Ep34: 10 Ways to Fuck Up Starting Your Coaching Business

Aug 19, 2020

Success is hard. And you’ll find a lot of tips out there on what you can do to succeed. But what if we flip the script and talk about some of the ways you can fuck up your coaching business?

In this podcast, we get to hear 10 ways that can absolutely ruin your business and stop you from succeeding. Heather gets to explain why finding the success you know deep down is yours, and you can certainly stop doing what you know won’t work. We get to know why these 10 things are so ridiculous when brought front and center.

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Soul Stirring Quotes

“The mistakes and all the obstacles are here as an opportunity to help you glean a nugget from the universe and help you.”

“To err again and again and again in pursuit of your dream is a requirement.”

“When you bring the things that you do that can fuck up your business front and center, you get to see how ridiculous they are.”

“Clarity is a myth. There is only moving forward and learning along the way.”

“Telling yourself each day that you can do this is such a bold, brilliant move.”

“You can give yourself permission to live a beautiful, financially free, and stable life off giving your gifts to the world.”

“You can give yourself permission to fail. In failure, you find your strength because you learn what is working for you.”

“The only way we can win is to dare greatly in living our purpose.”

“You can fearlessly, ferociously and unapologetically live your calling in this world and do it according to your own values.”

Episode Timecodes:

  • 1:00 Heather’s offer – The Atmana Intuitive Coach Certification Program October Class and Free Training.

  • 2:20 Why is it hard to find success in your business and your life that your soul craves?

  • 5:10 What inspired Heather in sharing this crazy good episode?

  • 7:50 Heather’s 10 ways to fail when starting and running your business.

  • 8:15 Number 1 – Believing Everything your Self-Doubt Tells You.

  • 9:45 Number 2 – Allowing Other People’s Opinion of You to Mean More to You than Your Own.

  • 11:40 Number 3 – Insist on Having Perfect Clarity Before You’re Willing to Act.

  • 13:18 Number 4 – Tell Yourself Each Day that You are Absolutely Nuts for Wanting to Do This.

  • 14:47 Number 5 – Believe that Making Incredible Money by Doing Important Work to the World is Wrong.

  • 16:58 Number 6 – Do Not Take Your Business Seriously.

  • 18:24 Number 7 – You’ll Never Fail and If You Do, Believe You are Loser and Not Cut Out For This.

  • 20:00 Number 8 – Hire Shitty Coaches Who Sell You on the Dream But Don’t Deliver.

  • 22:31 Number 9 – Refuse to Hire High-Quality Mentors Again Who Could Deliver and Who Asks You to Do the Work.

  • 23:53 Number 10 – Betray Your Soul’s Calling and Live Your Life According to Someone Else’s Value Set.

  • 25:25 Heather shares her wisdom on why these 10 ways are ridiculous and do not have to be how you should start and run your business.

  • 30:35 Heather’s invitation to join the Atmana Coach Collective Facebook group and get a cool freebie!

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Episode Transcript:


I am 100% absolutely certain with every fiber of my being in soul, that this is going to be an absolute disaster. Stay tuned for the top 10 ways. You can completely fuck up starting your coaching business. Welcome to the everyday intuitive podcast. I’m your host, Heather a. Intuitive life, coach trainer status quo, shaker and founder of Atmana Coaching Academy.

Listen in each week to break up with your comfort zone claim your self confidence and radically embrace your role as an intuitive healer mentor and sought after coach let’s get within and get after it.

Hey Atmana intuitive. Today, we are talking about getting your coaching business off the ground and we’re gonna do it by doing all the wrong things. That’s right. We are going to succeed. Add failing. But before we jump into that, I wanna say that today’s episode is sponsored by the intuitive coach certification program.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are gearing up for our October 7th class. I cannot wait to offer you guys the free training it’s gonna launch on September 28th. So if you aren’t over in our Facebook group to be a part of that, please. Do so jump in that group. There’s gonna be a link in the show notes. So click through to get that.

If you are interested in learning the four pillars to launching a so full coaching practice with more clarity, purpose, and prosperity, and really just doing it with a tribe of the next wave of intuitives. That are really just kind of getting dead serious about living their soul’s purpose and making their coaching practice, not their side check.

Okay. It’s gonna be their main squeeze, their main bitch, right? Like we are serious about stepping up and serving in our purpose and taking our coaching businesses, our healing work and. Putting it at a level 10. So if you’re interested in that, just hang out with us in our Facebook group, it’s super, super fun.

Okay. Back to this episode, do you know what might be harder than surviving 2020 finding the success in life and in your work that your soul really. Really craves and the reason why it is so hard to get your coaching business off the ground, to do it in a way that really feels aligned to you. And I am saying this to you.

Yes. You listening to this no matter. Where you are at in the process of launching, maybe you’ve been coaching for a while and you’ve got clients and maybe you don’t have as many as you’d like, or maybe you have a ton of clients, but you cannot figure out how to build a team and scale. So you can actually enjoy the work instead of being exhausted by it.

Or maybe you are. An emerging coach. You’re just starting out. You’ve got this calling on your heart, you know, you’re supposed to do it, but you’re completely overwhelmed by all the things, right. You just don’t know what direction to move in to make it all happen. So. here is what I know after seven years of being in business, that success at anything is really, really hard in life, harder than maybe even 2020 and figuring out the right thing to do at the right time in the right way, feels next to impossible to.

And here’s why, because it is almost next to impossible. It’s not you. My love, it actually is that hard, right? Particularly now. And this. Environment and this, you know, politicized, highly charged, just absolutely all exhausting environment. I don’t know how 2020 feels to you, but to me it has that I haven’t showered in a weak look feel and, you know, Worst of all smell to it.

And there’s really nothing that we can do. I think, to combat the level of shit show that is thrown at us when we raise our hand to say yes to launching our business. And particularly doing it in a way that’s aligned with your higher truth. I think there’s going into business and then there’s going into business to genuinely serve from your soul.

And to do that in a way that is creating that thing that is living within you, that’s always been with you that you’ve always known you were destined to do, to create from that place to lead from that place to build your business from that place. Is a whole different animal. It’s like double hard. Right?

So one of the things I’ve been thinking about lately, and it really inspired this episode is what if you didn’t have to get everything right? Or in order to launch your business and to really live this dream, what if you could flip the script on how you can accomplish success? in your business. So in other words, what if you could succeed at failing?

What if we took this attitude? With every misstep we take in our business with everything that we don’t know with every obstacle that comes to block us, to hold us down, to push us back. What if we saw all of that as an opportunity to glean a nugget from the infinite universe, that’s informing you. Which way you need to go, that’s actually there to help you.

So I know that this sounds really, really strange, but there’s a method to this madness that I’m presenting here. So I want you to stick with me as we go through this, and this is really kind of meta it’s, it’s very, like, it’s almost like diet. Bar evil, like insert evil, laughing at hand ringing here, like, whoa.

I’m about to hack success by channeling the forces of my own dark side and turning them into something really, really good and something that’s actually helping to serve you. Right. So there really is no way in life. This is kind of the bad news. There is no way in life. And certainly, certainly not in business to know the right or best thing at every moment because to air is human and to air again.

And again, and again, in pursuit of your dream, my darling is a requirement, but on your way to finding the success that, you know, deep down is already yours to claim, you can certainly start doing what, you know, won’t work and that. Is the method to our madness here. We can certainly stop doing what we know won’t work.

So we don’t always have to know the right thing. Right? Hold my drink while I overthink this. No. How about hold my drink while I just don’t go do dumb shit that I know is not going to work. So we’re flipping the script in that way. And right now I wanna share with you 10 things that if you do. You are absolutely guaranteed to fail.

You are going to win the prize at failing so hard if you do these 10 things. Okay. So this is 10 ways to completely fuck up starting your coaching business, or we can also say running your coaching business. And so the first one is I want you, we’re gonna believe everything. Your self doubt tells you, number one, believe everything.

Your self doubt tells you that’s right. Every time that little voice pops into your head and says some mean shit, like you’re not smart enough to do this. Who do you think you are? I want you to listen to that voice and hold it completely valid as if it’s the only source of wisdom. Or higher information that you have access to at, at any moment at any one, given time, just know that that voice right there, that voice of yourself doubt that is completely unintelligent.

That has absolutely no idea what your true potential is. That’s certainly not in contact with your higher self or your dreams or your wants or wishes or desires. Yeah. That voice, the dumbest part of you. I want you to listen to that. With absolute zero equivocation. When it says things like you’re never gonna be able to make this happen, look at how all of these people out here are better than you are smarter than you.

And look at how they just seem to effortlessly do it. You’re a moron. You’re never gonna be able to make it. Yeah. I want you to know that voice is right and you should just give up and listen to everything it tells. The second is, I want you to absolutely allow, I want you to allow other people’s opinions of you to mean way more to you than what you think about you.

That’s right. I want you to let other people and their stupid judgments, their erroneous opinions, their prejudices, their own emotional baggage, their projections, all of that crap. I want you to let all of that crap. Absolutely define. And so when you run into people that have already given up on themselves, they hate their lives.

They kind of wish they were you. Anyway, they’re secretly jealous of you. They’re actually competing against you. They would love to see you fail because you’re a reflection of everything they know they won’t be because they won’t dare greatly in their own lives. I want you to let all that bullshit hate to totally stop.

And hold you down, right? Because it couldn’t just be like a reflection of their own weaknesses. It absolutely has to be about you in that moment. So I want you to just kind of like take a pillow and smother really just smother the part of you. That’s saying things like, you know what, that’s bullshit. I actually know I can do this and you know what, that’s actually not me at all, dude.

That’s just a reflection of. I actually know that I’m a good person. I know that I’m worthy. I know I can do this. I know I’m called to help other people. I know I have a light to give. I know I have a message and dam it. I’m gonna go out here despite all of the suffering in the world and I am gonna boldly give it.

And I don’t give a shit who has a problem with it. I want you to take a pillow and smother that voice. What really matters is what other people think. Number three is I want you to absolutely insist on having perfect clarity on absolutely everything before you’re willing to act. That’s right. You need to be able to see and know with perfect clarity, everything that you’re supposed to do for the next year.

And every, every task, every, uh, element of your business, every project you’re gonna roll out, absolutely everything you need to just really be able to see it all before you’re willing to do one thing to actually make it happen. You see, because. Clarity comes from thinking about things. It doesn’t come from trying things.

And then, you know, allowing yourself to have an opportunity to do this thing that humans do called learn, you know, like we try things and then, you know, like some things go right, and then some things go wrong and then we like learn from what went wrong. And then we. You know, come back and we make a better plan.

And then we like go do that plan. And then we do this thing called grow. Like when we do that. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. You’re not gonna be doing any of that shit. Okay. You’re gonna sit back and you’re gonna expect yourself to have all the answers right now. Right? That’s actually like the most reasonable thing you can do really is that’s how you’re gonna grow.

You’re gonna grow by. Sitting and overthinking it. Right? So that’s number three, re really try to drive that one. Home. Number four is you’re gonna tell yourself each day that you wake up in the morning that you’re absolutely nuts for wanting to do this. You, you are gonna tell yourself that this is all a pipe dream.

That you’re crazy. that your parents are right. And your friends are right. And you know, all of that, like hypothetical fear you have about telling people that you’re starting a business and you’re gonna be a coach and you’re gonna use your intuition to do it. Yeah. You’re gonna actually tell yourself that that’s literally insane.

and that you’re despite feeling super called to do this, that that’s actually just you being nuts. And what you should do is just sit down and follow the prescription that, you know, mainstream modern society is given you, which is get up, go get a desk job and work 40 to 60 hours a week to make some other person filthy stinking.

Rich. That’s really actually like the most sane thing you could do is not bet on yourself and not believe in your talent enough to actually sustain and support you. But it’s totally not crazy to think that giving those same exact talents and all of that potential to somebody else so they can be successful.

That’s perfectly reasonable. Number five. I want you to believe that making money. incredible money, beautiful, meaningful purpose, filled money that you earn by doing important work in the world. I want you to believe that that is only something bad. People want that making money. through the use of your God-given talents through the use of your beautiful mind, from your ideas, from your creativity, from your heart, from your soul, you wanting to make money off of the talents that you were born with.

Is wrong. It is wrong to want to be able to pay your bills without worrying. It’s wrong. To want to be able to put braces on your kids’ mouth without stressing about credit card debt to do it. It’s. Absolutely wrong to wanna like leave a nest egg for your kids when you, when you leave this world, uh, it’s, it’s wrong to want to be able to go and shop at target without like stressing about everything you put in your cart.

It’s wrong to want to just live free without fear. About your finances. That’s something only evil, evil people want to do you see, because you’re not called to a life of service. You’re called to a life of servitude. You’re supposed to be enslaved in order to do your work. You’re supposed to suffer for it.

You’re not supposed to prosper. No, no, no, no, no. That’s now how the universe works. You know that you are living in your purpose when you are like, Peak peak financial stress and suffering because that’s what good people do. Only bad people wanna live, you know, without the fear and the stress and the resentment and the anger in all of that.

That’s, that’s for losers men. We wanna, you know, nail ourselves to the cross and be martyrs for the work. Okay. Number. Don’t do not whatever you do, dear. God do not take your business. Seriously. Absolutely not. This is a side gig. It’s like a fun side thing you’re doing. Do you know what I mean? Like, it’s just kind of like, oh, I mean, it sort of has potential.

I mean, you’re, I don’t know, like, you’re kind of good at this. I mean, I don’t know. Maybe you’re just gonna like, kind of try it and act like it doesn’t. Absolutely freaking everything to you and your soul is bursting at the seams to go big into your purpose. Nope. You’re gonna treat it like a side gig because you see if you actually do let yourself go for it.

I mean, really dig in and want it. You might be disappointed if it. Doesn’t happen and then you’d have to deal with all that emotional fallout. I mean, fuck that. Don’t do that at all. Just stay in your comfort zone and treat it like it’s your side chick and you know, don’t really treat your business, how it should be treated.

Don’t really go for it that way. You don’t have to deal with any of the fallout if you, oh my gosh, God forbid make a misstep or two. And learn from your mistakes and iteratively. Keep going until one day you wake up and oh my God, you’re actually living your dream. No, no, no. That’s never gonna happen. Just treat it like a side gig, number seven, expect yourself to never fail.

And if you do believe. That you’re a loser. Who’s not cut out for this. You’re not allowed to fail. You’re not allowed to misstep. And if you do, you’re gonna take it as a complete and total sign. I’m like laughing through this one. I’m sorry. I can’t even like do number seven without laughing because it’s just so ridiculous.

Like, I guess maybe I’m laughing, cuz this was me when I started my business. But. Yeah, you’re gonna never let yourself actually learn anything. You’re just going to believe that every misstep that you make, every, every poor decision, um, everything that you try, that doesn’t work. You’re gonna see that as a character defect in you and not just a sign that you’re iteratively moving through the process.

What will be your inevitable success. If you stick with it, pay attention and learn the beautiful lessons that you’re here to learn as an individual in the world. And also as an entrepreneur and a healer. So you’re not allowed to fail again. You’re supposed to have perfect clarity and you’re supposed to just know how to do all of it, right?

Because you. You’re perfect. Right? You’re perfect. I mean, this, you can see straight away how your ego and our ego, your ego, my ego, all of our egos has nothing to do with this, right. Like at all, you know, it’s not our ego. That’s telling us we’re not allowed to fail. I mean, couldn’t be that right. Okay.

Number eight. I want you to hire shitty mentors who sell you on the dream. but don’t actually deliver. And what I mean by this is I want you to never like, look at a person you hire. I don’t want you to look at their. Credentials. I don’t want you to see how long they’ve been doing what they’re doing. I don’t want you to look at their background or their educational experiences, you know, definitely don’t ask to talk to any of their former clients, just let, ’em really hype you up on, you know, the dream, right.

They’re just, there’s it’s pie in the sky. You can kind of feel it when they’re talking to you and you’re just gonna give those people like a lot of money. You. You’re gonna spend money. That’s way, way, way, way, way, way, way outside your comfort zone with absolutely no real conversation or process with respect to how you’re actually gonna move the needle.

Like really definitely hire someone who gets offended or pissed off, or won’t take the time to listen to you when you bring up questions. Well, how am I actually going to make money if I sign up for your program and how is this exactly an investment and excuse me, Mr. Or Mrs. Coach, how are you qualified to teach me the things that you’re purporting to be able to teach me?

And at the end of this experience, what am I actually going to be able to do that I can’t do now? That is going to help me move the needle on my goal. And Mr. Or miss coach, do you even know what my vision is? Do you know what my dream is? No, of course you don’t because you’re selling the hype. So I want you to go with those influencer type people, right?

Like. People who just like, I don’t know, man. They just really, you know, are able to get you into this like super excited state and keep you there until you enroll. They don’t say things like, Hey, sleep on it and let’s circle back and have a conversation tomorrow. they just kind of get you there. Keep you there.

And then once they’ve got you, they’re kind of, uh, you know, well, it’s, you’re on your own there. Apel, that’s the person you’re looking for. Number nine is after you have the experience in number eight, then what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna refuse to ever hire anyone again, particularly a high quality mentor who could and would deliver.

Everything you need to help you get there. These are people who are absolutely trained, qualified, and dedicated to their craft. They are born to do their work. They are walking in their purpose. I want you to refuse to hire them. Because they’re asking you to actually do the fucking work, right? They’re gonna look at you and that mentor or that coach is gonna say things like, you know what, man, you gotta do the work.

Here’s the program. Here’s what we’re gonna do. This is exactly how we’re moving forward. Step a step B step C step D all the way to Z. Here is the roadmap. Here are people I have done this with, do you wanna talk to them? Here’s their phone number. This is a to Z, how we’re doing it, soup to nuts and you better get your butt in there and do the fricking work.

I am serious about helping you, but your success is in your hands. Don’t hire people like that. Okay. You just need to go and hire the person who’s promising you the pie in the sky. so, because you’ve been burned by, you know, shitty mentors in the. Definitely refuse to hire people that can help you. And number 10 is, I don’t know.

I think this might be the biggest one. I think this might be the biggest one. I want you to betray your soul’s calling and live your life. According to someone else’s value set, because that’s the responsible thing to do, right? It’s really, it is outrageous, outlandish, crazy, spectacular, and extra. Ordinary to bet on yourself.

It is beyond this world for you to look in the mirror and say, yes, I believe in me and I am going to do this. And I would rather go down in a bla of fiery glory, failing at what I love than succeeding at what I hate. I don’t want you to ever have that come to Jesus moment, where you look in the mirror and for the first time in your life, see yourself staring back at you and be proud of the person you see in that mirror.

Nah, that’s irresponsible. You need to live your life and just do what everyone has told you to do. that will help you find success because you know, that’s the tried and true path. It might be ordinary. It might be plain, but Hey, it’s what everybody else is doing. So it’s gotta be the right way forward. So as you can see, these are our 10 ways to completely fuck up starting your coaching business.

And of course, they’re all tongue in cheek and I hope bringing humor to these really helps see the ridiculousness of how we treat ourselves when it comes to our business. It is so ridiculous that. Follow these 10 guidelines. And there are things that each of us do as intuitive coaches, every single day in our business.

And so when we actually stop and think about all of these things that many of us do, when we start out, we do listen to our self doubt. We do expect ourselves to have perfect clarity. You know, you do expect yourself to never fail and, you know, we don’t take our businesses seriously when we actually flip it on the, in.

And say, okay. Yeah, let’s do more of that. Right. Which we’re already sort of doing, it’s like this low grade fever that we’re doing these 10 things when we actually pull them out and we bring them front and center and say them out loud, like I’ve done here on this episode. You can see how ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous it is to think that this is the way forward.

Okay. you don’t have to know exactly what to do, but you can stop. Doing these 10 things you can choose to radically, radically believe in yourself instead of having self doubt. And you can absolutely care more about what you believe to be true about you than other people. One of my favorite quotes is I’d rather make this gravest of mistakes than to surrender my own judgment.

you can believe in yourself and what you think and feel and know that to be your truth beyond anything anyone has to say, and you can absolutely move forward, despite not having a fucking clue what you’re doing, because clarity is a myth. There is only moving forward and learning along the way. And you can understand that the sanest thing in the world you could do far from being crazy far from being crazy.

Telling yourself each day that you can do. This is such a bold, brilliant move. You can wake up every day saying to yourself, I know that I’m called to do this, and you can give yourself permission to live a beautiful financially free and. Stable life off giving your gifts to the world and you can take your coaching practice seriously.

You can believe and know that there are people all over the world who make money doing this and that you are no different. If you choose to see it that way. and you can give yourself permission to fail. You can give yourself permission to fail and know in failure you find your strength because you learn what is working for you and far from being a loser.

It makes you the greatest kind of beautiful soul guided winner, because the only way we can win is to dare greatly in living our purpose. and you can find mentors to support you, and that will deliver. You can do that. They are out there. I have found them in my own business and I thank God for them. I thank God for them.

I would not be here today without them. I mean, countless numbers of mentors that have shepherded me through the process. Okay, so that is a reality for you and despite how it might feel, you can make the investment and get the help that you need and be supported. I would say, not only in finding mentorship, but also in hiring a team to support you too.

You know, it’s a really beautiful thing. When you start getting in relationship with people who really do and want to and can support. And the biggest, one of all you can fearlessly and ferociously and unapologetically live your calling in this world and do it according to your own values. And I promise you this.

If you do it, you are going to find souls that come out of the woodwork and stand and clap for you and are in awe of you that watch you ascend. And that are inspired by your example. And there are people out there. Who want to watch you win in that way? And they wanna watch you win in that way. And they’re gonna support you in winning that way, because they know that you are them.

They wanna do the same thing, but they haven’t given themselves permission yet. And so when you say yes, I am gonna do this work. I am going to live. My soul’s calling. It’s like a little bell rings and people get to hear it and go, oh, oh my gosh. Yes. Okay. There’s somebody doing it? There’s somebody doing it?

Yeah. Yeah. We can do this. We can do it. This is a potential for us if we claim it. Okay. So. What I want you to do if this resonates with you is I would love to know which one of these resonates the most with you. So again, there’s a link in our show notes. I want you to pop over into my Facebook group.

When you join, you get our intuitive coach tool, kit, and mini course for free, just for joining the group. So that’s kind of a perk, but I want you to go to the group and tell me which one of these 10 resonate with you most. Which one do you need to stop doing? Which one are you the most susceptible to doing?

Which one do you need to stop doing? And how would you like to feel and think and believe and behave in the world in a way that really launches you and your business into these whole guided success that I know with every fiber of my being is your destiny. So I look forward to seeing you there together.

We rise. Okay, let’s wrap up with three quick things. So my intention for this podcast is to be of impactful service to you. And one of the ways that I can tell how well I’m doing that is by reading honest reviews of the pod. So the reviews really allow me to see the topics and the ideas that are resonating with you.

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Or both. So that is it for this episode. My lovely, remember, you are more powerful than you can possibly imagine. So step into your greatness and stay after it.