Ep37: Cognitive Bypassing with Dr. Russell Kennedy

Oct 28, 2020

How do you truly heal from your anxiety? How does cognitive bypassing help you overcome your fear and anxiety?

Do you agree with these two statements: “You can’t think your way out of a feeling problem.” and “You’ve got to feel it to heal it.” I believe both these statements are 100% correct. We live in a hyper intellectualized world where we try to solve every problem in the known universe with our intellect. Dr. Russell Kennedy, a fan favorite, coined this bad habit, “cognitive bypassing”. In today’s episode, we discuss What cognitive bypassing is, and how to avoid doing it. He also introduces his book, where he shares how you can discover your alarm (his word for Anxiety), the importance of silence, and his ABC method. Look out for the different, and fun, analogies about facing our fear and anxiety and overcoming each one through silence, awareness, and compassion. We also get to hear an excerpt from Dr. Russell’s recent viral article on cognitive bypassing, a sample of how amazing, unconventional, and eye-opening his work is!

Are you ready for another awesome episode? Then listen in and get blown away by all the great takeaways from this episode.

Soul Stirring Quotes

“Cognitive bypassing is really about how you intellectuallize the abuse that happened to you, the story you tell yourself around it to make you feel better. It is an unconscious implicit memory.”

“There’s nothing wrong with using cognitive strategies as a part of your emotional well being. However, compulsively adding cognition to emotion ensures your traumas can never fully heal.”

“Don’t take your mind’s first offer.”

“The real gold is sitting there in silence, uncomfortable. As intuitives, silence is our gold.”

“Where do you feel your alarm? Put your hand on that spot and connect with that.”

“That alarm is your inner child and that’s the part you need to connect to.”

“When people are in their old trauma, they are not in their cognitive rational brain.”

“The feeling is not so bad, when we start adding thoughts to it that’s when it cycles out of control.”

“The alarm in your system is the cause of your anxiety.”

“The mental anguish comes as a reflection of what’s going on in the trapped energy of the body.”

“Anxiety itself is just thoughts of the mind, it is not painful.”

“Just watch your mind and get into sensation.”

Episode Timecodes:

  • 0:30 Heather introduces Dr.Russell Kennedy and his book.

  • 3:00 What is the concept of cognitive bypassing and how did Dr. Russell able to come up with it?

  • 7:35 Heather shares an excerpt from Dr. Russell’s article.

  • 11:20 Dr. Russ shares his experience being a medical doctor and an intuitive, and how it affected his coaching.

  • 13:15 How Dr. Russell discovered his own alarm and how he helps his clients in finding their own alarms?

  • 20:48 Dr. Russell shares his thoughts for coaches or doctors who insist on the cognitive-behavioral mind model.

  • 24:00 The importance of waiting, the difference between fear and anxiety, and not taking the mind’s first offer.

  • 30:00 Dr.Russell shares how he keeps his clients at the moment, how to be okay with their emotions, and their silence.

  • 37:20 Dr. Russell’s analogy in riding a bike and working as coaches, counselors, and intuitives.

  • 38:48 Anxiety Rx, Dr. Russell’s new book – what is it about and why he wrote it.

  • 40:15 How mental anguish is reflected in the body, how to deal with it, and heal it.

  • 47:47 Dr. Russell’s advice about our thoughts and watching ourselves think, and his own experience.

  • 52:40 Dr. Russell shares his ABC process – Awareness, Be (body and breath), Compassion (to yourself).

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