Ep102: 4 Reasons You Aren’t Hearing Your Intuition

Apr 27, 2022

When was the last time you truly heard to your intuition? Did you acknowledge it or did you dismiss it? How did you react to it? What can be the reasons behind why you are not hearing your intuition?

In this episode, Heather will share her thoughts on why you are not hearing your intuition and what you can do about it. She will give the four reasons why you are not hearing your intuition and how each reason may show up in your life or your practice. She will also share what happens in your life or business when you use the skills she shared, and listen to your intuition.

Make sure you listen to the whole episode for Heather’s words of wisdom and a bonus reason why you are not hearing your intuition.

Soul Stirring Quotes

“What I see happening in the spiritual community is we’re making hearing your intuitive voice really hard to try to attain.”

“An impediment to intuitive listening is this conditioning of prioritizing physical sensate, external systems.”

“The world is so noisy and your intuition whispers. It doesn’t scream.”

“You have to shift to inner awareness. In other words, you got to put ears on that are listening in a direction of where the sound’s coming.”

“Stop and realize that really the simple things in life are what Spirit Is trying to guide you on.”

“This is an impression I’m receiving intuitively and I’m willing to see what would happen if I did act on it. We don’t have to set it in stone.”

“We live in a cognitive-based world. External, cognitive. Intuition is internal, emotional.”

“The intuitive knowing will come to you as a by-product of accepting that the answer is already there.” 

“You might not know what to do with the intuitive information you immediately get, but that’s okay.”

“You know that as soon as you spend about 10 minutes in the right state,  you’re going to have access to every damn answer you’ve ever wanted.”

“The funny thing about this is that when you slow down enough to make those decisions intuitively, things speed up quick.”

“Trust yourself. It might not make sense, but you know that you’re moving in the right direction because it’s the direction your heart is telling you to go.”  

Episode Timecodes:

  • 0:26 Heather talks about what inspired her to share this episode.

  • 03:15 The four reasons why you are not hearing your intuitive voice and the remedy for each reason.

  • 04:05 Reason #1: You focus on the external.

  • 06:24 Remedy #1: Shift to inner awareness.

  • 07:23 Reason #2: You don’t recognize your intuitive hit as an intuitive hit.

  • 09:27: Remedy #2: Realize that the simple things in life are what spirit is trying to guide you on.

  • 09:54 Reason #3: You dismiss your intuitive hit because you are afraid to act.

  • 10:54 Remedy #3: Don’t dismiss your intuition and be curious.

  • 11:15 Reason #4: You are thinking about things and not feeling about things.

  • 12:46 Remedy #4: Ask yourself how you feel about your intuitive hit.

  • 13:25 What happens when you apply these steps when you get an intuitive hit?

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Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the everyday intuitive podcast. I’m your host, Heather Alice Shea intuitive life coach trainer status quo, shaker and founder of Atmana Coaching Academy. Listen in each week to break up with your comfort zone claim your self confidence and radically embrace your role as an intuitive healer mentor and sought after coach let’s get within and get after it.

Happy Monday. It is amazing to be here with you guys. Okay. So today I am going to be giving you a little mini training on four reasons why you might not be hearing your intuitive voice. Okay. Very practical. But when you really stop to think about it quite profound, and that’s an interesting comment, isn’t it?

Think about what I just said, why we don’t hear ourselves? because when we talk about hearing our intuitive voice, what are we listening to? What are we listening to? Exactly. Oh, well, I’m trying to use my intuition. I’m trying to tap in. Sure. But what is it that you’re actually trying to listen to? Or who, what are we really doing when we say that we are listening to our intuition?

Let’s like slow that conversation down. There’s so much talk about it. Isn’t. What are we really talking about when we talk about listening to our intuitive voice? So this isn’t one of my reasons, but it’s a bonus. I think we have really complicated this whole concept of the higher self and our spirit guides.

And we’ve made it something that I think seems a little untouchable, right? A little bit like, oh goodness. You know, I’ve gotta tap into the angels and the ether and the higher self and the beings that are enlightened in this other dimension, somewhere that I’m not in, that I’ve gotta be able to, you know, tap into.

Is that what it is? Is that what we’re doing when we say our higher self? Okay. So let’s jump into it. What we’re really talking about is listening to our own self. We’re talking about listening to our own self, the self beyond the programming and the limitations of our small self. We’re talking about listening to the higher self, our higher self.

Which is just a version of ourself that doesn’t have the limited human perspective. That’s all, that’s not some esoteric concept, right? It’s just the version of you who isn’t in anxiety and worry and fear and panic. That’s all it is because when you aren’t in an anxiety, worry, fear, panic, all of these other states of being you actually are aligning with your higher self it’s that simple, right?

So I love bringing practical awareness to some of these concepts, because what I see happening in the spiritual community is we’re making this stuff really hard to try to attain. And so that’s what this is about. It’s just four simple reasons why we don’t hear it and then what we can do about it. Okay.

So let’s jump into it today. We are gonna talk about the four reasons why you’re not hearing your intuitive voice. And there are many reasons why, I mean, there’s like a plethora of reasons why you might not be able to sit in that beautiful knowing it’s you with you every single moment. There might be many, many reasons why we find this challenging, but here are four that I think most of us struggle.

They’re also the ones that provide the majority. It’s like the 80 20 rule, right? It’s like 80% of the block comes from 20% of the challenges, which is these four really, really simple things. So we’re gonna go through ’em right now. Okay. The first is this, that our focus is external when it needs to be internal.

What do I mean by that when we are intuitively listening, when we are trying to sit deeply with ourselves, we have to get in the habit of shifting our focus, shifting our awareness, shifting our priority and shifting where we feel like the valid. Right. Real sure answer is located. And every moment of your lived experience from the moment you came into this beautiful three-dimensional world, you were taught instinctively, right?

Just, this is how your system works to process life and everything in it, including yourself through the five senses of the body, the sense eight experience of the human body, which is awesome. Cuz that’s the whole. Being human is to have a body and to feel, and see, and touch and taste and hear in this physical world.

So much like a baby. Have you ever seen a baby discover its hands? They’re like, whoa, what are these things? Right? You’re like, oh, I can put ’em in my mouth and I can taste ’em and I can grab things with him. It’s externally focused. So a, an impediment to intuitive listening. Is this conditioning of prioritizing physical sensate, external systems.

What I can see here, touch, smell, and taste through my physical sensate organs. In other words, I have an external focus on my experiences, or we could also to use nerdy language data, right. It’s just stimuli coming in. Right. Everything I’m looking at is stimuli. My voice is stimuli on the static membrane in your.

It’s all just external stimuli. We prioritize that over the subtle experience within ourselves. The world is so noisy and your intuition whispers. It doesn’t scream. It doesn’t. Wow. It woos it’s soft. And so we have this external focus. And so what the easy remedy to this first one is if you are not getting an intuitive answer or you feel like you’re not taped in stop and ask yourself, where is my attention?

Where is my awareness? What am I prioritizing? Am I prioritizing my own inner world as being Supreme as being number one? Right. Or is it still this external world? Because if we’re going to internally, listen, we’ve gotta make that shift. So here or not, man, we talk a lot, everything with intuitive development, whether it’s in developing our own intuition or using our intuition as coaches, our first step in all of our developmental frameworks, whether it’s intuitive development or coaching it’s inner awareness.

So you have to shift to an inner awareness. In other words you gotta put ears on that are listening in a direction of where the sound’s coming. Right? So some of it is, we’re just not paying attention in the right direction and that direction is inward. So that’s number one number. Number two is very simple.

You just don’t recognize the intuitive hit as an intuitive hit. So many of you have probably heard me tell this story before. I think it perfectly encapsulates number two, I had a client once her name was Marjorie. She was an artist, a wonderfully talented artist, and she didn’t have a lot of means, but the one thing that woman spent her money on was intuitive coaching with me and really expensive, like oil pastel crayons at the art store.

She, and I were working on intuitive development for weeks and weeks and weeks, and she just couldn’t understand. I kept saying to her Marjorie, it’s just you, it’s your own voice inside your head. That’s your Intuit? She’s like, nah, I don’t think so. So I got on the phone with her for one of our sessions and she said, Heather, I finally understand what you mean by it’s me with me.

And I wasn’t recognizing that this is my intuitive voice. Oh my gosh. I said, well, tell me what happened. She goes, I went to the art store. I spent a hundred dollars on these oil, pastel crayons. And I had a voice in my head when I pulled into the parking lot. It poured into my car port. We live here in Florida where it’s super hot and a voice in my head said, Marjorie.

You better take these crayons outta your car. If you don’t take ’em out now, you’re gonna forget, and you’re gonna go inside and these crayons are gonna melt and you’re gonna waste a hundred dollars. Get ’em out now. And then she said to herself, now I’ll come back out and get ’em. I’ve got other stuff I wanna unload outta my car first.

And guess what? She forgot. And guess what? Her pastels were ruined, but she had a moment where she realized, oh my God, that was it. That was my intuition. Trying to tell me, I said, yes, that’s it. And then she said to me, but it’s just oil pastels. It’s something stupid. Who cares about my crayons? And I said, oh Mike, are you kidding?

You think spirit doesn’t care about your crayons. Your crayons mean everything to you. It’s your priority. That’s where your values are. You’re an artist. That’s how you bring your creations to life. Yes. Spirit cares. Hire self cares about your crayons. They care about everything. The mundane aspects of your life are important and we don’t recognize.

So the answer to this one to number two is how we can look at this one is to stop and realize that really the simple things in life are what Spirit’s trying to guide us on what your own soul is trying to guide you on. Carl said that the reason why people don’t find God is they don’t look low enough.

We’re so busy imagining figures of light and having all inspiring, intuitive hits that. We forget that it’s really just about taking our crayons outta the car because that’s, what’s important to. The third is this. You do get it. You do know it, but you dismiss it because we’re afraid to act for your intuition to strengthen.

So now let’s move on to, you are getting the hit, but you’re dismissing, right? You are getting the inkling, but then you say, I’m making this up. This is stupid. This isn’t working. This isn’t what I thought I was gonna hear this. Isn’t what I wanna hear. How many of us block our intuitive knowing, because we are afraid of what we’re gonna hear.

Right. Think about that for a minute. It’s not that you can’t tap in it’s that you, you want the answer to be what you want it to be, or you’re afraid that it’s gonna be what you don’t want it to be. So we dismiss it. We say, I’m making this up. This is it right. Or this is stupid. Or what’s the point? You know, the ego small self is kind of like, oh my gosh, man, she’s really starting to figure this crap out.

Oh, we better let self doubt sabotage the whole enterprise. Right? It’s so true. Isn’t it? It happens to me to this day. So don’t dismiss it. Here’s the antidote to dismissing. Just say maybe, maybe, I don’t know. I’m just gonna be curious, perhaps it’s the answer. I don’t know. I don’t need to have a definitive answer.

This is an impression I’m receiving intuitively and I’m willing to see what would happen if I did act on it, we don’t have to set it in stone. And the fourth is this. Now this is really important. The fourth is that when you are listening intuitively, so we’ve got an inward focus. We’re willing to recognize that it’s just our own inner voice, trying to guide us.

We’re not dismissing it. This one is so much bang for your buck in terms of being able to tap in intuitively I can’t even overstate how important this one is. When you are listing intuitively, when you’re sitting with yourself in that place of alignment, your focus should be on feeling, not thinking. The fourth one is you’re thinking about things.

Not feeling about things. You’re trying to figure it out. You’re not trying to know from a felt place. The thing for you research shows us that science is an effective and effective a F F E it’s effective emotional, right? So we have cognitive thinking, affective emotion. It’s an affective system, meaning it runs off of your affect human affect human emotion.

Right? So my affect right now is what she has a happy affect. What’s my affect right now, sad affect is how we express them a person express emotion. So when we are trying to tap into our intuition, we live in a cognitive based world, external cognitive. Intuition is internal emotional. So we have to make sure that we’re asking ourselves, how do I feel about this?

No, no, no, no. I know what I think about it. My rational mind has already given me 50 answers. It’s like a dog with a bone. It throws all kinds of crap at you. But I wanna ask myself, I wanna slow down right now and say, how do I feel about this? And then try to identify the feelings you have, the emotions you have in that moment.

And what you will find is that the entire experience changes the quality of it that you’ll notice your body relaxes a little bit. You’ll notice your mind down shifts. You’ll notice that your gain on what your, you know, the problem or the question or the thing that you’re inquiring about it softens.

It’s kind of like, it gets fuzzy a little. And then all of a sudden, you just, you kind of know, you feel closer to the answer. You feel closer to yourself. You feel closer to the world of spirit because you are not because it moved, but because you moved into a space within yourself where it eternally resides.

Let me enter into that place where. You always abide God universe spirit. It’s understanding that it’s in the whom of our heart, that we find the answers and it happens as a byproduct. The intuitive knowing will come to you as a byproduct of accepting that the answer is already there. With that internal focus with our ability to recognize it and to just see that it’s us with us.

The answer’s already there not dismissing it, trusting it, knowing we’re not making it up, giving ourselves grace. We might not, you know, act on it. We might not know what to do with the intuitive information we immediately get, but that’s okay. We’re not gonna dismiss it. We’re gonna say, I don’t know. Maybe let’s see what would happen if I tried to move in the world from this.

And then doing it with heart, knowing that our head will help us get there too, but we’re not thinking about things. We’re feeling things. That’s where we wanna be. As we try to listen to ourselves, it’s a very, very, very vulnerable process. And I think a reason why many of us stay in doubt feel blocked or otherwise.

Not as intuitive as we wish we were isn’t because we’re not intuitive. I think it’s because we fricking know how powerful we are. And I think it’s because you know that as soon as you spend about 10 minutes in the right state using the skills, I just showed you here, you’re gonna have access to every damn answer you’ve ever wanted.

You’re gonna know exactly what you need to do to get your business off the ground, to resolve that issue in your relationship. To decide whether or not you want to, you know, whatever it is that you’re pondering, you’re gonna know definitively what needs to happen next. And in that place of knowing comes tremendous responsibility.

It pushes you out of your comfort zone faster than anything I can think of because we no longer have the excuse that we’re confused, or we don’t know, like girl, you know, what are you gonna do about. Well, what I say to that is you don’t have to do anything. You can sit right where you are in your knowing, and you can take your sweet ass time.

You get to make those choices consciously. We get to move slowly in the world. And the funny thing about this is that when you slow down enough to make those decisions, intuitively things speed up quick. Don’t they, my own life is a massive Testament to this in over the span of about 14. My business hit seven figures.

I mean, it almost happened overnight. I cannot begin to tell you. And it was because during that time, every decision I made was intuitive. Every last one of ’em, it was like pouring magic over my life from a cup that was running over. And I know it’ll be the same for you too. So our four things in recap on why it’s hard to recognize and hear your intuitive voice.

Focus needs to shift inward. Okay. It’s focused. Outward. It needs to be inward. Two is we don’t recognize it because intuition is subtle. Okay. It’s not screaming at us. It’s on the inside. It’s subtle it whispers. We need to learn how to hear that and know that as our own internal voice leading and guiding us, the third is we just dismiss it, man.

We’re like, it’s not working the way I want it to work. We’re very impatient. We expect it to just go like a machine. No, no, no. It’s like a plant. It grows. So we can’t dismiss it. We have to say, Nope, this is it. I trust this. I’m not making this. And I’m willing to take a chance in this direction. And then the fourth is to be in the world of heart to not try to figure it out, but to feel your way forward.

Okay. Trusting yourself. It might not make sense, but you know that you’re moving in the right direction, cuz it’s a direction your heart is telling you to go. Okay. So that’s it for today. I love you guys. Nah. Together we race that is a wrap for today’s show. Thank you from the bottom of my feels for showing up today in your power and in your willingness to let your intuitive self lead.

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