Ep20: 5 Questions to Activate Your Intuitive Abilities

Mar 31, 2020

Are you an aspiring or active intuitive coach who needs some guidance on how to discover your higher intuitive abilities? Or you simply want to start turning your life around and achieve your goals through higher intuition? Then ladies (or gentlemen), this podcast episode is for you!

I know a lot of people want to access their higher self or their higher truth, so they can finally have the life they deserve. I think that is AWESOME, but how do you do it? I have these five mind-blowing questions in this podcast episode, dedicated to you who finally want to break free from what your rational and small self confines you to. This podcast is dedicated to YOU who wants to start listening to what the universe wants you to have, and to start having a deeper connection with life- intuitive coach or not.

Listen, enjoy, and let yourself be guided by these five questions that can open up your mind, heart, and soul to your higher, intuitive self.

Soul Stirring Quotes

“Start learning to pay attention and believe in the synchronicities and the signs all around you.”

“Be clear on what you want to get clear intuitive answers.”

“You have to open your heart and mind to the idea that you can be led and be guided by life.”

“Life is truly benevolent and trying to serve you.”

“Your intuition is going to tell you the hard truth, it’s going to tell you things that do not fit your small self’s agenda.”

“You have to be willing to let go.”

“Being emotionally aware can help your intuitive accuracy.”

“Embrace the idea that you actually deserve to feel really, really good.”

“It’s amazing how life becomes magical when you cultivate your relationship with it.”


Episode Timecodes:

  • 3:24 Are you paying attention to the signals the universe is constantly sending you?

  • 5:19 Do you have a clear idea of what you really want or what you need?

  • 6:34 Are you open to receiving and being guided by life?

  • 8:50 Are you ready to release your attachments and your small self agenda?

  • 10:50 Are you paying attention to your emotions?

  • 13:17 How can cultivating your relationship with life help you have a more successful life?

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Episode Transcript:

Heather: (00:00)
Today, we’re going to go over five questions you can ask yourself to begin activating your intuitive abilities. And are, the reason why I think this topic is so important is that in order to create a life that’s filled with magic, that’s filled with possibility, that’s filled with creativity, you need to have the ability to access a higher truth or a wisdom beyond what just your mirror rational mind can conjure up. And you need also to be able to trust what comes up. And in this, you know, postmodern, nihilistic world we live in, it’s hard to have faith and really anything. And even if you do have faith in things outside of yourself, other people’s guidance, right? The leading expert tells you to do this. It’s still really isn’t your own. And so this is a big reason why I’m so passionate about intuitive development because it firmly holds to this notion that you are the only one who really is in a position to lead and guide your life an accurate, practical and miraculous ways.

Heather: (01:30)
And so I think one of the best ways for us to live is with this sort of gorilla glue like connection with our intuitive self. And so your job in this is to learn how to listen. And we are all intuitive creatures. I covered that in a previous podcast. The three myths about intuition, everybody needs to know if you haven’t checked that out, please go listen to it. We are all powerful intuitives and you know, you forget at times that you really do in fact have the ability to see and to hear and to feel and have a constant dialogue with this wise part of you. Okay? Sometimes it ebbs, sometimes it flows, but no matter what, it’s always there. And so these five questions will serve to help put you in the right mind space to be able to get answers to the questions that are burning inside your little heart right now.

Heather: (02:37)
And also just make life easier, right as you move along. So these questions will really help you pump up your inner volume, get receptive to being guided, and really just in deeper connection with yourself, which is a remedy for a whole onslaught of horrible things that can happen in our daily lives. Right? Okay. So the first is, am I paying attention? So the universe is constantly sending us signals from all over the place all the time. I really believe the universe is POS just positively desperate to start a big, long, crazy conversation with us. Life wants to communicate with you maybe even more than you want to communicate with it. So learning to pay attention and believe in the synchronicities and the signs all around you. That’s really what this question is getting at. Am I paying attention? So if we aren’t paying attention, right?

Heather: (03:47)
If we aren’t deeply listening to life, the answer could be slapping you in the face and you wouldn’t know it because you, because you aren’t looking for it. You’re not connected to the the idea or the possibility that what you’re hearing in this moment, what you’re seeing in this moment is an answer. So a great example for this is your, you go to a restaurant, you put your name on a waiting list and you don’t pay attention. You know, maybe you’re talking to someone or you’ve had a few too many already and they’re calling your name, but you don’t respond. So what happens? You miss your spot in line and they seat someone else. If we are not paying attention, the very answers you’re, that we seek, even if they are right in front of us, we’re going to miss them. So start paying attention.

Heather: (04:50)
And if you want to learn more about synchronicity, Carl Young, a famous, a famous, a famous psychologist, wrote a book called synchronicity where he talks about how life in the universe is always sending us messages. So check that out. I’ll leave it, I’ll make that I’ll put a link in, show notes about that. The second is, what do I really need to know? Or what do I really want to know? A big reason why people can’t get intuitive answers isn’t because the answer isn’t coming, it’s because they’re actually not clear on what they want. So a good example of this is a Google search. It can literally tell you anything Google, it is the repository for all the, you know, the collective human wisdom on our planet right now. But if you do not know how to ask the right question, if you don’t know what it is you want to know, it’s absolutely useless.

Heather: (05:51)
And just like a Google search, when you are clear on what it is you want to know and you ask with clarity, then you will get a more clear answer. So if I type into Google, I want to buy a pair of shoes. I mean I’m going to get every type of shoe in the world, right? But if I say I want a pair of two inch red and pink polka dot high heels with a black bow on the back, I have a better chance of getting a pair of two-inch pink and red polka dot. I can’t remember what kind of shoe I just said. You get my point. If you don’t know what you want to know, how are you going to know the answer when it arrives? The third is, am I open to receiving? Have you ever tried to pour water into a cup that has a lid?

Heather: (06:39)
No, you wouldn’t do that because that’s insane and you would also know that there’s zero chance of anything making it into the cup and it’s the same with you. You have to open your heart, you have to open your mind to the idea that you can be led and be guided by life, and that life has benevolence, that life wants to lead and guide you to wonderful places that at its core, life is truly benevolent and trying to serve you. And that’s one of those big life questions, right? It’s a big life question. What do you believe about life? Do you believe that life cares about you? Do you believe that you matter in the grand scheme of things in this infinite universe we live in? That’s a big question and it’s a very scary question to ask and yet mankind has asked it since our frontal lobes came online, right?

Heather: (07:37)
We’re constantly trying to decide what we believe about this human experience and so are you open to receiving? It’s really at a deeper level asking you to get really clear on what you believe about the nature of our world. Because if you don’t believe that life is trying to help you, you’re not going to open up and you’re not going to trust, you’re not going to trust other people and you’re not gonna really trust yourself, right? Because if you can’t get within and come up with solutions and answers and wisdom from inside, you will then who the hell is going to step into your life and help you you. It is. It’s you with you. You’re the best shots you’ve got. Okay, so make an effort to open up, make an effort to understand that you matter, that the choices you make matter, that the question you have on your mind or the problem you’re grappling with deeply matters that only to you but to the universe, to life itself, that you, that there is some type of, however you want to sum it up, benevolent force out there that’s trying to help you if you’ll let it in.

Heather: (08:55)
Another one is am I ready to release my attachments? So continuing with the cup analogy here, it’s hard to fill a cup that’s already full. Maybe you have your lid off, but maybe you got a bunch of crap in your cup that needs to come out. And you know, some of us, it’s, we like to think that we’re open to following our intuitive wisdom. But let’s face it, we’ve all got answers. We secretly hope for an ideas about how things should go. And as much as we want to be guided, we just want to be guided to what our small self wants, right? What we, Oh God, I’m, I’m up to being guided. As long as I hear what I want to hear. Sometimes your intuition is going to tell you the hard truth. Sometime it’s going to, it’s going to tell you things that you don’t want to know because it doesn’t fit with your small self’s agenda, right?

Heather: (09:56)
But we have to be willing to release that, which doesn’t truly serve us. I think that’s really the heart of sacrifice sacrifices giving up the sacred cows of your life so that you can have something better. And sacrifice takes many forms. It’s an ancient and old kind of concept. But let me tell you what, I’m addicted to. Cake pops. And when I only eat one of them, that’s a sacrifice. I would like to have five of them. I sacrifice four, I have one and I sacrifice for, I don’t eat them. So I can have a greater good come to me, which is better health. And you know, allowing myself to achieve other goals that I have at the gym and elsewhere. Right? So we have to be willing to let go. We have to be willing to sacrifice our sacred cows, release those attachments and get the gunk out so that the universe can pour into you, your genius, your purpose, right, your confidence, your clarity, all of those things that you need.

Heather: (11:03)
And the last one is how do I feel a massive wealth of intuitive information is found in your emotions. And by simply learning how to pay attention to how you feel in any given moment, you can easily tap into your intuition. And an interesting thing about intuition research is they show that there is a strong positive correlation between intuitive accuracy and and emotional awareness. So the positive emotions are, are associated with strong experiencing positive emotions helps your field to become coherent, which increases intuitive accuracy, intuitive and intuitive accuracy is those strong component between your emotions and your ability to send and receive intuitive information. Okay. And another thing that I love about this question, how do I feel is there’s never a moment in your life when you’re not feeling something. There’s, you’re always emoting something. You know, with mindfulness it’s a little hard, right?

Heather: (12:13)
You kind of have to stop, get in it. You know, it takes you about five minutes to get in with your emotions. It’s just right there all the time. How do I feel about this? How do I feel about this? It’s so, so, so powerful. So get used to making how you feel be something that is a priority for you and embrace the idea that you actually deserve to feel really, really good. And no matter what. With each five of these questions, I, I want you to embrace this idea that the universe has your back. It’s there, it’s waiting for you to listen and that the more you practice it, the better off you will get at it. And you can look at your relationship with life like you would any other relationship you have to put in the time. You have to pay attention.

Heather: (13:17)
You have to really cultivate an attitude that allows this connection to flourish just like you would any other relationship. And I love thinking about life that way. I like thinking about the universe as if it’s this living, this living being that I can relate to, that I can talk to, that I can interact with. And it’s absolutely mind blowing how magical your life becomes when you approach your life that way. And I think a big reason why people don’t embrace this attitude more as they feel silly. They feel like, well, you know, am I just bullshitting myself? Well to that, I will say this. Does it matter? Does it, does it matter? You know, you, you don’t know. And I don’t know. Right? And it’s easy to be skeptical about these things. Is there is, is there an intelligence out there? Isn’t there? I don’t really care.

Heather: (14:24)
All I know is my life seems to get way better and I make better decisions and I perform better and my heart feels whole and healed and my relationships flourish and I am more successful in my business and everybody that I know seems to step into greater health, wealth, and happiness when I am living my life, as if the universe cares about me. So that’s all the proof I need. And that’s all the proof you need because the reality is this question that are our kind of our, our rational selves ask, there’s no answer to it. We’ve been grappling with this question forever. Is there a God does, you know, is there a sentient intelligence? I think that we’re far better off if we live like there is, right? Taking it day by day and watching how that attitude transforms your life. So claim your right to be guided. Use these five questions to get you there and have fun.