Ep29: 3 Core Offers of a 6k+ Coaching Business

Jul 7, 2020

Are you over the hype of “here’s how to get to a 10K month!” marketing hook yet? When you are just starting out as a coach, it’s horribly unrealistic to think that you’re going to create that within the first few months of your business. 

It’s a tired, old, and worn out message and at this point, honestly, a little boring. And while I’m all about making BHAG’s (big, hairy, audacious goals) as much as the next person, I believe we can lose sight of the power of little in the ever-present quest for bigger, better, more.

 What is the key to growing and scaling your business is far more simple than you realize?

What if it’s about learning how to focus on growing… little.

Mastering the fundamentals. The non-sexy, “Hey this sh*t doesn’t look good on my IG feed, but it damn sure works!” kind of components of your business? What if you didn’t have to worry about fancy funnels, insanely complicated nurture sequences that take 10 years for your client to get through, and a lifetime for you to build? What if all the crap you don’t like doing in your business…. isn’t actually necessary?

I’m here to tell you that most of it isn’t.

I built my coaching practice from the ground up, client by client, session by session, using almost NONE of the tactics offered in the coaching world today. Here is what I have discovered.  There are 3 core problems for emerging intuitive coaches like you, and it’s a big one when it comes to trying to apply those ideas into your business.

  1. The strategy or offer is focused on making as much money as possible, not necessarily “doing the coaching” work you want to do.

    • Focusing on scaling in and of itself isn’t bad. But when you are just starting out, you aren’t supposed to focus on scaling!  You don’t even have confidence or experience yet in your coaching enough to even wrap your head around.

  2. The strategy being offered doesn’t take into consideration that you are literally building your own methodology of coaching, in addition to trying to build a business at the same time.

    • You are here to create a unique work.  Your business needs to be structured in a way that allows that to happen, while still monetizing.

  3. In trying to go too big too soon, they step over a dime to pick up a nickel.

So, how do you start your business strong, will you give yourself a chance to discover, hone, and own the unique work you are here to do in the world? The answer lies in creating 3 core offers in your business that allows you to practice your craft, grow your confidence, Have the flexibility to meet your clients where they are, while still steadily and from a very grounded place.

In other words, starting a little helps you go big faster…

In Atmana, we train our coaches first strive for 6K months using 3 core offers, coaching just 7 clients a week.

Listen to today’s podcast to learn how to do it!

Soul Stirring Quotes

“Embrace the idea that you can focus and grow on the little, small growth.”

“Be a change agent and use your intuition as a skill and deeply connect with someone.”

“Your highest value is purpose first, profit next – this is why we become a coach.”

“You have a way of being that needs to come forward from within you as you work with every client.”

“You have to scale and build your business at the appropriate time, and hone in on what makes you special.”

“It’s totally fine to not overfocus on money and feel good with the work you are doing.”

“You have to have offers that meet your clients where they are and their change needs.”

“It’s about having offers that meet your clients where they are and scale.”

“Just focus on doing what you love. Focus on your creativity and what you offer to really come forward.”

Episode Timecodes:

  • 1:00 Why focusing on 10K a month is not healthy for you as a new coach.

  • 4:10 Why a 6K a month is more realistic for you as a new coach.

  • 6:20 Heather shares why you must focus on little growth and the fundamentals and not the shiny objects.

  • 9:10 What Heather wanted to do and focus when she started her coaching practice.

  • 11:30 Why some marketing or business coaches’ advice are not effective – Purpose first, Profit next.

  • 14:40 Your first years of running your coaching business is discovering your unique coaching methodology.

  • 16:10 What is the Unicorn Effect?

  • 17:05 Heather shares her thoughts on trying to grow too fast too soon.

  • 20:05 What is the Goldilocks Method? Why is it best for you and your clients?

  • 20:50 The two states of being of clients: Their level of readiness and willingness to change.

  • 21:50 1st Offer: Private Sessions – Your Bread and Butter Offer

  • 24:10 2nd Offer: Your Kickstarter Package – Bite-Size Offer

  • 25:55 3rd Offer: Your Signature Package – Your Masterpiece

  • 29:40 Heather shares the math and how scaling your business is doable using the 3 core offers.

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Episode Transcript:

Hey friend, this episode is all about not jumping over a dime to pick up a nickel. We are gonna talk about the three core offers you need in your coaching business to start little and scale. Big. Welcome to the everyday intuitive podcast. I’m your host, Heather, a Shay. Intuitive life, coach trainer status quo, shaker and founder of Atmana Coaching Academy.

Listen in each week to break up with your comfort zone, claim yourself confidence and radically embrace your role as an intuitive healer mentor and sought after coach let’s get within and get after it. I am so excited to talk to you today about how we can begin. Getting real about financial goals in our business as a new and emerging coach.

So when I first started and dang, it was many years back. There was a marketing shtick that was used back then. And it is still used today. And I gotta tell you something, I, it is tired. It is worn out. And at this point, honestly, just boring. if you’ve been hearing it, as long as I have, it’s boring. And if you’re new to hearing it, I think what it does is really in.

A massive inferiority complex and imposter syndrome just all around. I think that this marketing pitch needs to die a shallow, you know, death in a grave unmarked somewhere. Right. And that marketing pitch is, Hey, here’s how to hit. Your 10 K month. Here’s how to get into your 10 K month. And while I understand that that’s a beautiful goal to have, and certainly attainable and you know, something that I’ve accomplished in my own business.

I think that it’s incredibly detrimental to you, the emerging or the aspiring coach. So. One, I think it’s toxic and bad to focus on that because it makes us feel bad for not being there. And two it’s a little unrealistic. For your average coach who is just starting out. So, you know, are there coaches out there that hit a 10 K month within, you know, 60 days to 90 days?

Absolutely. There’s no question about that. However, I really wanna speak to the lived experience of most intuitive healers of most of the men and women who raise their hand and say, I want to. A professional change agent. I want to honor the work that I’m called to bring forward into the world. And so, you know, while I’m all about making BHAs, you know, BHA goals, the big, hairy, audacious goals, as much as the next person, I really do believe that we can lose sight of the power.

Of iterative growth, right? The little eat bitty, teeny tiny little goals. Ultimately I think went out over these big lofty oh 10 K months, you know, I’m failing at life unless I’m making 10 K and by the way, how did 10 K become like the. I don’t know it’s , to me, it just seems so arbitrary. Right? So I wanna talk to you today about really doing a couple of things.

The first is I want, you know, and we’ll get into this, but at the end of it, but I’m gonna offer you three core offers, three core things that you need to have in your business that will help you steadily and sustainably. Begin to bring in a consistent monthly. right. So, you know, there are, and that is really the key, right?

There are many ways that we can get there. There’s many strategies that can help us consistently get to our, you know, two K month, three K month 4k month 5k. You know, we go up and up and up. And in my business, in my training program with my coaches, I really encourage a six K month. I think that’s a much more realistic goal to ask a new coach to focus on.

And I think that is also a stretch goal by the way, because when you’re making $0 a month as a new coach, the idea of going to 10, I think honestly actually sets new coaches up to fail. So I wanna talk to you about just the practical, kind of the nuts and bolts of what needs to be there. And my business coach, Ron Reich, who was on a previous episode, I really appreciate him because he was one of the first business coaches I ever worked with.

Who said to me, Heather, look, if your sub half a million. You should be having these types of component offers or pieces in your business. Now the price tag of course, is gonna be higher as you move as you build an audience. But the core offers really remain the same. And I remember feeling insanely relieved.

He told me that, because I know that he’s an, um, absolute master at marketing and what he does, and I really trust him. So I remember just thinking, oh wow. You know, I actually did have this figured out , you know, the three offers that I put in my business that I intuitively discovered and sort of just felt called to create.

That those really are the money makers, right? So strategy can change, right? There’s a million coaches out there teaching you strategy on how to make money. And you know what I think all of those strategies work depending on the, you know, personality of the coach, the skillset of the coach, the talents of the.

It’s not that they’re bad strategies, but what I do think we do is we implement them at the wrong time. And then we don’t honor how we need and want to show up into this space. And so I wanna encourage you right now, as you’re thinking about your coaching practice, and maybe you already have a coaching practice, maybe you’re considering becoming a coach.

I want you to embrace the idea. That you can really focus and grow on the little right. Iterative, small growth. And what if you don’t have to really worry about all of the fancy funnels and the complicated opt-ins and nurture sequences and all the stuff on your website. I mean, all of this stuff, right?

That takes you a thousand years to build and a long time for your client to move through. What if you just focused on implementing the fundamentals and that is what this podcast is gonna give you. It’s the non-sexy Hey, this shit doesn’t necessarily look good going down my IG feed, but it damn sure works.

These are the components that I wish in my heart new coaches would focus on because if they did, I think they would see that ironically, if you focus on. The fundamentals and you don’t chase the shiny object and you’re not chasing these big five-figure months. The irony is they actually come to you faster.

And how do I know this? I built my coaching practice when I opened my coaching practice in 2014, I really did build it from the ground up client by client. It was done on a wing and a prayer. I. Had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I mean, truly as I look back on it, I’m like, what in the hell was I thinking?

I just rented off his space, hung out a shingle. And I was like, Hey man, do do, do you wanna, do you wanna do some coaching? So truly built it session by a session. And I did it with using almost none, none of the modern day online coaching world tactics that you. Okay. And so here is what I wanna share with you.

What I’ve discovered. I wanna share with you. What I see as a coach who has built a company session by session client by client, right? That’s I really wanna encourage you as you look at growing your business to take advice from people who have built their businesses, doing what it is you wanna do. Right, because those are gonna be the coaches whose style and understanding of the unique work that you want to do in the world.

Their teaching style, the strategies they’re gonna use are gonna be more congruent for you. Right. So I think that having had the experience of really learning how to honor what my soul wanted to do, all I wanted to do when I started my coaching practice was to work with people. My focus wasn’t on a 10 K month.

It wasn’t on a, it wasn’t even on a six K it wasn’t on anything. I just was like, Hey man, I just wanna talk to humans. I wanna sit in a room with a human. And I wanna be a change agent and I want to use my intuition as a skill to be able to do that. And I wanna be fully myself. And I wanna give this gift that I know I was born with to another person.

And I wanna deeply connect. I wanna spend the next 60. Minutes of my life doing that with someone that was, I was desperate for that. I was just like, how can I make this happen for myself? The last thing I was worried about was money. I mean, I knew I wanted to make money, of course, but that certainly wasn’t where my head was.

My head was, I wanna practice my craft. I want to just, you know, in 60 minute chunk, Live my life in this beautiful space of healing with other people. And in doing that, I received so much as a human as a coach and just, you know, as a professional, all the way around. It’s just the most wonderful feeling. I was just talking to one of my recent certified coaches who just graduated from our program and she’s already sold her first package.

I think she’s been out for what, 10 days. And she sold her first package and she did her first session and she said, oh my gosh, Heather, it’s a high, it’s unbelievable. It’s like magic. And I said, I know I told you it is, you’re hooked on it once you do it. It’s just the most wonderful feeling in the whole world.

And that’s what I was after. Right. That’s what I wanted to focus on. And so here is what I have discovered in the seven years of doing this. And from my perspective, there are three core problems that emerging coaches like us or intuitive coaches like us when we’re just starting out really face. When we’re trying to start our businesses in a way that are in alignment with who we.

and the first one is that the strategy that you’re told to use or that you’re using, or even the offer that you have in your business, right? Like how you’re setting up your services, how you’re packaging your services. It’s either you’re being coached to focus on, Hey, let’s put this structure in to make as much money as possible.

While that might help you hit a 10 K month. From my perspective, I don’t really see that as a success because you and I both know that is not why you’re becoming a coach. You’re not becoming a coach because your highest value is to go hit a 10 K month. Now, do we wanna do that? Hell yeah, we do, but that’s not our highest value.

Our highest value is purposed first profit next, right? So the, the first problem is that we’re online and we’re being coached to focus on business structure that prioritizes money over, meaning that prioritizes profit over just. Okay. Here’s the coaching work I wanna do in the world. Right. So, and I get why people, business coaches and marketing strategists advise to do this type of thing, and it’s not bad at all.

What they’re focusing on is helping you scale, which is a good thing. I mean, that is not fundamentally bad, but it is when you’re just starting. because when you’re just starting out, you’re not supposed to be focusing on scaling what you’re supposed to be focusing on. I mean, if you’re not making, if you’re not consistently at, you know, 2000, 3000 a month, if you’re just starting out as a coach, your head is on just getting in session and being in session and feeling the, what it is to be a coach, you know, to get your bearings.

On your craft on being the person who. is actually living into their destiny as a coach. So, you know, as an intuitive coach, your focus is on just doing the work, feeling your confidence grow with every single session you as an intuitive. The last thing you’re worried about is scaling. And so that is why a lot of advice that business coaches or marketing coaches give you, it doesn’t work for you.

It’s because the timing is off. So it’s. Bad that they want you to do it. It’s just that it’s not where you are yet. And I think that if you aren’t an intuitive coach, or you’re not a person who orients as a light worker or as a healer, it’s much easier to do that. Right. You’re just here, you’re offering a service, you get paid for it.

Okay, bye. But that’s not what you’re doing. That’s not what you’re up to. Right? You are a heal. I mean, and that’s actually more accurate than even to say, coach is you identify as a healer, you move through the world as a person who wants to invoke healing. Right? I mean, the name of my company, man, literally means to end suffering by helping others become their higher self

So I get it. Right. So that’s number one. It’s that? The strategy. Or the business structure you’re being told to implement is focused on making as much money as possible via scaling. And that’s just not where you are yet. Okay. So that’s not gonna work. The second thing that I see happening is that we’re.

Told to put in offers or strategies that don’t really consider the fact that, you know, within your first year of running your coaching business, you’re largely still figuring out what your unique coaching methodology is. So I’m a big believer that you began your business, or you want to create a business because you have a unique way of coaching that wants to come forward.

Whether you ever throw that into a framework or not, who cares? I believe that. You have a way of being that needs to come forward from within you, as you work with your clients, right? With every client, you sharpen that skill, you discover what that thing is within you that wants to come out. And so as a new coach, your focus is more on that thing.

than it is like, let me 10 month, you know, in other words, what you care about. Is the work, which is why you’re so good at what you do. Do you know what I mean? Because you’re focusing on what really matters because you’re in it really and truly to move, to help other people move the needle on their healing.

Okay. So while we. Wanna scale and we wanna grow and we wanna make money. Hell yes. I say, hell yes. Thank you more please. To all of that. We have to do it at the appropriate right time. Right. So yes, you do need to scale and build your business, but not before you really hone in on, in my certification program, we call it your unicorn effect, right?

Like what makes you a unicorn? What makes you special? What makes you. Working with you such a once in a lifetime type of experience. And so, you know, until you figure out what that thing is, which can only be done through doing the work right with your clients, witnessing yourself as the healer, you are, you know, you could scale all day long, but you might be scaling the wrong practice, the wrong type of practice, the wrong type of work.

Sure. You can scale it, but it might not match. The vision. uh, and the truth that is coming forward within you, which is the whole reason why you’re starting a business in the first place. Right. And then, you know, I think the third one is kind of a, a conglomeration of the first two, which is just in general, trying to grow too fast.

Too soon. And it’s really this whole notion of stepping over a dime to pick up a nickel. What do I mean by that? The dime for you right now, in other words, the thing that has the most value, if you’re new is, is to focus on your next right step. That is the most valuable thing. That’s the. And if we don’t focus on the most valuable thing, right.

And that’s just the next goal, iterative growth, little steps, little, little, little. When we take our eye off that prize, we’re actually really kind of screwing ourselves over because we’re denying ourself the appropriate growth process. So while the world is telling you 10 guy month, you’re just not there yet.

And I want you to know that’s okay. That’s totally fine to say no, actually the most valuable thing isn’t a 10 K month for me, the most valuable thing is a 5k month or the most valuable thing is a 4k month because that’s my next step. Oh. And by the way, when I’m not over focusing on the money. I am able to actually move quicker and feel good about the work I’m doing, cuz I’m not pressuring myself.

Does that make sense? So, you know, keep these three things in mind. I want you to know it’s not that what you’re seeing online. It’s not like these strategies aren’t effective. It’s just that it’s not time for you yet until you get these three. Core offers in your business. And when you have these three core offers in your business, you can start a strong business.

You can start really strong in your business while giving yourself a chance to discover, hone, and own the unique work that you are here to do in the world. Okay. So in other words, this is about flexibility. To meet your clients where they are to meet yourself where you are and to do. In a very steady, grounded way, just letting yourself really own your process.

So in our training program, we encourage striving for six K months. And again, when you’re starting, that is still even a stretch goal, but we, and I’m gonna give you these numbers in a minute, but we look at six K months. Using these three core offers that I’m about to tell you what they are. And then just with coaching seven clients a week, and we’re gonna break down the money and how we set this up via the three offers.

I’m about to show you here in just a second. So. You know, we know that the elusive 10 K month is important, but I really believe in starting at something that feels a little closer. We actually move faster into those five figure months. So in our program, I like to call the three offers. What I’m about to tell you the Goldie locks method, and why do I call it the Goldie locks method?

Putting together offers in your practice because you’re looking for something that’s not too hot, not too cold, but just right. Just right for you and just right for your clients. Right. Because when it comes to really finding one, just being able to enroll clients, right. Just so you can be in the process of coaching and falling in love, deeply with your work and also making money.

You have to have offers that meet your clients, where they are. Okay. You have to have structure in your business and offers that, meet them where they are. Okay. That in other words, you have to have coaching offers that meet your client’s change needs. and people basically have two states of being, as they consider enrolling with you, the coach.

And these are really good things to keep top of mind as you’re going through presenting your offers and really working through your clarity calls and your discovery calls. The first is their current. Level of readiness for change. So, you know, a person has to be ready to receive your offer. And then the second one is their level of willingness to change, right?

So they have to be ready and they have to be willing and they also need to be your ideal client, but they can be your ideal client all day long. And if they’re not ready and willing, then you know, who cares, right. There’s really nothing you can do with them. And so these three core offers help you.

Really find the sweet spot between who, you know, finding your ideal client and then meeting them where they’re ready and they’re willing if that makes any sense. Okay. So the first offer, I like to call it your bread and butter offer. This is your standoff, just one on one, your basic coaching, private session.

Private sessions are really important because they allow you to do a couple of things. One, they let your clients who really kind of don’t know you well yet get a taste of what your coaching is like. It also lets people who have never. Engaged in the coaching process, understand what coaching is. So let’s say that you meet a client and you really vibe in with ’em you think they’re awesome.

And you know, they wanna maybe enroll in a coaching package, but they’re just not sure yet whether it’s, they’re not sure about coaching in general, or they’re not sure about you, you can just say. Okay, cool. Whatever. Let’s just do a private session. It’s low investment. It’s not a big deal. You know, here’s my hourly rate and let’s just do it.

And if you wanna book a package after that, great, we can roll this session, price into your package and you know, we’re off to the races. So you see how you’re meeting them right there, where they are ready and willing. in my experience, I have found that rare. Is it that a private session doesn’t convert into a package?

It might not convert into a sale for a core coaching package right then, but it certainly probably does down the line. Right. And another thing having a really solid private session offer does is it allows your. Clients who have already gone through a whole program with you to be able to come back and get tuneup sessions.

So your private session is really the backbone of your business, because really when you think about it, your other packages are just a bunch of one on ones, you know, cohesively put together in a framework that yields a main outcome. So the first thing you need to think about is your private session.

What does that look and feel like for you in your business, when a person has 60 minutes with you, what happens? What insights do they get? What clarity comes to them? What problems become clearer? That’s kind of how you tease out your private session. And I have a whole, you know, methodology for helping coaches build out these packages.

And I certainly can’t go into it on a podcast. We’d be here for hours, but those are the questions you wanna be asking yourself on your private session. The second one is a Kickstarter package. So this one is kind of like a small bite size opportunity to work with you. So, and then the third one is your signature package and your signature package is like your big mama Jamma.

So if you could think of your signature package, I don’t know why I always use this analogy with Oreos. Oreos are my favorite cookie. So like, if you could think of your signature package, like. A regular size Oreo, like the big Oreo, your Kickstarter is like the little bite size Oreos. It’s just a little bite size offer that helps your clients address one specific problem without having, you know, the big, huge investment of your signature package.

So a Kickstarter package helps you meet your clients where they are. Here’s a couple of ways that it does it. you are going to do sales calls with people who just simply don’t need a six month coaching program. It’s not like they need a lot of work. So what do you do with that person? Okay, cyan. Okay. Bye.

You know, you don’t need intense. Help, you know, you don’t need six to eight months of coaching, so, okay. Go call someone else. No, you enroll them in the Kickstarter. So one, the Kickstarter is great. So a Kickstarter is, you know, anywhere between like six to eight sessions. So you have a clarity called a person.

They are a great fit. You wanna work with them and they’re interested in signing up. You gotta meet ’em where they are. So the Kickstarter lets you do. Another thing that’s great with the Kickstarter is they might need six to eight months, but they might not be willing to invest. At that level. Right? So again, you can just say, okay, well here’s a Kickstarter package.

Let’s just start there. At least we can get something done. Right? So the Kickstarter is just a mini of your signature package. And then we have your signature package, which is really like, you know, your masterpiece, your coaching masterpiece. It’s your. Full program. It’s really the best that you have to give.

And this is for people who love you. They love your work. They’re digging your vibe and just really wanna go all in. They are up for massive change, right? So the signature package is where you offer the deepest work that you can in your coaching business. And I train my clients to really go high ticket with these packages because it helps you do deep change work with them.

So. Another thing that having the structure lets you do is because you do have lower offers. I think it’s actually far easier to hold your pricing ground on that signature package. And I recommend for my coaches that it’s 6,500. It helps you hold your vibe on that when you know, they could have a Kickstarter or do a private session.

So again, it’s just really about having offers that meet your clients, where they are and that in and of themselves scale. So you set your prices where you want them to be, and there’s a strategy behind that, right? But you set your prices and you are able to meet people where they’re at consistently book clients and then grow as you go.

Okay. So even if you have a $250,000 coaching practice, you’re gonna have some form of a big program, a little program, and then. A one off, you know, some type of intensive or a consulting call, right? When you’re first starting out that private session might only be 200 bucks, but you know, as your business grows, maybe it’s $2,000.

Maybe it’s $3,000 for an hour. The point is the offer is still fundamentally the same. Your price might increase, but these three core offers your private session, your Kickstarter package on your signature package. Those are the three core offers that any coaching practice really needs to have in order to really leverage and scale the work.

Okay. Another great thing about these three in terms of your package, your kickstart and your signature is once you coach them one on one and you feel super confident with it, guess what you do with them. You just flip it to group. So then you can start scaling in that you work with more than one person.

So it allows you when you set your coaching practice up this way, it really does allow you to focus on the core work that you’re here to bring forward, hone your craft, get your programs down, solid, really understand the needs of your client. And. You scale your pricing, right? You’re able to raise your prices, raise your prices.

And then at some point, boom, you flip the switch, you take the whole thing to group, and now you’re off, you know, half a million or higher on your way to, you know, a seven figure business. That’s really. How you scale a coaching practice doing coaching. Now, if there’s a million ways to get to a seven figure business, but I’m speaking specifically to you, the person who actually wants to coach, right?

Like you’re, you know, you might wanna write a book, you might wanna host retreats there. You know, there might be other things you wanna do, but for the individual. Who truly feel called to coach and not make money through, you know, other things per se, but the core of how you want to scale and grow in your businesses through actual coaching.

Then these three offers really are what you are after. So let’s look at some numbers really quick, because it’s easy for me to say all of this, but I wanna show you how it really is doable to have a six K month with just these three. And, you know, before we jump into the numbers, I wanna say this. So there’s a difference between having a 10 K month.

And then having a consistent 10 K month, there’s a difference between having a six K month and then consistently having a baseline of a six K month, right? Anybody can just hit six. K. This is about having a structure in your business that allows for a consistent baseline of a six K month. Right. And then as your clients come in, as you streamline your process, that baseline moves up.

Okay. Now you’re at, you know, 7,500 and you do that for six months and then you, that is how you grew. Okay. So let’s take the Kickstarter, the private session and the signature. So if you had just five people and I don’t want you to think about 6,000 a month right now, cuz that seems damn near impossible.

I want you to ask yourself, could you work with five people a month in a signature package? Right. Signature package is about yeah. 20 to 24 sessions. Maybe it’s like six to eight months long. Do you think you could work with five people doing that? I mean the answer’s yes. Right? Absolutely. If you charge $6,500 for that signature package, which is a very reasonable price.

If you have five people that do that, you’re making $5,416 a month. Okay. If you have one person in your Kickstarter, let’s say that Kickstarter is three. if you have one person in that’s 500 a month for six months, and then your private session, your bread and butter offer. If you let’s say you did four, one off sessions, right?

Just four people come in that is 840 a month. And let’s say your rate for that private is like 200, 2 10 something around there. That’s 6,756 bucks a. Off that’s seven individuals, right? If you had four private sessions a month, that’s one a week. And if you had a Kickstarter and your Kickstarter and your signature, that’s six people plus your one off that’s seven people and you’re at 6,700 a month.

Do you see how you could book a practice pretty quick, just selling these three offers just with seven people, right? Because you have a cohesive. Offer structure in your business. That really well, one it’s attractive, cuz it’s gonna be unique because you’ve actually focused on bringing your unique work for it in it, but it gives your clients a clear line of sight as to what it is they’re doing when they’re working with you.

so I offer that just as a way for you to think about how you can start little, really take the pressure off of feeling like, you know, if you aren’t hitting these massive financial goals that you’re somehow doing it wrong, just focus on what you’re here to do. Focus on the work you love, focus on showing up in a way that lets your creativity and what you have to.

Really come forward. Think about your private session, your Kickstarter and your signature, you know, just ponder on that, you know, to some extent, I know you can implement this structure right now. Although I, of course I didn’t give you, you know, all the how to on it, but take a look at your business and see how you can start looking at the offers that you’ve got and ask yourself.

am I meeting them at their, you know, their change needs, right? Their level of readiness and their level of willingness. And if you will do that and put these three core offers in cuz those three core offers will help you do that, you really will see that you will begin to one, love your business. And to find success with, you know, your financial goals, super Pronto.

So if you would like to learn more about how you can do that through Oona training programs, please go visit Heather Alice shay.com. And in my nav, you will see a button that says become a coach, and you can look at our training program. It is. The absolute, I’m so proud of it. I scream about it from the rooftops because I truly believe it is like the most epicly fun, intuitive life coach certification program out there.

So if you’d like to look more into, you know, our business development courses and our certification, that is an awesome resource for you as well. And if you opt in on the becoming coach page, I’ve got. Free masterclass called how to become a confident, intuitive coach where I walk you through our a four framework on how to get started.

So if you go to Heather aha.com/become a coach, or just go to Heather aha.com and click on my nav, become a coach. You can opt in, get access to that masterclass and really begin working with concepts presented there so that you can bring forward. The work that you are here to do so you can turn your soul’s.

Into the movement you were born to create. Okay. See you next time. Okay. Let’s wrap up with three quick things. So my intention for this podcast is to be of impactful service to you. And one of the ways that I can tell how well I’m doing that is by reading honest reviews of the pod. So the review is really allow me to see the topics and the ideas that are resonating with you.

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Development or both. So that is it for this episode. My lovely. Remember, you are more powerful than you can possibly imagine. So step into your greatness and stay after it.