Ep27: How to Connect to Your Spirit Guides with Allyson Scammell

May 26, 2020

Have you ever had that feeling that something is guiding you to go for your highest purpose in life? 

One of the most asked questions I get as a professional intuitive is, ‘Do I have a Spirit Guide?” The answer is yes, and teach you how, I brought  Allyson Scammell in for this special pod episode. Allyson is a master certified coach, intuitive business consultant, and soul guide. Her mission is to help soul-guided women entrepreneurs to grow their wealth and serve more people using their unique genius, intuitive voice, and spirit guides. She is also the host of She Grows, a podcast that helps spiritual entrepreneurs to stop efforting and start receiving the real wealth they deserve.

Allyson walks you through 5 steps that will help you directly connect with your inner guidance to create a more aligned and joyful life.

Soul Stirring Quotes

“We are all born with a set of guides that are with us from birth until death in our lifetime.”

“Your guides are like your siblings, they know you better than anyone.”

“Your guides are always with you all the time, they don’t need to be called in.”

“Your spirit guides know your energy better than anyone and it is playful and fantastic.”

“I invite a deeper flow of communication back and forth from my spirit guides.”

“Your spirit guides will call you to some place of quiet and out of your day to day routine.”

“You can start from journaling to clear your mind, ask questions and when you receive an answer, write it down and test it.”

“Your power of intention to let in only the highest consciousness for your highest good can crush the dark energy.”

Episode Timecodes:

  • 0:27 Introduction

  • 3:00 What is the biggest question about connecting with spirits that Allyson receives?

  • 6:30 How many spiritual guides do we have?

  • 11:20 Allyson’s 5 Stages of Connecting to your guides

  • 12:09 Stage 1: The Invitation to go deeper with your guide

  • 14:37 Stage 2: The Initiation with a Calling

  • 15:30Stage 3: Isolation

  • 18:17 Stage 4: Calibration

  • 22:08 Stage 5: Communication

  • 28:45 The first step that you do to connect with your guide

  • 30:56 Allyson shares a question that she gets most of the time- What are the guides’ names?

  • 32:47 Allyson shares her advice to individuals who are afraid to connect with their guides.

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Episode Transcript:

Heather Alice: Allyson Scammel is a master certified coach, intuitive business consultant, and soul guide. Her mission is to help soul guided women entrepreneurs to grow their wealth and serve more people using their unique genius, intuitive voice. And the whole topic of our podcast, which is spirit guides. She is the co-host of her own podcast, She Grows, which helps spiritual entrepreneurs to stop efforting. Oh, who wants more of that? Would you like to stop efforting entrepreneurs to stop efforting and start receiving the real wealth? They deserve Allyson. Thank you so much for being here.

Allyson: I am honored. Thank you so much for having me.

Heather Alice: So I am super pumped to have you on the show because your specialty, in addition to, I think many other talents that you possess, is helping people get in touch with their spirit guides. And I am so excited for you to share with us your method that you have developed in doing this. I am often asked, Heather, do I have spirit guides? If so, how many and how do I connect? And, you know, my answer is usually you do, they’re there. Just listen to ’em. Have fun. So what I love about, you know, the framework you’ve created is you really have a great way of walking people through this process. So thanks for being willing to share it with us.

Allyson: I am so excited and I might just, if I have your permission to pop into some channeling from time to time and I’ll just let the guide speak for themselves, that sometimes helps as we go through.

Heather Alice: Okay. Sure. So what is you as you help people? And by the way, let’s just, you know, so I have a, you know, a very diverse group of people who listen to the pod. I’ve got science nerds, I’ve got super woo woo people who just, you know, wave their freak flag, with me, you know, violently waving it. So, you know, I just wanna invite everybody listening to open up to the idea that, you know, when we use the word spirit guides or higher self or whatever that is, it’s just a word. It’s just language for us to conceptualize this whole notion that we are guided by a higher power, a very, very loving, higher power. And we use language like spirit guides, higher self, angels, whatever. I always say, I don’t think spirit care is what you call them as long as you call them. So we are just using this vernacular and, you know, Allyson and I invite you to really go with whatever works for you in terms of, you know, opening yourself up to being led and guided in the way that works for you. So let’s start with what is like in your experience, what is the biggest question? You feel like people, as they kind of awaken to this notion that they can be led and guided in their life. And really, I kind of see it as like a partnering with spirit. What, in your experience in teaching people how to do this, what is the biggest question on people’s minds that they sort of run into as they begin this process of connect?

Allyson: The biggest question I receive is Allyson, I think they’re there trying to get me messages, but I just don’t know, like, how do I know that it’s them? Oh, how do I know? This is real when I’m feeling, that’s what I get the most often.

Heather Alice: That’s great. I love that.

Allyson: Mm-hmm.

Heather Alice: Yeah. How do I know it’s real?

Allyson: How do I know it’s real? And one of the things I say to people is, you know, it’s really how you receive the information. Similar to how you receive from your higher self or your intuitive voices, you know, do you see it? Do you hear it? Do you sense it? Do you know it? Is it somewhere, some combination of that? What I’ve found is people who are clear sentient or clear cognizant, so they either sense it or know it. They are looking. Especially when it comes to spirit guides, they wanna see it. They wanna see the spirit, they wanna see the angel, or they wanna hear the profound message coming through. And if they don’t see it or hear it, they deny their inner knowing. They deny what they know in their bones to be there.

Heather Alice: Mm. Yeah, because it’s not coming in a way. Maybe they think it’s quote unquote supposed to come.

Allyson: Exactly.

Heather Alice: Right.

Allyson: Especially when it comes to spirit guide, if it’s their intuitive voice, I think they can like, oh, I have this inner knowing. I know I’m gonna take this action or make this decision, but I’m gonna check into the spirit guides and what. I mean by that. And I love what Heather said. I invite you to, I welcome all interpretations of this. And I’m just gonna say, when I say spirit guides, I mean the other non-physical consciousness that’s out there that is here to support guide, hold you on your path. And I hold the belief that we’re all born with a set of guides that is with us from birth until death in our lifetime.

Heather Alice: Cool.

Allyson: And yeah.

Heather Alice: I love that, so, okay. Cuz that’s a question. People ask me a lot is do I have them? And the answer is yeah.

Allyson: A thousand percent.

Heather Alice: Okay. Okay.

Allyson: Yes.

Heather Alice: And everyone and everyone has them.

Allyson: Absolutely. Every single human being on planet has spirit guides. Is that my?

Heather Alice: It’s your boxer. It’s fine. We, we all so unedited on this podcast. Care. You guys Alex’s boxer is going off.

Allyson: Sorry. I just shut my boxer off.

Heather Alice: That’s fine. I don’t. I it’s still like…

Allyson: The boxing.

Heather Alice: My kid might walk in here and use the printer. It’s totally fine. Okay. So everyone has, yeah.

Allyson: Yep. And you wanna know something cool? You either pick them or they pick you and spirit guides are very excited. I’ve noticed this so many times. I almost feel like it’s a thing, but maybe it’s not. I’ve noticed so many times that when spirit guides pick you, they find that so special and they want you to know that. They want you to know, I picked you.

Heather Alice: Oh, I love it. I love.

Allyson: Isn’t it cool?

Heather Alice: Yeah. It’s very cool. It’s very cool. So we have them, they’re there. They love us. And they’re here to guide us. A question I get asked a lot and I just love the topic of spirit guides, cuz it, to me, it’s a very playful energy. I don’t know how you receive it, but for me it’s almost like sibling energy. I mean, I don’t know if that’s how you experience it in terms of, but for me, that’s how I do. And I think that’s such a fun, playful energy. Another question I get asked a lot that I wanted to ask you what you think about this or what your ideas are on it is how many do I have? I get asked that a lot. So do you have any thoughts on that?

Allyson: Yes.

Heather Alice: Is there a specific number, you know? Yeah.

Allyson: So I’m gonna just get you cuz I get that question a lot too. So I just ask my guides like, hey, you know, what’s the story here? About the playful energy? A hundred percent yes. They’re like siblings. They know you better than anyone. You can call in the big guns. You can call in the archangels. You can call in the saints. You can call in all the powerful forces that are out there and communicate with them. They’re always here, always accessible. Your guides though, are the ones that are just always with you all the time. They don’t need to be called in. They’re just with you. So they know your energy better than anyone. And it is playful and it’s beautiful and fantastic. So in terms of how many, it really depends. Sometimes we are in a lifetime where there is just a whole lot going on. My guides say that sometimes. And again, I’m coming from the place if you hold the belief that we do live multiple lifetimes, so coming at it from that place. And again, if that doesn’t jive with your belief system, please, you know, I’m just like sharing with you where I’m coming at it from. Sometimes we are, my guides describe them as culmination lifetimes. So they’re really big. You’re doing a big healing. You’re doing a big movement. You know, you’re doing something really big in your career. Not every lifetime is meant to be huge. And if you’re in a culmination lifetime, you are gonna have more support. You are gonna have more guides. So how it’s described to me, you, everybody has at least two, but you can have up to a dozen.

Heather Alice: Mm-hmm.

Allyson: Like you can have like a whole team.

Heather Alice: Mm-hmm.

Allyson: Depending on what you’re meant to do in this lifetime.

Heather Alice: That’s really neat. And what you’re saying, mirror something. My first mentor, the late Dolores Cannon had said she called them potatoes lifetimes, where you just like, you have lifetimes where it’s just chill, right? Like you’re just planting the potatoes, harvesting just very, you know, normal.

Allyson: Yeah.

Heather Alice: And then you’ll have other lifetimes that are really, you know. So, and just to kind of circle back to what you were saying on belief system, in terms of past lives, I always like to, you know, me research nerd, if you would like to look more into the concept of past lives, from a science-based perspective, you can check out the University of North Florida. That’s my alma mater. The University of Virginia. Not University of North Florida, the University of Virginia’s medical school may have a division of their school called the department of perceptual studies, where they have dedicated a significant amount of time and energy into the investigation and validation of past lives. And if we were to take the information that they have found with respect to this topic, and, you know, really look at it reasonably without the, over, you know, I’ve noticed that when we do psy- research, anything that, you know, involves the metaphysical, all of a sudden people move the benchmark, the needle on what it means for something to be verified. Right? So the irony is people hold a ver- far, far, far more stringent standard on psy- research than they do any other research. So people say, well, psy- isn’t proven. I’m like, yeah, it has been, if this was any other topic, this would be closed, right? Like if we weren’t having a prejudice against the research. So, and if you go and look at the research, it’s pretty conclusive. That it’s been shown that people, you know, come and there have very stringent studies on this. Like for instance, that it has to be a child, the child can’t be over six years of age. The last time I checked anyway, these were their protocols. So anyway, it’s very interesting. If you wanna look into it from the perspective of what, you know, our scientists and what modern, you know, research offers us. It’s not just, you know, me or Allyson sitting here going, yeah, past lives. It’s like, no, we’re, we actually do have data and you can look at that and then, you know, make an informed decision. But I think it’s important to note that we don’t have to take that on just belief alone. We don’t have to think of that as like, oh, that’s something that, you know, the Hindu religion believes. That’s whack it. Well, actually, yes, they do believe that and we can investigate it ourselves. So, okay. I’m gonna shut up now. I just…

Allyson: No, that’s beautiful. I love that. Yes. And I’m writing that down cuz I’m here.

Heather Alice: Yeah.

Allyson: You know, clients ask me all the time, like yeah, Allyson, I hear you. I believe you. You’re very convincing. Can you gimme like point me to the book or to the, this? And I’m always like, just take my word for it. Will you?

Heather Alice: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. And it’s hard. I hear you too, cuz it’s hard. I mean, and I think that, we all say that even to ourselves, how you were mentioning earlier that we ask ourselves, is this real? Yes, this is real, this is real, it’s so, you know, it really is hard to, I think it is, but, you know, wrap our head around it. So. Okay. So before we began recording, you were walking me through your amazing five step framework. And so I was wondering if we could touch on those. So just to kind of frame this up for you there, you’ve noticed that there’s five stages or steps or, you know, kind of processes that people go through when they are connecting with their guides. So how about you walk us through that? How’s that sound?

Allyson: Perfect.

Heather Alice: Okay, cool.

Allyson: And I like to mention that everybody experiences these differently and it goes ranges from so subtle, like you barely notice it to kind of full on, like, whoa, that had just happened. So, if you have a subtle experience, it doesn’t mean anything different than if you had a big experience with this. It’s all correct. It’s all beautiful. It’s all part of your specific path. So that’s the thing I like to range mention when I mention these stages, because it does range from subtle to very extreme in some cases.

Heather Alice: Right. So cool. Okay. Yeah. Good to know.

Allyson: Yeah. So the first thing to do, the first stage is really an invitation. It’s an invitation you are setting, creating the invitation, like an intention to go deeper in with your guides. I invite deeper communication, a deeper flow of clear communication back and forth from my guides, my spirit guides. I want that for whatever reason. They are very polite and they’re not gonna voice this on you. You have to ask for it. And what happened in me? Like if you want all the extreme examples, then I’ll give my examples are all the extremes, but I have lots of other examples from clients, peers, teachers I’ve been collecting my own research for about 12 years. I’ll give the varying of examples of how it can show up.

Heather Alice: Mm-hmm.

Allyson: How it showed up in my life was a rock bottom moment. I was completely in a horrible place in my life. Job, I hated, verbally abusive boss. All the things, you know, drinking way too much alcohol, et cetera, et cetera. And I was like, I need help. And I didn’t have this consciousness at the time, but now that I look back, I see that I was asking for help, for different help. I wasn’t asking for a therapist. I wasn’t asking for a counselor. I wasn’t asking for AA. I was asking for divine help to come in something different, cuz whatever I had wasn’t working.

Heather Alice: Right. Sure.

Allyson: And I said, please, something come. Something bigger than me. Something divine. Come in and help me out of this despair.

Heather Alice: Mm-hmm.

Allyson: And I wanna mention that from ages zero to 32, my intuitive gifts, which are quite open right now, they were completely shut off. I didn’t know anything about my intuitive voice. I didn’t know about spirit guides. Like everything was very much turned off until the age 32, when this process initiated for me. And so that’s how it can look. Now that’s the extreme example. The subtle example is your life is going great for you and you just want to connect in deeper and you just set the intention or invite them. However, it feels good for you.

Heather Alice: Mm-hmm.

Allyson: I invite you in guides to communicate with me more clearly, more deeply, more meaningfully, or I intend to connect more deeply to my guides. Well, however, it feels best for you.

Heather Alice: I love that. Yeah. Okay, cool. So invite, you have to say yes and be open to it. And the second stage, the second stage.

Allyson: So once you do that, you’re going to get likely. This is what I have seen again and again, and again, some sort of initiation and that initiation is gonna come in the form of a calling. They are gonna call you towards them. And that calling looks very, very different again for each person. Here’s some examples of how it can look. I had a client who got called to go camping in the deep woods, like deep in the middle of the woods woods. Like no people for miles.

Heather Alice: Like Tennessee deliverance.

Allyson: Exactly by herself. Wait for it, for five days. So extreme example. And that was definitely her initiation. Initiation, I’ve seen over and over and over again. This is like the one time I will use the word always or almost always, calls you to some form of the next step in this, isolation. It will call you to some place of quiet, some place out of your day to day routine. So in my client’s case, she got called to the forest complete and utter isolation. Other clients get called to wake up 30 minutes earlier in the morning to meditate and they go away from their husband and kids into the quiet room and meditate. That is also how it looks. My extreme example was I got called to quit my job with no savings at all, take out a line of credit and buy an around the world, airline ticket all by myself. And that was isolation out of my routine. Another client of mine got called to go on a writing retreat by herself. And it was significant for her because she had a huge fear of going anywhere by herself.

Heather Alice: Mm-hmm.

Allyson: Huge fear of getting on a plane by herself. And she got called to register for this retreat, go all by herself, get on a plane by herself. Like she’d never done any of that before in her life. And she got called to this retreat and that is where she got this deeper connection with her guides.

Heather Alice: Do you study, have you heard of Joseph Campbell at all? The hero’s journey? This is what he talks about on.

Allyson: Yes.

Heather Alice: He talks about you go, you get called to enter into the hero’s journey. I think this is what you’re talking about. Yeah.

Allyson: Yes.

Heather Alice: And it’s always some place you’re going to some place that is out of your day to day. Yeah. But also what you were just saying hit me. Oh man. Like the way you were talking about it, I know that many of us feel that pull. I feel pulled to go to this conference. I feel pulled to go to this live event. I feel pulled to go to a book writing conference or retreat, and I had never thought of that until you had just mentioned it. That that is your call. Just, we think of it as like, oh, I wanna go to this business event. But what if that, isn’t it, what if that is your call?

Allyson: Yes.

Heather Alice: To go out. Right. That’s really cool. Okay. I like reframing it like that. But that is your guides calling you.

Allyson: Yes.

Heather Alice: Cool.

Allyson: And sometimes you already have a cool connection with them and you get the call because they’ve gotta download for you. They’ve got something big. You know, you don’t just establish a connection and then you start chatting and it’s all over. You always are kind of upleveling with your guides, which is really cool. And so maybe you’ve maybe gone through some of this. Maybe you have a little bit of a connection with your guides and then you get called to go to some conference and you’re like, why am I getting called to this? Like, maybe it doesn’t make sense. Like, I don’t know, but boy, do I feel called to go to this?

Heather Alice: Right?

Allyson: And when you get there, all of a sudden something’s gonna happen and you’re gonna get this download and you’re gonna be like, whoa, now I know I need, you know, I just got my life’s purpose or , or I just got, and the title for my book or, you know, whatever it is.

Heather Alice: Mm-hmm okay. So, and then the next one is. Calibration.

Allyson: Calibration is huge. And calibration also is one of the things that looks so different for other people. So what the calibration process is, is when you are tuning your energy body to that of their energy, because that is all we are, that’s all really they are at the end of the day and we’re tuning our energy frequency to each other. So the communication can flow back and forth more easily. And it’s that good old example, which you’ve probably heard before, where it’s like turning the dial, think of that old fashioned transition, transistor radio, where you’re turning that old dial and there’s tons of static until all of a sudden you hear grand drone playing, cuz it’s the 1980s. So that requires some sort of calibration where your guides will really, they’ll be doing it for you. And they’ll be playing with your energy. And all you have to do is allow, allow, allow. Often this is happening when you’re in this isolated space. You’re at the writing retreat. You’re out in the woods. You’re meditating in the morning, like, you know, away from the rest of your household. You’re on the, you know, the walkabout trip around the world by yourself. Subtle examples of calibration is you feel nothing. You don’t always feel anything.

Heather Alice: Mm-hmm.

Allyson: What I hear often from people is ringing in the air. You can hear some sort of ringing in the air. I don’t know if people have experienced that.

Heather Alice: Dolores Cannon. My mentor said the same thing. Ringing in the air is a sign. Yeah.

Allyson: It can be extreme. Projectile vomiting, you know, it’s like a, you know, you’re like cleansing, like you’re purging the stuff inside of your energy body that is toxic and those toxins cut off your communication abilities. So you’re purging out the toxins to get your energy body clean so they can work with your energy body. You can also feel lots of tingling and vibrations at the top of the head right around the crown chakra.

Heather Alice: That was my, that was my gig. Yeah. Total cr- oh my gosh. It was wild. I didn’t know what it was. I didn’t even know what a chakra was. And it was like the top of my head. It was like somebody put a wine bottle opener on it. It was the craziest. I was like, Googling like head scalp coming off. Like that’s what I was like. I’m like, what is this feeling? It was so wild. Yeah.

Allyson: That’s perfect. I had that same feeling. It’s like head scalp coming off and you can also get vertigo like extreme, like again, extreme cases. Vertical, you know, like you feel, I’ve heard people say like laying in bed, super dizzy.

Heather Alice: Mm-hmm.

Allyson: Sometimes, again, more extreme cases. Your guides will actually wake you up in the middle of the night. That 3:00 AM. What is it about that 3:00 AM where everything seems to happen? Something about the middle of the night makes calibration easier. So they will literally wake you up in the middle of the night and it’ll be like, what I am just dreaming here, leave me alone people, but allow that, like, if you sense that it is your, I’ve actually had my guides, I don’t know how they did it, but they did it. They somehow gave me a dream in my sleep, cuz they wanted to wake me at 3:00 AM to calibrate me and in my sleep, they had me dreaming that I was putting on headsets. And I was, this was like a while ago, so it was an actually an iPod and I was turning my iPod on and turning the volume way up to loud and it woke me up.

Heather Alice: Oh, cool.

Allyson: They needed to calibrate me and they needed me awake for it. They can’t always just do it while you’re sleeping.

Heather Alice: Sure.

Allyson: And there is something about that 3:00 AM ish hour. That’s very… I don’t know why exactly that is, but that our energy, I think, is in a certain spot, in the rhythm of the 24 hour rhythm of the day that a lot of people report having crazy calibrations in the middle of the night about that time.

Heather Alice: Cool. Okay. So if that happens, it’s a good thing, guys. If that happens, it’s a good thing. And the fourth is communication.

Allyson: Yeah. Well, yes. So kind of the fifth, the initiation and isolation are kind of the same, but if you look at ’em at two different things, you get to number five, which is really the communication. And that’s really what you know, this is where the journey kind of begins in a way because this is when you really get used to the back and forth and how you receive information and how they communicate. If you’re new to this process, a lot of people start from journaling, journaling, journaling, journaling. You can ask questions. Just like, get a journal out, a pen, maybe have a little bit of a dump, you know, kind of like morning pages, just get off whatever is on your mind. Just like dump it out into pages to sort of clear your mind and then ask questions and just wait for answers to come back. And then when you receive and answer back, write it down and then test it. Like test it. If you receive an answer, which you think they’re asking you to take an action or to do this thing, or this is good, or this is bad or whatever, like tip your toe into that advice or that message and just see how it feels, like see how it, you know, shows up in your life. And if it feels pretty darn good and it’s producing evidence that it was going in the direction you most wanted to go, that’s gonna help you build that trust with them. And that the information you’re getting is actually what you think it is.

Heather Alice: Yeah. I love that. I love that you’re adding in, from my perspective, a very important piece of this conversation, which is we have to be willing to act in our daily lives on what we receive. I think it’s one thing. You know, we tend to focus on how can I get connected and I wanna hear my guides and I wanna connect and I want to feel their guidance. And I really do believe that all too often, the issue isn’t that we don’t have the guidance. The issue is we don’t act on it. I think we’re far more connected maybe than we give ourselves credit for, but what we aren’t willing to do is reality test, which is what you’re talking about. It’s like, okay, rubber meet road. Am I going to go to the woods for five days?

Allyson: Yes.

Heather Alice: You know, or whatever, or am I right? Or am I going to get up 30 minutes early?

Allyson: Yeah.

Heather Alice: Am I going to, you know, and why I love how you say it truly can look like anything for you and it on the outside, it can look like not that much. It could be you. I mean, I personally meditate in the morning with my coffee cup on my couch. And if you were to look at me physically, you would not think I’m doing anything. You would think I’m just sitting there, half asleep, you know, guzzling down some coffee. It’s no, I’m actually in deep contemplation and connection and a, you know, a deep state of gratitude, a deep state of connection with myself with life itself, really with the whole thing. You know, I’m in that intention. So I love how you’re drawing. You’re showing that this process can be inner and outer, or it can be both. It really is about an inner orientation that we then, you know, as we live into it and we’re willing to act on it, we see that in our exterior life via a trip, or, you know, doing our reality tests, watching, you know, the information that we get. You know, unfold. So I think that’s like, I wanna put a pin in that we have to be willing to give it a shot. We’ve gotta be willing to act on it. Otherwise it’s just information in information out. It doesn’t have a chance to get a purchase a foothold in our material world to help really producing effects on our life. So, yeah, that’s really…

Allyson: Absolutely.

Heather Alice: Yeah.

Allyson: It is really a hero’s journey. And what do you do when you first get the call? You reject the call.

Heather Alice: Mm-hmm .

Allyson: And so…

Heather Alice: Yeah, totally.

Allyson: Yeah. So when your guides call you, there’s a chance you’re gonna reject it or you won’t see it or you’ll dismiss it. Like I, you know, when I got my call, I was type A career climber. My whole sense of identity was from my job title. So me quitting my job that was like me quitting my identity.

Heather Alice: Sure. Yeah.

Allyson: And I was miserable, but still it was so out of character, but I was so desperate. I didn’t really resist it that much because I was so desperate. If the call would’ve come at a time of less desperation, I’m sure I would’ve resisted it more fully.

Heather Alice: Right, right. Well, so they knew it probably did actually. And you just…

Allyson: Exactly, exactly. Probably is coming for years. Like what does it take to get this woman to listen? You’re probably, I never thought of it that way. You are probably a hundred percent, right?

Heather Alice: Well, I think, I think it, I think you hit on it earlier when you said the mess, the call comes from subtle to gross. It comes tiny. Little little, and then it, the call, the urge will get bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger, you know, from subtle to extreme. Right? So I think, you know, you are saying that it’s like, look, you’ll get the subtleness nudge. And if you don’t listen, you’re gonna get one that’s a little less subtle and a little less and a little less. And if you keep on with that, it’s gonna be a baseball batter for the head. So, and you know, I really do think that these horrible, you know, quote unquote, really tragic circumstances, you know, to some extent that happen to us are truly blessings in disguise. You know, it’s the guy who has, he’s 30 pounds overweight and he has a sudden heart attack at 47 and he was miserable in his job and hates his life and materialistic. And that’s all he cares, you know, he’s got his whole identity wrapped up, you know, this is kind of the quintessential an, you know, typical case of it. Right? And then he has a heart attack at 47 and changes his whole life. It’s like, well, it was terrible that that happened. But it actually in the end, saves a person from living a whole life of incongruence, a whole life of being out of our purpose. I think it’s much better to live a shorter life in your purpose than it is to live 80 years completely betraying yourself. What the hell is the point? I mean, why I, just, to me, I don’t understand why living is a priority if we’re not truly living, if that makes any sense, you know, so I think there’s a deep purpose to our lives and being in connection with our guides is just such a fun, cool, way to live, you know. So I really love what, I really love this framework that you offer people because it gives people a very, very concrete path for them to be able to really begin to see the signs, right?

Allyson: Yes.

Heather Alice: ‘Cause they’re always there. Yeah.

Allyson: Always.

Heather Alice: Okay.

Allyson: Always.

Heather Alice: So what would you say to a person who’s like, I wanna connect with my guides. What’s the first step that they take sitting down and inviting.

Allyson: Yep. And just say it, say it out loud, say it out loud. Like look up to them. I mean, I don’t know. I always get them above me.

Heather Alice: Mm-hmm.

Allyson: Maybe they’re all over the place, but I always have the sense that I look up and just say how it comes naturally to you. I invite you. I intend to. I wish I desire for you to be more deeply connected to me in the sense they’re always deeply connected to you, but in the deep connection sense of a clear, understandable, I get very superlative, the most clear, the best channel of most easeful flow of communication back and forth. I mean, go big with your request, right? Tell them you really, really want to be communicating with them.

Heather Alice: Yeah. I love what you just said. Maybe that’s a clue too. You just said you feel them above you. So maybe what someone can do is say, hmm, where do I feel them around me?

Allyson: Yeah.

Heather Alice: Yeah. That’s really cool. Like try to orient in space where you might feel they are like, get a sense of, because I feel it’s, I never really thought of that until you just said, you feel yours above. Mine are behind me all the time. They’ve got my back.

Allyson: I love that. Mine are always right above, like right above.

Heather Alice: Yeah.

Allyson: Up and above, like cool. A couple feet ahead of me above.

Heather Alice: Yeah. My higher self is above left. And my guys are, have my back. So it’s funny that we have this and these notions about where they are in relation to our physical body. But I think it’s important to have some idea of where that is because we do need a place to focus our attention. It’s like a conversation with a new other person, right? Like we need to be able to orient, to attune our physical, our conscious mind, right, to the conversation we’re about to have. So I think that that’s really helpful to be able to sort of picture them somewhere, you know?

Allyson: Yeah. So I think it helps build that trust muscle that, you know, if you’re always looking in the same direction over and over and over, like, I sense they are there always. I think that helps kind of establish that trust that, yeah, that that’s probably where you are receiving them, energetically.

Heather Alice: Mm-hmm

Allyson: I just am being called to say. A question I get all the time and I always resisted a little bit because, you know, I am a medium. And so when I’m channeling guides for people, it doesn’t always come through as clearly as people want it to. But I always get what are my guides names?

Heather Alice: Yes.

Allyson: Get this all the time. What are their names? And I would say yes, like, if you’re interested in getting to that point and I wanna get back to like taking people through the process, but like, if you’re really eager to know the names of your guides, it’s cool. But just, I would just like, let that go.

Heather Alice: Mm-hmm.

Allyson: That’s a very specific, some of these guides have very specific names. It’s hard to translate through the English language. It doesn’t translate through energetically. Sometimes they give themselves names that do translate, but I would just like, put that on a pause for a minute as you establish your connection and then if you’re really eager to other names, then ask.

Heather Alice: I agree with that entirely. I think it’s super specific and it’s really actually completely ancillary. I don’t know if you know who Paul Selig is. He’s a famous channel. He’s won a million awards. He’s written bestselling books in his, I am the word series. And to this day, I mean he, Paul Selig is one of the most celebrated channels alive, truly. I mean, he’s, in my opinion, he’s a modern day Edgar Casey, and he still calls him the guides.

Allyson: Yeah.

Heather Alice: I don’t have a name. He still called and he’s like, just they’re the guides. I don’t care. He’s not even worried about finding a name. I myself, I didn’t care either. I’m like, I don’t even care what it is. As long as it’s leading, you know, I can feel that it is of the divine. I can feel that it is of the light. And I know that they’re a part of my spiritual team and it’s not necessarily important. I think you’re right. It’s focused on the connection and then let all that other fun stuff come as it will. I wanna ask you this one question and then we’ll wrap up. What would you say to a person who wants to connect to their guys, but is afraid to?

Allyson: That’s a good question. And I wanna say too, as part of your initiation, it’s always there. You know, I hold the belief system that there is dark energy out there too. There’s dark forces. I think a lot of people agree with that. You can invite that in, inadvertently. And I just want you to know that your power of intention crushes that crap. So when you set your intention just include in there. I recommend something about, I only let the consciousness in that’s in highest service to my highest good, you know, something that just invites in cuz if you leave it a little bit too open ended, I have heard that it can invite in energy that’s not maybe the best, but your power intention is so much stronger that that’s all you really have to say. When you make your initiation invitation, I invite in the energy that’s in, or I invite in the guides or the nonphysical consciousness that’s in highest service to my highest good.

Heather Alice: Yeah. I agree with that entirely. I think we’re far more far, far, far, far, far more protected and aligned than what we think. And…

Allyson: Yes.

Heather Alice: You know, and if something, you know, that feels off does come through, I’ve always conceptualized that as it’s not that something bad just happened and you know, something’s that, you know, wrong or something’s attacking me. It’s more like, you just need to realize it is a call to realize, that you need to realize you’re protected. You need to get back in your knowing that you can’t be, you know, messed with energetically, unless you’re giving permission to that. I absolutely believe that one of the authors I read a lot of when I first woke up was Dr. David R. Hawkins.

Allyson: Oh, yeah.

Heather Alice: Yeah.

Allyson: He’s the best.

Heather Alice: Oh my God. Right?

Allyson: Yeah.

Heather Alice: Like that dude, that guy. So he said that all of it, everything that we do to secure our energy field to quote unquote, protect ourselves, he said all of it is arbitrary. It’s the only reason why sage works is because we think we need sage to be protected.

Allyson: Right. Right.

Heather Alice: So it does work, right. It’s not that there isn’t power in it. It’s. It works because we think it works. He’s like the thing that’s actually making the sage effective is that when you’re saging, you feel empowered by the sage. So then your energy restores, because your mind thinks that you need to be doing something in order to be protected. So then when you go do something, then you feel protected, but it’s not the sage that’s doing it. It’s that you’re now allowing yourself to feel that way. So he says it’s all arbitrary. It’s just really a matter of saying to yourself. I am in my I am. And I know that I’m whole in that space. So thank you for saying that because I totally agree with you. Your intention is, God, man, all the power you need. Because we’re conscious creators. Yeah.

Allyson: It is so powerful and it’s actually getting more powerful. Our intention is getting more powerful. The divine is us.

Heather Alice: That’s a second. That’s a second podcast episode.

Allyson: It is. It really is. It really is. So that’s a second podcast, but anyway, please know that.

Heather Alice: No, you’re right about that. It really is too. I feel it. I feel it as well. It’s, it’s actually, it’s actually really crazy when we, when we really go there.

Allyson: Yeah.

Heather Alice: So I wanna tell people where they can find you. Allyson has her own podcast. So one first step, if you’re listening to this and you’re like, dude, I wanna build a relationship with my spirit guides, then let’s do what Allyson said. Let’s do the invitation, right? Understand that there’s gonna be these other processes that follow. But if you wanna find her, you can check out her podcast called She Grows and that’s on iTunes. And…

Allyson: All over the place. Google Play, Spotify…

Heather Alice: Spotify, Google Play. Okay.

Allyson: Yeah.

Heather Alice: And a link to that will be in Show Notes. She has a Facebook business page again in the Show Notes, but it’s, She Grows nation. If you wanna search that in Facebook, she’s got a group and her business page, which is She Grows nation. And then her website is her name. Allyson Scammel two Ms, two Ls. And then to Allyson two Ls.

Allyson: I know.

Heather Alice: Allyson two Ls with a y.

Allyson: Yeah.

Heather Alice: That’s cool. Your numerology is probably awesome. Yeah. Okay, cool. Well, thank you so much for this. Any last…

Allyson: Oh my gosh. It was such an honor. I had so much fun. Thank you so much for having me. It was really, really, really lovely to connect like this.

Heather Alice: I really appreciate you being on and offering your wisdom and your insight on such an important topic, I think, to help people get within. So thank you.

Allyson: Thank you.