Ep39: Becoming Trauma Informed & Aware

Nov 9, 2020

Trauma is an overused word that we hear a lot of from coaches or mentors these days, but what does it really look like and how can we truly help our clients go through their trauma? What is our responsibility as healers when it comes to helping our people deal with trauma?

In this podcast episode, we talk all about trauma with Andy DeLucia, a mother of 4, a wife, entrepreneur, and trauma-informed mentor. Andy is passionate about helping women heal lineage cycles of pain and trauma and come home to wholeness. Being a complex trauma survivor herself, she shares how, as coaches, mentors, and healers, we can help clients go through trauma by regulating emotions and becoming more aware of their mind, body, and soul. She also shares why it is important to also recognize when to reach out to trauma-informed specialists for clients who need their specific needs.

If you want an episode that does not hold back on trauma and what it really takes to help others heal from their trauma, then this episode is for you!

Soul Stirring Quotes

“It’s really important that we know how to decipher between healing trauma and helping someone move through trauma.”

“Trauma isn’t what the experience is – it’s how our body internalizes it.”

“We don’t need to go back to the event of the trauma. We need to bring them to a place where they are right now.”

“It doesn’t matter what happened in the past. We can never change it, so why do we have to relive it?”

“We cannot bypass trauma. We need to do the intake and find out where we are now.”

“The message for us mentors and coaches should be healing is not a privilege. We don’t need to earn healing.”

“Trauma disconnects us to our body. As a coach and as a healer, we want to reconnect the soul and the body.”

“In order for any other thing to work for you, you have to feel safe inside.”

“Coaches and mentors have relatability, we’re in it, and we know what that safety looks like. It feels more organic.”

“Check yourself, look in the mirror, and ask yourself, ‘Am I doing the healing work? Am I going to project to my clients?’”

“Understand that there’s responsibility in our work. Stay in your lane, acquire tools that will help you, and work with a trauma-informed coach.”

“Healing is back and forth – it’s not linear.”

Episode Timecodes:

  • 0:40 Heather introduces Andy DeLucia, how she found her, and why she chose to have her in the show.

  • 5:00 Why Andy got into working with trauma.

  • 6:55 The definition of trauma and the difference between helping a person through trauma and treating trauma.

  • 10:50 What happens when we don’t process the root cause or the first trauma?

  • 12:10 The difference between treating trauma and working with a person to help them move through or live with trauma.

  • 18:30 Andy shares how she works with her clients’ walk through trauma.

  • 25:10 Why coaches and mentors have an upper hand in helping clients deal with trauma in Andy’s opinion.

  • 28:30 What should we look for in a trauma-informed coach?

  • 33:50 Why should you learn to hold space for your clients and do it simultaneously when you aspire to be a coach or a mentor?

  • 35:10 What does healing really look like?

  • 35:40 Andy shares about her work, her books, and how to connect with her.

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