Ep103: Permission to Live a Vibrant Life with Maraya Brown

Apr 27, 2022

Before diving into this episode, here’s a short exercise – look into your eyes through a mirror and ask yourself, “Am I fulfilled?” What’s your answer? How did you feel? Do you feel like you are living a full and vibrant life on a daily?

If your answer is no or you are not clear with what living a vibrant life means, then Heather’s special gues will help you in this episode. Maraya Brown is an expert in helping women move from exhausted to energized through using food as medicine, addressing mindset, and balancing hormones so you feel turned on by your life, your lover, and yourself. Maraya is is a Yale and Functional Medicine Trained CNM, MSN with her undergraduate degree in marketing. She is the creator and CEO of the Women’s Vibrancy Code and Beyond The Red Tent and has owned a nutrition franchise since 2007. She also runs the podcast The Women’s Vibrancy Code. She is a mom, wife, and CEO who left her Fortune 50 Corporate Career to serve women, and her career working with women spans over 20 years. Today, she works online as a women’s health and empowerment expert.

In this episode, Maraya talks about what a vibrant life means, how it shows up in your life, and how you can achieve it. She will share her thoughts on being choiceful, becoming more aware of yourself, and advocating for yourself. Maraya will also share her client experience, and her personal experience in her shift from the traditional, strictly allopathic model of healing into her current practice working with women.

Make sure you listen to the rest of the episode and get Maraya’s exclusive invitation for you to join her program and her freebie that will help you live a more vibrant and fulfilled life.

Soul Stirring Quotes

“A vibrant life feels like waking in the morning, actually ready for the day.”

A vibrant life to me, it means women who really feel like they have clarity on their zone of genius and they’re able to express it.”

“Sometimes it has to be a deliberate step to drop into your body and actually feel, and you don’t need permission.”

“The more you get to turn the light switch on in various areas of your life, everything becomes more bright and gratitude expands, and life feels more vibrant in general.”

“Number one, you have to stop asking advice to places that people have not been.”

“I think it’s really important that you get to continue to advocate for yourself and pay attention to how you’re feeling.”

“If you feel like the only answer is a bandaid on a festering wound, maybe try in the place of self-advocacy to find a new expert until you find that place.”

“It’s not a destination point, it’s a journey and you get to perpetually up level and move the goalposts.”

“Every moment of the day, it’s toxic. And so we are at all times, most of us living in a high-stress space, whether we realize it or not.”

“Perfectionism is canceled here, my friends, we’re not looking for perfectionism.”

“Get clarity of what it is that you want, why it is that you wanted, and then go find someone that’s going to give you the accountability to help you along the journey.”

Episode Timecodes:

  • 0:26 Heather introduces her vibrant and powerful guest, Maraya Brown.

  • 02:45 Maraya talks about what having a vibrant life means?

  • 06:39 Maraya shares her thoughts on how women can be choiceful and have a more vibrant life?

  • 08:03 Maraya shares her thoughts on women finding it hard to drop into our bodies.

  • 13:10 Maraya talks about indicators, what to look for from a provider, and why you need to continue to advocate for yourself.

  • 17:26 Maraya shares what helped her shift from the strictly allopathic model of healing into her current practice working with women.

  • 21:08 Maraya shares about her program and how she helps women have their most vibrant life.

  • 24:17 Maraya talks about life as a journey and recognizing the toxicity in the world.

  • 27:34 Maraya shares her thoughts on perfectionism and feeling safe.

  • 28:52 Maraya talks about her free workshop and what you can expect from it.

  • 31:44 Maraya talks about her amazing freebie- adaptogen elixirs recipes.

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Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the everyday intuitive podcast. I’m your host, Heather Alice Shea intuitive life coach trainer status quo, shaker and founder of Atmana Coaching Academy. Listen in each week to break up with your comfort zone claim your self confidence and radically embrace your role as an intuitive healer mentor and sought after coach let’s get within and get after it.

On the podcast today, our guest is Mariah brown. She is a Yale and functional medicine, trained C, M and MSN with her undergraduate degree in marketing. She is a mom, a wife and a CEO who left her fortune 50 corporate career to serve women. Today works online as a woman’s health and empowerment expert. And her forte is helping you move from exhausted to energized using food as medicine, understanding the power of mindset and helping you balance your hormones, you can feel turned on by your life, your lover and yourself.

Mariah is such a powerhouse. She has over TW a 20 year career managing women’s health. She has worked in everything from federally funded clinics. She’s worked in functional medicine. She’s had a private practice and she’s even been a part of health endeavors in Nicaragua, Ghana, and Katie. She is the creator of the women’s vibrancy code.

You’re gonna hear a little bit about that in this. And beyond the red tent and she has owned nutrition franchises since 2007 and hosts her own podcast. The woman’s vibrancy code, there is absolutely nothing this woman can’t do when you were gonna see that on our podcast episode today, where we jump into this concept of vibrancy and what it is to live a vibrant life.

So without further ado, I bring you Mariah. Mariah. Thank you so much for coming on the podcast. My pleasure. I’m glad we made it through the little technical snafu because nothing takes us down. Does it? We got this, my friend, absolutely nothing, absolutely nothing. And I am so excited to jump into this conversation.

You are an expert, it goddess a queen of all things vibrancy, and we were just chatting before. We went live with the show about what an underutilized word that is to have a vibrant life. And so I would love for you to just kind of tee that up for us to talk to us about what you have discovered about living a vibrant life over your 20 years of helping women step into that.

What does a vibrant life mean to. Yeah, what a great question. Well, okay. First let’s talk about in the body. A vibrant life feels like waking in the morning, actually ready for the day. Mm-hmm it feels like being able to go through the entire day with reserves and inspiration and excitement for the day that’s being lived.

It looks like relationships that feel fulfilling and we’re being purposeful with surrounding ourselves, with the people that we know are taking our life to where we want it to go and feeling more vibrant and connected. Uh, I think when we think about our senses, it means we’re smelling things that smell spectacular.

We’re hearing things, that’s music to our ears. We’re able to look through our mind’s eye. And see through eyes of beauty and see through eyes of gratitude. Mm, you know, I’m a Yale trained nurse practitioner. I specialize in women’s health and functional medicine trained. So then I also think about the physiology.

It means that our sex hormones are rocking, you know, our estrogen and our progesterone and our testosterone are being produced in balanced, amazing amounts from our body without the need for prescriptions, it means that our adrenal. Are cared for and we’re able to manage stress well. And when there’s a time that our body needs to go into fight flight or freeze, it does it well, and it does it efficiently.

Mm. And then we’re able to quickly diffuse those excess. Hormones that are created and go right back into a deep sense of safety and a sense of belonging and ready to conquer the world. I think things taste spectacular and we’re more choiceful in what we eat and how we eat and when we breathe and how we breathe.

And then I think the last piece is regarding career. A vibrant life to me, you know, I work with women. So it means women who really feel like they have clarity on their Z genius and they’re able to express it. More time than not, and their feeling or not. Yeah. Passionate about the work that they’re doing and passionate about the way in which they are prioritizing themselves and then filling up the cup and using that filled up cup to pour into the world and the craft and the service that they provide.

That’s all part of a vibrant life for me. I love that you take this truly holistic approach and I know that word holistic. People use it a lot, but if we really stop and truly consider what that means, it sort of implies that one thing affects all things, right? If you’re not well on your body, you can’t be well on your spirit.

You can’t, it’s very hard to be well on your emotions. It is very hard to be well in any area, if any other area is off, but one, you used a word that I love that was kind of pinging me as I was listening to you talk, and then you used the word. One of the things I was thinking of. It’s like, okay, we’re vibrant more often than not.

This sort of implies the notion that we’re in our choice. So you said choiceful mm-hmm so what I’m gonna say this, and then you tell me what you think about this. I think that a lot of, especially women, as we step into our careers, we step into our mother, all of the hats a woman wears, right. Even if all of those roles she has chosen and she loves all of these roles, it’s not like you don’t like the hat you’re wearing.

You love the hat you’re wearing. Right. Mm-hmm . But I, what I see happening so much is that. even if it is a choice, it’s almost like life kind of takes you over, right. There’s this moment when maybe even if it was choiceful, it’s kind of like, you feel like your life is running you, you’re not running your life.

Mm-hmm . So what would you say to that, to the woman who is listening to this? And they’re like, yes, I want a more vibrant life. Whether it’s in their body, you know, heart, mind, spirit, however, How can she become more choiceful so that she can be delighted with what she is experiencing in any of those facets?

Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. Number one is no permission needed.

That is like a whole other episode, right. There is why we need permission for everything. It’s so crazy. Yeah. Okay. So say more about that. No permission needed no permission needed. Um, I also say rest is not earned. It is. Oh. And we as women so often will prioritize everyone. First and whether it’s worthiness stories or inner child work or whatever it is that’s getting in the way we get to do what we love to do.

We get to prioritize ourselves. We get to rest. we get to drop into our bodies. You know, we have what’s called diffuse awareness where we’re spending so much of our life in our mind and in our thinking space and caring for others, sometimes it has to be a deliberate step to drop into our body and actually feel, and we don’t need permission.

Mm-hmm but would you say that perhaps some of us have lost or find it hard to drop into our bodies? Yes most. Yeah. Can you, can you speak to that? Can you speak to that? Mm-hmm mm-hmm yeah. I mean, one of the conversations we were having off camera, it’s striking to me with many of the women that I work with, or even the women that I don’t work, that I just have interacted with.

I think a lot go through the day kind of numb. Right. It’s just, I’m gonna drink another cup of coffee to keep going. I’m gonna turn on the TV show to zone out. I’m gonna spend my time scrolling in social media. I’m gonna overdo it on sugar. And I know this isn’t serving me, but maybe I’ve lost willpower.

Maybe I’ve lost hope. And what’s spectacular is when that starts to change. and women get that little taste of holy crap. , there’s all these feelings that I’ve forgotten about and I missed out on, and there’s another possibility. And I think when we get the opportunity to taste the richness of life, then it just continues to expand from there.

I think one story I can think of, I’ll never forget a woman I’d been working with for a while and she was cleaning out her bedroom. And she found all these, the Q-tip things that you stick in your ear to so that you don’t hear things, whatever. Yeah. Yeah. Like the noise lockers. Yeah. Yeah. Noise lockers underneath her bed and she went, oh my gosh, I forgot that for years.

I couldn’t sleep. And I had to do all this stuff to try to drown out any little bit of sound. I couldn’t sleep with my husband. I picked him to the other bedroom. I couldn’t be around my children and I have all this UR just to sleep. And the reality is the version of her that it used to be was going through the day as a zombie because she was sleep.

Mm, and she forgotten and then just the cleaning out of, under the bed and finding those earplugs underneath her bed. And she went, oh yeah. And now the realization of not only do I not need those anymore. but wow, I’m sleeping. And gosh, now that I’m sleeping, I do have more clarity of thought through the day the lights have been turned on in my life, more brightly.

Mm. And there’s more richness in the life that I’m living, which means there’s more richness in the relationships that I have and how I feel about my current life and how I feel about my future. and then that pours into her career and how she shows up as a mother and all of that. So it’s a roundabout way of answering your question, but I think many go through the day kind of grinning and bearing it and living a sad diet, a standard American diet, or maybe they’re trying to, they think that they’re doing spectacular with what they’re putting in their mouth.

Right. But they’re forgetting about what’s going into their eyes and their ears and their heart. And the more we get to turn the light switch on in various areas of their life. Everything becomes more bright and gratitude expands, and life feels more vibrant in general. So how do we help the awareness first go to maybe the lights in your life are dim.

Maybe there’s people listening that don’t even realize. Yeah, that was a question I wanted to ask you because you know, vulnerable moment, I have to say that, you know, you’re describing me in my thirties. I really struggled to give myself any type of permission. I mean, I had a full hysterectomy at the age of 35 ovaries, uterus, cervix, everything gone at the age of 35.

because of chronic illness. Hmm. I mean endometriosis or what, why stage four? Hemorrhagic, endometriosis, and also an undiagnosed GI issue that was landing me in the hospital. That to this day, the doctors did not know what it was, but it became life threatening. Mm. And so as I hear you speaking, what’s so like, I’m kind of emotional because.

I have so much compassion for that version of me. It almost feels like a past life. It’s hard for me to even connect to her because I’m, my life is so different today, but I do remember what it was like and what I would say, which brings me to one of my questions I wanted to ask you is if you would’ve asked me back then, I would’ve told you that this is just how life is mm-hmm I didn’t understand.

that something else? Possible. I just thought that this is just kind of how it is. And you know, most people I knew were popping some type of a pill. I have friends right now that it’s just normal. You go to the doctor and you pop a pill. Of course, you’re on thyroid meds. Of course you’re on an Ambien. Of course you’re taking Lexapro.

Of course you need that Xanax. Of course you do. Of course, because you’re 40 and that’s what happens or whatever. Right. So my question is like you said, I love it. You said the lights are dim. What are some of the other ways that lack, like in the 20 years that you’ve spent working with people, what are the indicators that it’s there?

It’s like the frog and the boiling pot, like you don’t know, even though the water’s boiling. Yes, absolutely. I love this question because I think the current allopathic healthcare system is very disempowering. We’re accustomed to going in and saying, I’m tired. My body aches, I’m not sleeping. I can’t lose weight.

As an example, you go see your PCP or your OB GYN. They order labs, which, oh, by the way, are crap labs and totally insufficient. And then the labs come back normal and the provider says, oh no, everything’s normal. If you want something, here’s a prescription. And we leave going, oh, I guess I’m not actually supposed to listen to myself.

You just described like every experience I’ve had until I found a functional medicine physician, which I know you’re functionally medicine trained. Yeah. And what’s crazy about this, Maria is you went to Yale, like, it’s not like you didn’t go do the white ivory tower stuff. Like you’ve checked the box.

You’ve been in the system. So mm-hmm for a woman like you to say that the allopathic model fails us. In any capacity. That is a statement, like you’re saying that from a place of true understanding what that means, you know? Yeah. And for the first 10 years that I practiced, that’s all I knew. But I knew that I believe food is medicine and I know mindset matters and I know energy is significant.

And so once I started my training through the Institute of functional medicine and found a place to go, right, this is the missing piece. Mm-hmm like, if your hormones are outta whack, Okay, your hormones are outta whack, but that’s really a symptom of the underlying piece. You give the example of endometriosis, right?

When you say endometriosis, the two first things that I think of are inflammation and gut dysbiosis. Guess what? I never heard that once. Not one time. Did I ever hear either of those words before they took everything out? Right. I, I found out about it after I had the, the right. Yep. Yeah. So we have to start number one, stop asking advice to places that people have not been.

So who are you asking? Have they been there? Number one and number two, what’s their. Only one third of physicians graduate from med school having taken one nutrition class. And that’s like, here’s the food pyramid. What’s a carbohydrate, what’s a protein. It’s just, if you’re looking, yes, it’s criminal, it’s criminal.

If you’re looking for a different answer, rethink who you’re asking. Yeah. And I think it’s really important that we get to continue to advocate for ourselves and pay attention to how you’re feeling. Just because it’s common does not mean it’s. Oh, yes. Let’s underline that. Just because it’s common does not mean it’s normal.

Yeah. Yeah. Right. So whatever it is that you are failing to be able to, if you’ve gone to a provider that their only answer was a prescription, maybe that works for you in my world, that’s putting a band-aid on the festering wound. Mm-hmm , that’s not how I operate. It’s not what you’re gonna get from me.

It’s not where I’m gonna send you if I’m not the one for you and I’m gonna send you to a different place. So who are you asking? and if you feel like that only answer is a band-aid on a festering wound, maybe tried in the place of self-advocacy to find a new expert and then find a new expert until you find that place.

So talk to us about your practice now. Mm-hmm . So for the first 10 years, cuz I’d love to hear about how you work to help ’em and embrace this vibrant life. And I actually really do think that this is. Very akin to like you’re helping people not drive the car that is their body off the cliff and crash and die.

Right. Yeah. You know, so. How I healed myself was I had this catastrophic thing and I never went back to a doctor. And still to this day, I will not go see a doctor. That’s not functionally medicine trained. And I started listening to my body, which is why I am so well today. But that’s the number one thing I do is if I don’t believe it, if I don’t feel it, I don’t care who says it.

I’m not doing it. We’re gonna do I have to have that. Yes. For myself. How are you working with women today? And what shifted for you as you work with women, as you kind of stepped out of that, you know, in the box strictly allopathic model. Right? Right. Well, first it was functional medicine. Mm-hmm it was so ironic.

I returned home to my hometown. I was born and raised in Ashland, Oregon. And then I was away for 20 years and came back and it just so happened that the physician who caught me when I was born, Dr. David Jones was the one who founded IFM . And so here I am in Ashland, Oregon, and I’m around some of the providers that founded the Institute of functional medicine.

And they brought me in to run the women’s health within the, if FM family practice group. Oh, wow. And so now. Attending the, if FM events on, you know, doing all the CME, the modules mm-hmm , but also learning in the brick and mortar practice, you know, seeing a woman stepping out and saying, here’s what I feel.

Here’s what I see. Any other perspective. And having these. Other functional medicine, trained providers to perpetually banter with and massage, and I’m going, oh my gosh, this is so refreshing that they’re coming from a foundational place. What might be going on with the gut? What might be going on with the liver?

What might be going on with the adrenals? What might be going on with the thyroid? What can we do to shift what we’re eating personalized supplementation mm-hmm mindset, shift, lifestyle shift. So that. So healing and so spectacular. And so I was in that space for about five years, and then slowly I started peeking my head out into the virtual world mm-hmm and beyond the red tent was birthed.

And that was a space where I vetted experts and products and interviewed them. and I was interviewing all these women’s health specialists that were doing online work and had online programs. And I went, oh, there we go. Because I can see all these women in a 20 or 40 minute visit mm-hmm and I can give them great solutions and they come back and they’re feeling better, but I never felt like I had the time to give them the foundational education and teach the woman to fish, not just give her a fish.

Right. and so then there was. Possibility of wait a minute. I can give them the foundational understanding so that they’re feeling better and getting the results. But also if they want the understanding behind why it’s working, it’s there in module form. And if a decade down the road, they have a new presentation in their body, mind, or spirit.

They have the foundational understanding how to look underneath the hood and potentially address it. Maybe even without even needing. And now I have access to working with women anywhere in the world. As long as I have wifi, I like sign me up for that. I love it. Right. It’s the best of 21st century healing, truly.

It’s the, we’re making fishers of the, you know, the Christian tradition. Like I’m gonna make you a Fisher of men, right. It’s really helping people become that advocate because really this is really what healing is supposed to. And my mind, what you’re doing is what all, anybody in the healthcare space, whether you’re a mental health provider, you’re healing the physical body and with each and every turn, it should be empowering a person to know that they are their own physician basically.

Right. And that there’s an inner physician within themselves that they can listen to. So you go online and your program is called. Tell us about your program that you help women through now. Sure the program is called the women’s vibrancy code. It’s actually the same name as my podcast. Mm. And so that is just, it’s my flagship space where I get to bring women in.

And it’s a multidisciplinary team. That’s there to support the women in a really spectacular container. And we get to acknowledge that what you’re eating and how you’re eating is important. Give you personalized supplementation order the right functional test so we can get the right functional answers, but also get into how you’re thinking and address old trauma that might be getting in the way.

And then there’s this other piece, which is all around sexuality, because I say that I want a woman to feel turned on by her life for lover and herself. Mm-hmm so that means feeling vibrant in our. that means feeling juicy and passionate about the relationships that we have and the work that we’re doing in the world.

Mm-hmm it also means we get to have orgasms and have sex that we’re actually excited to have, you know, some women sure. They say their libido’s gone and I go, well, is it because you don’t desire sex or you don’t desire the sex that it’s being made available to you. Right. And so we get to get into that piece and it’s lovely.

And we just get to. Send a dynamite into the women that are saying they’re tired. Maybe there’s gut dysbiosis. Maybe their hormones are outta whack. Maybe their irritability, they’re not sleeping. They’re feeling unfulfilled. They’re looking at themselves in the mirror saying I don’t recognize myself. And this isn’t where I thought my life would be.

Sure. And there’s that dullness that if maybe a lot of the women listening, haven’t quite allowed themselves to acknowledge. But if you’re listening and you actually allow yourself to get quiet mm-hmm and you look yourself in the eyes, you look your eyes in the mirror and you say, am I fulfilled? Like, do I really feel like my days are vibrant and I’m excited about tomorrow.

And if the answer is no. Well, what are you doing about it? Yeah. Well, what, no, I would say you have a workshop coming up that you can attend for that. I think it’s a question. That is what you just said. I might look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself as I’m listening to, I’m asking myself that question and it’s sobering almost because if you have the courage to really be honest with yourself, you know, you probably will find an area of your life that you.

Maybe is great. Right. But could be even better. Yeah. And so, you know, no permission needed. I think we live in a world that has become not to focus on the negativity. It’s more just seeing the world through clear eyes. We live in a world that’s incredibly toxic. It’s toxic to the mind, to the spirit, like.

Dysfunction is normal up is down, down is up. And so I think it would be wild to not to just be saying, yep, I’m vibrant. I’m good. I’m all set here. You know, very, very few people. I think if we’re being honest with ourselves can say that. I know that I can’t say that. Yeah, no. And. It’s not a destination point.

That’s right, right. Mm-hmm , it’s a journey and we get to perpetually up level and move the goal post, so to speak mm-hmm so, yes, I can look back at times in my life where I had pain in my body, I felt trapped in my bad body. I felt trapped in my career. I felt trapped in my marriage. Am I still there? No, not at all.

Mm-hmm . Do I still want to fine tune when I wake up sometimes at three 30 in the morning because I’m excited and I wanna get work done. And then I go, huh? All right. Well, is this because I didn’t take care of my blood sugar, the last 24 hours is this because my adrenals need some extra love. You know, I brought my husband home is the CFO, and now stay at home dad this past July.

You bet your bottom dollar, we’re going through some recalibration. Sure. In our marriage and our sexuality, like we’re not looking for perfection here. Yeah. It’s about the destination. And I love what you said about the toxic world, because the reality is the water we’re drinking the air. We’re breathing the bombardment of messaging coming in at us every moment of the day.

It’s toxic. And so we are at all times, most of us living at a high stress space, whether we realize it or not. And to make this notion of detox, normal, I think is important. Not detoxing in the stressful, but just saying, okay, where can I let go? Where can I let go of what is not. Serving me, but I think to recognize the toxicity of the environments that we are in, it really invites for self-compassion.

Yeah, because it is not our fault. I think sometimes like, God, it was so hard for me to look in the mirror back then, because. I felt like there was something wrong with me. Like, why am I struggling so much? Oh, look at Sally. Her life looks great on Instagram. And I know that we all know that it’s not true.

I know we all know, but damnit, when I am looking at Sally’s pictures, I don’t feel that way. So I think it really helps us realize that we all have our struggle. It is. Going from sick to well from well, to better from better to great, from great to outstanding from outstanding to exceptional, from exceptional to mind blowing.

Right. We just keep going and going. But it’s, I love your work Mariah, because I think you are helping bring vibrancy back. To a way of being that we should all demand. Mm-hmm we should demand a vibrant life of ourselves, of our partners, of our friends, of our family. And we should advocate. For other people to have one too, we should be encouraging people.

It is not normal that you can’t lose the weight. It is not normal to stay on thyroid. It’s not like, just because it’s common doesn’t mean it’s normal. Yep. So I just think this is an incredible conversation and mm-hmm, , you’re paving the way for people to be able to get the help they need outside of a system that has clearly failed us.

Yes. Yeah. And perfectionism is canceled here. My friends, we’re not looking for perfectionism, right. Even in the concept of detoxification and living in a toxic world. I think I know people who they have the most impeccable diets, but the quest for that impeccability, if that’s a word causes stress on their meaning.

Sure. Because it becomes an obsession. Okay. So we get to have moderation in all things, even in moderation and perfectionism is canceled. So that. We can feel safe and we can start taking steps. And, you know, I always say, get clarity with what it is that you want, why it is that you want it, and then go find someone that’s gonna give you the accountability to help you along your journey.

Mm. I love that. Yeah. And I love what you’re saying about perfectionism too. I discovered perfectionism for me is a form of self hatred, GUI as achievement. Now you just hate yourself. , you’re trying to punish yourself, Heather, for something you think you’ve done wrong. And so you’re gonna demand this completely unrealistic, unattainable standard out of yourself.

When really all you’re doing is just perfectionism is an excuse to be cruel to yourself and other people. It’s an excuse. So I love that you say that it’s canceled here. We’re not doing it. So tell us about your workshop coming up, cuz I know that you have a free workshop that if you’re listening to this and you are interested in learning more about Mariah and her work, you can actually do that.

Talk to us about when it’s going live and what you’re gonna be teaching. Sure. So begins May 23rd, uh, would love to have you, and it’s totally free. You get to come in. We’re gonna do a deep dive to help you move from exhausted to energized balance your hormones and feel turned on by your life, your lover and yourself.

You can hopefully attend it livestream. You have your own personalized concierge support to get in there and get a clear roadmap. Personalized for you so that we can increase your energy, start addressing what might be going on hormonally underneath the hood. Start the little exploration into libido and sexuality and sensuality, and really.

Start your journey to start feeling better, whatever that might be for you. So like I said, it begins May 23rd. It’s totally free when you register, just make sure that you put down that you heard about it throughout Mon or Heather. And I love to give her people some extra love and care, and I’ll make sure that you have concierge support.

That’s there to really hold you and catch you in whatever it is that you’re currently struggling with. Mm-hmm to be able to call it out and honor your bravery in. Maybe I feel like crap. Maybe I actually feel good, but I act, but I know I wanna feel better. Yeah. And I know that there’s more vibrancy out in the world for me to experience and more zest and that then converts into.

You setting a better example for those of you that are mothers to really be that example to your children. Oh my goodness. I could bring you on and we could have a whole conversation about what we do as mothers. I know you have, uh, littles as well, just in two days I will be touring colleges for my daughter.

Oh, wow. Yeah, she’ll be 18 next month. And so that is a, oh my. The example we set for the future generations is such a privilege. Oh my goodness. What a privilege it is to be able to do it. But what I love about your workshop is that not only are you gonna get that individualized attention, but you get to do it in a space and a container with other women on a similar, but still individualized journey.

And that’s very. Powerful. I think we feel so much feel very alone and we feel a lot of shame, especially as we explore things like our sexuality libido. Oh my goodness. The programming on that alone. So I’m gonna be there. I hope you guys come and hang out with us on may the 23rd and I’m gonna Mariah. I will get a registration link from you and please check out.

I’ll have Mariah’s website and the link to register. The vibrant life in our show notes. You also have another awesome little freebie for those of us who are listening. Do you wanna tell us about that? It’s an adaptogen Elixer Ooh. Yeah, sure. Adaptogen elixir recipes is what it is. So my garage doors opening downstairs, hopefully adapt all.

Come from the plant botanical mushroom kingdom. There’s lots of them out. They go into the body and they help the body better adapt to stress. So maybe you’ve heard of Ogan or holy basil, dark chocolate lions, mane, cor decept. Rahi chaga. I mean, there’s lots Cho. Maybe those names are like, wait, what? You’re speaking, other language, whatever it is, there are some great adaptogens out there.

And so an adaptogen Elixer is a nice, yummy drink. I’m actually sipping on it as we’ve been interview doing. And it has three main components. You have your adaptogen, you have your protein source and you have your fat source. Mm. And it like takes the place of your latte. So to speak, it’s nourishing. It’s going to go in and help the body better maintain blood sugars throughout the day.

It’s going to help your adrenals go, oh, wait. I’m not actually being chased by a lion I’m safe. oh my gosh. The adapt, the adaptogen slate. The lion. Yes. . Yeah, right. You can call me the lion slave. Yeah, that’s so good. Oh my God. Oh my gosh. Yeah, I’ll unleash your lion. And bring on the lion later. yes, we need that.

I actually drink lion’s Maine, which is an adaptogen. So I love it. I got on the chaga and the lion’s main and I love coffee. I still drink it. But. Do it for fun. It’s not to keep me awake or anything, you know, but I love the adaptogen stuff. So I wanted to make sure we mention that. Cause I really do see the help benefits from as a woman whose adrenals were formerly blown out.

I can attest to how powerful that that is. So, and each one does a different thing. So lion’s name you mentioned is great for clarity of thought and focus. Chaga is gonna be great for defense and basic immune system support. Here’s the last thing. When your adrenals are cared for what happens is the body goes, oh, I’m safe.

So there’s four things. Number one, your clarity of thought is turned on. Number two, your digestion turns on number three, your immune system goes, ah, I’m safe. I’ve got this covered. And number four, your sex hormones actually get to be produced. Okay. If on the other hand, we’re going through our day mindlessly dealing with the stress of the day from the air, we’re breathing the water, we’re drinking the things.

We’re thinking, the foods that we’re eating, the stress that we’re dealing with. The opposite happens. The body is in constant fight flight or freeze. And in that scenario, it turns off clarity of thought turns off the immune system turns off digestion and turns off hormone production. So something as simple as just adding in adapted gen elixers throughout the day is going to help the adrenals go.

I’m safe. The body goes I’m safe and also help with your blood sugar maintenance, which has all sorts of yeah. Amazing side effects, which I’m not gonna get. Yeah. That’s so, so it’s a cascade effect. Yeah, it cascades. Yeah. Amazing. Yeah. Mariah, thank you so much. Thank you so much for being on this has been really, really heartful and I appreciate you sharing your wisdom with us.

Mm-hmm thanks for having me. I really appreciate it, Heather, and I appreciate you. I appreciate the energy that you bring into the world and the way in which you. It felt very clear to me from the beginning that you’re a woman of heart and service. So thank you. Oh, you’re gonna make me cry. okay. Well, I’m gonna have you back on for another delicious conversation about how we can live a more vibrant life.

Sounds like a plan that is a wrap for today’s show. Thank you from the bottom of my feels for showing up today in your power and in your willingness to let your intuitive self lead. And if you are still working your way to your first 50 to 100 K in your coaching practice, I have two incredible free resource.

To help you fast pass this process. The first is to join our free and fun Facebook group. The atmana intuitive coach collective, where myself and our atmana instructors do free trainings every week. To help you turn your obstacles into opportunities with each and every step you. So that you can begin to achieve success on your own terms and finally make the money that you know, you deserve.

So if you’re interested in joining our group, just pop onto Facebook and you can search bar atmana intuitive coach collective, and we will pop up. Or you can check our show notes for a link. And the second resource is a V I P ticket to our next upcoming five day workshop experience. Live your purpose, launch your practice, where you are going to learn four keys to claiming your intuitive confidence.

Calling in clients with authenticity and integrity. And then you’re gonna create your very first or one of many signature programs that help you sell your services with ease and grace. That also helps you go high ticket. So head on over to Heatheraliceshea.com/intuitive coach launch to get your V I P ticket, or you can check the show notes where you can get your hot little hands on a link to both the Facebook group and the five day workshop until next time I see you.

I love you together. We rise.