Called  to Coach

Discover the 4 pillars of being a highly qualified and acclaimed intuitive life coach so you can attract your dream clients, create a 5k+ signature program, and launch your practice while staying true to who you are.

October 3rd  – 6th

@ 12pm – 1PM EST

Let me guess… You don’t want to

Just  be a coach.”

As a highly sensitive person,  “see and know” things that others don’t – and you want to bring that intuitive ability into your coaching work.

Deep down, you know you’re here to create a way of coaching that’s never been done before.

And way more than just a starting a business, you want to create a purposeful practice that fulfills your soul’s mission in the world.

You’re ready to move beyond the “broke healer” story and earn a solid income with your coaching because your dream practice also means receiving your dream income.

But you don’t want to bang your head or bank account against a brick wall of expensive mistakes just to make your dream happen.

What the gurus won’t tell you is…

The fastest way to build a wildly successful coaching business while being in 100% alignment is to turn your intuition into your #1 asset.

Using your intuition in your coaching practice is a revolutionary approach that is backed by research, leads to faster and deeper client transformation, and skyrockets your business growth.

And the good news is –

you already have intuitive gifts,

you just need help transforming those gifts into a professional skill.

Intuition is the Secret  Skill  of Every World-Class Coach.

Using your Intuition intentionally and with integrity gives you a direct connection to the energetic world that shapes and influences everything that happens in this one.

  • Let go of lack mindset by fully understanding your unique coaching style.
  • Use intuition as a formal, powerful insight gathering tool to help your clients experience transformation at lightning speed.
  • Take “conscious command” over your intuitive abilities because it’s a skill you’ve developed and can call upon.
  • Help ANY client with ANY issue because intuition knows no bounds and has no limits. (Unlike soooo many cookie-cutter methods out there.)

If this is the type of coaching business you want, then becoming an Intuitive Coach might be your destiny.


Called  to Coach



It’s a 4 day, soul-guided “get shit done” workshop for intuitive life coaches, designed to help you master stellar coaching skills and launch an aligned practice that serves people in the way only you can.

Each day, we’ll cover the 4 pillars of intuitive coaching + business so you’ll walk away with everything you need to: make your intuition your #1 asset, attract your soul clients, create your perfect coaching package, and launch your new offer.

This is for you if you’re ready to… 

Transform your dream or side-hustle into a dynamic coaching career with you front and center as the Professional Intuitive Coach you are here to be.

If this is the type of coaching business you want, then becoming an Intuitive Coach might be your destiny.



Monday, Oct 3rd
@ 12 pm EST

Own Your Confidence & Authority as a Highly Qualified Intuitive Coach



Tuesday, Oct 4th
@ 12 pm EST

Master the 5 Intuitive Modalities & Unlock Your Soul’s Unique Genius



Wednesday, Oct 5th
@ 12 pm EST

The 4 Essential Business Systems of Soulful 6 Figure Freedom



Thursday, Oct 6th
@ 12 pm EST

Alchemize Resistance into Radical Action and Daily Results

Learn all of this and more when you join us for the 4-day workshop series on

October 3rd – 6th

@ 12pm – 1PM EST

Let’s imagine for a second if you could…

  • Be known for your own unique style of coaching by mastering both traditional and intuitive coaching skills.
  • Run a purposeful, profitable coaching business led by your intuition that frees your creativity and finances.
  • Have the confidence and competence of a professional coach on par with the top coaches in the field.
  • Have the energy and flexibility to work and live in harmony with your highest vision.
  • Know exactly how to price your coaching packages for maximum growth. (Hint: no more trading dollars for hours).
  • Learn research-supported ways to use your intuition as your #1 coaching tool.

Well, no more imagining!

I am going to teach you how to live your purpose, launch your practice, and command high-value rates without burning out or going broke in the process.

 The 4-Day Workshop Series On 

October 3rd – 6th

@ 12pm – 1PM EST

Called  to Coach Workshop

Here’s what you’ll learn…

If this is the type of coaching business you want, then becoming an Intuitive Coach might be your destiny.


Monday, October 3rd @ 12 pm EST

Own Your Confidence & Authority as a Highly Qualified Intuitive Coach

End self-sabotage and get clear and consistent for good with our “purpose-first, profit-next” coaching philosophy.

The truth about what life coaching is and what separates you from the dabbling amateurs.

The 3 qualities that make intuitive coaches different and how to leverage them for your own growth.

Master the 3 coaching skills that generate up to 60-80% of client results.


Tuesday, October 4th @ 12 pm EST

Master the 5 Intuitive Modalities & Unlock Your Soul’s Unique Genius

Identify your primary intuitive modality and strengthen it to develop your other gifts.

Dispel the 4 myths about intuition that keep you trapped in self-doubt so you can use your abilities reliably and ethically each day.

Understand the 5 primary intuitive “gateways” of intuitive knowing that easily expand your skill set.

Clearly explain what intuition is & the science behind how it works so that anyone can “get” what you do as an intuitive coach.


Wednesday, October 5th @ 12 pm EST

The 4 Essential Business Systems of Soulful 6 Figure Freedom

Become an unforgettable category-of-one coach in a sea of same-game coaches by using the “Unicorn Effect.”

Magnetize your message and call-in your dream clients in two steps using the “Lighthouse Method” of client attraction.

Craft your perfect signature coaching program that’s original, authentic and screams “so worth it!” by using our “Goldilocks Method.”

Get out of the time-for-money trap and go high-value and never drop your rates again using our “Happy Price” strategy.


Thursday, October 6th @ 12 pm EST

CEO Secrets:  Alchemize Resistance into Radical Action and Daily Results

Self-Integrity: Break up with your inner “people pleaser” and stop “comparing and caring” what other people think so you can fully lead instead of follow.

Money Integrity: “You’re worth the money” is a lie. Embrace the #1 greater truth about money, value, and worth so you can end imposter syndrome, raise your rates, and finally earn the living you deserve.

Time Integrity: Harness the 80-20 rule to eliminate daily distractions and get more done in less time by committing to what actually moves you closer to success.

Energy Integrity: What you focus on manifests. Learn how to distill all your tasks and to-do’s into a singular, easeful focus that creates your Soul’s highest vision.

Candace MacNair

“Every single gift and talent you have really comes together.”


  • Enrolled her first client in her high-value program
  • Designed her signature Program
  • Began unapologetically using her intuitive abilities in her practice.

Diane Joiner

“The trainings really helped me to condense everything and create my lighthouse message. It helped me get absolute clarity on the program and what I was actually offering people.”


  • Enrolled her first three clients!
  • Created 2 signature programs
  • Crafted her message that converts.

Kerrie Martin

“After the workshop, I feel far more grounded in my abilities, am able to trust my instincts and intuitive skills, and am able to revamp myself as a coach.”


  • Got the confidence she needed to remarket her business
  • Created her new program
  • Was able to sell her new program to clients immediately

By The End Of The Workshop You Will…

  • Radically up-shift your confidence in yourself, your coaching skills, and your purpose.
  • A profound understanding of your main intuitive abilities and a plan on how to use them in your practice.
  • Enthusiastically tell others who you are, what you do, who you do it for, and why you do it as a professional intuitive coach.
  • A clear, concise, and easily articulated message that resonates with your dream clients.
  • A one-of-a-kind 3k+ signature package that you’re on fire to offer to everyone.

 The 4-Day Workshop Series On

October 3rd – 6th

@ 12pm – 1PM EST

Created by
Heather Alice Shea.

Hi, I’m Heather – Founder & CEO of Atmana Academy, the world’s first research-based life coach training and certification school for intuitive life coaches.

If you’ve resonated with everything I’ve said so far – leading with your intuition, transforming lives through coaching, and following your calling to be a coach – then you are definitely in the right place!

Early on in my coaching practice I realized that the most powerful coaching tool I possessed was my intuition. Using my intuition with my clients allowed for lightning speed results incomparable to any other method I’d ever used before. 

But there wasn’t a single training or certification program out there on how to integrate intuition into my practice in a respected and reliable way. And I was stuck in a “time for money” trap because I didn’t know how to package my services. But I didn’t give up!  Fast forward to today…

I’ve built a 7-figure life coach training school that has helped hundreds of new and experienced coaches on 5 different continents, embrace their power and potential as an intuitive life coach.

I created the Called to Coach workshop to teach you the 4 pillars of building a wildly successful, soul-aligned intuitive coaching practice on your terms — so you could skip the hard lessons and expensive mistakes that I made.

And I would be honored to be YOUR guide on this intuitive coaching journey. 

Let’s turn your intuitive talent into a profitable and professional skill, attract your dream clients, and price your coaching package for what it’s truly worth!

See you at the workshop!

Together We Rise,
Heather & Team Atmana

Ebony Ebonaire

“Heather’s information is just priceless. It really has enhanced my life in a meaningful way.”


  • Raised her rates…finally!
  • Embraced her intuitive gifts
  • Designed her signature program

Kirsten Huneyball

“Through the course, I was able to recognize that my personal journey, was something I could carry effective to other people and help.”


  • Signed her first two clients!
  • Crafted a signature 6-month program as a recovery coach.
  • Overcame her imposter syndrome and self-doubt by charging the full value for her services.

Magdalena Klimczak-Brewer

“I’ve awakened to my soul’s calling. This workshop was the missing puzzle piece!”


  • Started her YouTube Channel
  • Launched her Website

The time is NOW to create a purposeful and profitable intuitive coaching business!

We kick off at 12pm on Monday, April 25th LIVE on Zoom.

 The 4-Day Workshop Series On 

October 3rd – 6th

@ 12pm – 1PM EST

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