Ep104: Knowing when to stop, rest, or flat out quit

May 13, 2022

How do you know when to stop, rest, or flat out quit? What’s the difference between the three?

Whatever endeavor you may be in, you tend to question “Should I stop?”, “Do I need to rest?” or “Is it time to quit?”. In this episode, Heather answers these mind-boggling questions everyone has. She talks about the three concepts – stopping, resting, and quitting.

By the end of this episode, you should be able to know how to manage your time and energy, make the most out of your career, and savor life. So quit your whining, stop what’s distracting you now, rest for a bit, and enjoy episode 104!

Soul Stirring Quotes

“You get to stop as long as it is as challenging or more challenging than the thing that you’re working on. And if you can remember that you will never quit anything ever again, a day in your life.”

“You will pivot. You will stop. You will rest, but you will never, ever quit on yourself.”

“Rest is one of the literal most productive things  that you could ever do with your time and your energy.”

Episode Timecodes:

  • 00:27 Heather talks about the inspiration behind this episode

  • 02:04 What is quitting?

  • 03:34 What is stopping?

  • 07:49 What is rest?

  • 10:30 How often should you rest? (The Pomodoro method and how much time you need to put into work in a day)

  • 14:01 Sum-up

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Episode Transcript:

Hheather Alice: Welcome to the everyday intuitive podcast. I’m your host, Heather Alice Shea intuitive life coach trainer status quo, shaker and founder of atmana coaching academy. Listen in each week to break up with your comfort zone, cl yourself confidence and radically embrace your role as an intuitive healer mentor and sought after coach let’s get within and get after it.

Today. I wanna talk about knowing when to say when. So recently I was asked by one of our coaches in training. How do you know when it is time to quit doing what you’re doing? Not from a place of resistance, not from a place of, oh, this is too hard. I’m gonna give up. But how do you tell the difference between when you should.

Stop doing what you’re doing when you just need to rest, or if you should just flat out quit. Right? Because with any really amazing endeavor, of course, there are gonna be challenges and obstacles. And what I think I’m seeing a lot with people in our community is that we’re getting lost between when do I need to dig in.

Push through and persevere or when do I just need to know that I need to walk away from this? I need to know when to say when, so I’m gonna go over three concepts in this episode that will help you understand a little bit of how you can think about what it is to persevere or what it is to just pivot and go do something else that would be more beneficial or more in alignment for you and with you.

So there are three concepts I wanna talk about to do this. The first is stopping. The second is resting and the third is quitting. Okay. So. Think about it like this quitting is for me, quitting means that you are no longer going to do something that you would otherwise still really want to accomplish and still really want to do, but you’re not gonna do it anymore because it’s too hard.

That’s quitting quitting is I actually still want this thing in my life. I still actually deeply would like to attain this goal or have this experience or manifest this thing in my life, but I’ve decided it’s too hard. So I’m gonna quit. I’m gonna stop doing it. Right? Quitting is something that you should never do because quitting is characterized as giving up on something that you actually otherwise do want, but you’re letting exterior situations and circumstances dictate to you what you believe to be possible.

Right. So quitting, never a good idea ever, ever, ever, ever, ever quitting is always bad. It’s a hundred percent bad, but I can hear you telepathically asking me through the ether webs here, but Heather, how do you know when it really is just time to pivot? Are you sitting here telling me that there’s never a time in your life when you’ve started something and then not finished it?

Right? There’s gotta be times where that’s appropriate and you’re right. There are, and in my mind, that’s not quitting. That’s stopping. Okay. So what does it mean to stop doing something? Okay. I characterize, or I draw the distinction and I do this in every aspect of my life, whether it’s my personal life inside of atmana, it, it doesn’t.

Should I stop eating gluten, whatever it is. Right. This is how I think about. Stopping to me is when I have set a goal for myself, or I’ve decided that I wanna do something and I start doing the thing, right. I, I get all my little squirrels of my laugh, running in the same direction, um, to accomplish this thing.

And through that process, I decide that it just isn’t something I want. Just isn’t, it’s not something I want anymore, for whatever reason, truly from a place inside of myself, if somebody walked up to me and said, Heather, I’m gonna wave a magic wand and you can have this thing, I would honestly say to you, no, I just don’t.

I just don’t want it anymore. It’s just not something I want. Right. So in other. Yes, you should stop a hundred percent of the time. You should stop a hundred percent of the time doing things that you thought you wanted to do or trying to achieve things you thought you wanted to achieve, that you no longer wanna achieve.

That’s not quitting. That’s being smart. That’s stopping. So the delineation between, should you quit? Should you like, how do you know when to pivot? How do you know when to, to just not be doing the thing that you thought you wanted anymore? Whether this is you’re shifting your ICA and your business, or you no longer, maybe you don’t wanna stay in the relationship that you’re in anymore.

Whatever the thing is, the delineating factor between quitting, which is never good and stopping, which is always good. Okay. Based off of our conceptualizations of these two things, the delineating factor is you don’t want the thing anymore. or you do want the thing, but you’re just quitting because it’s too hard.

Okay. So now I’ll go, I’ll go to rest in just a minute, but I wanna give you another little nugget to help you tease out this difference between quitting and stopping. Okay. Again, quitting. We never do stopping. We always do quitting is giving up on something because it’s just too hard, but you still really do want it.

Stopping is, I just don’t want this thing anymore and it’s not worth it to me. Okay. So here’s the, the, um, benchmark that I give myself in life when I’m having a hard time figuring out, oh my gosh, should I just let this thing go or not? Right. So here’s what I say to myself to try to figure out, am I quitting this?

Do I wanna, do I wanna stop doing this because it’s too hard or do I really just not want it anymore? Right. So here’s what I say to myself. I say, You can stop doing this thing, but in order to stop doing it, you have to choose a goal that’s as challenging or more challenging for you if you stopped doing this.

So if you had to Heather, right backfill, this manifestation you’re working on with something as challenging or more challenging for you at this pre present moment in your life. Would you still want to. And if the answer is, yeah, I, I would like to stop then, you know, for sure you’re not quitting. You really do need to be pivoting.

You really, really do need to let it go, brother or sister, let it go. Right. Just let it go. Okay. You get to stop as long as it is as challenging or more challenging than the thing that you’re working on. And if you can remember that you will never quit anything ever again, a day in your life, you will pivot.

You will stop. You will rest, but you will never, ever quit on yourself. You will never ever give up. You will never, ever, ever, ever, ever find yourself in a situation where you are betraying yourself. Because things became harder than you thought they were gonna be. Right. So now it takes me to rest and rest is something, whether or not you are stopping quitting, we, I don’t care what you’re doing.

Rest is something that you are always needing to do. Okay. So here is how I think about rest. How do you know when it is time to rest the reality about performance? Whether it’s you’re manifesting something, whether it is you wanna be more productive at work, whether it is you just wanna take like better control over your time or your energy or your resources.

The reality about with resting is this you, we need way more of it than we think that we do. And the reason why rest is such a powerful part of the manifestation process, the reason why it’s so important is because when you rest, you give your mind and your energetic system, your body, your mind, your heart, everything, a chance to integrate the doing that you just did.

And so when we take time to rest, what we find is that problems that we thought we needed to solve. If we will just stay centered and calm and move forward at a reasonable pace, right? Not reacting to things, but staying proactive. What you will find is that a lot of these problems resolve themselves on their.

That they don’t need your time and attention and your energy. Okay. And another thing that you will find is when the problem, if the problems or the challenges are still there, you will have access to better answers. You will have access to better insight because you’re operating from a place of being whole and integrated without rest.

You can’t integrate without rest. You can’t implement solutions that come from your intuition or come from your higher mind. So rest in my definition, the way I view rest, rest is one of the literal most productive things. That you could ever do with your time and your energy. I’m gonna repeat that. Rest is one of the most productive things that you can do with your time and with your energy.

Okay. Because it is going to make you, when you are up and moving and back into an active state, it makes you so much more powerful, aligned, attentive, insightful. And able to execute at a level beyond anything you really actually think that you’re capable of, because again, you have access to the higher mind.

So the next question, a lot of people ask me with respect to rest is. Yeah, but what is a good breakdown of how often you should rest? So there is so much research out there on this. You guys, I mean, people have picked this damn thing to death. You can do a Google search and find a million hits on the Pomodoro method and just there’s a, a million people have a million opinions on this.

The answer is what works for you. But generally speaking, if I never, as I’m working and, and moving throughout my. I try not to work for more than a 20 minute se a segment after about 20 minutes, you need to stand up and stretch for five. So 15 to 20 minutes, a five minute break, 15 to 20 minutes, a five minute break, 15 to 20 minutes, a five minute break, right?

Or you could say in any one hour time slot of your life. The most you should be working is 45 minutes of that hour. You really should be infusing moments of rest throughout your day. And research on productivity. In our information technology based the cognitive age, we are in the research shows really that for people who have cognitive jobs, right, which most people do, you sit at a desk all day thinking about things.

Using your little meat sticks, we call fingers to type on a computer that is a cognitive job. It’s a brain based job, not a bra based job, right? It’s not you out there, you know, putting on roofs for a living or digging ditches or packing boxes in the industrial, in the factory. Right. Like how we used to do back in the day.

So if you have a brain based job, the most that a person can be actually productive in their job is five hours. And five hours is the max five hours is people who have like intense meditation practices. They are really, really good at holding attention. They have high efficacy. Over maintaining focus.

Very few people can even be productive at that five hours. So I think that’s really important to note that most of us think we’re supposed to have an eight hour Workday. No, an eight hour Workday is a residual holdover from the industrial age. When we used to go pack boxes at the plant or go to the car parts place and weld car doors on steel frames, right.

Or do broad based body. Physical labor an eight hour day is about all you can do if you are working with your physical body. Okay. But with the brain it’s even less. Okay. So the truth is you should be shooting for five hours. Tops. If you were outputting at five hours a day, you would be crushing it, right?

Absolutely crushing it. But you need to build in rest so you can see how you would have, if you build in rest in your day, you would be at work conceivably for six, maybe seven hours. If you’re giving yourself those little rest breaks in between. So, um, rest is something you’re always gonna wanna do. The more of it.

You can put into your day, the better find little spots that you like to rest. If you, if you have a cat follow your cat, my cats have 10 spots. They like to sun bay them, you know, all over our yard. And it’s the coolest thing because they build that obviously into their day. So I have my little spots that I go and rest too, when I need a break.

So quitting. Stopping resting. Let’s do a sum up quitting. You never do stopping. You’re always gonna do. And resting is something that you’re always gonna do too, no matter where you are at in the spectrum. Okay. So I would love to hear from you, what are your thoughts on quitting stopping and resting and how do you know the difference of when it’s time to say when or when it is time to dig your damn heels in and.

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