Ep107: 3 Simple Ways to Trust Your Intuition

Jun 9, 2022

Before diving into this episode, do this exercise real quick. Grab a coin. Think about a decision or desire that you have. Know the yes/no answer to that decision or desire. Then flip the coin. What did you get?

Do you know the implications of this quick exercise? Well if not, then go ahead and listen to this episode!

By the way, this episode is an experimental one because Heather actually lets you hear a recent Atmana Experience they had. The Atmana Experience is a free live intuitive coaching incubator for coaches, healers, empaths, and leaders. Each experiential session teaches you how to deeply connect with your power, overcome what’s holding you back, and connect with your truest self.

This session is all about the three simple ways to trust your intuition. Listen to Heather teach how to remove the blocks that hinder your intuitive hits, connect with other intuitives through chat, and experience free laser coaching.

Soul Stirring Quotes:

“These are not blocks. This is you in process. This is you growing. This is you learning. This is you being right where you are.”

“There is a beauty and a power in accepting right where we are and knowing that it’s just our process.”

“Whether we are up on the wheel of life or down at the bottom, this too shall pass.”

“Whether it’s the good or the bad, everything goes and everything flows.”

“You are your own greatest teacher, right? You’re never going to meet a teacher greater than your own inner wise, intuitive self, your own inner guru.”

“Intuition is the mechanism by which you receive divine truth for yourself.”

“Science has caught up with spirituality. We are living in a miraculous time. We are so lucky to be alive today.”

“What’s keeping us from this is all of those things that we think are blocks and obstacles are not blocks and obstacles. They’re just a part of ourselves that we need to be where we are and then learn how to love back into alignment.”

Episode Timecodes:

  • 03:01 Heather welcomes chat

  • 04:59 What is the Atmana Experience?

  • 07:11 Everything you need to know about Atmana and Heather Alice Shea

  • 09:01 Feeling like you’re always the odd one out? Well, not here. Welcome home.

  • 10:28 Heather’s two questions for you

  • 12:41 Embrace those blocks

  • 13:51 The 3 keys to tune in and trust your intuition more

  • 14:07 #1 key

  • 16:38 #2 key

  • 19:37 The coin exercise

  • 20:37 #3 key

  • 31:33 Live coaching with Deborah

  • 43:39 Live coaching with Ross

  • 52:12 Live coaching with Paula

  • 57:17 You are invited to join the next Atmana Experience

  • 58:24 Wrapping up

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Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the everyday intuitive podcast. I’m your host, Heather, Alice Shea intuitive life coach trainer status quo, shaker and founder of Atmana coaching academy. Listen in each week to break up with your comfort zone claim your self confidence and radically embrace your role as an intuitive healer mentor and sought after coach let’s get within and get after it.

Today, we’re gonna talk about three simple ways to trust your intuition. And I’m going to experiment on this episode by actually letting you hear one of our most recent Atmana experience coaching sessions. So what is the ATM experience? I once a month, I host a free and live, uh, intuitive coaching session where we get together.

We do a short training on all things, intuition, all things coaching. And this last week I did one on the three keys to trusting your intuition. And it was just absolutely amazing. I loved it so much. I’m like, dang, this has gotta be a podcast. So what, this is really all about what the, this experience was about.

And this episode is gonna be. It’s not gonna have any real strategy and tactics in it. So often people come to me and say, Heather, can you gimme some pointers on how to trust my intuition, how to tune into my intuition? And what I am noticing is that, um, you know, I can give you all those strategies in the world, but if we don’t have the inner landscape, the inner terrain of your mind, your body, your spirit, you know, properly ready for you to really step up and trust it.

What’s the point, right? So this is about giving you three ways or three keys to. Pulling out the weeds of the garden, you know, the weeds of course, being self doubt. Second, guessing yourself, not being able to trust the intuitive hits that you get. We need to address three fundamental issues or roadblocks that I see happening as we approach intuitive development.

Okay. So that’s what this episode is about. It’s about laying the proper groundwork and foundation so that when you apply whatever strategy. Meditation method, you know, in your practice that it’s actually effective. You’re not working against yourself. Okay. So you’re gonna hear me, uh, interacting in the chat with our students from the outman experience.

You’re gonna hear me, um, teaching things, asking questions. So I want you to just close your eyes as you go through, uh, this podcast, if you can, and just kind of pretend that you’re there. Live in the class with us. So of course this is a podcast episode, but I invite you to energetically join us in Theona experience via this podcast episode.

And if you would like to actually join us in person live for The Atmana experience, you can do so by getting registered@www.atmanaexperience.com. And in this episode, you’re gonna learn a little bit more about what the experience is too. So without further ado, I give you the three simple ways to trust your intuition.

so if you are, I see so many newbies of you guys here. It’s so good to have you. And if you are coming back, thank you so much. My hope is that each of you come back every single month. Every time we do the experience. So I’ve got a little presentation. We’re gonna go over. I am a coach at heart. I, I want you to be in this chat, blowing it up.

You can tell I’m gonna come in and read it. So please share your thoughts in the chat. Okay. What makes the experience so great is our collective energy and our willingness to be here together and offer our own wisdom. So I’m not one of these people who like, just likes to sit here and drone on, I will teach, but please know that anything you offer over here in the.

I’m gonna love. I’m gonna come back through and read it and say your name and you know, let’s interact. Okay. Great. Awesome. I’m so glad. There’s so many new people. This is wonderful. Okay. So let’s dive into today’s, um, presentation. I’ve got some slides and I’m gonna go over this presentation and then I’m gonna ask.

So for those of you who’ve been here, you know how this works, we’re gonna do some free coaching today. Okay. So one of you gets to be the client. I’m gonna be the coach and I’m gonna say, okay, who wants to do it? Who wants to volunteer? This is volunteering is tribute. Think of it, like the hunger games, but not dying, but actually having fun and doing something awesome.

So I’m gonna ask who wants to volunteer, so please know that we will be doing some life coaching and that’s how you get a spot for the seat. Okay. So I sharing screen, can you guys see a slide presentation? Can you see it? No. Oh, I’m so glad I ask. Can you see it? Yeah. Awesome. Okay. So let’s dive into it today.

We are talking all about how to tune in and trust your intuition. I’m gonna go over three keys that are gonna help you do this. Remember way of being okay. This is about you moving through the world in that way. And then I’m gonna give you an exercise that I use personally to tap into my, I. So, what is the Atman experience?

I want you to think of the Mont experience as a live intuitive coaching incubator. This is an incubator, an interactive, sacred space for you, the intuitive for you, the empath for you, the coach, this is here to uplift and Edify you as an individual. And also as an aspiring healer or coach, maybe you are already a coach, whether you’re seasoned, whether you’re new, whether you’re just thinking about it or you’re just an intuitive.

Person in the world who orients towards spirituality, you’re on your awakened path and you wanna be an in container of like-minded people. That is what the experience is all about. Okay. It’s really how to coach yourself. You are your own greatest teacher, right? You’re never gonna meet a teacher greater than your own inner wise, intuitive self, your own inner guru.

So it’s a place for you to come to really just be in the energy, to learn new coaching modalities and techniques, and to talk about issues and topics that help you align with your higher self so that you can be a greater force for good in the world. And. A light multiplier, right? A light leader. We are in a massive transition right now.

Have you guys noticed for our species? It’s crazy. We need leaders. We need light leaders. We need awakened individuals who, um, are aligned and feel strong and confident in who they are so that they can help other people. So that’s what the, um, experience is all about. We do it once a month. We do a new topic for the most part.

I always do live coaching in them. So yeah, it’s a place to come to get, um, to you. Receive coaching on what you are, what you have coming up for you. And if you haven’t met me before, hello, it is a privilege and an honor to get to spend an hour with you here today. I am Heather ahe. I am the CEO of Atmana academy.

We are a life coach training school. We offer a dual certification in both traditional life coaching and also intuitive life coaching. We are the. First, uh, life coach training school that offers research validated and supported frameworks for the use of intuition as a professional coaching tool. Okay.

So this is as real as it gets you guys, you know, about spiritual coaching, you know, about intuition. Well, we are now living in the future, right. Have you ever sat there and went, man? I wish there was an esoteric school that offered me a quality education that was valid in the real mainstream world. Well, here it is.

That’s what is all. I am a seven figure business creator. I started my business, you know, just doing intuitive coaching sessions. You guys, I started in 2014 doing intuitive readings. Right. And what I think what makes Atmana in me different is I. Grew my business to seven figures by doing intuitive work.

Right. I didn’t have a corporate career and transition in or work into someone else. No, no, no. I know what it is to build from the ground up an intuitive coaching practice. And if I can do it, I know that you can do it. Okay. This work is real your presence and your light and your assistance has never been needed before.

Especially if you are an empath or an intuitive, believe me, when I tell you I’ve been doing it for eight years, professionally as an intuitive coach in . And I have over 20 years of coaching experience, my actual first job outta college was being a career coach. So like I tell my daughter all the time, I’m like, I’m absolutely trash at everything.

That’s not intuition and coaching. And counseling. It’s all I know. I also have a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling. I kind of came up through the world of mental health. I have several research papers published. I’m a big science nerd. So I have, you know, scientific work published in self care, counseling, spirituality, intuition, coaching, that sort of thing.

It’s my passion. I’m a speaker, an educator, a wife and a mom. I live here in Florida. My baby girl is 18 years old and is going away to college in two months. I’m gonna be an empty nester, kind of having like a low key panic attack about that, but that’s okay. So that’s a little bit about me. What you can expect from the experience really is.

I think the biggest thing is just to be in a container of people who get you, how many of you feel like you’re the odd person out? Or you’re the weird one or the woo one in your neighborhood or your family? Or you’re just kind of like that. Yeah. Marilyn, I see you raising your hand, right? Vero. I see you.

Yeah. Well, guess what not here. Right? These are your people. Welcome home. This is your drive. . So I say this all the time. We are lovingly raising our freak flags together. And realizing that actually this is our time. This is our time now we’re taking over the world. So I think one of the, the, the coolest things about the experience is you get to be here with people that are like you, right?

They’d get. You’re gonna learn new coaching skills, concepts, and ideas that strengthen your confidence, that help you walk in your truth. You’re gonna be able to develop your intuition and apply it in powerful and practical ways. Okay. As much as I love the woo I’m here for the woo. I love it. I love it. I love it.

You’re not gonna find anybody in the world who wants to drape ourselves in crystals and, you know, gonna go run around in the woods more than me. And if it’s not putting gas in your car and food on the table, you know, and like uplifting your life in the three dimensional world who cares, right? Like we’re here to actually bridge the gap between the spiritual esoteric truths.

We know that rule that, you know, lead and guide our life. And then. Like the minutes of your actual lived experience and day. Okay. So truly being that bridge, right. Being that bridge, and then really just helping you personally and spiritually align to your own higher self and what you feel works for you.

Okay. So let’s get into this before we move forward. I want you guys to tell me right now on the chat, two things, put it in. The biggest, hang up right now to tuning into your intuition is what is your biggest hang up to tuning in? So you can write tuning in your what’s, your biggest hang up. And the second thing I want you to put in the chat is trusting.

What is the biggest hang up you have now to trusting your intuition. These are two separate questions. I want you to put it here in the chat. The first question is dang, where are you blocked in receiving an intuitive hit to begin with? The second question is helping you identify, okay. I have the intuitive hit, but I’m scared to do anything about it, or I’m scared to trust it.

Right. These are our two blocks. When we start talking about intuitive develop one is I’m. I don’t, I’m not getting anything. Right. Are you there? Are you there? It’s you know, remember that book from the eighties? Are you there? God, it’s me. Margaret . Well, this is like, are you there spirit? It’s me, Heather. You know, the first is we need to be able to get an intuitive hit.

And then after we get it, we’ve gotta learn how to trust it because there’s no point in getting one. If we don’t do anything with it. Right. So the chat right now is going to be the garbage can, the repository for all of your horrible blocks, consider yourself invited to dump it right here in the chat.

Okay. We’re gonna put it in the chat. We’re gonna, we’re gonna. Put all that energy that’s blocking you right here. Release it. Let it go. We’re gonna throw some light on it. We’re gonna throw some love on it and we’re gonna invite it to get the hell outta your life forever. Okay. So put it here in the chat so you can let it go.

Okay. So let’s read a few things tuning in, taking time for quiet, right? Hamit you’re saying, figuring out where the idea came from. That’s really cool. I love that one. Oh, Maria, you say you can’t hear your intuition anymore. That happens. Doesn’t it not feeling confident when you’re hearing your intuition?

That’s right. Okay. I want you guys to peruse the chat. I want you to scroll through this chat and ask yourself, see that you’re not. Okay. Tuning in and discerning between my own intuition and influence from other sources, trusting that it’s coming from the right place. Jen. Hey Jen, what’s up sister. She lives right in here in Jacksonville with me.

Okay, great. You guys look at the chat. It’s a gold mine. It’s a freaking gold mine. Okay. So we’re saying yes to all of this. We’re saying yes to all of these blocks. We are loving them. We are saying yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes. This is a part of my process. This is a part of my growth. This is a part of my learning and I am so.

Thrilled that this is where I’m at. I’m so thrilled to be able to see where I am right now. So the first thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna change our mind. These are not blocks. This is you in process. This is you growing. This is you learning. This is you being right where you are, and doesn’t it feel good to be right where you are, even if it’s uncomfortable, even if it’s scary, even if right where you are is kind of sad, right?

There is a beauty and a power in accepting, right where we are and knowing that it’s just our process. And it’s all a part of our experience of being human and whether we are up on the wheel of life or down at the bottom, this too shall pass. Whether it’s the good or the bad everything goes and everything flows.

So you are right where you need to be okay with this. You are right where you need to be. So thank you guys for sharing that with me right now. I wanna give you three keys to learning how to tune in and trust your intuition more. And then when we coach this out, I’m gonna ask for a volunteer on somebody who wants to talk about these three keys.

Okay. So PA screenshot this, if you want pay attention to this part, because when I ask for a volunteer, we’re gonna be talking about these three things. Here is the first thing. Now let’s get into the keys, the doing it’s, it’s a doing this, but it’s also a way of being this. It’s a way of moving through the world.

Here’s the first one, except that deep inside of you. You already know we have to stop. We cannot vacillate. If you will begin to live your life. Through the lens through a way of being through, knowing that you already know the answer, that the answer is already inside of you, that there is no someone out there who can validate your truth, that there is no place.

You are going to find it. Your mom, your dad, your guru, your dog, no one actually has the answer. You are the one who says yes or no to. You would be, this is the first key here is this is the issue to tuning in and trusting it’s because we think that we’re doing this, but we’re really not. So I wanna ask you, I want you to ask yourself a deep question right now and it’s okay.

If the answer is no, this is all about us just being right where we are. And I don’t mean your head. I don’t mean logically knowing it. Of course, you logically know it that deep inside of yourself. You already know. Of course you’ve heard it a thousand times pop up in your Instagram and you’re gonna see somebody out there telling you deep inside.

You already have the answer. I’m asking you right now. Do you really believe this? Do you believe from blood to bone? That you really do have within you the capacity to know everything you need to know to lead and guide your own life. Do you actually believe that? And if the answer’s no, that’s okay. Okay.

But we need to start right where we’re at here is the first thing. There is no sense in trying to tune in or turn on your intuition. If you don’t believe that your intuition is there to begin with and you sure heck aren’t gonna trust it. If you don’t believe that you are the only authority you and your higher self, that no one can actually tell you your soul’s truth.

Only you only your higher self that’s the first one. Okay. You see how this is? So root deep. Does this make sense? You can go out there and try any intuitive development program in the world. My loves, but if we do not accept this and it is terrifying to. It is terrifying to realize that there is nobody out there who can give you your truth.

Only you, you have to plant your flag in the ground and say, actually, this is it. It’s the hill I’m dying on. This is what I know to be true. Right. That’s the first one. The second one is to be aware of your attachment, to outcomes of what you hope and wish to be true. Notice, I did not say release your attachment to outcome.

Notice, I didn’t say release. I said, be aware, you actually don’t have to release your attachments. You just need to be aware of them. So they don’t sabotage you. Right. I’m aware of what I want the answer to be. But I can consciously choose to put it aside. I still want it to be that thing. The second key here is something that really trips us up because we feel like we have to release our attachment to outcomes before we can get clear enough to hear our intuition.

No, all you need to do is be aware. You need to go, you know what? I am aware. That I want to buy a brand new car this year, and I might not be able to justify that financially, but I’m aware that I really want that to be the answer. Does this make sense? Okay. So how this boosts your confidence on the intuitive development side is it does increase your accuracy.

because you’re not self sabotaging. You’re no longer sitting back and going, is this my monkey mind? Is this my ego? Is this just me hamstringing the process? Am I getting this answer? Because this is just what I kind of wish it would be when you’re aware of. And you’re honest with yourself about your attachments.

All that goes away because you’re like, well, yeah, I know. I wanna buy a new car this year, duh. And I’ve tabled that I’ve done that work. So if I’m getting this intuitive answer that says, yeah, you can buy a new car this year. It’s probably right, because I’ve already done the work on that. I’m willing to listen to my intuition.

If it tells me it’s not time, I’m not blocking a no, I’m not pushing a yes. I’m just aware of the prejudices I have with respect to the answer. Does this make sense? Are you guys following. Really quick again, way of being stuff. This is the inner work mindset, heartset perspective lens. Yeah. Of how we approach our own relationship to divine truth.

Intuition is the mechanism by which you receive divine truth for yourself. Okay. That is what it is. We’ve gone over, you know, intuitive definitions on other experiences. So I won’t dive into that, but this is how we increase intuitive accuracy and also confidence because you’re aware of what your personality, self desires, and guess what you are not supposed to not have desires.

Anyone who tells you that you’re supposed to just walk through life, not having that’s absolutely untrue. Your higher self communicates you in three main ways. There’s many ways that it does. Intuition is only one of them, by the way, your intuitions, your emotional states and your desires. There’s a three prong approach that your higher self uses every single minute to talk to you.

And any one given moment, you can tap in intuitively know how you feel and know what you want. This is how spirit leads and guides you. Yes. So to say that you don’t have desires is ridiculous. You’re actually supposed to use desire to help you understand where your life is supposed to go. What you’re not supposed to do is become a slave to it, or be unaware of it.

Okay. So again, be aware of your attachment to outcomes of what you hope and wish is true. I’m gonna give you a hack right now on how you can do this one super easy. I want you to grab a quarter, grab a quarter, or if you’re in Europe, whatever you guys use your Euro. I don’t know what y’all use over there, but grab a quarter, grab a nickel, grab a dime.

And I want you to think about whatever decision or desire that you have. Okay? Yes or no answer. And you’re gonna take your quarter and you’re gonna flip it. And whatever you secretly are hoping the answer will be as that quarter is flipping in the. That’s how you know where your attachment is, right?

should I buy a new car or not? I don’t know. Oh, I really don’t know. Well, what are my attachments? When that quarter starts flipping, you’re gonna notice really quick what it is you want it to be, right. So it’s kind of a cool little hack to notice, like what it is you really want. It really helps you get clear because in that moment, when it’s spinning, you’re like, It will hit you in that moment of having two seconds for the quarter to fall, right.

Help. It’s an intuition primer, right? So that’s a good little hack on that. One. Third is we are going to forever put into the graveyard, right or wrong, good or bad intuition is not right or wrong or good or bad. We are moving beyond dualistic judgments. It is either resonant or dissonant. Okay. Resonant, meaning it’s in accordance with it’s harmonious like a harmony on a piano keys or it’s dissonant.

It’s like, eh, you know, it doesn’t go. Intuition is either resonant or not resonant. It’s more or less accurate. It’s not right or wrong. So in other words, it’s going from black and white to what’s in between black and white on the scale, right? It’s not gray. It’s color in between white and black is color.

It’s the vibrancy of life. Y’all so intuition isn’t yes or no, it’s more or less true for us. There are many truths that you could walk in. There are many right paths for you. There are many things that you’re gonna do with your life. You have many purposes in this world, you play many, many roles. So we have to move out of this idea that your intuition is right or wrong.

It’s not right or wrong. It either resonates with you or it doesn’t. If you’re a coach and you’re using your intuition in session with a client, it either resonates with a client or it doesn’t. It feels maybe more true or not than the last thing, you know? So instead of black, white, it’s think like likerd scale on a scale of one to 10, it feels more or less true.

That’s how you need to think about intuitive hits. Another reason why we move beyond right or wrong, good or bad is because intuition is beyond space time. We, we now know what the science, our intuitive faculties work beyond time. They work at the quantum level. And so if you’re sitting, having a conversation with self others, or maybe a client and you get an intuitive hit, and the person’s like, eh, that doesn’t resonate or mm doesn’t feel true at all.

You don’t know. It might be for a week from now. I’ve received emails from clients that I have done readings for in 2015, where like one, the most recent one I got with this lady was like, you told me I’d moved to a house on a lake. I just moved to a house on a lake last. It’s like five years later, right?

Six years later, the intuitive hit became true. So if I sit back and judge that, just because the person told me in that moment, it’s not right. Oh, here I am. Here I go. Doubting myself and my intuitive abilities for six freaking years. Because the intuitive hit was for that woman six years from now, it has nothing to do with me.

And it’s got nothing to do with whether or not I’m good at this or not, or I’m bad at this or not, or I’m right about this or wrong. That is garbage. We throw all that out the window. Okay. It just, it resonates right now or maybe it doesn’t and it’s like more or less true. And I don’t know. So we kind of move into the.

Potentials and possibilities and maybes and curiosities and resonance and super party, fun time play. That’s where we wanna be on this third one. Right? We’re just having fun. We’re using our curious, curious mind and we’re feeling what resonates for us. Okay. Right now I wanna give you my personal practice.

I promise this to you guys. And this really helps you step out of the, kind of the question between, is it my ego or is it my higher self? Now there’s a lot of strategies that I can give you that will help. I mean, really, truly this could be like a whole course on how to do this, but I wanna share with you how I approach using my intuition.

That again is a way of being right. This is a way of being a way of thinking about it. And the first thing is this. We have to understand that you right now, You are a physical being, right? You are a being of matter. You have a physical body here in, you know, material body, but human beings are more than a material body.

We are actually spiritual creatures as well. We could, maybe the scientific word we would use is that we have an energy. We are en our energy animates, our body, right. So we are one part energy. We know that there’s something animating this, th there’s something making your body move. And we know that there is something in there making your body move, because we know there’s this thing called death that happens, which.

There’s definitely something that happens that makes the body not move. So we certainly know there’s something there animating it that makes it move and we call animated movement life and we call not animated movement, material, death. Okay. So we know that there is an intelligence in here moving this thing.

We know that there’s energy in here, there’s consciousness in here. So we’re one part matter, but one part spirit, one part energy. And we know that the. At that energetic level, separateness is an illusion. Separateness is only real. I’m putting that in air quotes at the material level. I am not this water bottle.

Right. I can pick it up and put it down. It’s not attached to me. Right. So at the energetic level, though, at the intuitive level, we are all things and that is. The matrix, right? The quantum field, this is mainstream quantum science or quantum physics. I’m talking about here, by the way, this isn’t, it is Woohoo stuff, but it’s where science and spirituality are meeting.

Right? So no physicists would argue with you there it’s all atoms and photons, atoms and photons, atoms and photons all the way down, your intuition, your intuitive self works at that quantum level. So from that perspective, the very material that makes up your physical body is the same. That makes up everything in the whole known universe.

It’s all the same thing at that quantum level separation is an illusion. Literally, when we align to our higher self perspective, it’s an illusion. And so how do you begin to tune into your intuition and really learn to trust it is approaching your process and your method, whatever your favorite way of tapping in and tuning in is if you will approach it saying this to yourself, one.

Separation is an illusion. I am connected to all things because I am all things. And from that place of oneness, I am only feeling myself. So when I give an intuitive reading or I sit down to tap in, we just did some VIP sessions on Friday from our latest people who enrolled in our certification program.

When I sit down and I do my process, it takes me about 30. And what I do while I’m tuning in is I am remembering that there’s no difference between me and this beautiful soul that I am about to give this reading to, or this session to. So there’s no difference between you and me when we’re in that space is there.

And how could I doubt what I’m getting from that connected space? It doesn’t matter if I’m right or wrong, we’re just enjoying this connection. It’s a moment where you, as a human being operate and move and see and feel and know the world from the place of higher truth. And so when you’re giving a reading to someone, or you’re trying to figure out your own answer, you begin by saying, I have every right to know this.

I’m aware of what I want it to. It’s okay. I don’t have to be right right now. I’m just doing the best I can to feel truth in the core of my body. And I know that I can do this because I am connected to all things because I am all things and there really is actually no separation. And so why would I not believe it?

Why would I not tune into it? Why would I not trust it? These are facts, right? We know this it’s so killer. It’s not the 17 hundreds anymore. They’re not gonna burn us at the stake. Y’all, , you’re allowed to believe in this and, and, and know that this is real. Again, science has caught up with spirituality. We are living in a miraculous time.

We are so lucky to be alive today. Okay. So you don’t have to take this on faith intuition. Isn’t something you believe in. It’s a known biocycle. It’s a known psychophysiological process. Science can perfectly explain how it works. You we’re out of the realm of belief. We’re not believing in it. We know that it’s valid and real, okay.

Science explains it. And we as intuitives and impass and awaken ones are simply the grandmothers and the grandfathers of this movement of what it is to return back to part intelligence, heart wisdom, to our birthright as owning the truth of our spiritual nature. That is where the world is going. Okay.

And you are on the Vanguard of that movement. Okay. Yeah, awesome. I’m just jumping here through the chat. So get, I want you to get you guys’ little hands, hot and heavy on your reaction button. Now, what I wanna do is this. I wanna coach you coach whoever it is that volunteers through these three. Okay. So if you would like a little bit of laser coaching on how to embrace or embody past the tuning in and turn turning on.

Okay. Deborah, I see you. I’ll grab you. Awesome. So that’s what we’re gonna bring up and I’m gonna do the best I can. ADA, you say the grain of a mustard seed. Absolutely. I love that. That’s all we need. Isn’t it. We just simply have to try. We just simply have to try and it all happens. Okay, so I’m gonna go over these really quick.

I’m gonna flash these up on the screen. Again. This is the best intuitive development. this right here is the rocks beneath the roots below the ground that nurtures the soil, the, the soil that nurtures the soul. This is it. This is allowing you to be a human being accepting your birthright. You already.

It’s okay to want things. We just need to know what we want. And we have to be willing to say, I will be done, not my will. I will let go of whatever attachments, no matter what the answer is right now, from my intuition, I will accept it. I might not like it. My ego might not like it, but I will accept it.

And it’s okay. I’m in my process. I don’t have to be right. I don’t have to be wrong. I’m not gonna be good or bad evil or not evil. No, no, no, no. No, no, no. We’re just doing the best we can to discover and decipher truth. These are your keys. Okay. Separation is an illusion. You can be aware of anything because you are all things from that perspective of knowing that you can feel anything as you ask.

This works with any primary gate of intuition. This is how you set up finding out your answer, right? okay. That’s it sound good questions. Put ’em in the chat. We’re gonna do some coaching now. We’re gonna go for about Deborah. I saw you first. If you could, can you turn on your camera or unmute? Let me see if I can get you to unmute.

Okay. So are you good for going for about 10 minutes, 12 minutes? Yes. Okay, great. Let me get my little timer. I am the worst with time. You guys, so I have to have a timer. All right. Okay. So let’s begin. I’d love to hear Deborah, what you would like to bring in terms of whether it’s tuning into your intuition more or trusting your intuition more or anything you would like to share with the group on your process of owning your intuitive abilities.

I’m all HES. So I will toss it over to you. I think it’s just really trusting it. I know it, I feel it. I just need to, um, really press more into it. Mm-hmm what does that mean to you? So what do you have a question specifically? Or what does that mean to you? To press more into it, I guess, to really embrace it and know it and feel it and know that believe in it.

I believe, I guess mm-hmm . okay. So what are the, I wanna be better at it. You wanna be better at it? Yes. What does better look like? I think it’s trusting myself, you know, trusting that it is real. Okay. Cause so many people cause so many people say you’re so intuitive and I know it. I feel it, but really, I guess, down deep in the root.

It’s scary. Well, why don’t well, why it’s scary. It’s scary. Yeah. Okay. There we go. It’s scary to trust my intuition or believe in my intuition. Right? So that’s a, a self-doubt I would say. Mm, can you talk to me about scary? How does that, that, that, I’m curious about that. How is it scary for you? And if, and while we’re doing.

Really let yourself feel if you can. I like to focus on my heart because that’s really where all of our intuitive information, it comes actually into our heart. Energetically. This is our, our heart is actually our intuitive organ, right? Like your nose smells, your IC your heart into it. Okay. Mm-hmm so if you wanna put your, you know, your attention on your heart or wherever else, your intention comes in, your attention goes to.

Try to get in touch with the part of you that feels it’s scary right now. Let’s let that part of you, the scared part, the doubtful part. Have a moment. Just have a moment right now to be able to step a little bit more in the light to come forward and share its perspective with you and with us. What is scary about it to you?

What are you afraid of falling? Failing? Falling failing. Okay. And what happens if you fall and fail? What does that look like? Or where does that take you as I’m talking to you? It’s like, I’ve done it before. I’ll just bounce back up and press on again. So I don’t, I don’t know why it’s scary, but it seems like it is, but then I do it and it does nothing happens.

Scary. Mm-hmm mm-hmm . Well, you know, I tell you what I believe that part of you when she says it’s scary. Mm-hmm I think it is scary. Mm-hmm and it, if I may I offer just a little bit of feedback, is that okay? Yes, absolutely. I could be wrong. But as you were saying that, I felt like that’s your, it felt like, oh, I’m scared.

I’m scared. And then this other part of you was like, oh, get over it. Like, it’s fine. We’ll just bounce back. stop doubting. It’s almost like I felt like another voice showed up to say no, no, no. Well, what I would say is, but it is scary though. Mm-hmm bounce back or no, it doesn’t matter. It’s still scary.

yeah. True. And that part of you, that’s having a hard time tuning in. That’s having a hard time. Trusting feels it scary. Mm-hmm so what I’m wondering. How we can help that part of you feel supported. Yes. And that’s, that’s where I know I have to do it with myself and my higher power to just keep pressing on mm-hmm

How does that feel when you say that to yourself to keep pressing on it’s scary, but then it’s hopeful and it’s exciting. Mm-hmm mm-hmm. So the next time you feel scared the next time you feel that what is something you can say to yours? What does that part of you need? Well, I kind of tell myself, suck it up, buttercup.

Go on. Okay. So Deborah, I’m gonna offer something really quick if you mind, if I just kind digress for a moment. Okay. So one of the things that we are going to just kind of underline right here, your higher self and your intuition never talked to you like that. Deborah. That’s not from a higher place that is mind programming.

That’s our ego self. That’s our performative self mm-hmm. just suck it up. Buttercup. Mm-hmm if you had to think of yourself, like a three year old. Okay. Cause part of you a child, would you say that to a child who was truly terrified and scared? Suck it up. Wouldn’t that makes, yeah, I guess that’s right. You know, cause I I’m not like that to everybody else, but I am my worst critic.

Well, you actually, the real you, the real you Deborah, the higher self, you isn’t like that to you either. And that’s my point. Anytime. That’s not the real you either. Mm-hmm the real, you doesn’t talk to you like that. And the real, you doesn’t talk to other people like that. So if you won’t talk to me like that, you sure as heck shouldn’t be talking to you like that.

This is one of our indicators of the difference between ego and intuition. Our ego self is compassionate, loving, and kind nurtures, nurtures doesn’t whip. Doesn’t beat. Doesn’t talk down to doesn’t scare. Doesn’t do any of that. It doesn’t. If you’re doing that to yourself, that is programming. From the past small self, whatever.

Right? The fearful self, the shadow self we know that’s not the higher self. Okay. So Deborah, thank you so much for being our teacher cause you gave us a credible opportunity. So now I’m gonna ask you again. That’s good. That’s good. I like it. I’m gonna ask you again. What can you do when you’re scared? What can you say the next time?

You’re like, I, I wanna tune in and believe my intuition. What would you say to that little scared part of you? You got this? You, you got this. You got we’re gonna do better. Yes, yes. Yes. That’s good. That’s good. And what’s better. What’s better. Mean be gentle. Be nice. Not better. Yes. Not better. We’re gonna get better answers.

We’re gonna just keep pushing better. We are together. I love you. It’s all right. Yes. To you. I trust you just right. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah. Cool. You see how this is a relationship with ourself? You guys, how Debra’s showing us that this is a relationship that we have to ourselves, that our intuitive voice, our higher it’s trying to have a conversation with all parts of us.

and we have programming around what it is to listen to this. And so this is really that inner work of how do I trust myself? How do I allow myself to relate to myself? And am I treating myself the same with the same loving compassion that I try every day to give other people? Mm that’s good. mm-hmm any time.

So the part of us that is like that, the block, that’s why I wanted to start this with tuning in, you know, trusting what’s blocking us. What’s keeping us from this is all of those things that we think are blocks and obstacles are not blocks and obstacles. They’re just a part of ourselves that we need to be where we are, and then learn how to love back into alignment.

Mm-hmm . So, and the goal, um, Karen Dyer know this is not NLP. NLP is mind hacking. I don’t do any, I’m actually not a big fan of NLP at all. I think it’s, yeah, I don’t like NLP. it’s actually a coaching skill called the downward arrow that I’m using with Debra here. So it’s helping people get to the root of the emotion.

So Deborah said I’m scared. I wanna do better. So she went from better and means pushing on and just sucking it up buttercup to better means I’m more compassionate with myself. And I know I’m gonna pick myself up by the bootstraps. I can’t not, I do it all. I’m you know, like Debra, you have like warrior energy.

It’s really neat. You know, you’re never gonna just give up on yourself, but it’s how we approach this relat. And your higher self and your intuitive voice is always compassionate. It’s always kind, it’s always interested in the highest good. It’s not gonna force you. It’s not gonna try to make you do anything.

It’s not gonna, you know, make you feel bad about yourself or guilt you. No shame you. No, it doesn’t do any of that. If you’re experiencing any of that, that is not your intuitive voice. Your intuitive voice will be very patient with you. They will, your intuitive voice, your higher self will be very firm with you.

Very firm spirit can be think arcing Joe Michael energy, right? Like super firm but not raw as I see you nodding. Yes. Uhhuh firm. Right? But always loving. Here’s another indicator of the difference between higher self and ego is your higher self and your intuition will remind you. They will offer you an answer.

But you’ll never feel forced or compelled it won’t push and urge you. It won’t be like this in your face. Right? That’s our ego self. That’s the programming that’s I gotta, uh, oh no, no, no spirit doesn’t do that. And it will also back off, if you say, please stop, please stop. I’m tired of this repetitive thought.

I’ve had this hit long enough. I’m over it. It’ll go away. It will leave you alone. I have asked spirit to back off before, and I’m like, whoa, that went dead silent. They will go away. it will honor your boundary, your ego self, your small self will not honor. It, it will keep coming at you and coming at you.

That’s how you know that’s another example. Okay. Can everybody give Deborah a round of applause? Deborah? Are you feeling good? Got any takeaways? Any last word you wanna say? This was really great. I really, it really made me think better. And just to. Let go and really press into that feeling. A good feeling.

Mm-hmm mm-hmm mm-hmm very good. Very good. Love it. Awesome. Okay. Yay. Thank you. You’re welcome. Okay, so we’re almost at time. We’ve got a few minutes. Does anybody have any questions? Does anybody have any questions for me? Hold on real quick, Ross, do you wanna unmute. Hi. Thank you. Hi, so

is a lot of feedback.

Yeah, there we go. Okay. Got it. and Mary’s like Mary Bowles. You’re like, thank God. I, I thought I was the only one that could hear it. Ah, it was like nails on the top. I’m like, I can’t talk like this. Sorry. Yeah. Okay. Go ahead, Ross. So you were saying Mary intuition and coaching. Yeah. Marry intuition and coaching because I, I have both, but.

Somewhere along the lines. I have picked up this meaning or created this meaning around coaching that you gotta pull back on your right. You gotta pull back on your intuition and not give an intuitive hit in order to stay client led and not coach led, but it’s like, I’d be knowing stuff. And I’m like, I know, like I have to mute myself and it is extremely conflicting.

So what is your. Best guidance around. Like allowing yourself to be the intuitive and be the coach that, you know, you just like, I gotta sit on my hands and just let you talk it out. And I’m like, no girl, this ain’t, it . Oh, Raz. I love it. Um, like literally that was so why I, as an intuitive coach, like, I’m like, there’s gotta be a better way, man.

Like I’m sitting, you’re sitting on a goal mind of who relates to this by the way, show of hands, show of hands. If you’ve got your camera off, raise your hand. Yeah, Ray, I see you guys raise your hand, right? This is why we are intuitive coaches, not traditional coaches, so Raz you’re not alone. So here’s the first thing to understand with this.

I’ll kind of give a tactical answer here. The first thing to understand is we’re we treat intuitive information. Exactly. Like we treat any other feedback or any other coaching skill you would offer. So for instance, Providing feedback is a coaching skill, right? There are times when you reflect a feeling to a client or, you know, you’re using your traditional coaching skills, right?

You’re asking powerful questions. Your intuitive hits are offered in the same spirit. So from that perspective, Ross, what’s the difference between an intuitive hit and what you’re offering in a reflection through a powerful question or feedback. So it’s to understand that the intuitive information that you’re receiving is still just you offering the client something interest.

Just because it’s intuitive information doesn’t mean we present it differently. It’s still just like, like you saw me do it, whatever Deborah, may I offer you what I’m thinking? And she was like, you always ask for permission. She’s like, sure. So I’m gonna do that. Whether it’s just me thinking things or me pulling on my professional expertise on, you know, my training or it’s an intuitive hit.

Now, if you do intuitive readings, so Roz, let’s say that you’re just like, dude, I get so much information. I need to be able to offer it. I’m going nuts. Right now you’re looking at more of a hybrid between a coach, an intuitive reading and a coaching session, which is totally fine too, because you can run whatever practice you wanna run.

The solution to that is to inform your client that this is how the coaching will work and ask them ahead of time. If it’s okay. It would look like this. Hey, I’m hella, I’m hella intuitive girl. So guess what? As you were talking to me, I’m gonna be telling you all kinds of stuff that comes through. Please know that it’s tentative, I’m offering it only to help you make better decisions to move you towards your goals.

If it doesn’t resonate. Great. If that’s okay too, we can dive into whatever part you wanna talk about. And if you’d like me to stop offering it, just let me know. But this is kind of my process. I find my clients get really great results when we do this and it’s super. That’s it. So a lot of it is just letting the client know your process and letting them know how it works.

So you would just say it’s kind of a mix, but it’s all about getting permission on the front end, outside of that. You can do whatever you want. And then we’re always remembering, we offer intuitive, hits, tentatively offering it to the client for them to decide if it resonates. And if it, if they feel it’s their truth.

So we’re really stepping away from this whole like guru complex of. Like back in the day, you would get a re like I do intuitive readings. I can give somebody an hour reading where they don’t say a word and it’s just, you know, energy coming in. And I offer it back in the day. That was kind of how we thought about intuitive readings.

Right? You’re gonna be quiet. I’m gonna offer you all this crap, and I’m gonna dazzle you with my intuitive abilities where, which I love. That’s great. And, but that’s not coaching, right? That’s a psychic reading. That’s an intuitive reading. So the difference. We’re offering it tentatively and then giving the client an opportunity to say yes, no, maybe.

Huh? I don’t know. Versus a reading where it’s just like stream of consciousness, you know, we might talk about it. We might not, I don’t know. So that’s the difference? Does that make sense? Complete. Yeah. Ask for commission, give it, give it intuitive event. Ask if it resonates. Does that land for you? You know, something like that.

Yeah. And it might not, it might, and either way we don’t care cuz we’re not invested in being right or wrong. We’re here to just bring forward information in a way that will help our client move forward. Right. Yeah. Yeah. So it’s all of your other skills and the intuitive faculty. So we teach an like, I love how you said an integrated approach.

That’s what we do here in Mount Monte, we teach an integrated approach. Intuition using your intuition and session is basically an Ava. I want you to think of using your intuition and session with your clients. Think of it. Like it’s an advanced coaching skill. That is what it is. It’s an advanced coaching skill.

So you’re gonna treat it just like you would treat any other coaching skill. Yeah. Okay, cool. Thank you so much. You’re welcome. All right. Okay. So we’ve got a few minutes left. I’ve got, uh, room for one more question. I am gonna let you guys know. At the end of these experiences, we always, I save like five spots at the end of every experience to connect with one of my team members.

Okay. So if you are interested in learning how to. Become a professional intuitive coach. If you are interested in the world of coaching, if you just want to learn more about how you can get off the fence already and step into the world of becoming a professional, intuitive coach who uses his or her intuition to freaking light this world on fire and change lives in the way that you know that you are meant to our five spots are filled.

Love it. If you would like to connect with us to learn more about our program, learn more about becoming a coach, learn more about intuition and coaching. It’s a dynamic field. You guys. So much to learn. You can also consider this just like a consultation call on how to find a good certification program, too.

We really are here to try to help up level the standard of coach training. In general, you don’t know what a good certification program looks like. How would you know? Right. You so, so much of this is just figuring out the right questions to ask. Understanding what great training looks like. And what I would really offer to you is in addition to the intuitive piece, really looking for someone who can teach you those foundational training skills that give you the foundation as a coach, that allows you to step into using your intuition in a very, very powerful way.

Okay. So everything we do here is written in alignment to the, I. Standards, the international coach Federation on the traditional side, and then our intuitive coaching skills are research supported. Okay. So this is far more than, oh, Heather did it. She’s gonna show you how to no, no. This is scientifically supported.

This is you having an opportunity to develop your own unique method, your own unique work, your own. I don’t want you to be a cookie cutter version of me. I want you to be the person you are born to. Okay. That is what this is about. And yeah, it’s way scary to do that too. Right. Gulp saying yes to your soul’s purpose is not easy.

It’s a huge, huge, huge step to come into. Atmana I’m not gonna lie, but it’s awesome. And it’s fun and you get to be home with your community, so. Okay, great. So if you want to connect with us, we’d love to, to talk to about that. Okay. I’m gonna do one more question, cuz I’m extra. Um, Paula, do you have a question?

Hello? Hi. Hi. Well, um, so for me for, um, I’m, for me, I’m pretty much capable of helping everybody around me, except for myself. . I am so hard. I’m like, I think everybody can agree that we are so hard on ourselves. Um, and it’s a lot easier to help, uh, many other people mm-hmm . However, for me, it’s like when I said worry and INESS, that seems to take over a lot.

Um, mm-hmm, a lot of room and a lot of space within me. I do, uh, work on meditation, but the monkey brain just keeps going and going and going. Mm-hmm mm-hmm so again, it’s a lot easier for me to really, um, assist others. But for myself it seems like I seem to take the backseat and, uh, I seem to struggle with that.

Mm-hmm so what would change in your life? What would change in your life? What is going to be different now that you are making yourself a priority and helping yourself as much as you help other people what’s gonna happen when you start doing that? Well, I know that I’d be able to reach my full potential.

Uh, and I know that I’m able to, once I do reach the full potential, I, I, I have a feeling that I’d be able to help, uh, And so much more. No, no, no, no, no. Paula, Paula, Paula, I’m talking about you right now. My love not what you’re gonna do for other people. Isn’t it a lovely, we go, isn’t it a lovely distraction to get to focus on everybody else, but ourselves and you see how that is actually a beautiful, beautiful distraction from doing our own deep shadow work.

That is so I automatically tuned into other people than myself, you know, see that that’s where I trip up all the time. so I know we all do it. That’s why I’m laughing. Like who relates to this right? Amelia, Amelia. You’re like, yes, it’s so much. So it’s, I’m saying it tongue in cheek, but it’s true. Right? So I’m saying, okay, so Paula, for you, for you, what is the concern or the fear what’s gonna shift or change in your life?

That feels scary. That makes it hard for you to put yourself first. What’s gonna happen. What’s gonna happen to your relationships. What’s gonna happen to how you feel about your job. What’s gonna happen to you about how you feel about your life. If you start saying no to things, you know, you, you need to say no to and if you start saying yes to things that, you know, you need to say yes to for your own highest good.

How is your life gonna change? And how does that feel? Um, definitely shifting into what I really want. And I know what I really want usually takes the back seat. Um, I think it’s the, the fear of actually succeeding. I don’t know how else to put that, but it is the fear of actually succeeding because when I’m chasing something that something’s always in front of me, what happens when I actually get, oh, I see.

Do you know what I mean? Mm-hmm is that totally? Mm-hmm okay. Yeah. Okay. So you tell me if I’m getting this right. It’s what’s my life gonna look like when I don’t know what to hope for next, right? What’s it gonna look like when. I have what I want and I don’t know where to go next. Absolutely. What’s gonna happen when I lose my north star.

Right. It’s that makes absolute sense because I spent all my life chasing after what I want. And mm-hmm yeah, it doesn’t make absolute sense. If you were to read the book, the Alchemist, who’s read the book, the Alchemist, read that book, Paula. You’ll love it. Michelle. I see mag. I see you guys raising. Read the book, the Alchemist, he gets stuck.

I’m gonna say this to you real quick. And it’s the answer to your question? Well, I send you out on a loving journey to discover your answer on this one. When he gets stuck in this China, the crystal shop, you’ve got your answer. I want you to pay attention to that part in the book he gets, he goes to a crystal shop and that it’s what you’re talking about.

He gets, somebody gives him advice. Yeah. It shook me to my core, cuz I, Paula, I used to feel just like how you feel. I so relate to what you’re saying. And I’m gonna, I’ll offer you this on a personal level, if it’s okay. Can I tell you what will happen? I have accomplished things beyond my wildest dreams. If you would’ve told me, you know, even when I founded my business, I’d be doing this.

I would’ve slapped you off your unicorn. I would’ve thought you’re crazy. Right. Um, I would’ve just been like Paul, get off your unicorn, but. I can tell you what will happen is you will dream a bigger dream and your soul will give you your next assignment and it will be made manifest and obvious to you.

And you’ll just keep going. And it will just be even, you you’ll always have your next thing. Right. But if you read that book, it, it will you’ll see what happened, like how to relate to that part of you. That’s scared to move forward. Yeah. Absolutely. That was wonderful. Thank you for that. Absolutely. Thank you.

So we just did laser coaching today, not, I mean, I’m using my intuitive abilities as I do this, but you know, not showcasing them here today. So our next one, um, the, I don’t know if Victoria is on, um, we’ve got our next one lined up. Let me if I don’t know if V is here V if you’re here on mute and tell us what our next.

I’m gonna tell you guys the topic for our next experience. And then we are so excited to chat with you guys about, you know, the five who won the five, the session. Okay. Woo. Next one. You guys, it’s gonna be on July 5th. It’s gonna be on July 5th and we are gonna be talking all about how to compassionately speak your.

Compassionately speak your truth. Yes. Because when we go to speak our truth, we’re afraid we’re gonna hurt people’s feelings. We’re you know? Oh. But if we can learn to throw compassion in there with our voice and with our truth, allowing our intuition to lead, that’s when we really balance that masculine and feminine.

Right. So that’s what we’re gonna be talking about in our next experience. Okay. Thank you. We went over five minutes. I really appreciate each of you being here. Thank you so much for taking your time to be with us. We see you. We love you, whether you are coaching now or not coaching, whether you are just stick and a toe into this whole world of spirituality and intuition, I wanna let you know that.

I am grateful for you that the world needs you. The world needs your voice. The world needs your light. No, this is not new age bullshit. No, this is not, you know, feel good. Personal development, uey, gooey, icky. This is actually something that our planet is desperately dying for. It’s why you see so many people awakening right now.

I want you to know that you are more powerful than you can possibly imagine you were born for a purpose. You are guided every single moment of your life by your intuition to live it. And you are lovingly invited to use and have Atmana as a home to do just that. Okay. So we will see you back here next month.

You’re all registered. If you’re listening, if you’re watching this, you’re registered for the experience next time. So don’t worry. I’ll send you an email, same link, same place. and we will be back here on July 5th, if you didn’t hashtag monitor or, um, Hashtag connect and you still wanna reach out to us if you’re over in our Facebook group, the APPM intuitive coach collective.

You can just DM us over there and we’d be happy to answer any questions that you’ve got as well. Okay. I love you guys together. We race. Thank you so much for listening to this episode and for allowing me to experiment with offering, uh, the APPM experience here, live on the podcast. And so I will leave you with this, an invitation to join us live in the APPM experience.

You can learn more about what it. Like to attend the experiences, kind of the gist of what you get and the benefits of coming@www.atmananexperience.com. You can also register there and I will email you each time. We do want ahead of time with the topic. So you’ll know exactly what to expect when you join us live.

Thanks for listening together. We rise.