AtmanaTM Certified Intuitive Life Coach

I’m an intuitive empath who sees, feels, and hears energy. In 2014, I had a health crisis that resulted in the abrupt end of my career as a tattoo artist. At 35, I truly believed my life might be over. That this was it. I felt worthless, a drain on my marriage, a disappointment to the world, and a failure as a human being. My personal journey to heal and reinvent my life after the mental and spiritual melt-down that followed took several years. In the process, my intuitive skills got turned up in a MAJOR way, and I realized I had to give up the limitations I had set on myself that were keeping me stuck reliving and repeating old mistakes. I began the process of uncovering all the stuck emotions, beliefs, and trauma that led up to my crisis. And doing so completely transformed the way I felt and the way I behaved. This stuff was deep. I taught myself how to identify and release stuck energy patterns and beliefs that felt like they were physically lodged in my body. And once they were gone, it was like the entire story of my past unraveled and felt irrelevant. But in the best way. Now, I help others do the same – and it is the most rewarding work I have ever done!

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CT, United States