Ep10: 5 Myths About Clarity You Need To Know Now

Jan 21, 2020

In today’s episode, you’ll learn the top 5 clarity myths you need to bust RIGHT NOW if you want to scale (or finally start!) your lucrative and fulfilling coaching business.

If you’re working hard (and I know you are) to grow into the highest version of yourself that you know you can be and finally turn your coaching business dreams into a reality, then this info is definitely for you. 

Now don’t get me wrong, clarity is great (it’s a trendy business buzz word for a reason), but placing TOO MUCH emphasis on it (which is what most coaches are doing right now) will keep you frozen in a state of fear, uncertainty and inaction (a.k.a., “the place where dreams go to die.”)  If you’re wondering what mysterious force is at play keeping your dreams and goals always sliiiiiightly out of your reach, then lend me yours ears, my dears!

Episode Timecodes:

  • 0:27 – MYTH #1: Clarity feels like a sudden “ah-ha!” moment
  • 2:27 – MYTH #2: Clarity makes taking action “easier.”
  • 4:41 – MYTH #3: Clarity means you’re “on track.”
  • 6:24 – MYTH #4: Clarity means that you’ve finally “figured it out.”
  • 8:05 – True clarity is a felt sense; an intuitive knowing.

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Episode Transcript:

Let’s talk clarity. I wanna talk about five myths about clarity that you need to know right now, as you are moving through your coaching practice or considering becoming a coach, or really just anything you’re up to in terms of rocking your business and taking that next step to grow into the version of you that you know you’re supposed to be, and also turning your business into the business that you know it’s supposed to be.

Okay. So the first one is that clarity feels like or is an aha moment. Right? So this is a myth about clarity. Clarity is not an event. I think often that what a big reason why we don’t feel clear and we don’t move forward with whatever level of knowing of clear knowing that we do have is because we feel like clarity is going to be, you know, kind of like the heavens parting the sun hitting our face after, you know, the darkest of nights and we, all of a sudden are enlightened with everything that we’re supposed to do for the next 10 years. It’s all clear to us. That’s what we kind of think the experience of clarity will feel like. And the truth is that clarity is not an event. Clarity is actually a organic process that we go through.

So it’s a lot like think of clarity like a plant growing. Along and along, day after day, it gets bigger. It gets stronger. Right? And the more it grows, the more sunshine it can get access to and the deeper its roots go. And so it grows and grows. It becomes clearer and clearer, right? So your clarity, clarity is a lot like that.

As we move forward in our process, we become more clear. And it doesn’t really feel like, oh my gosh, I know everything now or, oh, you know sure we do have those epiphany moments. Absolutely. It can feel very epiphany ish, but the reality is for like the long term of your life, clarity is much more a process than an event.

It’s not the clouds parting. It’s more like, oh, okay. I’ve got that figured out now. Okay. Let me go take a few, some actionable steps in that direction. In other words, it just feels very natural and organic as you’re living your daily life. Right? So open up to the idea that clarity can come to you in very small and simple ways that really don’t have to be a big deal.

Another myth. The second myth is that clarity makes action easier. So a big notion I think that we all hold deep down is that once I figure it out, then it’s gonna be easy to go take the leap of faith that I need to take in order to be able to execute on this thing that I’m so desiring to do.

And the reality is, I mean, I will say sometimes it does make it easier. Right? You might feel a little more confident and taking that first step might feel a little easier. It might feel a little more natural. It might feel a little more light, but oftentimes clarity can actually do the opposite.

It can actually, to some extent, paralyze us because once you do become clear, about what it is you need to do. If it’s soul guided clarity, often you become, you now possess, you know, a vision or knowledge that is way beyond what your little mind, your monkey mind, was planning. And that can be pants-shittingly terrifying to get clear on, you know, the fullness of what it is you’re supposed to do.

I remember when it came to me that I was supposed to launch Atmana. You know that I’m going to run. Oh, are you kidding me? I’m gonna go from life coaching to running a life coach training and business development academy for emerging intuitives and I’m gonna, you know, concretize this whole intuitive coaching thing and publish research on it. Are you kidding me? Like what? I was paralyzed by that vision, by that level of clarity.

So the myth here is to think that you should wait until you feel clear so that action is easier. It’s never, it opened up to the idea that clarity doesn’t make action easier that you need to just get started moving today. And that you just need to know your next right step. You don’t have to have the entire, you know, journey mapped out before you.

The third is that clarity means you’re on track. And so really this is something that I’ve seen with people that you can, people can be really clear. You might feel really, really, really clear about something. And you’re like, oh, yep. I know this is it. And you know, these are my next, this is the path that I’m on.

And oftentimes I’ve seen people realize or wake up halfway through that journey and go, ooh, you know what? This actual, you know, the path I’m on. It’s, you know, it’s getting me there, but the destination has totally changed. My goals have changed. My desires have changed. Things have changed.

So clarity doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re on track to quote unquote, get where you wanna go. It can get you started, but we always need to stay open to that destination, to those goals changing. Right? Because I really believe that when we’re walking the path that our soul has called us to walk, the end always looks different than what we thought, because it’s a partnership, right? It’s a co-creation with the universe.

So you can be on the path and be open to the idea that it’s okay if we, you know, if our path, you know, zigzags that’s all right. It doesn’t have to be a straight line. It’s okay that as you’re moving forward, that you, as you’re on your path, that you don’t feel clear about everything, it doesn’t mean that you should stop. It means keep going. Right? And know that you’re going to arrive at the right destination, as long as you’re living in alignment with your truth, with your knowing, with your allowing your intuition to inform your steps.

The fourth is that clarity means that you’ve figured it out. And what do I mean by figure it out. I absolutely believe this and I wish more people would open up to this idea. If you logically understand something, you’re not allowing magic in your life. I think that our, that your purpose, that there should be an element of like, holy shit, I have no idea what I’m doing right now. In 2019, somebody asked me what my mantra was and I, my mantra was literally, I have no idea what I’m doing because I’m allowing for magic to happen in my life. Right? I’m letting myself be led.

So clarity, when we’re allowing our logic, but also our intuitive selves, right, like that felt sense lead our lives, we don’t always feel like we have it figured out. So if you feel like, you know exactly where you going, you’re on track, action’s easy, you’re just, you know, what I would say is like, you’re probably not letting the universe guide you enough because there should always be this feeling of like, oh my gosh, man, I am out here doing things I never thought I would do. I am out here experimenting with ideas and plans and partnerships that I never thought I would be doing. So. Clarity doesn’t mean you’ve got it figured out.

Don’t wait to feel like you’ve got it figured out. Feeling like you’ve got it all figured out is probably, in my opinion, not so good. So just because you don’t feel like you’ve got it all figured out, doesn’t mean you’re not clear. Okay. You can be absolutely clear on what you’re doing and still be like, ugh, I don’t really know because true clarity is a felt sense. It’s an intuitive knowing.

I might not know exactly, exactly all the steps, but my heart tells me that I’m on the right path. My heart tells me I’m doing the right thing. So clarity is also a felt sense. In addition to it being an intellectual knowing, it’s also an emotional reality that you feel, that you can’t explain logically, it doesn’t make rational sense, but it’s nonetheless just as accurate. And I would say far more important for you to be living with that leading and guiding your life.

And then the fifth is. And I think I’ve already touched on this one, but that clarity will allow you to see the full picture. And again, I think opening up to this idea that you can still be clear, but not know the exact destination is really, really, really important. Right?

So again, back to this idea that if you’re really living a magical life, and if you’re allowing your intuition to lead, and you’re in your balance between left brain, right brain, masculine, feminine, you know, intellect, intuition, you can still be clear but not necessarily know the destination.

It doesn’t mean that you’re not on track just because you don’t know exactly where you’re going. Right? Or that you know exactly the path to get there. So, if you will just realize that clear, like embrace the idea that clarity is a process, that action will still be kind of challenging and that in that you should still move forward anyway.

And that if you do, you can trust yourself that you will remain on track, despite not really understanding logically all of your steps and that you don’t have to have it all figured out in order to be clear. And that you can trust the process to help you arrive right where your soul is telling you to go.