Ep16: It’s Ok To Do It For The Money!

Mar 3, 2020

“I don’t do it for MONEY.” How many times have you heard this statement from your fellow coaches or from yourself? I want to break this poverty mindset and show you why it is important for you to live a prosperous life.

If this is you, settle in for this episode of The Everyday Intuitive as Heather discourses with Bobby Chandiramani, a visionary, entrepreneur, and coach, about positioning and messaging, positioning mistakes and repositioning indications of your service-based business.

This podcast is something that I have been dying to share my thoughts on! Prosperity mindset is something that a lot of coaches and even entrepreneurs don’t often prioritize because of so many social and personal reasons. But these reasons can be crushed and I am so ready to help you do it and change your life today. And I (finally) have my amazing husband, Brannon Michael Shea, sharing his amazing insights on why a lot of fellow intuitive tend to have a poverty mindset.

So get ready to roll on hard cash and live a more prosperous life that can support your life’s purpose.

Episode Timecodes:

  • 1:18 Why I’m doing this disruption podcast with Brannon.

  • 5:40 Brannon’s thought on why coaches stay away from charging more.

  • 11:11 The day I became so fed up hearing “You are worth this rate” – I AM PRICELESS.

  • 16:45 Confidence and shifting your mindset from the poverty complex.

  • 20:50 Our soul and social reasons on our right to make radical money.

  • 23:08 Why the social reasons that stop us from becoming high ticket coaches are garbage.

  • 31:41 Prosperity Mindset = Impact, Improvement, Influence

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