in my business – all while in the middle of a pandemic! To say that this has impacted and changed me as a wife, mom, and business owner is an understatement!”

Hi, I’m Heather Alice Shea

I’m the Founder & CEO of Atmana Academy. My area of expertise is helping emerging intuitive coaches like you go from lacking the coaching skills, intuitive confidence, and business know-how you need, to moving through the world as a powerful, confident, one-of-a-kind Intuitive Life Coach that serves with purpose and builds a practice that fills your soul and your back account. 

My mission is to help put intuitive life coaching on the map as the most potent and powerful type of coaching on the planet.  I’ve spent over a decade creating research-driven intuitive coaching approaches and strategies that blend the best of mainstream/traditional and intuitive/spiritual healing paradigms together into one comprehensive training experience that didn’t exist – until now.

In total, my corporate and private coaching experience spans over 20 years. I am PCC certified with the ICF and I hold a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. My academic research in human cognition and mindfulness has been presented at the top psychological conferences in the country.  My work has been featured in prestigious publications like Entrepreneur Magazine, Spirituality & Health Magazine, Mind Body Green, and Best Self Magazine.

I was awarded the cover of Brainz Magazine in 2021, and featured as a CREA Awards winner for excellence in entrepreneurial success and dedication to helping others.

I have built a 7-figure training company that has helped hundreds of coaches across 5 different continents make their dream of becoming a purposeful and profitable intuitive coach a reality.

& Now It’s Your Turn.

What Makes This Program
unlike anything else?

The Atmana Constellation Coaching System™ — a three phase intuitive coaching approach that expands your natural coaching skillset, unlocks your intuitive abilities, and facilitates massive shifts in all areas of your life and the lives of your clients.



Cultivate 33 Foundational Coaching Skills


(scroll over or details)


Master Your 5 Main Intuitive Abilities


(scroll over or details)


Infuse Your Favorite Modalities


(scroll over or details)





The Constellation Coaching System unlocks your one-of-a-kind intuitive coaching style and catapults your confidence so you can start your practice with high-value rates & reputation that books your business solid for months on end!

As an Atmana Certified Coach, All Parts of You Are Nourished as You Step Into Your Soul’s Work.

You will help people from all walks of life break the blocks of their past, raise the bar on what’s possible, and achieve life-changing results.

April Caldwell, MBA

“I booked 3 clients and made $16,000 when I began working with Heather. I use the templates, strategies, and structures we put in place over a year ago in my business each day!”

Laureen Shefchik

“I have so much more confidence in the way my business is being built. It feels effortless. When I decided to take action, that’s when everything changed. I want to urge you to say yes to yourself and this program because when you do, you’ll be pulled forward to places you’ve never been!”

What We Proudly Stand For

We’re Pushing Past the Old Paradigms

  • “Cookie-cutter-coaching” strategies that don’t work.
  • Rigid coaching systems that lack inclusivity and only work for a select few.
  • Prioritizing material success over spiritual fulfillment.
  • Relying on cognitive-mental techniques while minimizing intuition and emotions.

We’re Consciously Creating the New

  • Celebrating the “whole being” of the coach and client.

  • Recognizing personal and spiritual development crucial part of process.

  • Harmonizing being and doing, flow and effort.

  • Affirming emotions and feeling.

  • Embracing abundance as a birthright as we serve mankind.

The Help You’re Here to Give is Needed Now More Than Ever


Imagine Helping Others…

  • Find the love of their lives and form an incredible partnership
  • Move past their mental and emotional blocks to living their dream life
  • Connect to their intuition in a way that feels empowering to them
  • Embrace abundance and build the business or career of their dreams

Envision Your Elevated  Future

  • You’re an accomplished and influential intuitive coach with a thriving business that allows you to work from anywhere in the world, with whomever you choose, and however you like.
  • You can’t wait to wake up every morning because you get to work with your inspiring, soul-aligned clients while operating from your zone of genius.
  • You are giving your light and legacy to the world. Your coaching business is helping hundreds of humans live up to their highest potential…and the best part??
  • You get to use your intuition to do it, in a way that works perfectly for you.

For the first time ever, you feel like you can own your truth and share it with the world.

Your Desires & Dreams Aren’t Random. 

They’re Signposts Leading To Your Destiny.

And if hearing feels like being called home – then this is the way to get there.


The Atmana Intuitive Coach Certification Program

Using our proprietary Constellation Coaching System™ you’ll be empowered with a proven, potent, and versatile framework to consistently transform your client’s lives with 100% confidence.

Our approach pairs these 6 healing perspectives that allow you to express your fullest potential as a Professional Intuitive Life Coach.

Humanistic Psychology

Jungian “Parts Work” & Archetypes

Narrative & Gestalt Techniques

Intuitive Development & Coaching Skills

Emotion-Focused Techniques

Energy Healing Principles

Carrie Fox

“I’m only 6 months in and I’ve already started coaching clients! I also launched my very own podcast and I’m getting ready to host my first retreat! This program gives you the real tools to build a real business.”

Darlene Franklin

“My clients have already started to appear. I don’t have to go looking for them because they’re being attracted by my light. This program has given me the confidence to speak my truth..I’ve never run into anything like Atmana!”

This Certification Is The Only One Of Its Kind.

Think Harvard meets Hogwarts – research supported with a little sprinkle of magic.

Atmana™ gives you the only dual certification program specifically for intuitive-focused coaches that also teaches traditional coaching skills, too.

With this combination, your clients will be in awe during each and every session.

We offer advanced intuitive coaching techniques that give you the creativity, flexibility, and autonomy you need to bring out the best in your clients every time.

Your New Career As an Atmana Coach Can Take You In Any Direction You Desire.

Relationship & Self Love Coach

Executive & Performance Coach

Empowerment & Leadership Coach

Health & Wellness Coach

Spiritual & Embodiment Coach

Personal Development Coach

What’s Lacking In The World Of Coach Training?

Most programs charge top dollar only to give you…

  • How to use the same run-of-the-mill techniques every other coach out there is using. Think NLP, tapping, hypnosis, meditation, LOA, etc.  These are great, but you can’t stand out when you are doing the same thing as everyone else.
  • The depth of training is totally absent. You could learn the same thing from watching a free 20-minute Youtube video.
  • You get a “this worked for me so it will work for you too” coaching system. It is unproven, unreliable, and eventually gets boring or feels out of alignment.
  • It offers ”after-thought” business training that doesn’t cover the fundamentals. When you graduate, you have to spend thousands again just to get your practice off the ground.

How can you fulfill your purpose if you’re doing the exact same thing as every other coach?

The Atmana™ Dual-Certification Program fully prepares you with the confidence, skill, and business acumen you need to find success within any genre of coaching for any client.

All while discovering your own unique coaching style, with the support you need to bring it to life.

Coach Your Clients from the Inside Out With A Approach that Goes Beyond the Physical

The 6 Dimensions of Whole Being

1. Thoughts

2. Emotions

3. Beliefs

4. Behavior

5. Energetic

6. Spiritual

Ragda Deeb

“I created and sold my very first high-end 6 month program! I’ve sold other packages too, as well as launched my youtube channel, got my scheduling systems up, and crafted an opt-in offer I love. There’s so many things I’ve accomplished I can’t even mention it all! I’m thrilled!

Angie Schaffer

“I have my foundation, I am connected to my intuition, and I am ready to roll! Before this program, I was unsure I had what it took to build the business of my dreams, but in just those short months in working with Heather, I am more confident and more ready than I had ever been to share myself and my truth!” 

Together We Are Co-Creating A New Future For Humanity

Ready To Turn Your Soul’s Mission Into A Movement With Us?

The Glorious Details of the Atmana Intuitive Coach Certification Program


Semester 1

Months 1-2

Foundational Coaching
Skills Mastery

Master strong foundational coaching skills by completing curricula 1-4.

You’ll get the perfect training experience through a perfect mix of on-demand core curriculum and LIVE teaching and training with Heather & Atmana’s Master Coaches in the Immersion Training. You’ll master 33 powerful traditional coaching skills and dozens of other coaching strategies that form a solid foundation that will enable you to create powerful transformation in your clients.

Learn how to confidently embody and claim your role as an expert in your respective area of expertise.

Semester 2

Months 3-4

Intuitive Coaching
Skills Mastery

Deepen your expertise in intuitive coaching skills by completing curricula 5-8.

Learn how to use your intuition as a powerful coaching tool that helps your client get better, faster, soul-aligned results.

Learn how to consistently tap into and interpret your intuition.

*After 3 months, if you have fulfilled all certification criteria, you’re eligible to apply for certification!

Semester 3

Months 5-6

Mastery Through 50+ Practicum Hours

Expertise is found where your training, talent, and real-world practice meet.

Because coaching is a hands-on profession, having the space to play and embody the skills you are learning is a crucial part of developing your coaching presence and unique coaching style.

Your training includes 30 hours practice hours provided to you as a part of your experience within the program. This support you in finding the perfect blend between honing your skills with peers in the program and coaching clients within your own network.

The Program Curriculum



Introduction to Life Coaching

Creating the Coaching Relationship & Your Coach Presence


Coaching Ethics & Best Practices

Understanding & Navigating Legal & Ethical Responsibilities


Coaching Skills 101

The 7 Core Coaching Skills:

Mastering the 7 Basic Foundational Coaching Skills


Coaching Skills 102:

Listening, Reflecting & Accountability:

Developing Advanced Coaching Skills that Create Transformation


Coaching Skills 103

Goal Setting & Facilitating Growth:

Cultivating Growth, Empowerment, & Results with Your Clients


Intuitive Skills 201

Intuition Theory & Scientific Basics:

Understanding How Clinical Intuition Works & Basics Skills Intro


Intuitive Skills 202

7 Intuitive Skills & the Intuitive State:

Develop Your 7 Main Intuitive Gateways to Tuning in and Receiving Energetic Information 


Intuitive Skills 203

Interpreting & Communicating Your Intuitive Impressions:

Become Fluent in Communication Style of the “Unified Field”


Your Unique Style & Defining Your Dream Clients

Articulating Who You Are & Getting Clear on Who You Serve Best


Unknown to Expert

Building Authority, Credibility & Content:

A 4 Step Framework to Create Great Content, Get Visible & Booked!


Rocking Your Enrollment Calls & Sales System

Book a Full Practice with Relationship-Based Sales Practices that Feel Good


Packaging Your Programs & Pricing for Prosperity

Creating Offers that Easily Sell & Getting Paid What You’re Worth


Your Online Presence, Opt-In & List Building 

Design a Memorable & Manageable Website & Build Your List


Celebrating You: Mapping Your Growth Trajectory

Mapping a Cohesive Plan to Maintain Your Gains & Momentum

How You Learn


Once you enroll, you’ll get instant access to the entire training program & membership site – your one-stop-shop for all the program curriculum, bonus training and materials and coaching resources that you’ll receive in the program. When you are certified at the end of your 6 months, you’re given “legacy” access to all 14 core coach training curriculum – Yours to keep.


This isn’t a “here are some videos, learn by yourself” program. In addition to access to the recorded 14-course curriculum, each month Heather and her team will lead you through 5 monthly immersion style (full day) training experiences that teach coaching skills, intuitive development, your powerful coach presence that builds confidence. We encourage dialogue and help you deeply understand the coaching skills and business concepts you need to be a masterful coach.

When: Monthly on Wednesdays or Thursdays

Time:  10am EST – 2pm EST (Same timezone as New York City)

Where: On Zoom and recorded for you watch on replay.


Twice a month during our live practice clinics, you have time and a safe space to practice the skills you are learning, experiment with your personal coaching style, ask questions that relate to you & your business, and be supported by your classmates. We are here to support you and honor your transformation into becoming a professional coach.



Accountability and support are an essential part of your growth and success – and lackluster private Facebook groups are NO LONGER enough!  You need a way to stay connected to your classmates, feel motivated and inspired, most importantly –  to ask specific questions and get timely answers from instructors outside of live class. That’s where slack comes in! On our private slack board you’ll be able to chat directly with your support coaches, instructors, and Heather via group chats, private DMs, voice notes, videos, and so much more. All you need is a free slack account and you’re ready to join in!


Community and feedback make all the difference in taking action and creating consistency in your practice. In case you get stuck, something comes up, you feel overwhelmed, or just need a bit more support or guidance than you expected, we have monthly open Office Hours hosted by Team Atmana.   Simply stop by during office hours and get the personalized support you need.


Coaching is a “hands-on” profession. The best way to learn how to do it is to do it.  That’s why you will have over 30 hours of practice attained through our course curriculum, making it easy, safe, and fun for you to get real  experience “in the chair.”  You will practice with your peer coaches, sharpen your skills, and start coaching clients within your sphere of influence while also building your business at the same time. Most of our clients begin practicum hours by week 3 in the program. Many of our coaches are already working with paid clients by their 3rd month in the program.


Many coaches who begin this work don’t have a lot of support in their daily life to undergo this deep process of transformation. Having a community of like-hearted people to link arms with on your journey makes all the difference in your transformation. Our “Soul-Sibling” peer support program gives you a comfortable place to connect with your classmates  outside of class time.  Every 6 weeks, you’ll rotate into a new “soul-sibling pod” consisting of up to 5 classmates where you’ll build life-long friendships, share your wins and challenges, practice your skills, and level up with a loving, supportive community. 


Your coaching is your calling but it’s also your business. Perfect for the beginner or seasoned coach who desires to earn 6 figures, we teach you the 6 pillars of end-to-end business development that encompass all you need to create a sustainable business that yields consistent income without having to constantly create and recreate your offers and programs.  You’ll learn how to design 3 core coaching offers that scale your business to the 6 figure mark without the stress and headache of the past. Once you enroll, you’ll receive instant access to all the pre-recorded training – you can begin as soon as you like! (note: there are no live training classes for business development. All training is pre-recorded.)

A Typical Week + Month For An Atmana Coach

  • Mondays: Jump on your Play & Practicum skills session to get hands-on practice and experience with your new friends you’ve made in the program.
  • Weekly, whenever it works for you: Dive deep into the training curriculum at a time that’s perfect for you to learn everything you’re buzzing to learn about coaching and intuition!
  • Monthly on Wednesdays or Thursday: You’ll attend our full-day live immersion training workshops taught by Heather or our Atmana Instructors
  • Monthly on the first Tuesday:  Up-level your mindset and stay motivated by attending our monthly “mindset and manifestation” clinic! You’ll connect with your fellow coaches and get your practice off the ground by focusing on creating the 6 pillars of business success.
  • Whenever it works for you: You connect with your favorite  “support sibling,” a peer in the program who’s on your wavelength and loves watching you win.

If you have 3 to 4 hours a week, then you have all the time you need to step into your destiny as a coach, now.

Melanie Shmois

“What I love most about Atmana is the incredible level of support and guidance I get. I always walk away with  tremendous insight I can use to help myself and my clients! This program has you covered in every way you need so you can be successful as a coach.” 

Diane Wilshere

“Within the first 3 months I made my money back and them some! If you are looking for a comprehensive well-rounded program, Atmana is for you. You’ll be supported by Heather & her team every step of the way.” 

There’s More, You Also Get This! 

On Demand Training

This comprehensive training program covers 11 domains of coaching mastery, with both live and on-demand training access. That means you will be one of the most extensively trained coaches in practice in the coaching space. 

$10,000.00 Value

100+ Coaching Tools

The Atmana Coach Toolkit & Coach Library, filled with over 100+ coaching tools, skills, and strategies that will help you facilitate great sessions and navigate tough coaching situations with ease!

$4,000.00 Value

40+ DIY Biz Dev Templates

Fully customizable intake forms, privacy & communication policies, and a step-by-step sales call template that makes your onboarding process a cinch! Plus, over 40+ templates that structure and scale your services, products, and packages to meet your clients at high-end, but flexible price points.

$2,800.00 Value

Plus These 4 Power-Packed  Mini-Courses

Hit the ground running by confidently starting the right practice for the right reasons, on your own terms, free of the baggage you’ve carried around in the past.

(a $2,000.00 Value)


What’s Your Why: Clarify Your Calling & Accomplish Your Purpose


Solidifying Your Self Confidence & Owning Your Authority


Redefining Success On Your Own Terms


Dispelling Abundance Blocks: 10 Steps to Go from Mediocre to Millionaire Mindset

And These 4 Extra Masterclasses

(a $2,500.00 Value)


How To Facilitate High-End Group Programs 



Podcast Essentials: Launch your podcast in 3 days without breaking the bank!


Clarify Your Message: Show up, Speak out, and Stand in the spotlight so you can lead others.


How to Coach Clients Through Spiritual Awakening

This isn’t  for Uncommitted Dabblers.

This is for the Ones who are here to do the deep soul work that changes the world.


That’s why the Atmana™ certification program teaches you over 33 research-based core coaching skills that give you a massive coaching range, while remaining true to your own style and way of being.

You also get over 100+ additional coaching tools, strategies, and techniques that can be personalized specifically for you and your clients.

Throughout the program, you’ll discover your tried-and-true coaching tools that work for you, while continuing to explore and expand into new levels of intuitive development and coaching mastery.

Be Recognized As The Expert Coach You Are.

This naturally elevates you into authority and expert status because it promotes integration within four areas that optimize your natural talent (art, intuitive) and learned skills (ethics, science) as a professional coach.

4-Directional Coaching – The Best of All Worlds

What’s The Investment?

Tuition for an advanced graduate degree is 50 – 60k. Other programs cost less but lack in-depth coaching training and business development you need to build a viable practice.

No Other Program In Existence Today Has The Research Supported Traditional & Intuitive Skills Curriculum That Atmana Offers With The Business Development Training To Make It All Go Boom.

Business Development, On Demand

The Atmana 6 Pillars of End-to-End Business Development

 Once you enroll, you’ll be granted instant access to the entire business development curriculum and over 100+ hours of recorded trainings that cover everything you need to get your business off the ground with a bang!


Your Unicorn Effect

(Module 9)


“Unknown to Expert”

(Module 10)


The “LightHouse Method” For Messaging


The “GoldieLocks” Program Creation Framework

(Module 10)


The 8 Elements of Soulful Selling

(Module 11)


The “Happy Price” Strategy

(Module 12)


The Pathway to 5x ROI

 Here’s an example:

Enroll your first 6 clients at $5000 per package, you can earn $35,000.00 (USD) yielding you a 300% ROI on your investment for this program.

Here, Let Me Do the Math for You

Your practice is about quality of quantity. Working with the right clients who are motivated to change can create massive impact in their lives and your business.

2 Clients x $5,000

= $10,000

4 Clients x $5,000

= $20,000

8 Clients x $5,000

= $40,000

12 Clients x $5,000

= $80,000

Here Are Some incredible Industry Stats…

According the the most recent ICF Global Coaching Survey:

  • The average coach hourly rates start at $130 and reach up to $300 – $350 for certified coaches. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the highest hourly wage within the top two industries (finance & energy) is $38.99 and $44.38, respectively.
  • 67% of coaches report having the flexibility to maximize their earning potential by adding in public speaking, workshops and retreats, and publishing books.
  • In North America, coaching revenue has risen by 36% from 2015 to 2020 (and continues to rise into 2022 and beyond.)


Right Now

As more Awakened Ones step into their soul’s calling, we unify into a Light that can conquer any darkness.

Ask yourself…

What Is The Cost Of Not Pursuing Your Dreams?

Let’s face it…

Nobody becomes a professional coach on their own. The reason why it’s challenging is because you need soul-guided, street-tested support and training to bring your gifts and practice to life.

This program gives you the comprehensive training you need to embody coaching mastery month after month, year after year, in a way that works for you.

Your Investment In Your Future Self



I’m in for one installment of $7,997 USD
($400 off!)


$1,400 down

Then eight installments
of $875 USD

Got questions, Apply to the program & get DM chat with our support coaches now!


How long will I have access to the curriculum?

You get unlimited access to the core curriculum (modules 1-14) for the entire lifetime of the program – to come back to as often as you like!

How much time does it take each week?

We designed this program with your real-life responsibilities and priorities in mind.  We know you’re busy!  You’ll spend 4-5 hours per week (tops)  class, practice, and studying curriculum.  We also provide you with a succinct “Success Roadmap” that will help you understand your exact steps to coaching Mastery, certification, and building your business. The program is very well organized and streamlined,  to make it easier for you to get the education you desire and deserve.

How many training hours will I recieve?

This program is 120 hours of synchronous (live) and asynchronous (not live, pre-recorded) training. There are approximately 65 synchronous (live) training and 55 asynchronous (not live) training hours available for you. We’ve designed the program to fit your busy schedule but also give you the “in real time” support you need.

I can’t attend all sessions live. Are classes recorded?

Absolutely! All sessions are recorded. You will be able to access them in the membership area.  We make sure you have access to all the information and help you need.

I’m already coaching and have a different certification. What would I gain from this one?

A good portion of our coaches are practicing coaches who possess some kind of certification already. They train with us to “fill in the gaps”  in their skills: either foundational, intuitive, or business development.  A major benefit to this program is gaining a deep understanding of how you uniquely coach, how your intuitive gifts work, and how you can leverage them as a helping professional. You will also sharpen your traditional helping skills in  creative, new ways. If business development has ever been a struggle for you, our program prepares you to build your business in a way that feels aligned and congruent with who you really are.  You will feel excited to get visible, on fire to share your message, and proud to offer your coaching services to everyone you meet, because you will feel 100% confident in your work.

I’m a Psychotherapist, Nurse, Lawyer, or HR professional. Will this training work for me?

You’ll fit right in. About 25% of our current clients are PhDs, psychotherapists, nurses, lawyers or other professionals who are seeking a certification. This certification will give you an expanded coaching skill set that creates a deeper impact within a broader ideal client niche, while allowing you to bring your transferable skills forward.  A big advantage of this program is that you will have the freedom to help, teach, and coach in the way  you know to create the greatest impact. You will be allowed to leverage your expertise and experience to create a coaching platform that truly reflects the power of the work you are called to bring forward in the world.

I’m new to coaching and/or I don’t have any degrees or corporate background. Will I be able to do this?

Absolutely! The entire point of this program is to give you the strong foundational and intuitive skills you need to be successful across any domain in which you wish to coach.  We understand what it means to have the desire to coach, but not have the background or “bona fides” that help you feel confident and capable.  This program will give you everything you need to become a professional coach, without having to spend years and years in University learning things that don’t align or even translate into the skills and abilities you need to be a great coach. Heather often jokes by saying “I went to grad school so you don’t have to!”  You’ll get the best  academic and experiential training possible that enables you to work with everyone from stay-at-home moms to C-suite executives.

Why should I trust Heather and Her Team?

Great question!  Heather is the embodiment of real-world experience meeting academic excellence.  She has over 20 years of coaching experience, holds a BS in Psychology, a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, holds a PCC Certification with the ICF, and two additional certifications with HeartMath, the world’s leading research institution on intuition.  Her scientific research in mindfulness and cognition has been presented at top psychological conferences in the United States.  She has “walked the talk” by single-handedly building her own 7-figure coaching practice and internationally recognized training academy.  This training program is the height of her knowledge, passion, and experience that shortens your timeline to success and springboards you into the greatness you know you are here to achieve as a coach.

In addition to having equally impressive resumes and experiential qualifications that match Heather’s, each member of Team Atmana deeply believes that their role in supporting you is their sacred calling. All our instructors are graduates of the program and hold professional credentials in business, human resources, mental health counseling, and coaching.  They are Master Coaches who excel at centering and elevating your “whole-being” as a person and a professional, while lovingly providing accountability that leads you to the specific results you deeply desire.

In short, you will not find a more qualified, dedicated, or capable team of experts to guide you along your journey of becoming a professional intuitive life  coach.

I only want the business development part of the program. Is that possible?

Yes.  If you are already coaching or have a certification we can offer you just the business development curriculum in our “Atmana Business Advance” course. This is a self-study program where you receive instant access to the entire curriculum.  Please contact us at for all the details.

Do you offer scholarships?

We do not have a formal scholarship program in place at this time.  We do not grant scholarships based on lack of financial resources to enroll.  We do occasionally offer scholarships on a case-by-case basis.  When granted, scholarships are awarded to those who are “can do,” confident, and have repeatedly demonstrated exceptional dedication, drive, and commitment to serving others and making a meaningful impact and a professional intuitive life coach.

I want to enroll, but I need tuition assistance. Do you have funding options available?

Yes! We are proudly partnered with a top-notch lending institution that specializes in helping online entrepreneurs and emerging business owners get the funding they need for their education and business. Please email for more information.

What is your refund policy?

This is a high-level professional development program on par with a graduate school education.  When you enroll you gain instant access to the entire curriculum, content, replays, and materials.   Therefore, there are no refunds. 

What if I need to take a temporary break from the program?

We understand that life happens and that you have other responsibilities that come first!  If you or a family member becomes ill or if extenuating circumstances happen, we will happily “pause” your attendance in the program for up to 60 days. Your tuition must still be submitted each month (if you are on a payment plan) but you will be allowed to extend your attendance within the program in proportion to the amount of time you need to take off, up to 60 days. For example, if you began the program on January 1st, your graduation date would be June 30th.  You then take a break during April and May. This would make your graduation date extended to the end of August (up t0 60 days). 

Ready to Make Now Your Moment?

If intuitive life coaching resonates with you on a deep level and you’re ready to share your special gifts and abilities with the world… This is the program for you.

And if you don’t “feel ready,” know that there is no perfect time to follow your dreams. You just need to say, “YES.”

You can do this. I’ve seen over a hundred coaches make this leap only to graduate and accomplish amazing things – just look at the client results on this page.

I would love to connect with you to see if this program is a good fit for you. This advisor call will help you get super clear and make a decision that’s 100% in alignment with your vision and desires at this time.

I promise I will do my best to figure out the next best step in your journey. If that means we work together – Awesome! And if not, that’s okay too. Hope to see you soon!

Together We Rise,

Heather Alice Shea

Our Commitment To You

By the end of this program you will…

  • Have learned 33 research-based core coaching skills PLUS over 50 additional coaching tools, strategies, and techniques.
  • Use intuition as a primary, effective, strategic coaching tool in your practice.
  • Feel completely confident in your intuitive coaching abilities.
  • Develop your own unique coaching system that fits your truest expression (not a cookie-cutter version of someone else).
  • Feel confident in your ability to transform your clients, because you have done the personal development work to transform yourself.



I’m in for one installment of $9947 USD
($1,500 off!)


$3,500 down

Then eight installments
of $868.75 USD

Got questions? Book a call with our advisor coaches now!

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