Ep30: Owning Your Desire & Charging for Your Art

Jul 14, 2020

As an artist and a healer, is it okay to charge for what you do? Do you have the right to desire more from what you do?

In this podcast, Heather brings in an amazing guest, Miriam Schulman, who will share her thoughts on desire, permission, and charging for your art. Miriam is a watercolor and mixed media artist for over 20 years and the founder of the Inspiration Place, an online art class site, and The Inspiration Place podcast. She abandoned a hedge fund career after witnessing the devastation of 9/11 to work on her art full time. Rejecting the starving artist myth, her watercolor and mixed media paintings have been seen on NBC, Amazon Prime, published in art magazines & home decor books and collected worldwide.

Listen in and be inspired by this episode to start embracing your desire to deliver more to the people you serve without any of the guilt.

Soul Stirring Quotes

“We are doing it because this is what we are called to do.”

“You can go further when you have 100% self-worth and believe that it’s okay to desire money.”

“How we treat ourselves is how we’re going to ask other people to show up for us.”

“Now is time to put yourself in the front and stop putting yourself in the backburner.”

Episode Timecodes:

  • 0:30 Introduction – Who is Miriam Schulman?

  • 5:30 How Miriam became the artist and teacher of art she is today.

  • 8:30 How the 9/11 event affected Miriam’s decision in embracing her desire.

  • 11:50 The definition of a healer in Heather and Miriam’s words.

  • 14:25 Why are healers and artists reluctant to embrace their worth?

  • 19:00 Miriam’s perspective on the limiting beliefs of both men and women on their value.

  • 26:00 The two sides of the scarcity mindset and the starving artist mindset for Miriam.

  • 29:30 Miriam’s take on “Mommy Guilt” and matriarchy.

  • 35:30 Miriam shares some funny and relatable stories about male permission and mother-in-law permission.

  • 46:00 Miriam shares her thoughts on creating a “masterpiece”.

  • 49:30 What are Miriam’s thoughts on giving ourselves permission to put ourselves first.

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