Ep43: Mastering Meditation to Supercharge your Success

Dec 14, 2020

When you hear the word “success,” what comes in your mind first? How do you define success?

In this exciting new episode, we have a special guest Cynthia Stant, a multi-7 figure producing sales professional and expert in all things Metaphysical and intuitive. She is known for helping others achieve success into a heartfelt process and combines it with totally owning her shit!

Today, she is the founder and CEO of her programs Spiritual Success, where she helps the female entrepreneur and business woman who is frustrated with playing small and ready to build her empire. She feels that burning desire to achieve more in life and is tired of making excuses and hiding behind her limiting thoughts and fearful beliefs.

In this episode, Cynthia talks about success, what it truly means, and how you can also achieve it. You’ll get to hear some awesome insights about choosing your thoughts. Listen for a cool game that Cynthia and Heather will play in the podcast – which you can absolutely use, too!

Are you ready to own your success? Then listen in, and enjoy this awesome episode!

Soul Stirring Quotes

“Sales to me is the start of people’s success story.”

“Meditation is for your soul.”

“The best salesperson is a really good listener.”

“I realized that success is how you define it, there is no answer pertaining for everybody. Its personal success.”

“I start choosing things that are better for me. I choose everything, I label everything.”

“My whole life changed when I realized that I can feel comfortable with being uncomfortable. Acknowledge it, embrace it, see it through.”

“It is so much better when you are being your true self, and your true self will tell you what success is.”

“Don’t let other people define what success is for you.”

“When you are surrounded with people bigger than you, they are showing you the way that you can be successful.”

Episode Timecodes:

  • 0:26 Heather introduces Cynthia Stant, her business and her mission.

  • 2:43 Cynthia shares more things about her and her journey.

  • 5:35 Cynthia shares how she started in meditation and her business.

  • 8:07 What does it really mean to be successful? How do we use intuition to be successful?

  • 11:52 How does discipline help in controlling your thoughts and your success?

  • 13:00 Cynthia’s thoughts on being comfortable with being uncomfortable.

  • 15:56 Cynthia shares how she acknowledged her thoughts and experiences.

  • 16:57 Cynthia’s cool exercise and how it relates to what you choose for your reality and your success.

  • 18:54 What is the first word that Cynthia thinks of when she hears the word “Success”.

  • 20:10 How do you develop your definition of success?

  • 22:20 Cynthia shares her early experience with success and how it affected her view about success.

  • 23:15 Why is it better to be true to yourself?

  • 28:30 Cynthia shares her thoughts on why you can enjoy being with people bigger than you.

  • 30:20 Cynthia’s words of wisdom.

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