Ep4: Owning Your Bullshit and Creating Miracles with Karen Kenney

Dec 4, 2019

Your spirit is knocking and asking you to take a leap of faith – what are you waiting for?

Karen Kenney is a writer, speaker, and the founder of Fearless Flow Mentoring. She’s a certified Spiritual Mentor, has been a student & guide of A Course in Miracles for 26+ years, and a longtime student of Passage Meditation. She’s also a Gateless Writing Teacher and has been a yoga teacher since 2001.

KK grew up in Lawrence & Boston, MA, and is known for her storytelling, her sense of humor, and her “down-to-earth” approach to spirituality. Her signature mentoring programs: Your Story to Your Glory™ & Fearless Flow™ help people let go of their old stories of suffering and victimization so that they can write a new kick-ass story from a place of inner power, forgiveness, freedom, and spirit. 

In this episode, KK dives deep and reveals intimate details of her jaw-dropping story. Then, KK explains the idea of an unhealed healer – we cannot be helping others fix wounds that we haven’t healed ourselves. 

Plus, KK describes how to develop a relationship with our spiritual team, the obstacles that are stopping us, and why we need to give up our specialness. 

Episode Timecodes:

  • [ 0:55 ] About Karen Kenney 

  • [ 5:20 ] Karen’s story 

  • [ 13:15 ] What’s an unhealed healer? 

  • [ 18:00 ] The biggest obstacle to developing a relationship with our spiritual team

  • [ 22:00 ] We have to give up our specialness

  • [ 30:50 ]  About the buttons and the button pushers 

  • [ 42:00 ] We must continually watch our thoughts and our mind 

  • [ 43:15 ] Stop playing dumb 

  • [ 46:55 ] About the 5 D’s (daily, dedication, determination, discipline, and devotion)

  • [ 53:30 ] About KK’s memoir 

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