Ep119: Crossing the Line into Unwavering Self-Confidence with Dayana

Oct 18, 2022

And we are back, intuitive brothers and sisters!

Don’t miss out on this episode because we will be talking about crossing your line of comfort zone, claiming yourself confidence, discovering and embracing natural abilities, emerging successfully despite the hardships we have had in the past, and simply living life to the fullest.

In this episode, Heather brings in Dayana Aleksandrova (a. k. a. Coach D). She is a Certified Mindset Coach, a 6-figure copywriter, and a full-time digital nomad. She is obsessed with empowering people to live their most authentic life, make money online, and design a life of freedom.

Watch out for the fun facts because there are a lot! Enjoy!

Soul Stirring Quotes:

“Do it scared, do it nervous, do it however you’re gonna do it, but just go do it.”

“I do believe that each one of us has a threshold. I call it the ‘fuck it’ line. So once you cross that line, you just stop giving a damn about what people will think and say.”

“If you are confident, you have to dare to put yourself on the line.”

“We are always blind when it comes to our unique talents, and others can see them so much better and can really illuminate.”

“It takes a lot of confidence to be able to stand in a room and be the person behind everyone.”

“You don’t have to be a certain identity or present a certain way to be an intuitive.”

“Action is the catalyst for everything.”

“If it’s not fun, I’m not doing that.”

Episode Timecodes:

  • 00:26 Introducing our guest episode: Dayana Aleksandrova
  • 02:07 What brought Dayana to the digital space and how she made it up to this point
  • 10:15 Dayana talks about where her confidence comes from
  • 18:10 Dayana’s passion for her coaching practices
  • 23:52 Stories from Atmana sessions
  • 28:07 How Dayana infused intuition into her work
  • 33:50 Dayana’s message to people aspiring to go on their next level
  • 40:35 What’s next for Coach D? (learn about her program launch this November)

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Episode Transcript:

Heather Alice: Dayana Aleksandrova, welcome to the Everyday Intuitive Podcast. I feel like this is a banner moment for you and I to have you on the show. I really do feel like from the moment you and I met, we were just kindred spirits, so it’s super exciting for me to have you here.

We’re gonna talk about, I have a feeling we’re gonna talk about a whole bunch of stuff, but I wanna start with a recent, when that you’ve had something that I deeply admire, I think is awesome. So straight out of the gate, you were just recently featured in Girl Boss in their digital nomad series, and you were talking all about what it has been like for you to create this incredibly abundant, totally dynamic business that really reflects all of the different facets of who you are.

So I thought I would start with asking you what brought you into this digital space? Both as you’ve got a background in copywriting and now coaching, you’re an Atmana certified coach. So talk to us a little bit about what brought you here to this moment at serving all of the incredible people you’re serving.

You just launched your first program. Oh my God. Make it stop. You’re just absolutely on fire. So tell us a little bit about what brought you here, now in the coaching work that you’re doing and also your copywriting work.

Dayana: Yeah, thanks Heather. And it’s amazing to be here. And ever since day one of me meeting you, I was like, God, I want her to like me, but like for who I actually am.

And I was hoping that I’d make it here to the podcast one day. So it’s a real pleasure. And, yeah, I, you know, I express myself in different ways online, but one thing that I’ve always felt was a calling to write and it was a calling to speak, and it wasn’t always the case for me because I recovered my voice.

 Just about when I turned 16. I was born in Bulgaria. That’s my cultural background. And I moved as an exchange student to the US when I was 16. And so that kind of kicked off my life of travel. So I knew that I like to write, I knew that I like to speak, and I knew that I like to travel. And I had a couple of years of struggle when it came to my professional life.

So the backstory here is that I want a really big scholarship, just about $250,000 to study at a very prestigious college in the US. However, yeah, when I graduated, the only job I could get was a door to door salesperson because of my passport. So,

Heather Alice: Oh.

Dayana: yeah. I went into that and I had a lot of doors slammed into my face. What most happened was people would actually like me and invite me in for pizza, but like they wouldn’t wanna buy the crappy product that I was selling because it was internet bundles, and so I knew that I didn’t quite fit into the regular, you know, traditional way that things were being done. I couldn’t have a nine to five.

I struggled, you know, in trying to get nine to five gigs for a couple of years, I ended up working at Bank of America at one point, and it was the corporatest thing ever. I just invented a word. Corporatest.

Heather Alice: Oh, it is corporatest in corporatey. Corporatest corporatey thing you could ever do. Absolutely. Bank of America.

Dayana: And so I was working at the heart of Boston. I had to log in my pee breaks so I couldn’t just get up and go to the bathroom. I had to ask my supervisor, hey man, when I could go pee, or if I was on my period when I could go like take care of myself. So I was like, I am drawing the line here. I am not gonna be doing that.

I need to find my way of doing things better. So I went into freelance writing back in 2017, and at first it was sort of like writing little blogs for $40 a pop. I was ghost writing articles for Entrepreneur Magazine for $25. It was crazy.

Heather Alice: Your kid, that’s criminal, Dayana.

Dayana: And if you’re wondering how bad it was, I made $10,000 doing these articles. So you can imagine how many I’ve done that was a lot.

Heather Alice: Oh my goodness.

Dayana: Yeah.

Heather Alice: Dang.

Dayana: Yeah. So. That was my life between 2017 and 2019. And when the pandemic hit, I actually had nothing to do. I was writing as a blogger and all of my resources dried up because nobody was traveling. So I decided to pick up copywriting and I thought, okay, I like to write, and this copy thing seems to be paying good money.

So I took a course, it was an eight week course, and by week number six, I actually landed a project, which was insane because I paid for the entire course. So I was really stoked about that. And then after that, I continued with my copywriting career, just putting myself out there, creating relationships, getting referrals, applying my butt off.

It was crazy. And that ultimately led to me scaling a six figure copywriting business in just about 13 months.

Heather Alice: Nice.

Dayana: So that was. Yeah. That was my transition from blogging to actually copywriting. And the crazy thing is, yes, it’s all writing. However, when you write copy for people, they actually end up making money off of your words, because others read the insanely persuasive, you know, juicy stuff that you drop on that Google Doc.

And so that put the start to my career. But when 2022 came around, I had kind of an internal pause and I was like, I really love to speak with people. And during the pandemic, my dms were absolutely overflowing. I helped a friend through her divorce that took me a couple of months. I helped other friends through transitioning to different careers. And at one point people jokingly started calling me Coach D and I was like, God, yeah, right Coach D.

And then I was like, but wait a minute. This coaching thing sounds pretty great. But when it came to me actually offering my coaching services to people, I really wanted to be, I really wanted to know that I was good at this. And so I know that when you go on Instagram or anywhere on social media platforms, there are tons of coaches.

Like you can’t throw rock without hitting five coaches.

Heather Alice: Exactly.

Dayana: But what I wanted to do was I wanted to be like top level coach, which is when I found Atmana and I got certified through the program, which was an incredible experience, not just career-wise but life-wise. And after I got my certification, I just got this crazy boost of confidence.

So I combined my copywriting with my coaching. So now I do intuitive life coaching. I also do copy coaching. And now I am launching my first ever mentorship program for online entrepreneurs that’s kicking off in November. And yeah, Coach D is fully on board. And so while this whole thing was happening, I have been traveling like nonstop between 2017.

And this year, I’ve lived in the Dominican Republic, Spain, Bulgaria, I’ve been to France, I’ve been to the UK, lived in Portugal. Been everywhere pretty much even during the pandemic. And so when Girl Boss, you know, I noticed that they had a section called Digital Nomads. I was like, wait a minute, I’m a girl, tick, I’m a boss, tick . And I also travel. And so I just, I went on LinkedIn, I found the content manager. I reached out to her and I said, hey, I took all of your boxes and I’d be honored to be featured on your website. Can we do that? And she, same day, put me in contact with her team. They interviewed me and that’s how I ended up there.

Heather Alice: Amazing. And I love how you’re, I mean, gosh, there’s so much I could say to all of that because you are the absolute boss. You’re such an action taker, which is a whole podcast of itself that we could talk about in terms of just being willing to start where you are. Do it scared, do it nervous, do it however you’re gonna do it, but just go do it.

That’s one of the things I really admire about you. But you’re hitting on the confidence piece of this, which I think is incredibly important. Not only for intuitives, I think intuitive type, empathic, intuitive, sensitive, or we could even maybe say help or oriented people, I think struggle a little bit more with the confidence piece of it, but you seem to really have that.

Or at least my impression, I don’t know, correct me if I’m wrong, but you seem to have that, a natural confidence about you. And so one of the questions I wanna ask you is where do you think that comes from? And by the way, I love the fact that I hear you saying, I wanted to know that I would be a great coach.

And so a person like you, you’re gonna go out there and you’re gonna be awesome no matter what you do. But I really love and respect the fact that you’re like, no, this is actually a discipline and an art that I need to learn. That I can act, that I know I’m naturally good at this, but to learn these skills is really amazing.

So I think that’s so awesome that you already, I think, walked into it pretty dang confident. You were already doing it. Like so many of us are already doing it, right? You go to the grocery store, you’re buying, you know, sweet potatoes and there’s a person over there like, I can’t stand my life. And you’re like, it’s okay girl. You got this. You know?

So you were already doing it before you’ve officially started doing it. But, so it’s really cool to hear you say like, I was already confident enough to go for it, but then really studying it and dedicating yourself to it really to get to that next level. But my question is, where do you, let’s talk about confidence really quick, and where do you think that comes from in you and as you kind of go within yourself and have the confidence to move to all of these different places, you know, sell door to door, then work at a Bank of America, and then become a freelancer, and then develop a six figure business.

What do you think is behind that that helps you do that within you?

Dayana: Yeah, that’s such a great question. So, I do believe that I’ve had natural confidence. However, it was dormant for most of my life. The first time that I had to face, you know, the element of being confident, I was seven years old and it was a holiday in my hometown. My hometown has about 20,000 people. Everyone goes to city hall and the local kids have to perform for the elders. So my mom, who was a teacher in town, said, oh, my daughter will, you know, say a verse of a poem.

And I, this kind of hit me unexpectedly. When I was a kid, I had bad looking teeth and I was very conscious of that. So I never smiled. I was really scrawny and I was sick most of the time. I was a very sickly child. And I was also really short. And so imagine all that. I had zero confidence. I was thrown on stage. I still remember this day. It was a breaking point in my life.

So I step out on this stage. All I can see is blinding lights. And the microphone was way too tall for me. And all of a sudden, I swear, I don’t know what happened inside me, but I reached up for that mic, I grabbed it, I pulled it down to my face level. I started speaking and the thing just came out. And then I took a bow and it was the most natural thing ever. And I went off stage and I was like, I feel like I just crossed the line and I didn’t realize it then, but I do believe that each one of us has a threshold. I call it the “fuck it” line.

Heather Alice: Love it.

Dayana: So once you cross that line,

Heather Alice: Let’s fucking walk up to that fucking line every day, sister. I am with you.

Dayana: Exactly. Once you do that, you just stop giving a damn about what people will think and say. So what I relate confidence to is actually authority and our reputation. And I was growing up in Bulgaria right after the communist regime had been demolished. And so we still had a lot of military type of things going on, even in school. So from day one of my school career, I had to get up every time the teacher came in and I had to, you know, do a military salute to that teacher.

It was painfully obvious who was the authority. If you said something against the authority of that teacher, they would write you up and not even that, but we didn’t, we never addressed by names. We were addressed by numbers. So I was number four.

Heather Alice: You are kidding me, Dayana. You are kidding me.

Dayana: Oh yeah. I was number four. I wasn’t Dayana. People didn’t know my name. I was number four. And so when you know you were consciously aware that you have to respect this authority figure, not just at school, but then at home, your mom and dad. And luckily mine were really nice people, so I was never disciplined like some of my classmates were.

If you are confident, you have to dare to put yourself on the line because that might result in you getting written up, you might be suspended from school, you might be punished, you might be physically abused. It could be anything. You don’t know what you’re gonna draw. So the confidence that I had, only began expressing itself after I won a scholarship to move to the US as an exchange student.

And I was placed very randomly, but I do believe it wasn’t coincidence. I was placed in a spiritual school and an ASRA and New Hampshire where the classes were really small. Everyone knew who I was and what I cared about, and everyone just treated me like, you know, like one of their kids. And so that’s when I finally got my voice.

And I began expressing myself, and I have been crossing that fucking line every day, ever since . But I think that we have to introspect and see what is holding us back. What is the threat? For me, the threat was my elders, my teachers authority, and even to a certain extent, the government.

Heather Alice: Oh, sure.

Dayana: Yeah.

Heather Alice: Yeah.

Dayana: And so we have to see where that line is for us. What’s on the other side of the line and what are really the consequences? Because when it comes to being confident, we may feel like, Oh my God, if I put myself out there, someone’s gonna come after me on the internet and ruin my reputation. My life is over.

But let me tell you this, every new cycle is over in 24 hours. Even if you say the biggest piece of bullshit on the internet, people are gonna forget about it. That is the fact. And if you never risk who you authentically are on the internet or anywhere in your personal professional life, you will live a lie.

You will never fully express yourself, and you have to live with that, and you can’t let that happen to yourself. You have control over it.

Heather Alice: I cannot, I just, I feel like I’m in church right now listening to this. How powerful. Let me just say this one thing. As a mother, I have to say this. I’m just so identifying with your mama, because I think your mom knew that you had that in you.

And you know, she said, Oh, my daughter can do the book, ’cause I think she probably saw it in you, right? She knew that you were gonna get up there and grab that mic and be like, wait a minute. I think that was your first original boss moment. Like when you were like, wait, I am the boss. So, how powerful.

And I don’t know if you know this about me, but I’m a bit of a nerd for 20th century history and I became super fascinated with the Bolshevik revolution, in Russia and you know, just the communist regime in general over in Europe. And I read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago, and just the mind fuckery that was, communism.

So, you know, for anybody who doesn’t like to hear your story, Dayana, I bring that up to say, like if you haven’t studied that, you can’t imagine how deep these trauma wounds go for people. I mean, God, I can, as an American I have absolutely no idea. I can only imagine what it’s like. But I have studied it and I think as people here in the states, like we have absolutely no a clue what your people have adored in the 20th century. Like when you say fear of the government, when you say fear of reprisal from authority, this isn’t like, you know, somebody gets mad at you and puts a fact check on your Facebook post. Like, these people come to your door, they take family members away. You lose everything.

You’re in a gulag and you might not ever come back again. They take your property, they take your home. That is what for decades, upon decades, upon decades, people faced. So, I salute you the fact that you found your “fuck it” line and that you used that as a catalyst to sharpen the confidence that you have within you to go deeper and bolder into your identity, I think is something that, you know, we could all reflect on and learn from.

That there’s a lot on the table for a lot of people who step up and speak their truth and, having someone dislike you on the internet is the least of our problems. Right.

So talk to us a little bit. So you’ve launched your group program. Talk to us about, I’d love to hear you say, what is the number one thing you are loving about working with people in the coaching capacity, whether it’s on the copy coaching side or the in your group program and what you’re bringing forward there. What is surprising you and what are you loving, having said yes to this piece of it?

Dayana: Yeah. Oh my God, that’s such a great question. I get so worked up. I get so worked up. So my program and my coaching has a singular mission. That mission is to empower people to express themselves and to really see their unique capabilities.

Because a lot of people say things like, there’s nothing special about me. Oh, I’m from Ohio. I’m one of four kids. There’s nothing special about me. And they might be deeply empathic. They might have a real skill for poetry. They might be amazing at creating stuff with their hands. They might be amazing at digital marketing, but they wouldn’t admit it.

And I’ve got so many clients that would discount themselves completely and say, you know, like sometimes someone would dm me. I reply to a hundred percent of my dms, unless you’re a creepy dude, then I will ignore you. But people will come to me and say, oh my God, I can’t believe you replied. And I would say, why wouldn’t I?

You’re asking me for help and you’re another soul, you know, in my inbox. Why wouldn’t I reply? So I love shifting people’s energies and helping them see their actual talents from another point of view, because we are always blind when it comes to our unique talents, and others can see them so much better and can really illuminate.

So to get a little astro nerdy here, my son is in Libra in the 12th house, which is the house of the unknown of sorrows and when you have your son descending into the 12th house, you’re there to illuminate what is unshown and unseen. And so I try to do that for people. I’ll give you an example from this morning.

I’ve got a client. And she’s got this big project as a copywriter. So she emailed that person that gave her the project a couple days ago and didn’t hear back from her. So her mind immediately went to, she hates me. She hates it. She’s gonna fire me. What was I thinking? I was kidding myself. I said, Listen up.

This is absolutely you projecting your insecurity on this whole project. This is not your truth. Do not make it your truth. Do not excuse yourself. You will not stand down because your imposter syndrome said something of the sort. I told her, This is what you need to reply and ask for feedback right now. So she replies, and next thing you know, the CEO of this project says, Oh my God, thank you.

I’m so sorry I forgot to get back to you. Yes, please send me your invoice. This is great. So she comes back to me and I’m like. I’m gonna say the one thing a coach shouldn’t say, but I’m gonna say it. I told you.

Heather Alice: You so…

Dayana: I told you. And so this is what I specialize in. I help people, I help elevate people, lift people up, and I’ve been told by you know, numerous friends of mine who are into astrology and human design and the whole thing that this is my mission. And you know what? I think that I’m embodying it so far. The group program that I’m creating was actually born out of necessity. So there are so many online entrepreneurs, be it copywriters, coaches, designers, VAs, who just struggle to get to that next level. They’re still working for people with tiny budgets. They’re afraid to charge higher prices. They are constantly struggling with imposter syndrome. I’m not good enough every single day. And so what the program is about is going to completely shift that mindset is going to bring crystal clarity on who you’re serving, what you’re doing, your unique framework.

We’re going to work on people’s personal branding and we’re going to work on publicity. So the strategy that I used to get into, Girl Boss, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance yesterday, Refinery 29, that’s going to be taught. We’re going to look at sales and how to make them not sleazy and how you can send an invoice of, you know, $6,000 and more without wanting to throw up. And oh, it’s a real thing. Trust me.

Heather Alice: Yeah, sure.

Dayana: And we’re going to talk about raising your vibration and actually auditing your daily schedule and finding beauty and boundaries and enforcing the boundaries. Because I used to be the biggest people pleaser, and if you are on online business, you just cannot do that. Otherwise, you end up with six projects, they’re paying you peanuts. You have no time to see our kids, no time to sleep. You’re living off a frozen pizza, and that’s just not what I want for people. So this is my whole mission. To sum it up, empower and uplift.

Heather Alice: Yeah. I love what I hear you saying is that you’re really good at seeing the beauty in other people and the talent in other people, and then reflecting that back to them, which I think takes, I think this is circling us right back to confidence, which is it takes a lot of confidence to be able to stand in a room and be the person behind everyone.

The light behind everyone saying. Like one of my favorite quotes is leaders lead from the back. The best coaches lead from the back. They are not the people that have got to be in the front of the room. It’s actually the person in the back going, you get up there, get your ass on that stage, you go speak your truth, you go out there and shine.

I think that takes an incredible amount of confidence to say, I’m so felt like I used to say this all the time when I did my private sessions. I don’t want your power. I have enough of my own banks. I’m all fueled up on, you know, I’m high on my own supply. Right. I don’t need your supply to get high on. Okay. I’m high on my own supply.

So I love to hear you say that you really enjoy watching women and men. If you, do you work with men?

Dayana: I do. Yes.

Heather Alice: You do. Good. Cuz I have to tell you, fun fact, sisters, if you’re, if you’re watching this or gentlemen if you’re listening to this, we are seeing a massive influx of men into the Atmana universe. Especially this we’re in open launch right now. We’re seeing so many men walking into the coaching space. So many men open to this again, non sleazy, not weirdo men, by the way. Okay. So we’re gonna caveat, like, don’t come in and tell us, you know? Yeah. Okay. We all know how that goes.

So, yeah. I love to hear you say that, you have the heart, I think of a real coach, right? Like that’s what we really love. We love to see people win. Okay. So I wanna touch on the intuition piece of this because that has been something that when you walked into the Atmana program, I had a conversation with you and fun fact, Dayana is also our copywriter here in Atmana. I started working with her and I’m like, I’ve got to hire this woman.

Sister, we’re gonna kill it in 2023.

Dayana: Yes, we will.

Heather Alice: After we finish this episode, I’m gonna tell you some updates, but yeah. So I remember having, we were having a call about the copy and I was like, you were saying something about intuition. I was like, Dayana, you can give me an intuitive reading right now. And you were like, oh my gosh, are you for real? And I was like, I guarantee you can do it. And you did in that moment, you just took a deep breath. And went for it. And you saw, remember when you saw the little, the box?

Dayana: I did. I’ve seen multiple things about you and the craziest story, so I’m gonna give a massive spoiler here, but we had this wonderful session inside Atmana, and we had to guess a geographic location by looking at just the, what was it? The numbers, the coordinates of it.

Heather Alice: Yeah.

Dayana: So my, to preface this, I never thought I was intuitive. I thought to be intuitive, you have to be able to foretell the future, be like a psychic. I was like, I don’t have this. No way I have this. I’m a regular person. So Heather says, here are the coordinates. Look at them. Just look at them and it’s numbers. And I am the worst person with numbers. I’ve failed math multiple times. And so I’m looking at this and all of a sudden my intuition is screaming Golden Gate Bridge. It’s the Golden Gate Bridge. So I raise my hand on Zoom and I say, I don’t know why I’m gonna say this, but I’m gonna say this because it won’t shut up. Is it the Golden Gate Bridge? And it was. And I just grabbed that out of Heather’s mind. I believe I’m convinced. .

Heather Alice: Yeah. So what Dayana’s talking about is one of our, in our program we do intuitive development exercises. And according to Russell Targ, he was actually the guy who in the sixties, the US government funded him for 30 years to do remote viewing inside, psychic ability development.

Fun fact, the US government trains operatives to use these abilities, basically, you know, weaponized it for wartime systems. They were using it to spy on the Chinese. If you go and look at the real, the history of that. But what they did in Targ’s outfit is they would use as a fun exercise latitude and longitude coordinates.

So we do that here in Atmana. And what I love about this exercise with you, Dayana, is like, you’re not even American. Like why is the Golden Gate Bridge on your radar? And then we also did one. That one was crazy. And then the next one we did, Giza. And, but with the Giza one, everybody kept seeing the, remember how we had like a whole bunch of people who kept seeing the Eiffel Tower?

Yeah. But then we Googled it, right? Because we don’t ever say that our intuitive development, like our intuitive hits are wrong. You don’t know. Go Google it and find out the guy who built the Eiffel Tower, his inspiration for this was the Giza Pyramids. And so there’s this massive connection between the Eiffel Tower and the Giza, and we didn’t know that.

Like it was just so, so, so cool. So I love that you’re saying this, Dayana, because you are perfect living proof that everyone is intuitive. And if you’re just willing to give it a go, you’re gonna be shocked and your ability to actually tap in. So I knew that you had that in you and you actually, for me, you actually accurately read it. You were like, I see this little jewelry, What was it? Like a little jewelry box, right?

Dayana: Yeah. It was a little treasure chest full of golden coins.

Heather Alice: Yeah, so my dad had a little, box that he had given us that looked like a treasure chest, both me and my daughter. And inside of it was, old school Southern gold or silver dollar coins.

That’s like a thing my dad will pass down to us. So you were picking up on that in your mind?

Dayana: Yeah.

Heather Alice: Right. Just by taking a deep breath and going for it. So, how has that been for you to embrace the fact that you do have this ability and then in your own unique, special way infusing that into the work that you love doing?

Dayana: I’ve been having a field day with this. It’s amazing. So first of all, like I said, I never considered myself intuitive because I didn’t fully understand intuition. I thought that it was some kind of a, you know, ability that only very few people on the planet had.

And once I heard you speaking about not just the spiritual aspect of it, but the science behind it, I was like, this is possible for me. And so when I thought about it, it’s happened to me very often. Honestly, it will happen every day that I see visions in my head when I’m talking to people. And I would give metaphors.

So for example, when I was talking to someone about, what was it? I was talking to her about stuffing cheese and a burger. And it was about kind of like putting that special something in a conversation in the middle of it. And then she was like, how did you know I had a burger for lunch? Like yesterday I was talking to my one-to-one coaching client and I said, is the Z in your middle name for Zahira?

She was like, how do you know that? I didn’t tell you that. It’s not anywhere online. And I was like, I don’t know. I just thought about it. And so, I’ve been using that not only with my one-to-one coaching clients, but I’ve been using it in my copy because what people love when you’re a copywriter is to give them something really juicy their mic and hang onto. You have to really paint the picture. So, I was helping a friend of mine. She works at Google. She’s been there 14 years. A very important person there, and she is creating a new online program.

And I said to her, man, your copy sounds like a dry cracker. This is horrible. And first I asked her if it was okay to be brutally honest. She said yes. But she was like, you know what? That’s exactly right. So I said, Let’s put some sauce on it. And then I gave her some tips in her copy, and she was like, you just took that out of my brain.

That’s exactly what I wanted to say, but didn’t know how to, and to bring in confidence in here. Also, it’s a matter of you expressing how you want to express yourself and not thinking, gee, how should I sound?

Heather Alice: Oh, that’s, that’s it. That’s so brilliant.

Dayana: That’s death kiss of anything that you could ever write, but I’ve been using my intuition every single day and I discover that my partner is also insanely intuitive.

And we’ve got this thing going between the two of us where we actually communicate with telepathy now, which is so funny, but it’s happening.

Heather Alice: It’s funny that you just said telepathy because as you were speaking, what I was thinking is I think Dayana’s telepathic because what you’re describing is telepathy. When you can, so it is an intuitive fa-, oh my God, I’m knocking it out right now.

But it is an intuitive faculty, but it functions differently in terms of what it yields. So, you know, everyone says, oh, is this mind reading? I think we have negative connotations with things like mind reading and being a quote unquote psychic, like it’s so old, like old energy. It’s such an old energy way to think about it.

But I love what you’re saying here. I think that when we are truly in flow, in connection with all parts of ourself, which is what being an intuitive really is, I think what happens is that if your heart’s in the right place and you really are deeply trying to serve a person and connect with a person, I think what happens is you are just inside their brain.

It’s almost like their thoughts are your thoughts, their way of being. You really are reading that person without meaning to read them. It comes from this like, really beautiful place. And you’re right, like the efforting. What should I sound like? Am I doing good coaching now? Am I being intuitive enough now?

No, no, it’s just really simply being, in your way of being. So I really love that you’re saying I didn’t identify as an intuitive. I’m not like some, you know, put, get, put a crystal ball in front of me and like, you know, let me read someone’s future. It’s really just about how can I allow this inner ability to to help how I’m already showing up in the world flourish. Right. You’re using it to allow. It’s something that you’re doing that’s contributing to the fullness of who you are in your work. Right? Like sometimes I’ll talk to people and they’re so over identified.

And this is like kind of a shitty thing for me to say, but I don’t care. Here’s the “fuck it” line. Fuck it line. Let’s cross it. Like I talk to a lot of, you know, people who identify as intuitives or spiritual people, and it’s almost like they have this caricature identity. Like when they find out that I drink bourbon, say the word fuck a lot, smoke cigars.

I like to pull, like to do pole fitness. Like, I’m just me. I’m Heather, right? You don’t have to be a certain identity or present a certain way to be an intuitive. We are just who we are, right? So I think when we get attached, when we get these like caricature or stereotypical ideas about what it means to be an intuitive or what it means to be a healer or a coach, that is when we are operating out of alignment with the truth of who we are.

And what I really love about you is that you’re just you and I don’t know, maybe that seven year old you inside of you, I think that seven year old and you like still has that microphone in her hand and she’s.

Dayana: I think so too.

Heather Alice: She’s like, I’m never. So I just think it’s brilliant, right? That you can get up for better or for worse. You know, allow yourself to make mistakes. It’s not about being perfect in 24 hours. Who’s gonna give a shit?

Dayana: Exactly.

Heather Alice: I just think the world needs more of that free expression. Right.

Dayana: I totally agree.

Heather Alice: Yeah. Yeah. So what would you say to a person who is an aspiring copywriter, an aspiring coach, you know, maybe you’re even a corporate professional in whatever way that they’re wanting to allow themselves to step into their next thing, letting their intuition lead? Give us your best Coach D moment here, here today.

Dayana: No pressure. Well, I’ll say this. It comes down to using your voice, whether you’re looking to be a coach or a copywriter, or you want to be a consultant, or you want to create a new project, or lead a team in a corporate environment, it comes down to valuing your voice.

You have to step in and understand that it’s not about getting something right or wrong. What you can do is use your expertise that you have. Use the evidence at your disposal. So any coach has tools, for example. And in Atmana, we learn a ton of tools that we actually have in our coach toolkit so we can pull them out at any time.

Copywriting as well, I’ve got my formulas. So use whatever tools you have, express your voice, and just approach it with the intention of curiosity because there isn’t, you know, you’re not bound to going and becoming the next big thing in whatever you’re thinking of exploring. You put pressure in certain directions to see what sticks.

I’m not talking about necessarily throwing spaghetti against the wall. But if you want to be a corporate coach, okay, go and give it a shot. Train one corporate team and see what happens after. So I think you have to let go of the pressure and the expectation because that will keep you, will hold you back from achieving what it is you’re wanting to try.

And I always say this to my clients. Imagine that you’re walking into a buffet. There’s all kinds of food. There’s sushi, there’s marshmallows, there’s pizza, there’s tacos, whatever. You grab a plate, you put a couple of things on your plate, you sit down, you try them, and then whatever thing you enjoy the most, you go and grab more of that.

So remember that you’re here to create and to play and to explore and stop putting so much pressure that if you choose to be, let’s say, course creator or, you know, like a painter or whatever, you have to be the best at it. No, you just have to go and dip your toe. You start there. And for people who love control, full transparency, I am a person that loves control.

It’s hard to imagine that you may not have control over the whole process, but what needs to happen is you must disrupt that courage. You take one. And then magically, not so magically, the next step reveals itself. So action, as you said earlier, is the catalyst for everything. You take a step, the next reveals itself.

If you enjoy the new thing you’re trying on, if you seem to be getting good results, just stick with it and see what happens. And remember, If you wake up one day and you say, I don’t wanna be that person anymore, you can walk away. Like, I’ll give you an example. I’m a very obsessive person, and in 2018 I was obsessed with dancing bachata, and I got really good at it because I would go out seven nights a week.

Luckily, I worked remotely, so I didn’t have to go to an office. Seven nights a week. Four hours a night minimum. Me and my dance partner at Sushi would hit up the clubs in Barcelona and do the bachata, you know, formulas and dances and whatever that was trending. And so I did that for 10 months and then around 10 months and one day I woke up and I was like, I don’t wanna be that person anymore.

You know what? I wanna go back to waking up at 5:00 AM and I wanna go back to writing more and traveling and I don’t wanna dance anymore. And so I let myself out of there and I didn’t dance for a while, and then I eventually got back to it as a hobby. But you don’t have to be locked in, so just go and give it a shot. Take just one step.

Heather Alice: Oh, I love that. Fun fact. My husband wants me to learn the bachata

Dayana: Oh it’s so fun.

Heather Alice: Apparently this is like the thing people obsess about. So I think you’re onto something.

Dayana: Oh yeah.

Heather Alice: What I hear you saying is don’t allow your identity to get wrapped up in what you do. You wanna be a copywriter, try it. If it sticks, great. You get sick of it, stop doing that. Go find something else. Maybe you become a, maybe you do bachata. Maybe you let that go. But it’s when we get attached to the identity and we pressure ourselves. Like, oh my gosh, I’m gonna give this, you know, bachata thing, or intuitive coaching thing, or copywriting thing, or whatever that thing is a try.

Jesus Christ, I have to be absolutely perfect at it from the moment I start or I’m total garbage and who I am is completely, I’m a useless person. You’re so right about that. That that’s the pressure that we put on ourselves when really it should just be like, yeah, I don’t wanna do that anymore.

I love to hear you say that like it’s. And also, I bet you can still do a really mean bachata, right?

Dayana: I could, and I also dunno if you would like it because the woman cannot lead. You just have to be there like following anything that the dude does. So that was the hardest part for me. So like any ladies listening, if you are a control freak, maybe that is not the dance for you.

Heather Alice: Or maybe it is the dance for you.

Dayana: If you wanna punish yourself, yes.

Heather Alice: It’s so funny you say that cuz I, my husband, before he and I got married, he was an amateur ballroom dancer. He was. He took, yes. He is so skilled. It’s not even funny. Like when I take him out, my friends are like, can I borrow Brandon? I’m like, yes, girl. I will send him out like a prized bull. Okay. You guys can dance with him all you want.

Like, so few guys know how to do like those types of dances. So, I had taken some classes in college, but to speak to what you’re saying, I did actually really struggle.

I did two things. I was either over controlling, so our dance instructors, he and I went for a while. Their names were Pasha and Svetlana. They were from Russia. Yeah. Absolutely brilliant. Married couple. But I would either try to dominate the dance or I was so passive that I was limp. I was like a little noodle.

And Lana would come by and pop me on the head with a pencil and go frame! Frame!. She would literally hit me on the head with a pencil. And it was great because I learned that I had control issues. I either wouldn’t show up or I showed up too much. So it was actually really good for me to learn how to trust and just realize like, I guess the analogy would be the universe and God guide you that way. Like now that I look at it, I see it as, you know, letting myself be led by a higher power that I actually am here to contribute and participate. I can’t be a wet noodle, but I also don’t have to have all the answers and know everything and be perfect either, right?

That there’s something else there that’s leading and guiding us. Okay, so, what is next for you, Miss Dayana?

Dayana: Oh, God. So I just moved to Costa Rica, which had been my dream for the last two years, and I’m living in a place called Tamarindo, so I’m really enjoying it here. I had been traveling through Europe with my boyfriend for the last two years or so and we’re finally out here and we’re close to the jungle and I love that I, you know, I’m on my walk to get coffee and I see monkeys and if they don’t try to pee on me, it is wonderful . If they do, I run . And so

Heather Alice: That’s hysterical.

Dayana: yeah. I’m really enjoying being here and kind of soaking up everything that Mother Earth has to offer because it’s on our next level here and, I’m focused on my launch.

It’s coming up on November 6 to 16, that is my eight week mentorship program for online entrepreneurs. And you know what? I hear people struggling with their launches because they’re like, oh, my life has to revolve around it. It’s gonna be so stressful. I’m gonna be squeezed up like a lemon. I say, and this is my motto, If it’s not fun, I’m not doing that.

And so I’m going to try to make my launch as fun as possible. I’m keeping everything aligned in terms of who I’m doing it for and why I do that. And so I’m kind of learning all the rules of launching and throwing them out the window at the same time. So I’m having a ton of fun with it, creating content, talking to people, offering advice.

 So these are my plans for November and I turn 30 actually on October 21st. And so I am making my boyfriend drag me to a volcano where I can soak into a natural spa for two days.

Heather Alice: Oh, that’s amazing. 30 is a great birthday. You are gonna love that. So. One, don’t you? Or I think you already even have people pre-registered or pre-enrolled, right?

Dayana: I do. Yeah. It was crazy. I announced a special offer for the first five people that enroll, and I gave them three days to enroll. They enrolled in like two hours and 47 minutes, so that didn’t even last for three days. So now I’m offering another special bonus for people who want to take early action because I know that I’m insanely impatient.

I know that there’s other people out there who are just as impatient as I am. So if anyone wants to join me early on before the official launch and get extra bonuses, they’re welcome to. And for those who are blessed with patience, I will see them in November.

Heather Alice: Okay, so what we’ll do and show notes if you’re interested in working with Dayana, she’s, as you can see here, lovely and just incredibly brilliant at what she does from the most authentic place. Check show notes. We’re gonna have your Instagram link. It’s at the best place for us to find you. Dms and Instagram. Yeah.

Dayana: Yeah, definitely check the show notes because I have a very long last name and a very Cyrillic last name, so you need to see how that is spelled.

Heather Alice: Yeah, it’s Dayana Aleksandrova. But yeah, it’s the Dayana spelled D A Y A N A. If you wanna get that @ mentioned going. But we will have show notes in, Dayana, and also you and I’ll connect app the episode. If you have any other links, just check show notes, and we’ll have them in there. So I’m just so excited to see what you do next.

I’m so excited that you’re down here in the Caribbean energy of Florida. I feel like we’re like next door neighbors. Now that I’m in Florida and you’re in Costa Rica.

Dayana: What I’m hearing you say is you want me to come over?

Heather Alice: Oh, sure. Come on up, man. Come on. Come on down. You can come in now without all the stuffs, right? Like we’re, the whole world is finally opening up again. Post COVID. So yeah.

Thank you so much for being on the show, Dayana. We are going to absolutely blow 2023 out of the water with your copy. I can’t wait to see how your launch goes and you have a standing invitation to come back on the pod anytime you’d like. So

Dayana: Oh thank you.

Heather Alice: Yeah. So, we will bring you back on again in 2023.

Dayana: Amazing. Thank you so much for having me. And thanks everyone for tuning in

Heather Alice: Thanks.