Ep3: Transitioning Out of Scarcity Mindset with Keri Nola

Dec 4, 2019

In today’s episode of The Everyday Intuitive, Heather Alice Shea exchanges deep wisdom with Best Selling Author, Energetic Visionary, former Psychotherapist and creator of the “Messages From Shadow” Oracle Deck… the incomparable Keri Nola. This episode will hit you right in the heart chakra if…

  • You’re a healer who wants to overcome feelings of guilt and unworthiness when it comes to charging what you’re worth.

  • You find it hard to accept or receive abundance in exchange for your unique, God given gifts and are ready to finally embrace prosperity.

  • You’ve been offering your expert, invaluable, sacred services at a discount…and how this only serves to confuse clients, limit their progress, cause you pain and create a low frequency “scarcity complex.” 

  • You want to explore and confront the shadow self; that part of you that’s hidden and holding you back from your growth, healing and evolution

  • You’re READY to infuse your business with “soul and strategy” and create abundance by sharing your wildly magical healing gifts with the world.

Is this you? If so, pop in your favorite earbuds, make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy this auditory treat! 

Episode Timecodes:

  • (11:54) How Keri helps healers and coaches embrace their right to be abundant

  • (15:50) The energetics of money

  • (17:15) Some people are natural born healers

  • (26:25) About the ”Messages From Shadow” Oracle Deck

  • (32:14) What is “Healer’s Code Live”?

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Timezone: America/New_York

Website: https://kerinola.com


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