Ep111: Giving, Receiving, and Healing the Sister Wound

Aug 2, 2022

Do you have a sister wound? Do you even know what this is?

In this episode, Heather brings in two amazing guests in one episode!

April Pertuis is a storyteller and it is her passion to help women unlock the story within, so they can own it, speak it, and share it with others. She has a 25+ year career as a TV journalist, video producer, writer, and speaker.

Alexandra Taketa is a money mindset mentor, coach, and business strategist for entrepreneurs. She shows people how to improve their relationship with money so they can start earning more and create their most abundant life.

April and Alexandra connected to work together in the GROW Mastermind and Membership.

Heather, along with April and Alexandra, will talk about giving and receiving, what it means to have the sister wound and how to heal it, quality friendships, and feminine relationships. These three rocking business women are here to bring you a slice of life of the many hats a woman wears and how they got through the sister wounds and being able to GROW, which by the way is an acronym you will get to know after listening to this episode.

What are you waiting for? Tune in now!

Soul Stirring Quotes:

“There isn’t a woman who is alive who hasn’t experienced at some point in time feeling rejected, or ostracized, or judged, or criticized, or taken advantage of.”

“It’s important to know when to be transparent about what you’re doing, and to stand in your worth, and to truly value what you bring through your work.”

“It’s just honoring yourself. Honoring your own value, recognizing that you are important. And if you don’t prioritize yourself and the things that you need, nobody else is going to do that for you either.”

“We have to prioritize our wellbeing. We have to be our own source of approval.”

“The concept of the circle, the platform of giving and receiving is more needed than ever because we need these places to come together.”

“We need to have safe spaces where we can grow together, where we can expand together, where we can be authentic together, where we can share together, where we can be valued together.”

Episode Timecodes:

  • 00:27 Heather welcomes her two guests

  • 02:32 Alexandra introduces herself and her coaching practice

  • 04:49 April introduces herself and her coaching practice

  • 07:02 How April and Alexandra connected

  • 10:40 The sister wound

  • 12:46 It’s time to know the acronym GROW

  • 20:50 How to know if a person is there for you only for their personal gain

  • 30:30 How to know when to stop overpouring and start prioritizing yourself

  • 34:57 The many hats a woman wears

  • 41:30 Heather talks about corrective emotional experience

  • 43:52 The benefits of having solid friendships and feminine relationships

  • 49:30 What women need to do to grow

  • 59:20 Wrapping up

Links Mentioned:

Connect with the Guests

April’s Website: https://www.lightbeamers.com/

Alexandra’s Website: https://www.alexandrataketa.com/


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