Ep19: The Power of Sharing Your Story with April Adams Pertuis

Mar 24, 2020

You got your stories of your life experiences, and you want to proudly share it to the world. The only question is “which one”? What is your life story that resonates the most with what you do today in your business and life? How do you want to impact the lives of the people around you with your story?

If this is you, settle in for this episode of The Everyday Intuitive as Heather discourses with Bobby Chandiramani, a visionary, entrepreneur, and coach, about positioning and messaging, positioning mistakes and repositioning indications of your service-based business.

April Adam Pertuis is a great example of people who create a huge impact with her stories. Her passion is helping women discover their stories, their why, so they can own it, speak it and share it to others. A veteran journalist, April values powerful stories and what makes you YOU. She’s learned that we have similar dreams, fears, goals, and doubts.

So ladies, if you want to elevate your brand, or simply create a deeper connection with your audience and clientele, this episode is perfect for you. And without further ado, let’s hear April and her story!

Episode Timecodes:

  • 4:15 Why story-telling is vital for your business

  • 7:20 How April went through her process of stepping up to share her own story

  • 8:20 Your story is not about your highlight reel – this is what it is really aiming to do.

  • 10:05 You don’t have to have a “trauma story” to have a good story to share

  • 14:00 story-telling leads to massive self-confidence

  • 16:47 Why energy sensitive coaches struggle to be visible (hint: valuing yourself and building confidence)!

  • 21:22 Be authentic- you can’t borrow someone else’s story!

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