Ep117: Reading the Akashic Records with Amber Maier

Sep 13, 2022

“Every single moment your soul has ever had in every single lifetime is captured in the Akashic records,” says Amber Maier. But what are the Akashic records? Really?

Amber Maier is a Soul Alignment Coach, Healer, and Teacher. She has passion for helping lightworkers discover their soul purpose and passion, awaken and develop their unique gifts, and finally say goodbye to all the things that keep them stuck so they can fully embrace their power and achieve their wildest dreams.

 In this episode, Heather brings in Amber to talk about accessing, reading, and working with the Akashic records for yourself or for other people. Spoiler alert – these aren’t all woo, believe us, science is catching up with the art of intuitive work. They also touch on how people form belief systems and why beliefs are essential in helping people get to the root of pain and traumas and how to heal them.

 If you are interested in learning more about the Akashic records, this episode is for you, sisters and sirs!

Soul Stirring Quotes:

 “What the Akashic records are really like an energetic library of your soul.”

“Every single moment your soul has ever had in every single lifetime is captured in the Akashic records.”

“Ultimately it’s about becoming the truth of what your soul is really here to express.”

“I think in any healing work, it’s that belief work is really foundational piece of healing.”

“If you can really get to those roots and what that core belief is and work on healing that, you can start to heal all these different branches of these unhelpful behaviors and things that might manifest in your life.”

“Am I carrying more than what is necessary for my own soul’s evolution for the collective trying to clear an energetic trauma for the collective that maybe is not something I should be carrying? Or if I am clearing energy for a collective, am I taking on too much?”

Episode Timecodes:

  • 00:29 Welcome to episode 117
  • 01:10 Amber’s story of becoming an intuitive soul coach
  • 05:27 What are the Akashic records?
  • 10:10 The many names of the Akashic records (Is it the book of life?)
  • 14:34 How belief systems are formed and why beliefs are important in healing
  • 17:07 The four roots of belief – Root #1
  • 20:45 The four roots of belief – Root #2
  • 25:20 The four roots of belief – Root #3
  • 31:17 The four roots of belief – Root #4
  • 33:56 Heather’s experience of pulling information from the Akashic records
  • 39:42 How Amber teaches students how to access and read the Akashic records
  • 44:04 Amber’s angel work
  • 46:45 Amber’s advice on people who are interested in working with the Akashic records

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Episode Transcript:

Heather Alice: Amber welcome to the podcast. We are gonna get into some of the coolest topics. What I love about you is you fully embrace all of the energetic woo spiritual stuff. So we are gonna talk about all of the modalities you use to really help your, clients walk in their purpose. Your type of coaching, you lovingly refer to it as, soul coaching, right?
Amber Maier: Mm-hmm.
Heather Alice: So we’re gonna dive into that. We’re gonna talk about the Akashi records. You do angel readings, which I’m super fascinated about. So I’m just so happy to have you here. Welcome to the show.
Amber Maier: Thanks for having me, Heather. I’m excited to be here.
Heather Alice: Awesome. Okay. So let’s start with actually, maybe just give us, a, a story or kind of tee us up to, how did you enter into doing, intuitive and energetic based work?
You have a, a history in the HR world, right? So you have a, a long, you’re a very accomplish businesswoman in the corporate world, in the field of HR. How the hell did you end up as a fulfill-intuitive life coach walk us through that. Cuz I think it’s, I think a lot of people really, they would love to step into this full time, but what the hell does that path look like?
Right. And you’ve managed to pull it off. So talk to us a little bit about how you got started and what brought you here.
Amber Maier: Sure. It’s, it’s probably kind of a long story, but in, in general, I, I learned how to follow the path of my soul and that’s, what’s led me step by step. But, when I first started in this work, I, I first, entered this world through energy healing and Reiki.
It. Specifically, I had really, really struggled with, my mental health for really my whole life. Like I struggled hard since like middle school and I was having lunch with a friend and both of us struggled with mental health and we would talk about that. And, and I was just like, Just complaining to her.
I was like, I feel like I’m doing all the right things. Like I’m eating right. I’m working out. I’ve tried medication in the past. I’ve gone to see counselors, but I feel like, I don’t have anything bad going on in my life, but I just can’t like, I feel like I’m just getting through every day. Like, I can’t seem to get like thriving, you know?
Heather Alice: Mm.
Amber Maier: And she’s like, have you ever tried Reiki? I was like, what the hell is that? And she told me a little bit about it and I was like, what the hell? You know, what do I have to lose at this point?
Heather Alice: Why not?
Amber Maier: Right?
Heather Alice: Right.
Amber Maier: And so I went and had a session and I was completely blown away at the end of the session, the woman was like, you know, I get the sense that you should learn how to do this.
And that was all it took. I was like sold. And like the next day I was out searching for different classes and, really started on my own healing journey was just what started it all was. I was really looking for healing and, for peace for myself. And it opened up a whole new world for me. And I felt like I was, I still feel like I’m a kid in a candy shop.
You know, every modality is so fascinating and interesting. I wish I had, you know, a hundred hours every day that, you know, I could spend more time learning all of these different modalities and things. And so, you know, I started off, really. It was almost like researching different energy modalities. I did numerous types of Reiki, panic healing, certified in theta healing, got into angel healing, you know, all sorts of different things that led me to cashier records and.
As I started to get into this work and I was able to really tap more into my own intuition and really understand what my soul was wanting to do in this lifetime. I was able to figure out what my life purpose was, which a big piece of it is, is teaching and helping others find their, their sole purpose. And
Heather Alice: Yup.
Amber Maier: So it’s really led me on this path where it’s like, you almost can’t tell your soul. No. At some point I’m guessing you felt this way with the work that, that you do.
Heather Alice: Oh yeah.
Amber Maier: Yeah. At some point, it’s almost like your soul’s dragging you along. It’s like, come on. We have more work to do.
Heather Alice: Yeah. It’s it’s a lovely nudge and then a kick in the ass.
If you don’t listen right. Or shove off the cliff, if you really don’t listen. So yeah. That’s, that’s cool. And I love that. I love that you mentioned the part about being a teacher, because I think many of us. Really, that is where our path is, is asking us to go. And I think we’re reluctant to say, yeah, I’m a teacher.
Speaking of that, Amber is a teacher here at Mont, which I’m really proud of. You sailed through our certification course. And then I was like, ah, this girl’s amazing. You, you know, I knew that you were just already ready to go. So I feel really privileged and lucky to have you here, you know, working with our students now.
Teaching them, you know how to embrace their intuition and, and become a coach and really doing it from a space of you’ve lived. This, you’ve walked the path. It’s not just that you understand the concepts theoretically, but you really truly have done what so many of us really feel called to do, which is dedicate our life.
To the betterment of others through these beautiful esoteric arts. So I am really curious to hear a little bit more about the Akashic records. So the Akashic records is one of those modalities. I like how you said, oh my gosh. I just would, I wish I would’ve had a hundred hours in the day. I’m like, yes, if I could like.
Push myself out of my body in the night as I’m sleeping and be consciously awake to study, which I’m sure we do that in the Astro anyway. But, if I could just know that I’m doing that, I would be overreading every single book in the world, studying in that way, but I’ve read one book on the Akashic record and I don’t really feel like it helped me understand it.
But I know that that concept is completely legit, right? Like it is actually one of these one metaphysical principles that I actually really hold a lot of credence to. And I think is very real. And, if people could tap into it, their lives would be better. So that’s why I wanna pick your brain about it.
Tell me what the Akashic records. Really are like, what, what are they exactly from your perspective?
Amber Maier: Well, in general, I think it’s, it’s just a fabulous tool to really help you get in touch with your soul. And there’s so much healing available there. What the Akashic records are, are really like an energetic library of your soul.
Heather Alice: Ok.
Amber Maier: A more modern way would be like to say like a database you know, so,
Heather Alice: Oh, okay.
Amber Maier: So basically. Every single moment your soul has ever had in every single lifetime. Is captured in the Akashic records. And so it’s incredibly helpful to help you understand your current life circumstances of what you may have going on with any challenges or patterns or belief sets that you carry.
And so, what I found is that the Akashic records is. Is an amazing healing tool. Of course, you know, you can get all sorts of guidance, but really, I think at the core of it, it’s, it’s a really deep healing tool because it helps you understand what your soul is after in this lifetime, you can deeply understand what your soul purpose is, which I think is also much broader than what most people think it to be.
I think a lot of people think soul purpose, they think my career or this like one thing that I do, but sole purpose is so much more about like who you are. In what you experience then something that you actually do and
Heather Alice: Mm-hmm.
Amber Maier: So there’s all sorts of information to help you understand the lessons that your soul’s learning, the passions that your soul has, the experiences it, it wants to, to have in this lifetime, as, as well as any of the gifts that you bring as a light worker or healer into the world, that you have more of a collective mission that you’re bringing with you.
Heather Alice: Yeah, I love how you’re saying our purpose is often. Not like not what we think it is. I remember hearing this lady say she died and she had a near death experience and she came back and the way she used to describe what you’re saying, like the way God sees your God universe sees your soul purpose. She called it God glasses.
When she was under, she met God and God put on, she put on literally he like, God, this being. Energy, whatever you wanna, however you wanna conceptualize it, handed her like these huge pair of glasses and she put ’em on and then could see. Like what she thought was important versus what God, the universe thought was important for her life and how different these things are.
So I think that’s what you’re touching on. I think we would all be super shocked at how really, and truly it is who we choose to be and who we are in the world. That is our purpose. My hire self-told me this years ago, everybody on the earth has the same purpose, which is to embody your higher self-it’s, who you’re becoming, right?
Those expressions are of course individual. The, the expression of the purpose is infinitely different, but ultimately it’s about becoming the truth of who your, you know, what your soul is really here to express. So I think that’s really cool that you’re teasing that out. So if it’s like a database, you said it’s okay.
So it’s like a database or a library and it records every single life. You know, past present future it, does it have future in it? I guess, so cuz time doesn’t exist, right?
Amber Maier: Yeah.
Heather Alice: Yeah.
Amber Maier: Yeah. So like you said, time doesn’t exist. It also, for star seats out there, they tend to enjoy the Akashic records too, because it can have information about lifetimes you’ve had not on earth as well.
Heather Alice: Sure.
Amber Maier: It’s fascinating in that sense. I love what you’re saying about God glasses, because that that’s basically like the Akashic records are kind of like putting on a pair of God glasses and being able to get a different lens or a different perspective on your life and, just help you see things differently.
And I feel like that’s kind of the core of what, Intuitive guidance should be is just giving you a different, a different view, a different perspective to take into consideration to help you on your journey of soul Ascension.
Heather Alice: Yeah. I love that. Okay. So let me ask you this. Do you, I’ve heard people say that the Akashic record is analogous to the book of life.
Mentioned in the Bible. Do you think that’s true or partially true if it is in what way? If you think it’s true. In what way is it true? What are your thoughts on that? That’s a question I’ve been wanting to ask. So
Amber Maier: There’s, there’s a variety of different names for the Akashic records and the book of life is one of them.
It’s. It’s not a physical space, you know, it’s, it’s an, an energetic space that, that you, that you can access. And I’m not real familiar with the story and the Bible to be able to say what the, the Bible says. But one of the names for the Akashic records is,
Heather Alice: is the book of life.
Amber Maier: is the book.
Heather Alice: So, so the, the book of life and the Bible, the concept of it is everything you’ve ever done in this life. Now, of course, in the, in the mainstream Christian religion, we believe, you know, the mainstream Christian you know, I was gonna call it mythology. All religion is just myth, right? What do we call? What Joseph Campbell, what do we call other people’s religion? We call it myth, right?
Amber Maier: Mm-hmm.
Heather Alice: so in the, in the, the tradition of maybe we’re in the belief system of Christianity, the book of life is supposedly right.
Allegedly, the angels, or, you know, whoever describes are in heaven are recording every single moment of your life. It’s just in Christianity. They say, it’s just your incarnation is Amber. Right now, or minus Heather, or, you know, just whoever you are in this lifetime. And that’s it. What I think is cool about the Akashic records is that it’s it’s, I mean, I happen to believe that the soul is lives more than one life, whether that’s on earth or not, I don’t really care.
I’m I’m I’m down for all that. All I know is this, there’s no way that it’s just this man. There’s no way. Yeah. So, so that’s why I think the Akashic book is so cool is we do? There are, there is an actual mainstream religion on this planet. That talks about it. I mean, it’s even in the Christian Bible, they don’t call it the Akashic records of of course, but there is evidence, right.
That, that there is an esoteric mainstream religion that does have give credence to that. So that’s neat. Okay. So it is called the book of life. It’s just that there’s a hell of a lot of books in that library that are on your lives, not just this one that you’re living right now.
Amber Maier: Yes. It definitely follows the belief of reincarnation. And you know, the, the idea that before you incarnate in the next lifetime, you’re working with angels and guides on the other side to really plan out what you wanna learn. Learn an experience in that lifetime
Heather Alice: Mm-hmm.
Amber Maier: and then after your life is over, then you’re doing a review of your life and seeing how far you got.
So then you can plan out your next life after that. So it’s, it’s really just that, that idea of, having all these multiple lifetimes to be able to grow and learn, in that Ascension process.
Heather Alice: Yeah, that makes so much sense to me. And, you know, I know that,
it’s probably not any fundamentalist Christians listening to this podcast, but in pre-Christian, you know, in early Christianity, they believed in reincarnation.
So this, before, you know, Christianity kind of became, you know, before it injured middle school kind of thing, when it was still a baby, in its infancy as a religion, they. Talked about it. And some people who are Christians, but believe in rein Carno we’re digressing just a minute. I just think it’s fascinating to tease this out.
Right. Some people who are Christians, but still believe in reincarnation, point to Christ talking about, I think, was it John? The Baptist? I think it was John the Baptist where he said he’s Isaiah can’t you guys tell? I think it was he, he was basical. I don’t don’t quote me on the, the old Testament prophet, but he was basically saying John, the Baptist was the reincarnation of one of these other.
Old Testament, prophets and Christ was like, dude, can’t put, like you can’t tell that, like they weren’t able to see his past lies or, I mean, obviously Jesus was, you know, I mean, hello, you know, real advanced dude. So, so I’m like, oh shit, shit. There, it is like, if that is in there, right. Further evidence.
Right. So, not to say, I go either way. I try never to, to form like definitive conclusions off this stuff. I just like to look at. The various types of information presented and then go, huh? What if, what if that is true?
Amber Maier: Mm-hmm.
Heather Alice: okay. So we, so, you and I were having a combo several weeks ago, and you had mentioned that there are like four different, like places where our beliefs come from in our life.
Right. You know, how I kind of think of a belief is it’s your thoughts and your emotions paired together to form a conclusion that you believe to be true about yourself in the world, right? And then how we, and then our belief system then colors our world and determines what’s possible and not possible for us.
And you had mentioned that there are like these four places where you can go. To, I don’t know. Is it discover where the beliefs come from is that it like to kinda get to the root of it?
Amber Maier: Yeah.
To figure out really like where, where did that belief start? Where did it come from? Can be super fascinating. And I think in any healing work, it’s that belief work is really foundational piece of healing.
Like you mentioned, our beliefs really color how we see the world, how we see our. It, you know, changes how we feel about things, how we react to things, our behaviors, our physical, mental, and emotional health, all of it. So I think it’s so important to, to look at. And one core belief can cause if it’s a challenging core belief, it can cause so many challenges in your life.
Like I actually like to think about core beliefs, like a tree. So people typically are more familiar with, the issue that they’re having. So say maybe they’re they know they have a fear of failure. You know, that that’s a pretty common one. So I like to think of like the fear of failure of like the trunk of the tree.
Heather Alice: Mm.
Amber Maier: And then the branches might be how that, feel fear of failure might be manifesting in their life. So it might be like fear of risk taking, or it might be perfectionism or negative self-talk or maybe not even starting something because why even bother if it’s not gonna be perfect. It’s easier. Not do it, you know, so for different people like that, fear of failure can come out in so many different ways.
But then what I like to look at is, with the, the core underlying belief is more of like the roots or like what was that seed that grew the tree and created those roots. And so underneath a fear of failure that might be. A belief like, I’m not worthy or I’m ashamed or I’m not enough or, or something really core like that.
And so if you can really get to those roots and what that core belief is, and work on healing, that you can start to heal all these different branches of these unhelpful behaviors and, and things that might manifest in your life. And so that’s like a core reason why I focus on beliefs so much.
Heather Alice: Cool.
Amber Maier: But all the, all the different work that I’ve done in the Akashic records, I found that there are really like four levels or dimensions where core beliefs can come from.
The first one is, is not surprising. And I think this is where people typically go is your childhood. So, kids before they’re seven, typically start to create different belief sets from either direct or indirect messages from, you know, their family, their parents, you know, their, their environment. And, of course, some of these.
Be true for them, but some of them, it’s almost like we create these stories, you know? So like say if you had a parent that wasn’t, able to be there emotionally for you, that might actually have nothing to do with you, but we might create this story that like, I’m not lovable, you know, I’m not, I’m not worthy of this.
Because of the experience that we had. And so I think when we think about our beliefs, we immediately go to our childhood and,
Heather Alice: or I can’t trust people. I can’t trust people. Yeah. Like even if your parents don’t mean it, cuz that’s one of that was a, or I would say I still grapple with that to this day.
I had parents that love me very much, but they were never around. And so what I learned is. I can’t trust anyone to, to
Amber Maier: Mm-hmm.
Heather Alice: I can’t trust people. It’s me and I’m alone and I have to do it by myself. That is, has been a core, a core belief. So I think that, yeah, that’s really, really neat. So, okay. Let me ask you this really quick before you go onto the other three, when you say seven years old, is that an esoteric, is that a part of what we know about the Akashic record or is, are you pulling that number just based off your experience or is that is that is the age of seven canonized in some way with respect to Akashic record, or is that just something you’re you’re extraordinary.
Amber Maier: I think that that would be more scientific, based more on studies of, you know, at, at what point, children start to pick up and set, settle, different beliefs that they have.
And so of course we’re focused more on what might be an unhelpful belief, but of course you could have really helpful beliefs, too.
Heather Alice: Sure. Yeah so
Amber Maier: Yeah. Well, the
Heather Alice: reason why I was asking. That’s that’s literally what we now know is the age by age of seven.
Amber Maier: Mm-hmm.
Heather Alice: Your core personality is set it’s even more.
It even goes beyond belief. Like your personality is set in the world, which is very hard to ch I mean, a personality is pretty, unless you have a personality disorder, personality is pretty fricking stable. So it’s actually terrifying to think that you can have experiences that literally alter. And make up your personality by the age of seven, before you even have a chance to determine who you wanna be.
It’s crazy. Okay. So, okay.
Amber Maier: So it’s also threatening a childhood, right?
Heather Alice: Right. Yes.
Uncle, I tell LA all the time, I’m like, I will pay for your, I will pay for your fucking therapy. Okay. Just, just know that I’m here for it. You’ve got to the age of 25. God only knows what I’ve done. I’m so sorry. I apologize ahead of time.
So yeah, I hear you. Totally. Yeah. I think what is it? What do they say? Your childhood is what you spend the rest of your life trying to get over. Yeah, I think most light workers really feel that way too. Cause like most of us have not had really, really easy childhoods. Yeah.
Amber Maier: No, no, I didn’t. And I was not doing healing work when my kids were seven and under, so yeah.
So it’s definitely a thought that I have was like, Ooh, what beliefs did, did I help them create that they might not want.
Heather Alice: Oh God. I had so many, ah, okay. I’m gonna have to therapy over just that alone. I’ll book a session with you, Amber. Remember, I’m have to tease that one out after this okay. So, so one is the first place is childhood
Amber Maier: Yeah. And then, and so there’s, there’s three others, which then really make you realize that there is our beliefs are just so much more complex and maybe our healing process is really so much more complex. So if we’re only looking at our childhood, that’s only gonna get us so far. And so, another. Place that we can create that, that our core beliefs can come from is what I call just more like generational. So basically science has been able to prove that, that we carry beliefs and belief systems in our very DNA
Heather Alice: Mm-hmm. Yeah.
Amber Maier: And there’s actually been, some really fascinating studies like on mice and rats that have been able to prove this, that, there different studies will show how many generations, but I’ve seen up to. Seven generations of beliefs can be passed down to you from your ancestors. Sure. And so in some ways that feels like really not fair because you know, our ancestors have gone through a lot of things, but this is why ancestral healing is, is such a thing. Because we carry the, the wounds and the trauma of our ancestors, and then we continue to pass that on to our, our children and then the cycle continues.
And so a big part of our role as healers and light workers is being able to break that cycle, break that chain. And, so. All these beliefs can be passed down to us, through our, our families as well. So, you know, looking at the beliefs of our parents, our grandparents, but it goes beyond family that we’ve probably ever met as well.
Heather Alice: Mm-hmm.
Amber Maier: And so this can, we can bring that into our lifetime, be born with that into our lifetime, the studies, I don’t know if you’ve read any of these on the mice and rats, but they’re, they’re really fascinating where, you know, they might, Give a little electric shock to the animal for smelling something specific or using the, the, the water container or something like that.
And then they’ll end up putting, micer rats, you know, seven generations down the family that have never had an experience in that tank before. And they have the same exact automatic reaction to those, stimuli where they might avoid different parts of the tank, or they might have a certain reaction to a certain smell like.
So fascinating. Mm-hmm . Andso I think it’s interesting that we’re also in this, this age where like the woo is getting so connected to science
Heather Alice: yeah. Yeah. And you’re, you know, for, for, if you’re listening to this and you’re like, well, a human isn’t a rat. We have to understand that cognitively rats and humans are quite similar.
The brains. Oh God bless me. I had to train a rat and my, undergrad had a little, a little rat for four months. He was my boy, but they’re incredibly. Intelligent creatures and strangely enough and wildly social
Amber Maier: Mm-hmm.
Heather Alice: like humans are, but chimpanzees and rats, their brains function quite very, very similar.
That’s why, I mean so much. So with chimps, there’s even a movement to be like, you cannot even experiment on these animals anymore. It’s absolutely inhumane. But also out, concentration camp survivors in World War II. I think, I think they studied men as well, but you know, of course that was an atrocity and you would never create those conditions to study whether or not these types of traumas or belief systems could be passed down.
But they looked at women who had survived the camps and Auschwitz and discovered that they did genetically the children that were born from them were different. So, and this is a fun fact in my family. So it’s kind of like, whatever comes from the ancestor, whatever environment they were in that was hostile to their survivor.
Their offspring will, can be physically born with pre genetic predispositions to go to safeguard that offspring from that environment. So I’ll give you an example in my own life. Now this is physical, but we also know that this happens, with mindset and beliefs because mind, body, all of its tied together.
So, I, my mother was insanely anemic when she was pregnant with. Insanely like almost dying anemic. I was born with a genetic disorder that has me hold onto iron.
Amber Maier: Oh.
Heather Alice: So I have a hemochromatosis where I hold onto too much iron. And now my daughter is, mildly anemic. So it just vacillates back and forth and back you can see it.
Right. And that’s just one generation that we, we, we can see how these things are. So connected and so tied together. And I think it’s really important to note that it’s not just, you know, you and I sitting here on a podcast going, oh, generational trauma. Like, no, we’re, this is actually a real and valid phenomenon.
That we are swimming in every moment of our life, shaming the shit out of ourselves because we can’t get over certain issues in our life when baby girl, baby boy, it was never yours to carry to begin with.
Amber Maier: Mm-hmm.
Heather Alice: so how the hell are you gonna get to the bottom of it? Using traditional means it wasn’t even yours.
So, what are you gonna do? Who are you gonna call? You’re gonna call Amber cuz she can give you in Akashic record. Okay. So, so generational, right? So we’re doing this generational is the second.
Amber Maier: Yeah. And then the next type, I call it historical. And, and so actually like you, your comment about concentration camps, like that would fall, really well into this category as well.
And so these are really the memory. And beliefs that come from more of like the collective conscious of maybe a, a group or a tribe that we belong to, that we carry into our present life. So basically it’s this, this collective trauma that, can really highly impact, certain groups of, of people
Heather Alice: Mm-hmm.
Amber Maier: and you bring that in into your lifetime.
And so, you know, I think we could easily rattle off a whole bunch of different groups of people that have gone through really. Horrible group trauma together, you know, with concentration camps, with slavery,
Heather Alice: Yep.
Amber Maier: You know, with, the colonization of, Native Americans, women’s rights, you know, you could just keep going.
And so those are, are things that we, we hold for everybody. And so I know a lot of times, it, when the energy. Challenging. You tend to hear people saying like, I’m really feeling this for, for the collective. It kind of has that same feeling where it’s like, you’re really feeling this, this, these beliefs and this trauma for the collective.
Heather Alice: Yeah. That’s oh my gosh. I, I would love to, if we could just unpack that for a minute, because I think a lot of energetically sensitive individuals. Oh, my God. Speaking of historical, are we not literally in the middle of a collective trauma? Literally right now,
Amber Maier: Mm-hmm.
Heather Alice: like we’re swimming in a collective trauma at this very moment.
I think a lot of us to, to establish the practice of asking, am I carrying more than what is necessary for my own soul’s evolution for the collective, trying to clear an energetic trauma for the collective. That maybe is not something I should be carrying or if it is, if I am clearing energy for a collective, am I, am I taking on too much?
This is a very subtle, and important. Question and one, I’ve learned to ask myself a lot. You know, because I, when I ask it, I realize, okay, Heather, we, we can be here to move the energy. We can be here to help people heal, but what we’re not gonna do is start doing it where it starts to harm our own health.
It starts to affect our own. The way we show up in the world. And I think we do this, I think a lot of intuitives default setting is I’m just gonna take on as much of this shit as I can possibly put in my system. And then we wake up and we wonder why we don’t wanna enter the world. We don’t wanna talk to people and you know, maybe we’re depressed or whatever.
So, so, so what are, what are your thoughts on that? Like that, like, how do we take? How do we take on that collective energy and then like, what are the cases in which it’s a good thing for our flourishing and when is it like not good for our flourishing or how, I don’t know. How does all that work in your world?
Amber Maier: Yeah, I think I would even argue with what you’re saying is, is. Light workers and healers tend to take on more than what’s theirs and everything. I think that, that that’s a, a big lesson in general for light workers is to understand what they’re responsible for and what they’re not, and set healthier boundaries. And so this fits fits into that. I think lesson overall and, I think it’s
Heather Alice: Okay. Hold on. Let me highlight that really quick. So that was good. That was important. That was important. People who don’t have really good boundaries. Did you just hear that? AKA, I’m looking at you, Heather, everybody go grab a mirror.
This is, this is our moment. You’re saying that if that does happen, that you’re taking on too much, like that light workers do take that on in general. The point of that at the soul level is to learn better boundaries. Cause people are energy sensitive, have aren’t as good with boundaries, right? So that’s the purpose in it.
Amber Maier: Mm-hmm.
Heather Alice: the purpose is to teach you the boundary. Ironically, a lot of intuitives are scared to put in the boundary because they think it makes them a quote unquote, bad person. I’m not a kind person. I’m not a loving person. That must mean that I’m not. If I put up a boundary, that must mean that I’m not really empathic or, you know, I’m not concerned with others.
It’s this martyrdom complex, right?
Amber Maier: Mm-hmm.
Heather Alice: so I think that’s really neat. Actually. The whole point of it is to teach you how to not carry what is not yours.
Amber Maier: Yeah.
Heather Alice: That’s, that’s really important.
Amber Maier: I can talk more about this later, but I I’ve actually channeled 12 different types of light workers or healers from the Akashic records.
They’re almost like archetypes of, of different healers or light workers. And the way, that I see them is they’re either in alignment or like in balance or out of alignment, out of balance.
Heather Alice: Mm-hmm.
Amber Maier: and basically for each one of them, when they’re out of balance and they’re not. You know, feeling in tune with their soul or their gifts, they feel like something’s missing.
Life is hard, you know, all of those different things, it usually comes down to a lack of boundaries. They, they feel responsible for others. They’re doing too much for others. They’re not using their gifts on themselves. And when that happens, they’re not able to fully realize their gifts. They’re not able to be that bright, shiny light worker that they’re here to be because, because of tho those boundary issues.
And so at the core of, of each one of. Types of light workers and the gifts that they have, they really need to be able to learn to have those, those powerful boundaries for them themselves.
Heather Alice: Mm-hmm.
Amber Maier: So it,
Heather Alice: I love deep.
Amber Maier: yeah, it goes deep in every part of their life, beyond just this historical context.
Heather Alice: Cool.
Cool. Yeah. Maybe we can touch on that. I don’t know if we can get to it in this one, but definitely another podcast. I’d love to hear that. And you do have a free PDF. You do have a, is that the one you have a free PDF on?
Amber Maier: Yep. That’s the one.
Heather Alice: Yeah, so actually let’s cuz I wanted to mention that. So I’m gonna go ahead and mention it right now.
We can get that at your, we website, right?
Amber Maier: Mm-hmm.
Heather Alice: is that where they can find it? Okay. That you can just get it@ambermeyer.com A M B E R M. A.I. er.com and we’ll put a link in the show notes, so
Amber Maier: Yep.
Heather Alice: On fact go grab that PDF. Okay. So we just did three. So we got, we’ve got childhood, we’ve got, generational, we’ve got historical.
What is the fourth one?
Amber Maier: Soul. So we also have the, the soul level that that core beliefs can come from. And this is what I see the most in, in the Akashic records is, that we all carry unconscious memory. From our past lives into this lifetime. And so these memories can really set up beliefs and patterns that are repeated in your current life. So oftentimes you might actually have, similar experiences, like maybe you also create that belief in your childhood again, because you’ve already come into this lifetime with that, that belief. And so what happens is that you unconsciously allow perspectives from your past lives to inform decisions that you’re making in the present.
And, the idea with, with a lot of different types of healing, you know, particularly like Akashic records, past life progressions, some of these different things is that, if you make these memories conscious, then you can release these patterns that no longer serve you. So when they’re unconscious, there’s really not much you can do about it.
You don’t have awareness around them, how they’re impacting you, but once you make them conscious, you can be aware of them, accept them, and then you can make a conscious decision to take. Different action and make different decisions, all of those different things. And that’s really what helps break those, those patterns.
Heather Alice: Mm-hmm. Yeah. And I think that’s, you know, to, to, to kind of it’s very, this is a very esoteric. Concept, but that’s its application is actually downright normal. I mean, isn’t that true of traditional coaching and traditional psychotherapy.
Amber Maier: Mm-hmm.
Heather Alice: taking what is not known and making it known it’s called Catharsis. Right. You’re just letting it out. You’re getting it out. You’re taking what it is you don’t understand or know and making it something known so that the charge of it is released. What we’re saying as energy practitioners is that there’s just a hell of a lot more to the psyche. Then what we’ve been told there is, right.
Amber Maier: Mm-hmm.
Heather Alice: so, so you had just touched on, I’m gonna ask you a question really quick, cuz I have done, I actually started my career doing the past life regressions
Amber Maier: Mm-hmm.
Heather Alice: in Dolores cannon. With Dolores Cannon’s method, God rest my, her beautiful soul. Q H H T. And so I’m actually very familiar with that process and how it works and how the higher self was tied into it.
Amber Maier: Mm-hmm.
Heather Alice: and I’ve also, when I did intuitive readings, I would just naturally pop in. Like I would just start seeing like, almost like a movie playing in my head.
Amber Maier: Mm-hmm.
Heather Alice: of some scene that as I’m hearing the scene. In my head, as in, you know, as doing the intuitive reading, I’m not, I don’t know what it is I’m seeing.
I, you know, I, but I can vaguely become aware that it’s this per perhaps it’s a past life that I’m seeing. Okay.
Amber Maier: Mm-hmm.
Heather Alice: So quick story. I did this once. I mean, it’s, its insane how dang, how bang on the money. So I had this and I’ll, I’ll tell the story. And then in a second, I’ll tell you why I’m telling it.
So I had a client come to me. She had really, really, really crazy endometriosis. Like really, really bad stomach pains constantly. Ever since she had gotten her period, when she was a kid, she had had really bad endometriosis and she was wanting to get down to the bottom of it. Of course, every doctor in the book, yada, yada, yada, you’re pretty damn desperate.
By the time you come to get a cold, intuitive reading with some chicken Fluor that you’ve never met. Okay. So, so I go in and I look and I instantly see. A brown skinned woman running through mid-waist, high green grass. And I instantly know that this is in The Bahamas. It was hundreds of years ago in The Bahamas and this girl is running for her life.
She’s being chased by someone. I can’t see who she becomes fatigued, puts her hand on a tree trunk. And as she goes to turn to see where he’s at, he, hits her right in the abdomen with a shovel and kills. Hits her in the stomach.
Amber Maier: Mm-hmm.
Heather Alice: okay. So I show her, I tell her now when I did the reading, I didn’t know she had endometriosis.
It was just a cold reading. I had no idea that she was coming into the session for that. So mm-hmm I had this vision and then I also heard the word sugar cane. So, I tell this girl what I’m seeing. She starts tripping out not only. Okay. So she starts freaking out. She went to that. She, the session I had with her.
Was seven days after getting back from a trip to The Bahamas, where she was walking through a field in The Bahamas and put her hand on a tree to take a rest, got nauseous and almost threw up, felt disgusting, felt awful, had this crazy emotional reaction and actually told her family, I’ve gotta get the hell outta here.
I I’m just terrified outta my mind. And so she left and so, anyway, long story short. What I realized was holy shit, I was seeing a girl’s past life. Like, I guess
Amber Maier: Mm-hmm.
Heather Alice: that was a past life scene and she had gone to The Bahamas. And so it was just crazy. So here’s my question. As an intuitive, I’m seeing that, would you say that I’m reading from the Akashic when I’m doing that, does that you, does that make sense?
Am I pulling that information from the Akashic and not knowing it? Or am I just having an experience of being an intuitive and reading a person’s past life.
Amber Maier: My. Personal experience has been that when I’m, seeing or sensing anything from a past life, I am pulling that from the Akashic records.
Heather Alice: Okay. Okay.
Amber Maier: There are different ways that people learn to get into the Akashic records. And one of the most common ways is through what’s called a pathway prayer process, but that’s not the only way to get in. You know, so if you’re an intuitive, and you’re used to being in those higher realms of energy, you certainly can pop in and do that.
Heather Alice: Oh yeah.
Amber Maier: Yeah, you can have some just crazy stuff come up with, with, with synchronicities like that in, in, in Akashic record.
Heather Alice: Oh yeah.
Amber Maier: You make that too. I’ve had a few things like that that have been just really wild as well. And so the Akashic records are super helpful to understand and get really quickly.
What is the core? Belief that’s causing issues. Where did it come from?
Heather Alice: Yeah.
Amber Maier: And then, habits and beliefs to support their new belief systems.
Heather Alice: Yeah, I love that. You’re I love that. You appreciate that, that piece of it, because I think that we you’re right. We can clear it all day. You can get a good, you can get yourself a good energy practitioner. They can come in in with the help of your own soul, you know, that it’s really your own self that does the work, right.
It’s just the, the, the healer facilitates. But I think we really don’t understand, or we, we need to start highlighting the fact that you can clear it at a subconscious level and you can clear it at the energetic level, but the conscious mind has something to say about that. It’s not like it all just goes away.
Amber Maier: Mm-hmm.
Heather Alice: you know, your conscious mind is gonna be like, yeah, no, fuck that noise. We’ve lived with this for however long. And I’m committed. To like you said the habit of it. So,
Amber Maier: I, I like to utilize all sorts of different modalities in the work that I do. So then oftentimes I either use theta healing or angel healing to then help the, the client really clear up that, that belief and help them download more, help, healthy, you know, supportive beliefs instead, and then with them then.
And, and I think then one of the, the reasons why intuitive coaching is so powerful is I think a lot of people, they do. Energy healing work or they get guidance and they end up finding themselves not moving forward very much.
Heather Alice: Mm-hmm.
Amber Maier: and, and I think what, what happens is like you can clear anything on an energetic level.
Like, you know, I can clear a belief on the energy level, but we live in a physical dimension.
Heather Alice: That’s right.
Amber Maier: You have to be able to heal physically as well. And we do that through action. And so what happens is if we have these beliefs for so long, we create habits. And so you might be able to clear the belief, but then you might be still stuck in the habit.
And so the coaching really helps people get that longer term transformation that they’re looking for by looking at what are my behaviors and my habits that are associated with beliefs. So they can start to unwind those and then just really consciously choose to do something different until they create,
Heather Alice: I think people really overestimate. What’s true? Just, just like in a perfect world. Yeah. If we didn’t have physical bodies, we could just do the energy work and move on.
But unfortunately you’ve got cellular memory and a physical level and momentum behind that that way of being rooted here in the physical. So I, I really love, and that’s why I love intuitive coaching, cuz its like, yeah, we can do the intuition piece. That’s great. We can get to the root faster, but we, you, we still have to do the work to integrate.
To integrate all parts of you. That is when we really start, you know, shifting and changing. So, okay. So I wanna ask you this really quick. So you have a, you have an Akashic records certification program, so you teach people. How to read the Akashic record. And I know you’re about to add on, the angel, healing and the theta work as well.
So stay tuned for that. You’re gonna get, I, I was like, damn, you’re doing like a multimodality situation, which is pretty great. So just, can you like nutshell us really quick, without giving all your secrets away, how you teach your students to access the Akashic record?
Amber Maier: You know, accessing the Akashic records really isn’t that difficult. What is difficult is getting people to believe that they can access the Akashic records.
And so I know you would get this.
Because like, yeah, we talk about intuition at Atlanta about like it’s a natural state. Like you can, you can just happen to you, your, natural state of, of intuition, and, but I know from experience like.
I really struggled doing that. Like I was full of self-doubt. I thought, I’m not doing it. I’m making it up. It should be different than this. You know, like whatever the, the thoughts were that were happening for me. And because I think we just. We’ve been told for so long to make everything logical and intuition isn’t that logical.
And so then we just assume that it’s gonna be something that comes from outside of us. It’s gonna be this big loud thing. And so I really struggled to be able to quiet my body and my mind down enough, to be able to hear my intuition, to be able to even start, to hear it, to be able to trust it and interpret it and everything.
And so, a lot of what I do with students is I give them different. Different steps that they can do to help them quiet their mind so they can kind of retrain themselves. So it’s not the idea that, you know, you wanna have this routine, that’s gonna take you half an hour to get into the Akashic records each time.
But maybe at first you need a, a little bit of,
Heather Alice: mind quieting
Amber Maier: and body quieting. And then, then you it’s basically like, building a muscle, you know,
Heather Alice: Mm-hmm.
Amber Maier: like I know, like dropping into your heart space, like. I can do it in one breath now where before maybe it would take me 15 minutes of deep breathing to feel like I’ve made, made it into that space, you know?
Heather Alice: Yeah.
Amber Maier: So helping people kind of find that bridge and then also helping them understand how subtle it really is. And hearing stories from different people and myself about maybe this teeny tiny nugget of information, that can mean so much and helping them interpret that. I think people just, you know, they, they read.
Books by the psychic grades out there, you know, that are talking about from the day they were born, they could see ghosts walking around, like they were in physical bodies. And for most people like 99.9% of people, it’s not like that.
Heather Alice: Right.
Amber Maier: And so I think people just have such unreal expectations. So I help them work through a lot of their own barriers to their belief of being able to get in and, you know, intuitive information.
Heather Alice: Mm-hmm.
Amber Maier: and then actually getting into the records is really easy.
Heather Alice: Yeah. It’s I know what you mean. It’s like, it’s, it’s the unlearning
Amber Maier: Mm-hmm.
Heather Alice: of the process. And also, I think one of the things, ironically, it’s so ironic, anybody who’s interested, like anyone who’s into this kind of stuff, star seeds, intuition, you know, All of the stuff that, that we love, if you’re into it, there’s a reason you’re into it.
Amber Maier: Mm-hmm.
Heather Alice: and the reason you’re into it is because you’ve probably been doing it your whole damn life.
Amber Maier: Mm-hmm.
Heather Alice: there’s something about you that, you know, I don’t wanna say isn’t normal. I mean, you’re perfectly normal, right? Light workers are normal. Intuitives are normal. We’re actually the most normal because everyone’s an intuitive, right.
Amber Maier: Mm-hmm.
Heather Alice: So I, I think that there’s a reason why we’re after it and we wanna learn about it. And it’s because we deep down, we know that we’ve been doing it our whole life. However, I think that’s what makes it hard is you just can’t believe that it actually is that easy.
Amber Maier: Mm-hmm.
Heather Alice: you just can’t believe that that’s all it is.
It’s like, you mean that’s all it is. I take a couple of deep breaths and then I actually just in fact, look at and pay attention to all the shit my. Parents told me was crazy nonsense. You mean, I can like actually just pay attention to that. Yeah. That’s it, that’s the answer, you know, like, oh my God. You know, so it’s really the unlearning.
I think that’s, that’s really, really true. So yeah.
Amber Maier: Simple. I don’t know. Not always easy.
Heather Alice: yeah. Simple but not easy. Yeah. Good point. Good point. Okay, so I would love to touch on maybe your angel, your angel work. So you had mentioned earlier that you. So we clear away what’s unhelpful. We clear away what’s not, you know, growth promoting what helps us ascend.
And then you fill it with what does, is that where the angel work comes in?
Amber Maier: It can, I, I use either angel healing or theta healing for that, with, with angel work. I, what I, I like to do is, is with the help of the angels. Intuitively look at someone’s energy body. So taking a look at your aura, your chakras, the meridians that run in between and because the, how your energy is presenting and how you’re processing energy really tells a really big story about what is going on in your life and what you’re struggling with.
Heather Alice: Mm-hmm.
Amber Maier: And, then also, as we were talking about how we, we bring beliefs with us from lifetime to life. We hold them in our energy body. Like, you know, we, you, you’ve heard over and over, like we hold trauma in our bodies, you hold it in your physical body, your tr in your energy body and, and everything else.
And so, I work really deeply with the angels to be able to discover those different, things that are happening in your body and help clear those out when it comes to the beliefs. I will often work with angels and, and have the client work with the angel and in allowing them to release the beliefs.
So as much as, you would think if someone had a belief of like, I’m not worthy, they’d be like, Take it, I don’t want it, but
Heather Alice: Yeah.
Amber Maier: but there’s this unconscious part of us that like, hold onto that stuff, you know, like it doesn’t make sense, but we, you know, we wouldn’t have that belief unless it helped us in some way.
And so sometimes there’s actually like a really big resistance from people to add, to actually let go. Of of that energy, whether it’s it’s conscious or unconscious. And so having them work with the, the angels and, have them really release that to them and, and allow the angels to come in with, with the new, healthier belief systems can be a really powerful experience for, for clients because, then it’s really their choice. They’re doing the work. They’re able to say, I’m ready to let go of this.
Heather Alice: Yeah, I love that. That’s really neat in a, in a very, nurturing energy. And I love what you’re bringing up with that, about the holding onto the limit, the quote, unquote limiting belief, because we have to remember that at one point in time, it wasn’t limiting
Amber Maier: Mm-hmm.
Heather Alice: at one point in time, that was the very thing that saved your life
Amber Maier: Yeah.
Heather Alice: Or saved your ancestors’ lives. Right. So, it’s not really limiting to the version of ourself. That’s holding onto it to the version of ourself that’s holding onto it. It’s what you threw in the water that stopped me from drowning. Right. You wanna take the damn thing away? Are you kidding me?
Amber Maier: Yeah.
Heather Alice: So, yeah, that’s that’s that’s really beautiful.
So, what would you say to someone who is interested in starting Akashic , records reading or, and then also if you’re interested in a reading, how can people find you and work with you and, find out more about your sessions?
Amber Maier: Sure. I think if, if anyone is out there and they’re really interested in getting a lot deeper into what their, their sole purpose and their light worker purpose is having a greater understanding of their gifts and how they’re meant to really bring those into the world, a kind of quick and fun.
Way to be able to understand what are all the blocks that are keeping you from being on your path to your purpose. Akashic records is an amazing tool to help you get there. Whether you get a reading and you learn how to do it for yourself, I, a lot of the people who take my course are also healers and they’re learning how to read the Akashic records.
Their clients too, so they can bring that power healing to, the people they work with as well. And so if you are interested getting a reading, you can, always find me on my website, which is just Amber meyer.com. And, I, you can. Set up at Akashic record reading or a meeting with me to learn more about the work that I do.
And I also have the free guide that I channeled from the Akashic records on. So you can discover what type of light worker you are, so you can get a better feel for what your purpose and your gifts are in this, this lifetime. So that’s another, fun thing that you can get on the website too.
And if you’re interested in, in one of, in my class, in the future, that. Include both the Akashic records and angel and energy healing to really help you get into alignment with your sole purpose, reach out to me. And I can chat with you more about the timeline of when that’s gonna come out.
Heather Alice: Awesome. Okay.
That’s great. I just think this is really powerful work and I love that you’re, blending in your intuition and really having all kinds of ways that you can access to help other people unlock their potential and really walk in their purpose. The one that their soul wants them to walk, not what the ego-self wants them to do.
Or, you know, I wanna be driving a Maserati by the time I’m 45. Like not, that’s really not your purpose, man.
Amber Maier: I haven’t seen that yet. You know, maybe I’ll, you know, maybe it’ll come up someday, but, but I’m not holding my breath.
Heather Alice: Holy shit. What a, isn’t that a funny like meme and like a, a scene in your head to be like, you know what?
I channeled Archangel Michael. And he told me you’re supposed to be making 5 million by the end of the year. Like that does not happen. It does not. Fucking happens. Spirit does not care about this stupid shit. Oh my God. That’s great. That’s so funny. I’m gonna be thinking about that all day. Well, thank you Amber so much for sharing your wisdom with us.
I’m gonna have links to Amber’s website and where you can learn more about her certification programs and working with her and really just diving into all of the concepts we’ve talked about here today. Amber, maybe we’ll have you back on to talk about the 12. Types of light worker. I think that’d be super fun. That’d be a whole episode in itself. So we’ll have you back on for that.
Amber Maier: Sounds wonderful.
Heather Alice: Awesome. Thank you.
Amber Maier: Thank you, Heather.