Ep124: How to organically grow a 6-figure soul-led business with Christine Williams

Apr 18, 2023

In this episode, Christine shares her insights and expertise on how to organically grow a 6-figure soul-led business. 

For those who may be entrepreneurs or considering starting a business, this episode is a valuable resource for understanding how to align your business goals with your soul’s purpose. Christine offers practical advice and strategies for creating a business that is not only financially successful, but also fulfilling and aligned with your deepest values and aspirations. 

Throughout the episode, Christine emphasizes the importance of staying true to oneself, being financially aware and wealth conscious, and taking responsibility for you and your business. She shares her personal experiences of building a successful business, and offers tips on how to overcome common obstacles and roadblocks that many entrepreneurs face. 

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your business to the next level, this episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in building a soulful and sustainable business. So if you’re looking to create a business that reflects your unique talents and passions, be sure to tune in to this podcast’s latest episode with Christine Williams.

Soul Stirring Quotes

“You can absolutely be giving and loving and nurturing and allow yourselves to be well paid.”

“If you don’t allow yourself to receive, then you’re not changing the world for anybody.”

“The truth is the people that get the best results actually have support.”

“If you’re really wanting to support people to the best of the ability, you have to invite people to work with you so that they can have the support that they deserve.”

“That’s actually where imposter syndrome comes from. It’s not because you aren’t good. It’s not because you don’t know how to do it yet. It’s not that you aren’t successful. It’s that you just won’t admit that you wanna get paid.”

“I’m not embarrassed to say I love money. It allows me the freedom and the choices to do things, and we need more people that are conscious and soulful entrepreneurs to have money so that they can use it in a way that is beneficial to our world.”

“You are your own guarantee.”

Episode Timecodes:

  • {00:28} Hello Atmana Intuitives!

  • {04:34} Get to know our episode guest—Christine Williams

  • {12:12} Why are lightworkers so resistant to receiving?

  • {16:18} On responsibility

  • {19:30} Talking about Imposter Syndrome

  • {23:17} Christine’s take on money

  • {26:04} How to step into a six-figure soul-led business

  • {33:29} Wrapping up

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Episode Transcript:

Heather Alice: Hello Atmana Intuitives. What’s up? How are you guys doing? It’s Thursday, we are doing our live podcast. How many of you guys are excited to dive into how to organically grow? Keyword organically grow your business to the six figure mark in a manner that really honors your purpose and feels useful and good to you in your spirit, in your heart, in your mind, if you are up for that.

Say, Hey, wave at me in the comments. Okay. Say hell yeah. Over in the comments if you are down for discovering better ways to do that. And I think at the conversation, the reason why I wanna have this conversation right now is because I think people are really struggling. Research just came out this week actually, that says that if you’re in America, the average American, 70% or 60% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, and 70% of Americans do not have a thousand. They have a thousand dollars or less in their savings.

Okay. So many people in our world today are living hand to mouth, right? It is true that we are definitely in a place of contraction with respect to a lot of what is going on with finances nowadays. And what I wanna invite you to do before we bring in our beautiful guest is to really see this as an opportunity.

To see this as an opportunity and to realize that it is not anything to be afraid of. It’s actually a massive battle cry from spirit for you to get your ass off the sideline and into helping more people with the gifts you’ve got. Because guess what, ladies and gents, the reason why we are here is because.

There’s more light workers needed than ever before. So this is nothing to be scared of, lean in, right? Brene Brown says, stay brave. Okay. And if you want a little bit of data to back that up, did you know that I think it’s half the companies that are on wall Street right now that are traded are were companies that were founded during the great depress.

Back in the twenties and the thirties. Remember that was really bad back then. Half of them were founded then. Okay. There’s n it is totally untrue that there is an opportunity here. I know it’s, we talk a lot about intuition here. Of course, it’s counterintuitive to say, our fearful self wants us to believe that we need to be flowing with that constriction.

We need to be limiting ourselves. We need to be sitting back, hunkering down and our little cubby holes and waiting for the storm to pass. It’s not true. It’s absolutely not true. So I want you to see this as an opportunity, and I’m gonna challenge you to stay brave through this conversation and realize that the universe loves a jack booted thug who stands up and fights for their purpose, okay?

It takes bravery for us to step up and do this. So that’s what we’re gonna be chatting about today. So with that being said, before I bring our, introduce our beautiful guest, I want you guys to tell me in the chat,

what is your biggest struggle with respect to building your business? And then, if you don’t wanna go to the struggle, tell me what is your highest hope? Okay. And really, let’s get into it. Let’s get into the grit of it. What is it really right now that you’re afraid of, scared of, or feel challenged by with respect to growing your business. Okay. So I’m gonna, I’m gonna come back over here to the chat and we’re gonna use some of your questions for us to guide this podcast episode. Pretty cool, huh?

Okay, so I am going to bring our beautiful guest on. Christine, you ready? Awesome. Okay. Thank you Christine, welcome to the show. Thank you so much for being here to chat with us.

Christine: Oh, I’m so excited. Thank you for having me. 

Heather Alice: Yeah. So I’m gonna read your intro and then we’re gonna just dive right into our questions. We’re gonna learn a lot about how you move people into a soul aligned six figure business. And we’re gonna jump into your soulful abundance system. That really helps guide the process.

Awesome. So you are Christine Williams is the owner and the founder of Shine Wellness. This is a seven figure business dedicated to empowering women and wellness entrepreneurs and holistic practitioners to create soul led and heart-centered six-figure businesses without the hustle and sales taxes that feel so out of alignment for many sensitive people today.

She’s known for cultivating community, connections and collaborations that inspire and create win-wins for everyone. As a part of her soulful, abundant system, she weaves the abundance mindset and soul fueled strategy along with a simple system to create consistent income without trading your wellbeing or your integrity for success. 

So thank you for being here. And I guess I would love to start with a little bit about what brought you into becoming a business coach. I know that you are a holistic, you’re a trained coach yourself. Yeah. And have come Yeah. Stepped into this through the holistic lens.

So talk to us a little bit maybe about what your passion behind helping holistic practitioners develop business and how you got here in your career. 

Christine: Yeah, absolutely. So you know, it’s when we talk about soul callings and being soul led, I mean I really believe that is true and that just happens for us.

Cuz I definitely didn’t start by thinking I’m gonna be a business coach for women. That was not on my radar at all. What was on my radar was something that I grew up in. I was so blessed and lucky to have a very powerful grandma, my grandma Paula, and she was a feminist. She would take me on equal rights amendment marches in DC when I was a little girl.

She was always sharing how important it was to believe in yourself and that you could do anything, and I saw her. In these grassroots organizations and communities. And I grew up with that. And so that was really what was on my heart, as far as the soul calling was. I ended up I, for some reason, I was the one that got the, we called the moon, what do we call it?

The Moon Sisters together when we were birthing babies, when we Oh wow. Together monthly and connect with each other. And so for some reason it just was my joy to get women together and I can, when I look back, I’m like, yeah, it’s just like a really fun thing for me to get women together and encourage and inspire.

And so when I decided that I wanted to build and grow a business, by the way I did this, late forties. So for those of you that are in your second career or second half of life, you absolutely can do this. I was a stay-at-home mom for 17 years. 

Heather Alice: I was a stay-at-home mom as well. Let’s shout out. Best job in the world.

Christine: Yes. Raising my three boys. And after I went through a divorce, I was like, all right, what am I gonna do? What do I wanna do? And I decided that I wanted to do something that I absolutely loved, which was in the wellness world. So I became a massage therapist. And began weaving in nutritional therapy and health coaching and transformational coaching.

Because that was what was calling to me. And I was working with women and I was building and growing my business so well that people that were in my world and knew me and that had gone through some of the health coaching schools that I went through, were like, what are you doing? Like, how are you doing it?

And so honestly, from a place of generosity and love, I just started sharing. And I was like, you know what? How about if I just do a free training on how I’m connecting and collaborating with doctors and acupuncturists and they’re like, oh, that would be great. And I literally just put a post out there and was like, Hey, happy to share.

And I had 150 people might just reg, say, I wanna learn this too. And I’m like I guess I need to figure out how to set up a Zoom to like just share, this was before Covid by the way. Yeah, so we just really organically developed and it became something that I really saw a need for it because like many of you, we have passions and we have modalities that we really are excited about helping others heal as a light worker, as a wellness entrepreneur.

But yet we’re not really taught how to build a business. And I know that I wasn’t taught that even when I went through multiple schools, I taught that when I went to massage school, I wasn’t taught that health coach wasn’t taught that life coach wasn’t taught, like I wasn’t taught it. And. I really saw a need.

I’m like, I don’t want women to men too, don’t want anybody to have to try to figure it out and piece it together because people were thinking that they couldn’t do this. Yep. They were thinking, you know what, I’m just tapping out. I’m going back. I’m getting a nine to five job. This isn’t for me. And when we do that, we severely limit the impact that we can create in the world.

We don’t follow that soul calling when we don’t allow ourselves to really serve others in the way that we’re most meant to. We’re not helping, we’re not able to do what it is that we’re called to do. And. And so it was my then passion organically switched into how do I help people collapse the timeline and learn how to do this quicker, simpler, and without the aggressive borough marketing tactics that are out there, that are telling you just go, book a gazillion discovery calls and sell your, 90 day x, y, z thing, right?

So yeah, so that. That’s how the soulful abundant system developed was taking a look at what are some of the specific steps that I know that I used to not only build six figures, but multiple six figures across the million dollar mark in my business in three years. Being a stay-at-home mom with $25 in my account I know that it’s possible. I know. Like I know that it’s possible. 

Heather Alice: Exactly. I know that it’s possible as well, and I know because I’ve done it, but I think until you’ve done it, there is that doubt. I can rewind the tape in my own mind. And look at Heather in 2014 when I started my business, and it was a question mark for me, for sure.

I can, I I wanna ask you, and maybe this sounds like a silly question, but it’s popping into my head right now. Why is it that you think that healers and people who identify, intuitives empaths, highly sensitive people. Why is it that we seem to have a resistance to building business?

Yeah. I think a lot of people do struggle with it. It’s, it is a skill. Yeah. You do need training, but I just noticed. What is up with that? What do you think is going on there as a person who literally helps people? Yeah. Light workers and, wellness practitioners every single day. Yeah. What is going on?

Christine: Yeah. I think that it really is we have this calling and love to help others, and yet we don’t allow ourselves to receive. We are giving and we’re giving and we’re giving. And yet, we got into this role to help others, right? We didn’t get into this work necessarily to be like, Hey, come look at me, come work with me.

Come give me. And I think also there’s a cultural entrainment that somehow you can’t be spiritual and make money. That you have to choose one or the other, that if you’re really a light worker, money doesn’t matter. If you’re really wanting to help people you shouldn’t charge, right?

Like it’s, there’s this starving healer archetype that too many of us get caught into, and it’s just wrong. It’s just not true. You can absolutely be giving and loving and nurturing and allow yourselves to be well paid, sharing your gifts with others, and there’s multiple ways. know a lot of the women that I work with, they’re like, oh, but I don’t wanna leave anybody out. You don’t have to. 

Heather Alice: I hear that all the time. 

Christine: You don’t have to leave anybody out. And you also get to stand in your power and be the leader and the empowered leader that you are. And allow yourself to receive. Because if you don’t allow yourself to receive, then you’re not changing the world for anybody. You don’t have a business. 

Heather Alice: So let’s touch on that. Re the receiving. Yeah. What is up? Okay. So it’s, we have this resistance. I think it does come down to worthiness and receptivity. Yep. Why are we so afraid to. What, what is going on with that? Yeah. From your perspective what’s, what is that all about?

Why? Why do we struggle to receive? 

Christine: Yeah that’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? If I can bottle that, oh my gosh. 

Heather Alice: Because I’ll give you an example. When I, so I have am in, interact with I think when your business does start, you clear, you start clearing, multiple sick, you CR six, you cross that seven figure mark, you really are doing business with more men.

You meet more men in business, you get out of the, the healing community. Predominantly filled with women, right? Yeah. Yep. But what I have noticed in doing business with men is they don’t do this. Yeah. Yeah. They have, men have no problem receiving. None. They, because they.

They just don’t like for them. They understand, and I think it’s because their program from childhood that you have to be a provider. At one point in time you’re gonna have to have kids that you’re gonna be responsible for taking care of. Yep. Not to say women aren’t, but that’s the cultural narrative we’re in. Yeah. So they don’t have any of this going on. 

Christine: No, you’re so right. I remember my mom. Sharing with me that she was a French major. She went to college, but she was a French major and she was told to do that by her counselor because she was just gonna get married and have kids anyway.

Like she didn’t really need to like, Get anything meaningful to like, take care of yourself. So this cultural entrainment, is what, I mentioned earlier that, women are supposed to be the givers and the nurturers, not the receivers. Right? Women are supposed to be doing all and putting themselves last, which we all get caught into that piece too.

Let me give and if there’s, when there’s time for me then I’ll, take care of myself. There’s that component. And then linked with the wellness industry, which is also about giving and about serving, and about sharing and about helping others. We miss the component that in order to truly be of service to somebody, they need your help.

They need your help. If they could do it on their own with the books and the handouts, they would have, but the truth is the people that get the best results actually have support. They ac have accountability. They have a system that they get to go through. And so if you’re really wanting to support people to the best of the ability, you have to invite people to work with you so that they can have the support that they deserve.

Heather Alice: Yeah. Without you nailing your, Playing the martyr. Yeah. Yes. Oh I don’t need the money, first of all. Yes, you do. Yeah. You need to yeah, you need to, sorry sorry. It’s a’s kind of a thing. Yeah. Okay. So I’m gonna throw this out there and I’m I’d love to hear what you think about it.

And I am looking in the mirror. I think that not wanting to receive is a great way to never be vulnerable. Ooh. And so as long as I’m in the position of giver as long as I’m in the position of helper. Then I never have to put my guard down or admit that I might need help with something or that I might need to receive.

And so what I think a lot of healers who haven’t healed the receptivity wound, it really comes from you just don’t wanna be vulnerable. Yeah. And you don’t wanna be in a position of admitting. Admitting that you need other people to support you back, because that’s what the money exchange is about.

Yeah. It’s about, I give you this, you give me that. Yeah. It’s like I give you this, but no. I’m good. I’m good. God forbid I admit that I’m vulnerable with you here, right? No. I’m good. I’m good. I got all the answers. I’m good. It’s good. We’re good. I’m good. I’m all set here. I don’t need.

Like that to me, I had to break up with that. I was like that. So bad. And what I realized is like I’m just scared to be vulnerable. Yeah. I’m just scared to admit that I actually deeply want to make money. I deeply want the security that it can bring. I don’t know. I just wanted to get your thoughts on that.

Christine: That’s so good, Heather. Yeah. That, and also I would link responsibility with that. That’s something that I see with my clients, right? That once they start receiving money for their services, now they feel responsible. 

Heather Alice: Oh, say more about that. Say more about that respon. Yeah, say more about the responsibility piece.

That’s brilliant. 

Christine: Yeah. When we start receiving money, then all of a sudden we’re like, oh, now I have to make sure that they get results right? If I am gonna receive from you and you’re giving me, and you’re investing in, whatever you’re investing in, now we’ve got to make sure I need to be responsible.

But if I don’t take money, then I just get to serve. I just get to give, I don’t have to be responsible for being in this co-creation with somebody and walk along with them. By the way, it’s never our responsibility to make sure anybody gets results. So let me just speak into that truth here.

Yeah. It’s our responsibility to walk alongside somebody, but we can’t jump inside of somebody’s body and make them actually do the thing, or, take the steps or what, whatever modality it is that we’re training them in that needs to, there needs to be a hundred percent responsibility there.

But for some reason, when we receive income, we feel like, oh, shit, now I need to be responsible. And that feels really uncomfortable. Sure. Don’t get results. 

Heather Alice: And that part, I totally I totally feel a softness for, because that is really scary to feel like you’re responsible for something that fundamentally you have no control over.

If you feel responsible for your client’s results, you literally cannot. You have no control over whether or not they get the results yeah. Yeah. For me I do have a lot I feel a lot of compassion and softness there because you’re doomed to fail if that’s how you see it yeah, I think that’s the education piece that you and I are really big on. There is a difference between a coach, consultants are responsible for outcomes, not coaches. Yeah. Yeah. So we provide the gateway and we walk the path, but it really is on the client. We aren’t. I’m not responsible at all.

I can’t. I can lead, I can put the path there. We, I can walk the path with my client. Yeah. But I can’t make people practice their coaching skills. I can’t force people to develop their intuition and use the strategies and practice every day. Like I, I literally cannot.

Yeah, I can give you the best system in the world, but if you don’t get up and do it, then what you know then. 

Christine: Exactly right. Yes, absolutely. I was working with a friend of mine who’s a neurolinguistic practitioner and I loved the agreement that she sent out to her clients. I’m like, can I borrow this?

This is really good cuz she’s like, I can guarantee you results, but you gotta show up and do the work. And I’m like, that’s brilliant. Like you. Yeah. If you wanna guarantee show up and do the work. You wanna guarantee show up, 

Heather Alice: You are your own guarantee. Yeah. You’re like, I say, I stand this. My methodologies work 100% of the time, all the time, and I 100% stand behind them.

Yeah. But you’re the guarantee, not me. Yep. The system works. The question is, do you? Yes. Yes. I think that as practitioner. For everyone listening to this, it’s a beautiful way of sharing that co-created space. I’m taking responsibility for my part. You take responsibility for yours, but I think this, now we’re touching on the worthiness piece.

And boundaries. Yeah. And boundaries. Because if I’m responsible now, but what if I’m not good enough? Yes.

Christine: Yep. 

Heather Alice: So then we get into that. Yeah. 

Christine: Yeah, totally. 

Heather Alice: The imposter syndrome. 

Christine: Oh my gosh, yes. I By the way, it doesn’t matter what level of income you’re at, you’re gonna bump up against that all the time.

It doesn’t matter, like you’re gonna bump up against it. It just is because every time you hit a new level, there’s that another, with that, that, that high end ceiling that you have to bust through. But here’s what I love to say about this imposter syndrome is that, When you move through this, you’re actually sourcing it in a way that is gonna allow you to help others as well.

That you’re gonna source that for your clients, right? Because if we never own our own worthiness, how are we gonna help others own theirs? We have to be the ones to start that and, own our unworthiness. Know that we’re gonna bump up against the imposter syndrome like everybody does, but not let that stop you and let that be, the fire for, you know what, I’m gonna do it anyways.

I’m gonna try it anyways. I’m just gonna be myself anyways. I’m just gonna take the next step anyway. Because we’re always gonna have, as the part of our brain that tells us, don’t do the thing. Don’t take the next step. Don’t step outta your comfort zone. Don’t be vulnerable. Don’t be too visible.

Don’t let anybody get too close. Don’t like, that’s the part that wants to keep us safe, so we’re never gonna turn that part off. But what we get to do is do it anyways. We get to bust through it and see, oh shit, I actually survived that. Amazing gosh, I did this thing, it actually worked. I can do it again.

Heather Alice: Yeah, and I think with the imposter syndrome conversation, I think it comes from an honest place within us. We always feel a little awkward and like we’re an imposter when we’re doing things we’ve never done before. Yes. So in a way it’s. So it’s like you’re always gonna feel that way.

It’s actually just a part of the growth process. Yeah. But also I think when we’re lying to ourselves that nothing makes you feel like a fraud and a, and an imposter more than lying to yourself. Let’s be clear, you’re not going to bullshit. Your unconscious mind. I’ll give you an example of what I’m talking about here.

When I ask people and my, when I talk to new coaches that are coming in, when I ask them, what is it that you really want? None of them will tell me that they wanna make the money. And I know the reason why they won’t is because they’re scared. They’re gonna get judged. They’re scared. I’m gonna judge ’em.

They’re scared, somebody’s gonna judge ’em. But when I send out an email. And I put in my subject line money. Guess what? I get the highest open rates. Yeah. So there’s a complete incongruence there. Yes. Between what people are willing to admit and what people really want and what I’m, what I.

Th know to be true is that’s actually where imposter syndrome comes from. It’s not because you aren’t good. It’s not because you don’t know how to do it yet. It’s not that you aren’t successful. Tt’s that you just won’t admit that you wanna get paid. Just admit you wanna make money.

It’s that’s it. If you’ll just say, yeah, I’d like to make 6,000, 7,008 per client, I would like to have. All of that. Then the imposter syndrome, it’s okay, I’m now congruent. Stan like to me, being honest with ourselves and our clients is what gets us over the imposter syndrome.

It’s all, like you said, it’s always gonna be there, but that part’s easy. That’s just learning new skill. It’s the lie we’re telling ourselves. Yeah. Yeah. I don’t. I don’t care what anyone says. You don’t just wanna do this for free, you don’t, nobody just wants to do it for free. kind of a, you don’t, and if you did, you wouldn’t be thinking about starting a business, you guess what you would be doing.

You would just be doing it for free somewhere. Yeah. Never having this conversation. So like I know that’s bullshit. Yeah. And other people know it’s bullshit. So why don’t we just like li it’s liberate yourself to make money so more people so you can be supported. So you can help more people.

Christine: Oh my gosh. Thank you so much for saying it. When we think of money and we call it currency, It needs to come in and it needs to go out. It flows in, money is currency, and so when we allow ourselves to receive money, We also allow ourselves to give. Yep. And so there is this beautiful flow, and somewhere in the wealth consciousness we get stuck there, either we don’t believe, I like to think of it as like a waterfall and a stream and an ocean.

The world is abundant. Your clients are everywhere. There is absolutely more clients than you can handle in your lifetime that are willing to work with you and invest to work with you, but we don’t believe that. So we kind of put the kibosh on this waterfall, which is this never ending flow of abundance that’s coming into the rivers.

We’re the rivers, and then from the rivers it flows out into the greater good. Where do we get stuck in our wealth consciousness? Are we getting stuck, not believing that there’s a waterfall of consistent flow of currency and resources and abundance that’s coming to us? Or maybe we’re worried that, gosh maybe as the river my bank is not enough to hold, all of the responsibility and the clients and the money and the, and everything.

Then what we’re doing is we’re not actually believing that there’s an ocean, that all of this goodness is gonna flow. For the greater good. So there’s this, these pieces, and look, we’re not taught this. We’re not taught this. We are taught somebody else’s programming about money. And so we have to relearn this.

We have to see that. You know what? I love money. I am not embarrassed to say I love money. Do you know why I love money? Because it allows me to provide quality of life for my family. I’m taking my kids to France this weekend. I can give scholarships to women. I can give to charities and help people with food insecurity.

I get to use that as a tool. And I see it as a tool. I’m not embarrassed to say I love money. It allows me the freedom and the choices to do things, and we need more people that are conscious and soulful entrepreneurs to have money so that they can use it in a way that is beneficial to our world. 

Heather Alice: I love that.

I think it’s, which side do you wanna be playing on and Yeah, I don’t think that, we could ask a broad question here is the world better off with good hearted loving people who really want to help others. Is the world better off if none of them have the resources to change the world? Or is it worse off?

Yeah, it’s worse off when people who use money as a tool, it’s worse off. When we’re limiting ourselves, we’re just making the world a dimmer place. Okay. So we’ve got some amazing comments. I wanna save some time over here to get into these questions, but before we jump into that, I would love for you to share with our beautiful people, your soulful abundance system and how you help your clients, how you help holistic practitioners and healers step into a six figure soul led business? 

Christine: Yeah. Oh, I would love to share. Yeah. So this is in the soulful abundance system is something that I use personally. I return to it over and over again. My clients use it, they return to it over and over again.

It can take you to six figures, multiple six figures, seven figures. It’s a very simple six step system, and the first part of the system really is what you were talking about of worthiness. Aligning is the very first step. So aligning to our own value, aligning to our own worthiness, allowing ourselves to say, look, if you want a six figure business, claim that right now you are a six figure entrepreneur.

And that is actually what I started doing before I hit six figures. I had to go off on my phone a reminder every single day. January is the 10 k month. And then when February came up, February is a 10 k a month. March is a 10 k month. April is a 10 K month. So I was getting that reminder that no, I am right now even though the bank account doesn’t show it yet.

But I am a six figure entrepreneur. And when we do that, when we claim that, then we show up in the world as that we begin to think like that. We begin to believe like that. We begin to take the actions that allow that to happen. So that aligning really is .The most critical piece, and it’s actually, the abundance mindset is the foundation from which all of the other steps happen.

We get to come back to this over and over again because mindset is not a one and done. It’s a muzzle that we get to pull and use over and over again. And then the second step is design. So this is where we get to get into like the practicalities of what are your programs, what is your pricing, what is your business model?

What is your signature system? That’s one thing that when I got, oh my gosh, my signature system, the soulful abundance system, now I have a process. To take people through. So instead of me saying, oh, come work with me cause I’m an amazing business coach, I can say, no, come work with me because I have a series of steps, a process that is gonna help you go from where you are right now, struggling to where it is that you wanna be.

So creating a signature process. Having your pricing and your programs, making sure that you have, and what I teach my clients is we’re gonna hone in on two core main offers, a high end offer, and a middle tier offer. And those, that is the basis of the six figure business. And so making sure that you’re pricing it appropriately, depending on, what it is that, that you wanna do, whatever the container is you’re gonna hold for your clients. So that design piece, also designing your life. So that it feels free, right? We can’t, so that we’re not hustling. So the design pieces, what do I even want my business to look like? What do I want my life to feel like? How many weeks do I want to work? Do I wanna take the last week?

I take the last week off every single month I am client facing the first three weeks, the last week off. I’m not client facing, which means it allows me to put the visionary hat on. E hat on, or to go away on retreat and get quiet and allow myself to have access to the divine downloads and the creation, the creativity that I had in me. And so we get to, not everybody wants to take the last week off, that’s okay. But we get to decide what do we want it to look like so that we can show up in our lives and have the freedom that we want to have. So that’s the design. And once we have those basics, I call those, six figure foundations, those basics in.

Then we move into the next pillar, which is attract. We have to get in front of people. We have to share what it is that we do, and we have to invite people to work with us. That’s the basics of business. I don’t care if you’re selling mattresses or if you’re selling coaching, or if you’re selling cars.

We have to allow ourselves to attract people into our e. That we most wanna help. So that attraction piece, how do we do that? There’s a lot of different ways to do that. My favorite way to do that is by building relationships and cultivating community. And it’s a very organic way to actually bring people into my ecosystem and also nurture them and give people value and create quick wins and create epiphanies for them so that no, like trust can be built before I even invite them to work with me.

Right? So it’s not like trying to take, drag somebody, a stranger, into our world and think about trying to turn them directly into a buyer. The, this middle component of the so abundant system is actually attract, nurture, and invite, and it goes together.

It’s like the Venn diagram, right? We, why don’t attract people into our world? We wanna nurture those to the relationships and give people value, and then we also need to invite people to work with us. If we’re missing one of those pieces, we’re not gonna actually have a thriving. Because if we don’t attract people of the right people into our world and we’re just nurturing and inviting we might be getting lots of nose and tire kickers because it’s not the right person.

We wanna make sure that we are, we’re really clear with that. If we’re attracting and inviting, then really what that is just taking stranger into a buyer and there’s no nurturing. And then if we’re attracting and nurturing, we never invite people to work with us. There’s no sales happening, there’s no income generating in your business.

So these three middle pillars are things that we to over and over again. And nurturing can happen in multiple ways. It can happen with in-person events, it could happen with live events, it could happen with online events. There’s a lot of different ways that we can servee and nurture. My favorite is Facebook groups because it is, it allows me to cultivate and create community.

Organically. I don’t pay for ads. I allow myself to create, bring people together. And like I said earlier, that was my jam. I love to bring people together. I love to share. I love to teach. I love to give value. And what I know is that all the energy that we put out always comes back to us.

Focused on giving value. 

Heather Alice: If we let ourself receive it will come back. Yeah. 

Christine: Yeah. Exactly. Exactly. And this energy of generosity, right? And we allow ourselves to be generous and allow ourselves to receive. And that receiving comes when you actually invite somebody to step into the transformation that they want.

And this is where we get to redefine the sales conversation because the sales conversation unfortunately, is being taught in ways that are like, get the sale, close the deal, get the client. And it’s, it feels out of alignment for many of us that are really wanting to serve and help. And that is just a really outdated way of thinking because if we think about what really is a sale it’s actually an enrollment.

The sale is actually just a soulful exchange of what we call money. What we’re really doing though, before that even happens is enrolling somebody into what it is that they want. And that is what enrollment is about. It’s helping somebody get what it is that they want. And if we approach Chip from there, then a soulful exchange in exchange of money will happen.

But if we’re only in it to close the deal, then it feels off and it feels wonky and it feels needy and it feels like we’re trying to drag somebody across the finish line. And it feels like I gotta get the client, which means we’ve already lost cuz we’re already in Garc. Because we I don’t have a client, I gotta get a client.

Gotta get a client, gotta pay the bills. You can’t create from that energy of lack. 

Heather Alice: Yeah, That sounds like it’s everything you need and nothing you don’t. Yeah, because a lot of this too, I think on the business development side, as I look at my business it’s not so much what I did do, it’s what I didn’t do.

And I think that was one of the questions Yeah. That, that we had posted about earlier. Okay. We’re gonna wrap up this recorded portion of the of the podcast, and then we’re gonna jump over here into questions. But I do wanna let everyone know where we can find Christine, it’s your, what is your Instagram handle?

Christine: Yeah, it is actually Chris slash Williams. Shine wealthy and wealthy is w e l t h y. 

Heather Alice: And we’ll have that in the show notes. And then you also have an a brilliant freebie, which we will have in the show notes as well. There’ll be a link to that. And it is where you can find more soul mate clients. Okay. Thank you guys for watching live. You’re the bestest we’re gonna be doing on Thursdays, these live podcast episodes, so I appreciate each of you.

You’re wonderful. Remember that. You’re the greatest ever done it. You’re brilliant, you’re smart, you’re everything. Get out there and do you do your just, all you gotta do is be you and just go out there and shine and give the world. Just have fun at this. Okay? Yes. Give yourself permission to just say, fuck it, I want the money and I’m gonna get paid.

There you go. That’s how we do. 

Christine: I love you so much. Yes. 

Heather Alice: Okay. I’ll see you guys next week. Together we rise.