Ep126: Breadcrumb Trails: A proven intuitive path to monetize your practice the right way the first time!

May 1, 2023

Are you looking to take your intuitive practice to the next level and monetize it successfully? Do you find yourself struggling to figure out the right path to follow?

Then you won’t want to miss the latest episode of “Everyday Intuitive” with Heather. In this episode, Heather dives deep into her Breadcrumb Trails method – a proven intuitive path to monetizing your practice the right way, the first time.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced intuitive, Heather’s Breadcrumb Trails method will give you the tools and guidance you need to make your practice more profitable and fulfilling. By sharing her own experiences and insights, Heather will help you identify the steps you need to take to create a sustainable, successful practice that aligns with your values and goals.

So, if you’re ready to take the next step in your intuitive practice, listen to this episode and learn from Heather’s expertise. With her help, you can unlock the full potential of your practice and turn it into a thriving business. Don’t miss out on this valuable resource – listen now and start taking your practice to new heights!

Soul Stirring Quotes:

“When I say the word success, what I mean is walking in your purpose.”

“Remember, the tortoise and the hare? Slow and steady wins the race.”

“The first step is to decide that you’re ready to do something different.”

“You’re here to stand and shine and just do you.”

“You can be the tugboat or you can be the lighthouse.”

“Purpose first, profit next.”

Episode Timecodes:

  • {00:28} We’re talking all about following the breadcrumb trail
  • {01:21} When Heather says success, this is what she means
  • {04:05} The path to success is not what you think it is
  • {05:37} Here’s a little exercise for you
  • {06:28} Exercise step A
  • {08:04} Exercise step B
  • {14:20} Exercise step C
  • {18:05} Exercise step D
  • {19:14} Making sense of exercise steps A, B, C, D, E, F, & G
  • {24:42} If you’re stuck somewhere in the ditch, you need to hear this
  • {25:34} How do you want to be: a tugboat or a lighthouse?
  • {30:35} Recap of the letters
  • {35:35} Wrapping up

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Episode Transcript:

Heather Alice: So today we’re gonna be talking all about following the breadcrumb trail of what you feel called to do as a coaching professional or just as somebody who’s ready to make a big shift in your life. I connect with people every single day who are like, you know what I do is not fulfilling and I know it and I’m looking for something else. And then we just go through, there’s this natural arc that we all struggle with as we are trying to discover our purpose and walk in it.

And this conversation I had today was so juicy and delicious and clarifying even for me. And I’ve been in business for 10 years, so I had a whole like episode of the show today that I was gonna share, and I literally scrapped it and in 15 minutes sat down and sketched this one out. Okay, so we’re gonna be talking about following the breadcrumb trail of walking in your purpose and why, and how this is so important.

If you want to shorten the timeline to the success that you know your soul is calling you to achieve, and that word success can be a loaded word. It invokes a lot of different things for a lot of different people. When I say the word success, what I mean is walking in your purpose.

I don’t think that we can be successful in life if we aren’t putting our purpose first, and then in business profit next. I believe in a purpose, first profit next business model. So when you hear me say successful, that’s what I mean. I mean discovering and walking in your purpose. Okay. So my goal with this is to give you some type of linear idea of the steps that you should be taking, the order that things need to go in, in order for you to not spin your wheels, to not get stuck, and to not ultimately sabotage yourself down the line a step or two later, right? Six months from now, a year from now, these are the pitfalls where people get stuck. What I’m trying to offer you is a way to look at stepping into your coaching business or your mentoring business, whatever it is you do.

If you’re in a helping professional, I’m trying to offer you a way to look at this so that ultimately you can spare yourself the stress. You can spend less money on programs that aren’t aligned for you. I see these mistakes every single day, you guys. And the thing that really concerns me with it is in the environment we’re in, it’s very loosey goosey.

It’s very like just get out there and you’re getting bombarded with emails all day long. People telling you to just go with the flow and let your business come to you and you can make, six figures by walking in your feminine or manifesting it. And then on the other side of this, you have people telling you to hustle and you need to focus on hardcore business strategies and tactics and it’s all just so overwhelming.

Meanwhile, you’re sitting there going, yo, I just wanna help people. Can we talk about that part? That is the goal of this. Okay? So I’m trying to give you a linear path to take that will help you understand not necessarily how to get like to your perfect ending, but to help you to become a master of walking the path that will take you anywhere you wanna go regardless of what ending your go-to.

So this is a meta skill. We’re talking about learning right now. Okay. And the reason why I’m passionate about, and I’m deviating from talking about intuition or life coaching, which are my typical topics is I’m noticing that people that really are powerful healers and people who really can help other people with their work, I’m noticing that they’re getting stuck in these spots.

Okay, so before I go into the steps, I do wanna say this. Truly, there is no such thing as a linear path, right? There’s no way any person can sit down and go, okay, if you do X, Y, and Z, this is absolutely gonna work for you. That’s just not the way that creativity works. That’s not the way business works.

Please know that I’m saying this lightly. Like I understand that I can’t absolutely just hand it to you on a platter that it is more non-linear. The path that you take will definitely meander, right? It’s definitely gonna curve. It’s definitely gonna do this. But what I see people doing ain’t this.

What I see people doing is veering their asses off into a left field and getting stuck there for five years and a hundred thousand dollars in debt later. Hiring coach after coach, who’s with me, who’s done that, right? We’ve all been burned at this point. That’s the point of this. I’m trying to return you to some type of cohesive attitude that you can take, so that you can make your next right step, which might feel like it’s gonna take you longer.

But ultimately, because you’re putting first things first, it’s actually gonna make you arrive way faster, right? Slow and steady wins the race. Remember, the tortoise and the hare? Slow and steady wins the race. And right now you got, there’s, you are being pulled at by every person in the world trying to turn you into that rabbit, right? Trying to turn, do this, do that, do this, do that, do this, do that. It’s like almost none of that stuff is actually gonna help you. Okay?

So right now, I want you to grab a piece of paper if you can. If you’re driving, please don’t do this, but I want you to grab a piece of paper if you can, and write down A, B, C, D, E, F, G. I want you to write it down a in a line so you can take notes with each letter. A, B, C, D, E, F, G. Write it down.

Okay, so we’re gonna walk through each of these letters and I’m gonna talk about certain things for you that you should be thinking about at each of these steps. So we’re at A, we’re gonna pretend that we’re at A right, wherever it is that you’re at. This is about taking your next right step. Okay? G is where we ultimately wanna go.

So let’s take the case of, we’ll use Sally as an example. Sally is a person who loves helping other people. She knows she’s maybe in her a career that’s not fulfilling to her. She knows she wants to do something different. She knows she wants to use intuition. She knows that she wants to help other people. Like that part she knows for sure she wants to do. Okay. So that’s A, we know that there’s something we’re wanting to do, but we’re also not all the way there yet. Okay, so you’re at A. The first step is to decide that you’re ready to do something different.

That’s a big one. There’s a lot of people that want to take inspired action that wanna do things, but they half-ass this decision. So much of our challenge in business is that we’re not actually all in. So the first step A is to actually decide. Decide that you’re going to commit to taking consistent action to changing something in your life, right?

You’ve got to actually go all in on that, and everyone misses that. They sit there in that space and go, oh, maybe one day, and they kick the can down the road. So I know you, you might be sitting there going I have decided. I don’t know. I wanna encourage you to really explore that maybe you haven’t gone all in.

I know it took me forever to really actually say, okay, I’m putting skin in this game. So you’re at A is really to decide that you’re actually ready and you want to do something about your situation, right? That you’re actually committed to taking action to helping other people. Okay? So then what do we do, right? So we’re like, yes, I’m gonna try something else. I definitely want to become a coach, to become a teacher, to become a mentor.

So then what we do is we go to B. So we start exploring, don’t we? We find other mentors in the space. We opt into people’s list. We digest people’s content. We start our process, which is amazing, and we dabble.

And I think there’s absolutely a place for dabbling. I think that there is a place for exploration, so we’re exploring. You’re looking for mentors that maybe you resonate with, you’re figuring out like what feels good to you. So at this stage, maybe you’re like enrolling in programs or just really trying to get more clarity around what your thing is.

Okay. So you’re dabbling, right? You’ve invested in some programs, probably you’ve had some shitty experiences in the programs. A lot of people are on stage B, aren’t they? They’re still dabbling. They’re still, they’re trying to figure out what it is that feels good to them. Now that’s a perfectly good stage of development.

 I don’t want to say you should never tire kick, or you should never dabble. I think that you should, but here’s where we’re breaking down. This is where I see people getting stuck. So we’re here and we’re dabbling, and then you get sucked into the whirlwind of one key mindset that this is where you get hijacked, okay?

Then you start worrying about marketing and selling and making money. But how am I gonna find clients? How am I gonna market? How am I gonna sell? How am I gonna make money? How is this actually gonna work out for me? You step into the worry, you see all of these people out here on, in the interwebs making so-called, supposedly making money, doing things.

And so you start saying to yourself I know I want to coach, but how am I gonna make money? Totally legitimate question. But the problem is you’re not there yet. You’re on B. You’re trying to skip down to G. You’re trying to skip down to these other steps. Okay, so you’re on A and B. So this is where we get hijacked, right?

Okay. I really need to make money. So then what do we do? We enroll in marketing courses. We figure out, we start trying to figure out Instagram, we, maybe we start posting every day, or we maybe launch a Facebook group or we launch a podcast and you start grinding your ass off with this, but guess what? You still don’t feel confident.

You still don’t have any really solid, put together high ticket programs out that you can offer people. You’re still just onesie twos, zing it. You’re probably thinking, oh, I need to launch a group program when maybe you’ve never even coached, a hundred hours of private. Okay, are you following me?

So we go to this marketing piece and we start worrying about that, and we sit there for years and years because we’re putting the cart before the horse. So we skip to the marketing and then we wanna learn how to sell, and then we wanna make money. But you know what the problem is? We’re missing a chunk of the steps.

And you cannot make money without these steps. You cannot serve, you cannot walk in your purpose without Actually going through the process. So if you’re at A, and you wanna get to G, which is what we just outline. You have to go through B, C, D, E, and F you. That is a part of the process and what really honestly scares the shit outta me is I don’t think very many people are telling you that.

I think it’s very much just I don’t, whatever. You can do it however you wanna do it. It’s yeah, you know what, you can do it however you want to do it, but you do have to do it. You can’t just go, oh, I, that doesn’t resonate with me. I, that doesn’t resonate. Or I, I don’t need that. You do need that.

You do need that. Actually, again, join me sitting in the church of the painful truth. You actually do need these other steps if you are going to run a sustainable business. I know it’s not popular. I know it’s not fun. I know you don’t like hearing it. I know. I know. I don’t like hearing it.

I know, hell, I don’t like saying it, but it’s the truth. So I wanna walk you through the rest of this in a way that I think actually will feel so good to you, and ultimately will ensure that when you do step up and you are going to start doing the marketing piece and the selling piece and the money piece.

Again, remember, purpose first, profit next. We love the profit. We wanna make the money. We’ve gotta put our purpose first, okay? It’s about us walking from the inside out. That is how you’re gonna run an aligned practice. So after the dabbling, instead of doing what 90% of the broke ass coaches out there do, instead of going from A to B to skipping C, D and going straight to marketing, selling, E is marketing, F is selling, G is making money, instead of skipping down to do those things, you’re gonna do what’s actually gonna help you instead.

It’s the hard yards. It’s the messy middle. It’s the super scary stuff that requires a lot of work initially. But once you nail this, oh my gosh, you will hit that moment of lift, you will soar. Why? Because you’re doing the things that other people just either simply don’t know to do or won’t do.

I had a mentor once tell me this and I was like, oh my God. He said, Heather, you should spend your time, wake up every day and do what other people won’t do so you can live a life that other people can’t do. So if you are willing to do the hard, you know the stuff that’s challenging on the front end, ultimately on the back end, you are going to reap all of the benefits of that.

So the purpose of me being here is I wanna tell you what those things are so you can actually do them. And you might be wondering like how does she know? I know because I’ve built a seven-figure business myself. I’ve walked this path. I know because I’ve done it right.

Ultimately, I wish I would’ve understood that if you do try to do things in somewhat of an order, it is easier. Okay? So B, is you’re dabbling, you’re exploring, you’re finding your thing. The next thing that you’re gonna do, the next, please hear me on this, the next thing that you’re gonna do is decide to get training, decide to get training. So there are tons and tons of coaching professionals out there, but the research of in the coaching industry shows from the ICF that the coaches that are actually properly trained are the ones that have the most clients, the most market share.

And even in the pandemic in a recession, their businesses are still growing. So while it isn’t required to have training as a helping professional, as an intuitive or as a coach you don’t have to do it. The people that do choose to do it are ultimately the ones that are able to get better results for their clients.

They’re confident soars because they see themselves possessing the skill, right? They witness themselves flourishing as that new version of themselves. So it’s not about getting a piece training, like getting trained or enrolling, in a program that can help you learn the skills that you desire.

It’s not really about getting a piece of paper. I hear people talk, you know a lot about that. They say, oh I don’t need that. It’s just a piece of paper. It is just a piece of paper. Maybe if that’s how you treat it. But really, if you’re finding a program that speaks to your heart and helps you walk in your purpose it’s actually the best thing for you because it’s going to help you flourish as the person you want to be.

So step C is get training. In other words, go pro. So you’ve gotta move out of the dabbler phase. Yes. And if we skip this stage, it’s not that you can’t make an impact. I’m not saying that you have to get training. I’m just saying that if you really wanna be a professional at it, you probably should. Just like any other job.

I come from a family of like blue collar workers and my dad was a, like a welder and a mechanic and he taught all my brothers how to weld. If they wanted to eventually get a job doing, being an electrician or you have to go get a certificate of that. If you want to cut hair, you need to have a certificate.

You have to go to school. You have to learn how to do these trades, right? Coaching is actually, coaching is way, it is way more important that you get training and coaching right, than it is for to be a hairstylist or a mechanic. It’s very important that you learn how to do that process. Yes, you’re naturally talented, but getting the training in a program with a mentor that resonates with you can change everything.

The minute that I found a business coach and the teachers that have helped me, that I hands down, I would not be running a seven-figure business without it. Without question. I would still be sitting in an office charging $85 a pop. No, there’s nothing wrong with that. But my impact and my purpose and who I am in the world would absolutely be a dmmier place.

Okay? So getting training is not about getting checking a box and getting a piece of paper. It’s about you deeply giving to yourself and becoming the version of yourself that you wanna be. Okay? So at the get training stage, what’s so cool about this is you’re exploring yourself. You’re coming to understand who it is you actually want to serve.

If you don’t skip C it becomes clearer to you who you’re supposed to serve. It becomes clearer to you what your message is. It becomes clearer to you that the genre of do I wanna do relationship coaching or do I wanna do career or, do I wanna do astrology? How do you wanna show up? This becomes clear to you. In other words, you get out of your head and into the actual job of doing it. All of that happens when you give to yourself at step C.

Step D is, this is one people skip a lot too. Step D is from this place of. You’re knowing who you are, you’ve got clarity on how you serve, you know what your message is. You’re really ready to go. You’re ready to step up and say yes. If I threw 10 clients at you, you would be like, I got this. You would actually feel a sense of you might be nervous, but you would feel a sense of I got this. Like I can handle it. So the next step is you need to create your coaching programs.

You need to have a solid offer before you start talking about marketing, before you start posting all day on Instagram, before you start worrying about building your business, you should have some type of offer down. And again, people skip this. They skip it all the time, all day long. So I say this to a lot of the clients that come to me, they say.

Heather, how am I gonna find clients? And I say if I gave you 10, would you know what you’re doing with, would you know how to serve them? Would you really feel confident you can change those people’s lives? And if I gave you 10 people, like what would you coach them on?

 In other words, the issue isn’t marketing and it’s not finding clients. All of that will come when you are standing in the place of confidence and knowing the truth of who you are and how you serve, does that make sense? So you’re moving, you can see how these things stack, right? You decide. There is a place for dabbling. There is a place for just exploring you then commit to something through training. You figure out who you are and who you serve, and how you do it, and what you wanna say, and how that’s gonna come out of you. Just naturally, you don’t have to sit and think about it anymore. You just know who you’re here to serve. And then you create programs and offers. After you know what it is you’re offering people, then you step into marketing, then you step into selling, then you step into making money.

This is what people are doing. That’s backwards, right? So we think about it like this. If you wanna offer, let’s say you want to go into business selling shoes, you’re a shoe salesman. What do you need in order to sell shoes? You need shoes. You actually need shoes, right? You can’t just say I sell shoes, but you don’t really have any shoes and you’ve never really made a pair of shoes. You’re just saying that you have shoes. I know this doesn’t feel good to hear, but 90% of the coaches out there in the online space, this is what they’re doing.

So another question I got asked on this call was like, oh my gosh, the market seems like it’s so saturated. It just seems like there’s just so many people in it. And there are, there’s a lot of people in it, but 90% of them are not really ready to step up at that larger level. So the good news is, if you’re willing to do A, B, C, D, E, F, G, you’re going to be in that 10% just naturally, because you’re gonna have your ducks in a row, things in their right place, right?

You’re at least able from that place to be able to market, to be able to offer and to be able to earn a great living doing the work that absolutely does resonate to you and for you. So I hope that this helps. It’s just, it’s an overall schematic of it, but what I don’t want you to do is skip the part where you allow yourself to transform and then you really figure out what it is you’re here to give the world.

Once you have an offer down, then you will know how to market it. Then you will know how to talk to people about it. But we can’t jump on calls confidently. We can’t figure out how to market if we don’t know what we’re offering. Another cool thing about this is, so many people, or gosh, it happens to all of us too, right?

Like no one’s immune to this, but it’s like, I don’t know what my messaging is. I don’t know what to post today, or I feel like I’m just repeating myself or I feel like what I’m saying isn’t really landing or resonating. It’s like, yeah, of course you don’t know how to do all of that yet. You don’t know what you’re selling yet. You don’t know what you’re offering people yet.

So if you will take the time to go from A, B, C, D, right? If you’ll get that training, really figure out yourself and who you’re serving, create that offer. By the time you get to the end of creating your offer, you’re gonna know how to market it. You don’t have to like, you’ll be there, right?

Because D is right by E, and E is right by F, right? So, that next right step is clear to you, it’s that breadcrumb trail. Instead of trying to figure it out. You don’t need to figure out where the breadcrumb trail leads. You don’t need to know where every single solitary little thing is. You just need to follow them.

But we need to understand that there’s first things first. We can’t sell something we haven’t created. Okay? We can’t create something that we don’t know how to do. We can’t learn how to do it if we don’t give ourselves permission to explore and dabble.

And we’re never gonna dabble and explore if we don’t decide that we want to do something differently. Okay? So give yourself that gift and maybe even stop right now and ask yourself, where am I at with this? And which step of this have I skipped? And if you can’t sit here and say, I’m absolutely, positively sure that I know how to help the people that I’m serving get results, that I am 100% deadly at what I do as a coaching professional.

If you are not 100 and you are a hundred percent sure on who you’re serving and how you’re stepping up into that space, do not be worrying about marketing, right? You’re not on that step. You didn’t zig-zag right? You didn’t zig-zag. You veered off. You’re in a ditch that like, we’re in a ditch somewhere when we’re sitting here worrying about how we’re gonna make money and find cl.

 Doesn’t that feel horrible? I don’t know about you, but I cannot stand sitting there worrying about that or thinking about that. If my house is, that’s the, that it should be like the last thing that you’re worrying about. It’s natural to think about it. But if we will do things in this order, what you will find is that the answer is obvious to you after you have walked the path of becoming who you wanna be, knowing how you serve, honoring your purpose, listening to your own intuition, creating offers that you’re freaking so proud of, so freaking proud of, you can’t shut up about ’em.

So I just wanted to say that please, if you are in the the ditch of worrying about how you’re gonna market and how you’re gonna find clients, pull yourself out of that. Pull yourself out of that. Get yourself back on the road of service. Put yourself back on the road of purpose. Put yourself back on the road of this is who I am, this is how I’m called to serve.

And I trust that these other aspects of what I know I need to do will come to me. But what I’m not gonna do is sit here and start stressing about how all of it is gonna happen, okay? Because if you worry about the marketing, if you worry about finding clients. If you’re thinking about that kind of stuff, you will never take that next right step.

You will never get the help that you need. You will never create that program because you’re doing it as backwards, right? So for instance I talk a lot about, like on the messaging side, clients will come to me and say, Heather, I don’t, how do I get my message down? And I say what do you want to say?

And they’ll go I don’t know, what is it that everybody wants to hear? What, how do I say it in a way that’s gonna make people like understand what I’m saying? And I’m like, you say it in the way you wanna fucking say it. Like why do you care how other people see it?

Like you’re here to be the lighthouse. You’re here to stand and shine and just do you. Conviction, courage, bravery, like what you’re here to say. That’s what’s gonna turn people on, right? It’s not, what do I need to say to get people to enroll or it’s, what is my soul here on fire to talk about? So you can be the lighthouse or you can be the tugboat. Both of them pull ships into the harbor. Tugboats, exhausted tugboats out there trying to pull in every last damn ship that drives by, whether that boat wants to come in or not, right?

It’s exhausting to run your business like that. It’s absolutely exhausting and if you are a coach online today, that is why it is you feel overwhelmed and drained. Again, I feel it every day too, man. The minute I open up these apps, I’m like, oh my God. Here’s one more thing, right? You have to table all of that and constantly stay committed to your purpose. It’s an every single day thing, okay? So you can be the tugboat or you can be the lighthouse.

And the lighthouse does not worry about whether or not ships come into port. It simply stands in a dark and dangerous place on the edge, man, on the edge of the emo, the water, the turbulent waters, and the craggy rocks of the land. It stands right there at that delineation point. Very dark and dangerous place.

I live here in Florida, so there’s a lot of lighthouses around. It’s like really wild actually. When the storms come in, just stands there shining, every single day, standing there shining. That’s what you’re here to do. So if you will become that lighthouse first, by the time you get to the stage of your business where you’re really ready to stand up and turn it on all cylinders, you won’t be muzzled anymore.

You won’t be sitting there wondering, will you be nervous? Sure. Will it be a little scary? Absolutely. Everything is that’s new. But what you won’t be as confused. What you won’t be is still stumbling around in the dark. You’ll at least know the direction that you want to go, and you’ll be prepared to take that next right step.

Okay? So that is what the breadcrumb trail is. It’s not about, you can only see the next little breadcrumb, you’ll can only see that one. Okay? So the businessy side of this, the money, there is not one person out here in this space that’s doing like really good, aligned work. That hasn’t had to say to themselves, I’m gonna put first things first, right?

I’m going to move maybe at a slower pace. It might take more time to do it this way, but it’s slow and steady that’s gonna win that race. It’s not sexy maybe to do it this way. We feel like we need to be out there doing all the things all the time. We don’t. You really don’t. You really should just be with yourself.

I would say for your first year or two, maybe even in business, there’s a vibe to this. It does take time for you to refine your offers and to really build something that you’re proud of and that you can add to. Where when you work with people, you’re seeing the common themes and then years and years from now, you’re still teaching.

I’m still teaching the basic concepts that I started in 2014 when I launched my business. Still to this day, I’m just adding and adding. To this day it’s a true body of work. Okay, so I wanted to share that with you. A, B, C, D, E, F, G. Do not worry about the E, the F, and the G. You will get there when you get to D.

Just get to D, okay? And then you can worry about the marketing and the selling and the money. It will come in the time that it is supposed to come. Okay? So follow your heart, stay in your purpose. Give yourself the gift of transformation from the inside out. The first person you have got to transform. If you wanna be an aligned practitioner, you know the first person that you have to transform is yourself.

You can’t, it’s, you have to become the butterfly, right? The caterpillar to the butterfly from that place. And I think we skipped that. I think we think, oh, I’m not worth the investment or I don’t deserve to have that. You do deserve it. And that’s where confidence comes from. It comes from, a lot of the self-doubt and the imposter syndrome and all these things we struggle with.

On the other side of that, how we get through that is simply witnessing ourselves as the person that we say we are and the person on that, we long to be the person that we know we already are on the inside. When you start to witness yourself walk in the world as that person, that’s where confidence comes from. It comes from witnessing yourself doing what you say that you’re gonna do.

Okay. A recap of the letters. Okay. A is decide. It’s like you gotta go all in. You can’t. You have to decide that you want to change your life. You have to decide that I’m going to step into a second career. I definitely want to help people and I understand that I have to do things different in order to make that happen. So in other words, we have to stop thinking about things and we have to decide to do things.

So A is decide, B is dabble. So you know how we talk about like shiny object syndrome or like the multifaceted entrepreneur. I think that’s great. We should be that way. It’s wonderful. It’s a stage of our develop. So you’re dabbling, you’re exploring, you’re looking at what resonates with you. You’re stepping into this space. You’re, looking at mentors and coaches who you feel like can lead you forward. Maybe you invest in some maybe you don’t, but you’re dabbling, right? You’re trying to find the thing. You’re looking at many options.

This C is getting training, so in other words, you’ve gotta pull the trigger on something. Just like any profession in the world, coaching is a job that you need to learn how to do. Yes, you’ve got natural talent, but it’s actually a skillset. Okay. So the analogy I always give to this is it’s you do need training. It would be like going to an open heart surgeon and going, okay, where’d you get, where’d you receive your medical training? And that person going, oh I didn’t like, I just Yeah, and I’ve always been good with my hands, so I’m an open heart surgeon. Now it’s no. Okay. Maybe you are. Maybe you are naturally interested in this and maybe you are naturally good with your hands. And maybe all that’s great, but you need to know what the fuck you’re doing. It’s the same with coaching, right? It’s the same with if you’re a hairdresser, you need to get a license. If you’re a welder, you need training. It’s the coaching industry is no different except for, because it’s deregulated. People don’t understand that you actually do need to go all in to learn a skillset regardless of how talented you are, right? And that’s where confidence comes from when you really are able to see yourself in it.

So C is training, D is creating programs and offers. So you’re a service-based professional, but you need to turn that into a program or a product that people can understand. People always skip training and offers, and they go right to marketing. They go from dabbling to how am I gonna find clients? How do I learn how to market? How do I post on Insta? How do I start a podcast? Oh, maybe I’ll write a book. I’m gonna start hosting retreats in Costa Rica. Do you even know what you’re doing yet? Do you even have a vehicle of transformation? I know for you, you’re, you think you do, but for for the people you’re serving, what’s it like for them to work with you? Do they even understand what you do? I would hotly contend that the reason why coaches don’t have better marketing is cuz they don’t know what they’re, they don’t really know what their offers are. And it’s not your fault. It’s just no one Intuits that you don’t wake up knowing how to put together. A really cohesive, streamlined, effective, dialed in profitable program. That’s something you have to be taught, right? So that’s D is offers.

Then E is learning marketing. So D is you create your offer. E is you learn marketing. F as you learn how to enroll, you learn the sales process absolutely needed. Not saying you don’t, you do, you learn selling. And G is you make money. So we wanna get to G, we wanna make money, but if we don’t have these things in order, we’re gonna spin our wheels. And what people are doing is they’re skipping training and they’re skipping, creating really cohesive, awesome, effective programs.

And the reason why they’re skipping the program is cuz they didn’t get the training. They don’t really know. They miss the part where they’re like, I understand myself. I know who I am. I’m clear. I’m a hundred percent clear. I’m committed to this process. I know how I’m supposed to serve. I am absolutely going to put together a program that is amazing.

I’m ready to go. I’m out there. It’s like if you’re a shoe salesman, you need shoes. You don’t need to tell people you’re selling shoes. You can tell people you’re selling shoes, but I hope you actually have a pair of shoes to sell them. Does that make sense? Okay. It’s no different with coaching.

Again. I know it sucks. I know it’s not fun to hear. Especially as an intuitive, we don’t necessarily love structure, guys. That’s not something that we really dig. We’re like, I just wanna hang out and feel good. It just, when the inspiration strikes I get it. I’m an intuitive myself. I’m like, if I’m not creating something, I’m losing my shit.

I absolutely don’t love sitting down to concretize things. It is the thing that 90% of the coaches out there are skipping, which is why 90% of the coaches out there, God bless them, they’re talented, wonderful human beings. That’s why they’re broke. That’s why they’re not making money, which is okay. No judgment.

I just don’t want that to be you. I want you to understand that this is actually way simpler than you might think. Way simpler than you might think. But it’s not gonna just drop out of the sky. You’ve got to sit down and say, okay, I’m taking this seriously. Here’s how I’m gonna show up. And then make the decisions and trust that process. Trust that process.

So anyway, those are the steps. You got all the links. Okay. We’ve posted that shit damn near everywhere. Okay? So if you are in our Facebook group, hit me up. We can DM us and if you are interested in learning how to become a certified intuition teacher in four months, teaching other people how to tap into their intuition using a science-driven method to make that happen, DM me, I’d love to connect with you.

Okay? I’ll talk to you guys later.