Ep105: 12 Signs of Alignment with Your Higher Self

May 14, 2022

Have you found the glorious masterpiece that you are? Are you in touch with your higher self? Are you aligned with your higher self?

In this episode, Heather is inspired to talk about the essence of the higher self. Although everyone has their own expression of the higher self, yes we are all unique, yes we have different qualities and characteristics, yes we each have to offer something different to the world, and yes we are masterpieces in our own ways, but Heather has found and listed twelve signs that you are aligned with your higher self.

Have you found yours yet? Don’t worry! Tune in on this episode and find the beauty of individuality and the essence of your own higher self.

Soul Stirring Quotes:

“So much of what we believe, so much of what we think, and so much of what we feel, and so much of what we do are based on presuppositions or notions or ideas that are outdated for us. And if we don’t ever stop and look underneath the hood of our life, then we’re going to be living our life from an old rule book or an old playbook.”

“This is a massive, massive sign of alignment when you just start to question your reality, you question your own beliefs, you question other people from a place of curiosity, not from a place of worry or fear or paranoia or any of that, but it just becomes a kind of a way of being.”

“Everything in your life will begin to feel like it’s something to be discovered, questions become fun and stimulating because you know that the answers that are going to come to you are going to be perfect for you.”

“Success and failure aren’t opposites. Failure is an intrinsic part of your journey in accomplishing success.”

“People are just doing the best they can with what they have at the time.”

“Isn’t that beautiful? That the notion or the idea of perfection can simply be I trust and know that you have the right to be the way you are in this moment. No more or no less.”

“We are all glorious masterpieces in progress.”

Episode Timecodes:

  • 00:27 Heather talks about the inspiration behind this episode

  • 01:51 The qualities and characteristics only you possess to make the world a better place

  • 02:54 Sign #1: You are naturally inquisitive/curious

  • 05:15 Sign #2: You have confidence

  • 09:40 Sign #3: You are compassionate

  • 10:45 Sign #4: You learn to not take things personally

  • 11:36 Sign #5: You possess appropriate empathy

  • 12:55 Sign #6: You see perfection in everything

  • 14:22 Sign #7: You become highly intuitive

  • 15:40 Sign #8: You have a good sense of humor

  • 18:35 Sign #9: You become very proactive

  • 19:16 Sign #10: You have leadership

  • 20:41 Sign #11: You seek win-wins

  • 21:40 Sign #12: You have equanimity

  • 23:35 These qualities and characteristics exist on a continuum

  • 27:11 A special invitation for you!

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Episode Transcript:

Heather Alice: Welcome to the everyday intuitive podcast. I’m your host, HeatherAlice Shea intuitive life coach trainer status quo, shaker and founder of atmana coaching academy. Listen in each week to break up with your comfort zone, cl yourself confidence and radically embrace your role as an intuitive healer mentor and sought after coach let’s get within and get after it.

Today, we are talking about the 12 signs of alignment with your higher self. So this episode was really inspired by me listening to some of my old episodes. And one of them that really caught my attention was. Where I talk about the five characteristics of the higher self. So if you haven’t had a chance to listen to that episode, I can’t remember what number it is, but it really pairs well and nicely with this episode.

So in that episode, I talked about who the higher self is or what the higher self is and what it really feels like to embody our best self or our higher self. So the purpose of this podcast is really to. Kind of try to add the color in right. Fill in the lines, fill in the blanks between how our lives look differently when we are.

Truly walking in our purpose and expressing who we were really born to be. And I know that that sounds really hokey. There’s so much talk about living a purpose based life now, but the reality is there really is no point to life. From my perspective, if we aren’t doing that, what are we really here for?

If not to. Express the fullness of who we really are. Right. So I really do believe that you are a masterpiece and that there are certain qualities and characteristics that only you possess that if given to the world, The world would become a better place. Right? So while everyone has their own unique expression of the higher self, there are 12 sort of common characteristics that you can think of that are kind of like, think of like a neon light flashing.

Hey, yeah. This way you’re on track. You are firing on all cylinders with respect to giving your gift to the world. So. Let’s run through the 12 signs of alignment. And as I go through each of these, I want you to just take mental note, one of how this resonates with you, how these qualities resonate. But also whether or not you feel that you are having fun and experiencing each of these qualities each and every day.

Okay. So the first quality or sign of alignment with your higher self is that you become naturally inquisitive. Or curious about the world around you. You start to look beyond the appearance of things and you start to question the essence of the thing, right? So it’s a lot like Dorothy and the wizard of Oz when she was visiting the great and powerful laws.

And she finally gets it into her head. Oh my. What if I just go pull this curtain back over here and look at, who’s pulling the levers on this big, scary wizard, like image that I’m looking at and talking to. Right. So she stopped being distracted by the appearance of the thing, and she started to become curious.

About the essence of the thing, the thing behind the thing, right? So you can see straight away how powerful this is with respect to just living an awesome life, because so much of what we believe so much of what we think and so much of what we feel. And so much of what we do are based on.

Presuppositions or notions or ideas that are outdated for us. And if we don’t ever stop and look underneath the hood of our life, then we’re going to be living our life from an old rule book or an old playbook. So this is a massive, massive sign of alignment. When you just start to question. Your reality, you question your own beliefs.

You question other people from a place of curiosity, not from a place of worry or fear or paranoia or any of that, but it just becomes a, a kind of a way of being like, why, why is that? Or why not? Why not that. Okay. How is it that it is this way or it is not this way. Right? So everything in your life will begin to feel like it’s something to be discovered, questions become fun and stimulating because you know that the answers that are going to come to you are going to be perfect for you.

Right? So you really just kind of fall in love with learning about life. The second sign of alignment is confidence. Now, why is confidence a sign of alignment with your higher self? Here it is. In a nutshell, you begin to operate from your innate strengths. You really stop focusing on everything. That’s quote, unquote, wrong with you, and you just let your zone of genius.

Drive the car that is your life, right? So you begin to believe in yourself because you start to see yourself as a very capable, strong person, which you are. If you will give yourself permission to operate within the realms in which you are good at stiff. So I’ll give you an example of this. I always kid around with my daughter and I say there’s almost nothing in life that I’m good at like a long time ago.

I chose coaching and psych. And mental help and teaching and business building as my zone of genius. And I basically pruned away everything else in my life that aren’t those things. And I chose to go all in on these topics or, uh, genres of life. I know very little about other aspects of careers that I could have.

If you ask me to do a. Homework with her. I’m like, Ava, I’m not your girl. Right. I still need a calculator to sum up the tip kind of thing. But in the area that I’m in, when I’m operating in my zone of genius, it it’s like, I am, you’re never gonna see anybody better at that. Right. That is why I’m so confident in it because I’m in and a domain of life that I’m naturally good at that I really love.

And that I have so much fun learning about it and so much fun doing it that it’s like I’m compelled to wake up every single day of my life and learn and learn more. So confidence really comes from that place. So it’s sort of this feeling of like, Hey, I got this. Now I wanna touch on this part of confidence really quick, because I think a lot of people.

Misunderstand what confidence really feels like when you’re in the zone of feeling confident. And I think a common misconception is that confidence feels like you have all the, an answers or confidence feels like, you know, what you’re doing or confidence feels like you’ve got everything under control and that you’re the person you’ve got all the answers.

You’ve got everything under control. Now you can feel confident. And that is the polar opposite of what I believe confidence really is. Confidence is being able to sit in a profound place outside of your comfort zone, a profound place of maybe not really knowing what you’re doing or knowing what the right answer.

But you’re happy to be there because it is your zone of genius and you are so used to pushing yourself the envelope of what you’re capable of, that you get used to not knowing the answers you get used to feeling okay with constantly being in that learner mindset. So. I just wanna touch on that. Often the most confident people are individuals who, when you talk to them, they will go.

I know almost, I don’t know. I don’t know. All I know is I’m going to figure it out as I go along to me, that’s confidence. It’s I don’t need to have control over everything and I don’t need to know all the answers. Because I trust myself and I know I’m going to figure it out. Another key aspect of confidence is you begin to see failure as a part of the success process.

So in other words, success and failure, aren’t opposites. Failure is an intrinsic part of your journey in accomplishing success. And so when you start to see failure, that way, it becomes really easy to become confident because you don’t see MIS. Or failures as a sign that you aren’t capable, smart, good, or otherwise called to do the thing that you’re supposed to do.

You understand you’re not perfect. You know, you’re gonna make mistakes. You are going to hit miss the mark. No question about it. At some point in time, that’s just the law of averages, right? You are not going to knock it out of the park each and every time and confident people understand that and they don’t expect themselves to be perfect all the time.

They actually. Expect to get it wrong a lot. Right. But knowing in the end, eventually they’ll get to their goal and figure it out. The third is you become very compassionate. So patients and non-judgment towards challenging people, issues, all of this becomes easier because you really can. Begin to sense the underlying problem that is usually rooted in somebody else’s pain, right?

Hurt people, hurt people. So because you can see the real reason why people are doing or saying, or being the way they are, you can’t help, but not wanna help. ’em right. You want to help them because you, you understand that they’re, it’s not coming from a bad place, it’s coming from their wound. Right. So you also begin to understand that people are just doing the best.

They. With what they have at the time. And I really do believe that when people know better. For the most part, they do better. A big reason why people don’t do better is they don’t know better. Right? Lessons are hard. Life is challenging. So being compassionate towards yourself and other people is a massive, massive gift of.

Being in alignment with your higher self. The fourth is that you just learned to not take things personally, right? Think like the four agreements you just don’t take things personally. You’re slow to be triggered. You’re slow to be annoyed, even when you are triggered and annoyed, you’re aware of it. And therefore you’re able to create a conscious response to your environment, even though you might be peed, you understand that you have the power to change or remove yourself.

From any situation that you don’t like, and you give yourself permission to do that. And a natural result of not taking things personally is that your life just kind of gets this flow feeling to it. You just become, I think, a great way to say this is you just become really easy going. You don’t have a lot of demands on your external reality because you aren’t needing your external reality to be a certain way.

in order for you to feel the way that you wanna feel. The fifth is appropriate empathy. And notice that I use the word appropriate empathy here, because empathy really has a shadow side. So appropriate empathy is a natural balancing of your mental and emotional self. That’s how I would think about it.

Appropriate empathy looks different depending on how you are oriented. Some people are more emotion based versus some people are more head. So if your tendency is to over empathize with people, what you will notice is that you will start to find it easier to set and create healthy boundaries between yourself and other people.

And if you tend to be a little analytical, kind of out of touch with your emotions, then you will start to find it easier to live from the heart. You will notice that, um, you’re in your feels a little bit more. You start to just connect with yourself and others on an emotional level. Right? So appropriate empathy is all about having a really strong sense of yourself in the room and also other people.

And you can, um, meld with them, connect with them, mesh with them. While still maintaining awareness around the boundaries that need to be in place for you to be sovereign in your sense of I am. And for that other person to be sovereign in their sense of, I am the sixth is you start to see perfection in everything.

You start to see perfection in everything, even the mistakes, you start to look at the world and you’re like, Oh, my God, everything and everyone on this planet are perfect. Just the way they are because everything and everyone has a right to be the way that it is in this now moment. Isn’t that beautiful that the notion or the idea of perfection can simply be.

I trust and know that you have the right to be the way you are in this moment. No more or no less perfection is not about to being without blemish, right. Being without flaw. That’s kind of how we think about. What perfection is, but it isn’t. If you look at the root word of perfection in Latin, it means to make whole, or to realize one’s wholeness.

So when you look at as perfect person and you say, ah, that person’s perfect, or you look at yourself and you say you’re perfect. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have faults and flaws. It means that you have a right to exist. Just the way you are in all of your flaws and hang ups and brilliance and strength, you are perfect.

Just the way you are. I love that sign of alignment. The seventh is you become highly intuitive. This one almost goes without saying, but it kind of aligns with the curiosity component. You just really start to be able to see past appearances and surface level stuff, and you’re able to perceive and interpret and interact with the subtle forms of energy attached to whatever it is that you are interacting with.

Okay. So you also start to value your own internal compass, your own internal know. Way, way more than you used to it, it really becomes like you’d rather fail or make a really bad mistake than not listen to that voice. Right. So the win then becomes, you know, how much am I living in alignment with the truth that I feel inside of myself.

Right. And as an intuitive person, I think the cool quality that comes along with being intuitive is that you really get good at seeing the truth of things you’re able to estimate. Things at their true worth, um, or their true state of being right. How things really are. So you’re not easily deceived, right.

People can’t really, you know, the art of the world kind of rolls right off of you. Right. You’re just able to really be able to tell what is essence and not a. Number eight is Mandy. You have a good sense of humor. You really start to just learn how to roll the punches. You know, no matter how dire life gets, you are able to find humor in it.

And laughter. To me. I remember listening to, uh, Dr. David R. Hawkins, who passed away. He is the physician and, uh, licensed, I think he was a psychiatrist. Yeah. He was a psychiatrist who came up with the scale of consciousness. So he wrote the book power verse versus force his, one of his most famous books.

But he said that laughter. And that a sense of humor is one of the hallmarks of highly evolved creatures that you learn to laugh at things that used to destroy you. So what is that old statement above all things? The devil cannot stand to be mocked, right? He can’t stand to be laughed at, you know, the shadow does not like it when we bring humor, because humor allows us to see the idiocy and the.

That we could be anything other than the light that we could be anything other than expression of God or, you know, the universe. Right. So in other words, You don’t have to wait for hindsight to get a kick out of it. Usually time has to pass and then hindsight comes and then we’re like, oh, okay. Now we’re able to laugh at it.

Well, when you’re in alignment with your hair self, you’re able to just laugh at it. You don’t have to lick your wounds and get over it. You can just see it in the moment and a memory that’s coming to me with this one is actually the day that I attended my father’s his. Memorial service. We had to go inside this building where my father’s body was in a common and of course, myself and my four brothers, we are all devastated.

We love my dad. He was the, a Titan of a man, the greatest father a girl could ever ask for. I love him with every fiber of my being, you know, showing up that day, pulling into the parking lot. I mean, I just was devastated. I could hardly even function. Right. Just so exhausted. And I looked at my little brother, Jared, and I just had to crack a joke.

I was like, Hey man, do, do you have any Xanax? Like I need the kind that was like made in a dirty bathtub on the streets of New Jersey. Like I need like full power Xanax and we all just started like dying, laughing over this. This idea that, you know, it was gonna take some serious medication to get us through it.

And that I remember that to this day, that in a moment where we should have been maybe like just completely obliterated, we were able to laugh. We were able to honor our father, um, by just cracking a joke and realizing we’re gonna get through this. So just remember no matter how dire it is. Laughter is.

Appropriate medicine. Number nine is that you become very, very proactive. So you shift from unconsciously reacting to things, to being able in the present moment to catch yourself. You’re able to catch yourself in that moment between stimulus and response. There’s a pause and you really begin to just sort of naturally be like, oh, okay.

Here’s an opportunity for me to move consciously through life. So you begin to see the underlying complexity of given situations and you’re able to examine it and then choose a course of action that really does align more with what you want to see out of your own life. And the world. Number 10 is leadership.

A natural byproduct of aligning with your higher self is that you just become someone that people naturally want to follow. And to me, that’s the definition of a leader. A definition of a leader is you’re just a person. Other people decided are worth listening to. Right. Pretty simple. So people desire to listen to you to follow you because you have a vision and you know how to express.

And they naturally understand your authenticity. They can tell that there’s something unique about you, that you are living your life according to a different rule book, according to a different playbook. And of course, that rule book is your own unique rule book. We all have our own rule book that we’re supposed to be doing life from.

Right. It’s. We are all here to live individual vibrant lives. And when you are aligning with your higher self, you will naturally be called into roles of leadership. Often reluctantly, not a lot of this isn’t stuff you choose, but people will call you to that position because you possess characteristics that help them feel safe, seen, heard, worthy, valuable, and they trust you because they know that you’ve got their back.

They know that you walk in integrity. So get ready for leadership because boy does it ever happen? And the number 11 is that you seek the cooperative collaborative win-wins that becomes very important to you. You start to look at everything in your life, through the lens of giving and receiving through reciprocation.

This one also looks different depending on your, on how you’re oriented. For a lot of intuitives and I impasse, this is going to mean that you start to care about yourself, that you start to care about your own needs, that you stop overgiving and you stop. Pouring into other people, to the extent that you’re leaving your own cup empty.

Um, so just looking at the win-win making sure that everyone is really taken care of and doing the best that you can to ensure that the highest good of all people is being made manifest. Right? So you start to care about yourself and you start to care that other people are being taken care of. Number 12 is that you become, and this might be maybe the, one of the nice, the, the best ones out of all of ’em is that you become calm and balanced.

In other words, you have equanimity in your life. You feel very familiar being in touch with the center of who you are. You become less anxious because you stop being so future focused or past focused. You’re just able to settle down a little bit in the now and just say, you know what, it’s fine. You know, I, there it’s, I got 12 hours of this day.

You know that I’m gonna be awake here, living this life. I’m only gonna get so much done. I’m only gonna figure so much out, you know, there’s. So much that that can be expected out of me in a world that wants us to be constantly thinking about, go, go, go, produce, produce, produce, being productive. All of that’s just kind of like, yeah.

Okay. Yes. And. I’m gonna just sort of be I’m gonna drop in and be in my center too. So in other words, you begin to get a natural equilibrium between your being and your doing, and you’re going to be able to handle whatever comes your way, because you are giving yourself time. To move through whatever it is that you are, um, needing to work through.

Right? So there’s no more of this. Like everything is a four alarm fire. You start to realize that things typically grow into being, they aren’t just. You know, things take time and you give yourself that time and it creates this really cool balanced kind of calm sense of centeredness in your life. So it’s really important to remember with these qualities that there is no real goal in terms of being this way all of the time.

It’s not realistic to think that you are going to embody any of these characteristics, all the. They exist on a continuum, right? Sometimes in your life, you might be firing on all cylinders with some of them and sometimes in your life, you might not have any, it just depends on what is going on with, with you and for you in your life.

So I wanna be really clear about that. The last thing we should be doing is taking this list and going, oh my God, okay. I gotta be hitting these 12 things, you know? Absolutely not. It’s just there. To help us as we walk through our day, you can kind of think of these, these 12 characteristics and say, oh, that’s awesome.

That feels like alignment. That feels like the real me. So we are all glorious masterpiece in progress and everybody’s manifestation of what their higher self looks like is different for them. So I want you to spend a little bit of time thinking about what does higher self alignment look. To you, when you are walking in the truth of who you are, what are those qualities and characteristics that you uniquely exhibit that maybe your best friend or a family member would say, man, that’s just uniquely you.

Right? How would they describe you? I’ll give you an example. So when I ask for feedback on people, okay, what am I doing? Well, you know, what do you think some of my strengths are? What are my weaknesses? One of the strengths I always get that everybody tells me, which is kind of a unique quality is everybody always says, Heather, you have the way of telling people the honest to God, just brutal truth, right?

Like you have the ability to call people out on the bullshit in a way that is noon. Totally clear, like it’s just the brutal honest truth, but you do it in a way that’s makes a person feel loved and seen and witnessed in their strength. And it really is a superpower of mine. Don’t ask me how I do it. I don’t know how I do it.

I just do it. It’s just the way that I am. Right. So that is a quality that comes really easy for me. And I’ve learned to see the value in. And I’ve learned to see the value in what it gives other people to have. Somebody love them enough to tell them the truth from their perspective. Right. I really see that that is a quality that’s very unique to me.

I just kind of do that in my own way. So that for me individually is a characteristic of alignment with my higher self. I know that when I’m doing that really well, I’m expressing my Divi. So stop and think today, in addition to these 12, what are some of those individual qualities that, you know, you just, it is your Jewish man that is just like you being, you being the best you, that you can be.

Take some time to write those down because it really does help us benchmark. The feelings, the thoughts and the way of being that we’re exhibiting in that moment so that we can come back to that centered place. You might be surprised how much you already are in alignment with your higher self. You just don’t really recognize it as such, right.

It comes and it goes, or it’s a flow state. And before you know what it’s gone, the moment has passed. So it’s really important to start paying attention. To win. You are doing that. So you can consciously, uh, create a life where you are exuding and embodying more of that, of the truth of who you are. Okay.

So if you would like to continue on your journey of doing that with us, I have a special invitation for you. I have mentioned this on previous episodes, but not enough. So I’m gonna drop it here. I have started doing free coaching every month and this amazing thing called the experience. What is The Atmana experience?

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We cover skills and really just learn more about using our intuition as a coach and also just as an awaken individual. So you can register for those events at, uh, atmanaexperience.com. That’s A M A N A experience.com. Yes, this is 100% free. I do it currently right now. I do it twice a month. I might take it down to once a month, but if you get on the list, I’ll send you a text message in an email with what we cover, uh, Each and every experience and it is just absolutely beautiful, the container that we’ve created over there.

So I wanted to let you know about it. Go to atmanaexperience.com. You’ll see more about, you know, everything that we do there on the info page, and you can get registered and I will email you with our next upcoming experience until next time together. We. That is a wrap for today’s show. Thank you from the bottom of my feels for showing up today in your power and in your willingness to let your intuitive self lead.

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I love you together. We rise.