Ep110: 3 Critical Mindset Shifts of Higher Self Alignment

Jul 28, 2022

Are you in alignment with your higher self? This is a cliche question, but have you considered asking yourself, what mental changes should I make to close the gap between yourself as it is now and your higher self?

It is time for some paradigm shifts. To be specific, “critical mindset shifts”.

In this episode, Heather talks about shifting important aspects of our consciousness to be able to get closer to aligning with our true selves, our best versions of ourselves, and hence, our higher selves. It’s not trauma, it’s not ego, and it’s not past lives blocks, or whatever you think it is that’s hindering you from your full potential. Heather will bust those myths and give you not one, not two, but three critical lessons to apply, right here, right now.

Heather is being generous, sisters and sirs! Episode 110 is just a blast of truth nuggets. So what are you waiting for? Dive in!

Soul Stirring Quotes:

“Here’s what’s so counterintuitive slash beautiful about this, encompassed in the idea of unity is the idea of duality.”

“From the higher self perspective, we really accept and know that our life is ours to live and that at the spiritual level, we chose to be born.”

“We chose to come down here and to embrace this life in all of its messiness and all of its craziness to have experiences that are gonna teach us to grow and learn.“

“While we can’t change what does happen, what we can do is empower ourselves.“

“I’m gonna take the greatest pain I’ve ever experienced in my entire life and I am gonna turn it into purpose.“

“It is possible to ascend out of victimhood to be the victor over their life.“

“If we can see the world through the lens of resonance and alignment, it really, really helps us embrace compassion and love.“

Episode Timecodes:

  • 00:27 Welcome to episode 110 

  • 04:49 Critical Mindset Shift #1

  • 12:46 Critical Mindset Shift #2

  • 20:20 Critical Mindset Shift #3

  • 26:46 Until next time!

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Episode Transcript:

Heather Alice: Today on the show, I’m going to be talking about three critical mindset shifts to embrace and embody when we are talking about aligning with our higher self. So a big question that I get asked with respect to intuitive development and really all things just trying to live an awesome life is if I am my higher self, right?

If my higher self is basically, you know, the version of me that is the all-knowing, all loving, aspect of my consciousness out of its 3d form right, sitting up there in 5d. Why do I have a hard time? Why do I struggle? Why is it still challenging for me to connect even though my higher self is just really essentially me and if we’re all connected to our higher self?

So the big reasons why we commonly hear that it’s hard to align with I self or tab our intuition we typically hear like this panoply of reasons why it’s hard to know our truth or really understand what we want and really live an aligned life. And it usually goes a little something like this. Well, it’s because of trauma.

It’s because of the childhood wounds that I had when I was five years old, or maybe it’s just other people, right? Like I’m constantly surrounded by assholes or, oh, you know, my personal favorite. It’s your ego, right? Your ego’s blocking you or maybe it’s your limiting beliefs? We’re hearing a lot now about like ancestral trauma.

Heck sometimes we even say it’s like past lives blocks. But really from my perspective and a big reason why I’m excited to do this podcast episode today is I don’t actually think it’s any of those things. I think that those are superficial challenges with respect to aligning to our higher self and honing our intuition.

So I wanna offer you what I think is kind of an easier, more elegant way of talking about aligning to our higher self, because I really don’t think it’s any of that stuff. I think that stuff is actually easy when we get this one thing under control. And I think it’s our perspective. It’s our perspective that really holds us back from embracing a life that is truly in alignment with the truth of who we are.

I E our higher self. So what do I mean by perspective? I mean by our worldview, how we see the world, how we perceive the world, the conclusions we draw about the world, about ourselves, others and everything in it, absolutely everything in it, right? It’s more than just your beliefs. It’s more than just the thoughts you think it’s more than the, even the feelings you feel it is the entire way that you fundamentally perceive everything that you experience, that is what needs to shift. So when we are in just our humited, our humited, our, when we are in our human limited perspective, it is very, very hard to see the world in its expanded state and to see in that expanded state, our true potential.

All of the options available to us. The fact that we actually are more powerful than we think we are, and that you actually can do more than you think you can do and achieve more than you think you can achieve, whether that’s just living a more peaceful life, or maybe you’re trying to manifest a new job.

It doesn’t matter, right? In that expanded state is when the door’s open and those things really become possible to you. So I wanna give you three critical mindset shifts right now that will help you go deeper beyond limiting beliefs, beyond the baggage, beyond the childhood drama. These are leaves, right?

These are just the leaves on the tree. Right now we’re going for the root. I want you to consider these paradigm shifts, new rules of engagement for you in your life. Okay, now this might get a little heady because it’s complicated stuff that we’re gonna be unteasing here, but I want you to stay with me because like Einstein said, you can never solve a problem at the same level of awareness in which it was created and that’s perspective. Okay. So we’re upleveling our perspective. We’re expanding our minds. Okay. Here are the three mindset shifts I’m gonna give them to you really quick.

The first is our limited self writer, human self sees the world through the lens of duality. It’s this or that, it’s black or white it’s fruit or it’s vegetable, right? It’s, you know, you’re a vegan or you’re a meat eater. It’s totally from the, it’s a this or that.

In other words, if we view the world categorically, okay, it’s either this. And if it’s this, then that means it absolutely is excluded from being that. And if it’s that, it means it’s absolutely excluded from being this, right? These two things don’t go together. So from our human perspective, we see things in a dualistic lens, but from our higher self perspective, we see things through the lens of unity.

So there’s two breakdowns under duality to unity. The first is separateness to oneness. We have to begin to ask ourselves, okay, how do these two things that don’t seem to be connected?

It could be events. It could be ideas. It could be problems you’re trying to solve. It could be, it could be anything. It could be the person sitting in front of you. What appears to be separated is actually one thing. So we begin to ask ourselves with this one. How can I begin to see myself in this? How can I begin to see similarities, not differences in this?

And then the second kind of breakdown of duality to unity is categorical to continuous, right? So we have to break this whole dichotomy of if it’s this, then it can’t be that. Okay. So that is how we begin to tease this one out now, before we jump into some examples on. It’s important to understand, and this is what teases, I think, trips everybody up.

When we start talking about embracing unity consciousness, we still look at unity consciousness through the lens of duality. So we say to ourselves, well, I can never be dualistic. I must have a unity consciousness, but here’s what’s so counterintuitive slash beautiful about this, encompassed in the idea of unity is the idea of duality.

That’s what we miss when we’re trying to embrace a unity mindset that our higher self has. Unity consciousness isn’t oh, everything is one thing. And there is no bifurcation. There is no black and white. There is no this or that. No, no, no, no, because if we’re thinking that there isn’t duality that we cannot recognize, or that we do not somehow see duality, then it’s not unity consciousness. We’re still stuck in duality because we’re still saying, oh, well it can’t be this because it’s that right? Unity, can’t be this because it’s that? No, no, no. You’re still in duality. If you’re doing that, right? It’s kind of a head scratcher, isn’t it? So what we have to understand with unity consciousness is unity consciousness sees duality.

So I want you to almost picture in your mind, like a VECA Pisces, like two points, right? That kind of overlap. That’s that’s the dualistic paradigm. But when we embrace unity consciousness, we put another circle on the top and we create a triangle. I don’t know what that’s called. I’m sure there’s a word for it, geometry, but we put a third perspective on the top.

Okay. This is the Trinity, the holy Trinity that we see in the esoteric religious and esoteric traditions. Right? So unity consciousness says, okay, fine. I understand that from one level of awareness, that level being the three dimensional awareness that we live in as humans. I understand that separation is a thing, right?

This chair that I’m sitting in is not my desk and my hand is not my foot. Separation exists, but it exists within unity. So how is black and white the same thing? How is black and white not separate from one another? How is my hand in my foot the same thing? Well, for starters, it’s all a part of one human body that is your body, right?

So embracing unity consciousness is about asking yourself simple questions like how does this thing that appears to be separate from me, actually very similar to me, or me a reflection of me? How am I the sacred other in front of me and how is that sacred other in front of me, me? Okay. And then categorical versus continuous, right?

To stop seeing it as this is this or that, is that. What we have to realize is that very few things that almost well, not very few, nothing exists in a categorical manner. I’ll give you an example of this. Take color for instance. We tend to think of black and white is being two separate things, but they’re not. They’re not. They’re all varying degrees of one hue, which is this thing called color.

Color is color is color is color. It’s a unified concept. It’s the concept of color, right? It’s one thing in a million basquillion different forms, depending on how you change, you know, the shade, the hue, the whatever. So black and white are the same exact thing just in different expressions. And so this is how we begin to bust through this idea that things are different. Now, colors, a pretty easy example.

Let’s take another one. Let’s take human emotions. We tend to think that happy is happy and sad is sad, and these two things are different. And when you’re happy, you can’t be sad. And when you’re sad, you can’t be happy because they’re categorical. They’re two, they’re two separate things. But in reality, that’s really not true.

It’s all the same emotion. I hotly contend. It’s all the emotion of happiness and what we call sadness. If you would to put this on like a Likert scale, like zero to 10, 10 being the happiest ever you’ve ever been in your life, zero being the not happiest you’ve ever been in your life, that not happiness is what we call sadness, but it’s not sadness.

It’s just a lack of happiness. The same we know on the physics level, there actually is no such thing as darkness. It’s just a lack of light. So what we call darkness is a lack of light. So it’s lack of light and light. It’s all light. It’s lack of happiness and happiness. It’s all happiness, but in the world of duality.

We give a word to that, not happiness. We give a word to that, not light. We call it darkness. We call it sadness. We call it shadow. This is where duality comes from. And it’s very important to recognize that from a three-dimensional perspective, but the person who’s on the path of awakening right on a of Ascension says, yeah, sure.

Happy, sad, but also, and also it’s all one thing, right? I can see from the higher perspective that it’s all one thing. That is that higher self perspective. Okay. So we’re, we’re breaking up with only duality consciousness. We can recognize duality. We have to recognize duality. Otherwise it’s not unity. We have to see it.

Otherwise it’s not unity because encompassed in the idea of unity is the idea of duality. Otherwise it’s not unity. We recognize it. We just say to ourselves, this isn’t the reality. It is a reality, and there’s a higher reality that I can ascribe to. And that is one of unity. Okay. So to apply this one in your life to align more closely with your higher self, you can just ask yourself, yo, how is this thing that I think is so dissimilar for me?

How is it like me? How am I like it? We have way more in common than we think we do. And the second thing is. How can I see this in varying hues or degrees or shades on a continuum, not categorical, right? How are these things really? What do these things, what are the properties that it has in common? And that is when we can really begin to tease things out. It will help you embrace that unity consciousness. Okay.

So the next one is victimhood to what I love to call blameless responsibility. That’s our second one. So from the higher self perspective, we really accept and know that our life is ours to live and that at the spiritual level, we chose to be born.

We chose to come down here and to embrace this life in all of its messiness and all of its craziness to have experiences that are gonna teach us to grow and learn. We do choose to come down here, believe it or not. And in that choice to come, we are accepting all of the crazy shit that is going to happen to you in your one given lifetime down here, right? Now, before we walk into this one, I wanna recognize something.

I think the spiritual community is really quick to do two things here. When we start talking about victimhood consciousness and then taking, you know, 100% blameless responsibility for our lives. We can do two things to ourselves that I do not wanna do as I talk about this second critical mindset shift to hire self.

One is spiritually bypass and the other is to gaslight yourself. By no means am I here to say that we should say things like, well, you know, you chose this spiritual lesson, so, you know, you’re doing this to yourself. I mean, you’re manifesting this problem for yourself. So how gaslighty is that? How spiritually? Oh my God. Like what super spiritually latest, weird bullshit is that?

Like sure, I understand at the philosophical level that that is true. But as my dad would say, when you’re up to your elbows and the swamp full of alligators, it’s really hard to remember that your original intention was to drain the swamp. In other words, when you gettin’ your ass beat, it doesn’t really help to say things to say platitude this things like, well, you’re choosing this.

It’s like, okay, that’s not helpful right now, right? So again, I think that’s a way of bypassing the pain and the struggle that comes with being human. Okay. So just because we know at the higher self level, yes, we did choose these challenges just because we know at the higher self level, yes, we did choose to become human.

It doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck. And it doesn’t mean that the challenges that you have, that you aren’t going to experience challenges in your life that are truly messed up. And from the human perspective, again, back to this whole, we recognize duality. from the human self, from the human perspective, we recognize as being absolutely not your fault and absolutely nothing that you could have ever, that you did not deserve this.

Okay. So I’ve talked about this in the past, on my podcast that I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, and I think it is a sick and cruel thing to look at a person and go, well, you know, when you were four years old, you chose that for yourself. That’s crazy. Right. If anyone were to look at me and go, well, you need to take responsibility for that.

That’s absolutely crazy. Right. It’s actually sociopathic. Maybe even psychotic to say something like that to someone. It has no, there’s no compassion or humanity in that whatsoever. So when I talk about blameless responsibility, what I mean by that is we can’t change the things that have happened to us. We are finite creatures, living a very complicated thing called a human life.

And there are going to be things that happen to you that you have no control over. There are going to be things that happen to you that are not fair, that are not right, that are unjust. But nonetheless, we do not have to take responsibility that it did happen, but we do have to take responsibility for our burdensome, burdensome, responsibility to change it.

So while we can’t change what does happen, what we can do is empower ourselves to say, you know what? This super sucked. It shouldn’t have happened to me. I absolutely deserve to seek justice, to fight for myself, to be an advocate for myself. And I’m also gonna take responsibility for the impact that I’m gonna allow it to have on my life.

Okay. So that’s what I mean by blameless responsibility. I mean, saying to yourself, you know what, this thing was really unfair, but I’m stronger than it. I’m not gonna let this destroy me. I’m not gonna let this stop me. I am not gonna let this lick me. I am. There is no way in hell, I’m gonna let this break me.

 And it doesn’t matter to me that it wasn’t fair. It happened, but I’m gonna freaking fix it and I’m gonna fix it in a way, not only for myself, but I’m gonna learn something from this and I’m going to become so empowered by this horrible thing that happened to me, that I’m gonna be in a position to help other people who are coming up behind me, who are also struggling with this too.

I’m gonna take the greatest pain I’ve ever experienced in my entire life and I am gonna turn it into purpose and I am gonna make sure that every person coming behind me, that I happen to meet who is struggling with this shit, here’s my story, and knows that it is possible to ascend out of victimhood to be the victor over their life.

That’s how I feel about my childhood sexual abuse. It is a horrible thing. I would not wish it on another living soul, but at the same time, if you were to hand me a magic wand and say, Heather, let’s erase this from your life, we’ll act like it never happened. I would fight you for the experience. I would not wish it away.

And the reason why is I cannot tell you how many women I’ve sat across in session. Either as a mental health counselor or as a coach where I have been able to say, sister, me too, me too. And look her dead in the face and have her know I mean it. Not from a place of I read it in a book and you can get better, but from a place of, hey, it happened to me too, you know?

So I am so grateful that I can say that it has helped me and my profession more than I could possibly say. So while it was horrific, I’ve turned it into something that has made me unconquerable and has helped so many other women. And then they turn around and do the same thing and the same thing.

So this is what it means by to take blameless responsibility. It is to say, yeah, shitty things happen, but I am more powerful than anything that would come to destroy me and I take responsibility for doing the work to turn myself into that powerful person. So again, let’s go back to our first mindset shift.

It’s not this or that. It’s not, oh my goodness. I’m a victim. Oh my goodness. I’m a champion. It’s, I’m a champion. You’re a champion. We are all champions. And what we experience as victimhood is just champ, us being badass champions at level zero, right? We’re all champions. You’re a champion. You’ve got this.

All we have to do is make a decision to say, I am, what is it that L’Oreal commercial? I’m worth it. I am worth investing in. I am worth giving myself the opportunity to really work on this. Okay. So, and that is a choice. That is a choice. So we can’t choose what happens to us, but we can choose what we do, what we, how we allow it to work within us.

And that is a hundred percent blameless responsibility. So in, from that perspective, every obstacle that comes at you is like this massive, massive experience that can uplevel you in ways you, that you could not even imagine way more than like quote unquote good things that happened to you.

The third mindset shift is for us, again, it’s all about getting out of this duality, right? The third mindset shift is to really train your brain to move beyond judging things as good or bad, right and wrong over to the perspective of like resonance or alignment. So life is an inherently subjective experience. Okay. It’s very personal for each individual.

You can take one stimulus and have 50 people experience it and you are gonna get 50 different stories, no matter what. Okay. So it doesn’t help us from the perspective of growth of human growth to constantly think of things as good girl, bad girl. Good boy, bad boy. Good, bad, right, wrong. Okay. It doesn’t help us grow.

Are there things that are inherently evil? I happen to believe that there are things that are from the human perspective. Okay. From the human perspective, evil. Evil is shit. Yes. Evil exists in this world. We live in the world of you. Again, we’re not spiritually bypassing here. I don’t want it to be like, well, it’s all one.

Everything is this, you know, neutral. It’s all subjective. Bullshit. Like there are things that are fundamentally evil that only a sociopath or a psychopath would say aren’t, right? So we recognize that at the human level, that is true. Now zoom up to the higher self level and it’s a different story. That experience is there to teach you something, no matter how horrific it is, but what I’m seeing a lot of in the spiritual community is way too much of that.

Like we actually need to just sit in the shit, call it what it is and start working with it and not bypassing it away. Right. So. But looking at things as good, bad, or right and wrong, doesn’t really help because you get stuck in it. It’s like, okay. But if that’s all I have to work with, then where do we go?

That’s why we need the higher self perspective. So it’s much more beneficial for us, I think, to look at things from the lens of resonance or alignment, most, almost everything you’re gonna experience in your life is a matter of, it’s not good or bad. Very few things fall into these, you know, outer limit categories.

Most things are very nuanced. Life is very complicated. And things either resonate and align for your highest wellbeing or they don’t. It’s not that it’s good. What’s good for me or what I think is resonant and an alignment for me might not be resonant in alignment for another person. Does it make it evil? Does it make it awful? Does it make it bad? No. It just is resonant for me or it isn’t, it’s a in alignment for me or it isn’t. Okay.

So it’s a lot like this concept is really easy understood when we talk about like, piano keys or music, right? If you take three piano keys and you play ’em at one time, that’s a chord. It makes a harmony.

But imagine if you moved one of the keys off to where it made a dissonant sound. Right. It’s not a harmony. It’s a dissonant sound. It’s not in accordance, right? It’s not harmonious, but the keys themselves aren’t evil or good or bad, you’re just, they’re not being played properly. So it doesn’t make a sound that’s harmonious.

And this is how a lot of our life choices and our lot of our life experiences are. They’re not inherently good or bad. They might be inherently helpful or unhelpful based on our goals, our wants our wishes, our desires, the lessons we need to learn the life we wanna live etcetera based off of what we prefer, right?

Or what is gonna help us move forward? What is resonant with us or in alignment with us or not. But what we have to do is take away the judgment on the thing. We have to say this isn’t good simply because of where I’m trying to go, but it doesn’t make it inherently bad. It’s just in relationship to me. So asking yourself, this does, this is this resonant with my highest good?

Okay. Is it harmonious with what I’m trying to accomplish? No judge, no shade on the thing itself, but as I look at the relationship between myself and this thing, is it going to, if these two things are played together, me and this thing, is it going to be harmonious or is it not? So that is how we are able to still be in our discernment to still make wise decisions about what is resonant for us from the higher self perspective, without giving into the dualistic way of thinking. Good, bad, right wrong. Right.

That is how we get out of that. We recognize that it might not be good for us, but we understand that it isn’t in it itself. The thing that we’re considering isn’t inherently bad itself, it’s just maybe not in alignment for us. It’s not the best thing that we could experience.

Okay. So when we start to live our lives from these three perspective, Unity consciousness. How am I not separate? How am I really so similar? How am I like all things? Can I see myself and everyone? And am I open enough to allow everyone to see themselves in me, unity consciousness? If we can take blameless responsibility for our lives, no matter how hard it might be, no matter how challenging that might be, if we could say, I am taking blameless responsibility because I know I’m that powerful. It comes from a place of power that we say that.

And then if we can see the world through the lens of resonance and alignment, it really, really helps us embrace compassion and love. And it allows us to make decisions that are best for you while also leaving space for other people to do the same in their lives.

This is what the world is missing. These are the mindset shifts that we see lacking in the political world. Right. We see lacking in family relationships, we see lacking in our communities is, and on every level of analysis, right? If we could embrace these three things and just begin to see the world from that elevated perspective, things get so much easier.

So I would love to hear your thoughts on these mindset shifts. You are invited to join my free Facebook group, the Atmana Intuitive Coach Collective. You can find me over on Facebook in that group at the Atmana Intuitive Coach Collective. I’ll leave , links in the show notes, and you can also find me on IG where I’m spending a ton of my time producing really fun content. My reels are fire. You guys were killing it. You can find me on IG at Heather Alice Shea, where we will continue the conversation. Until next time. Together, we rise.