Ep44: What Type of Intuitive Coach are You?

Dec 17, 2020

What is your unique intuitive coaching style? Do you understand what type of intuitive coach you are?

In this podcast episode, Heather is going to talk about all things Intuitive Coach Archetype. You’ll get to learn what are Archetypes and how it is psychic counterpart to physical Instinct. We’ll also get to know how by figuring out your archetype, you get an understandable and easy to implement framework around which you build your business.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a thousand pictures are worth an archetype. And by discovering your Archetype, you will be able to…

  • Identify your innate and unique coaching style.

  • Harness the power behind how you naturally help others.

  • Communicate to your ideal clients in a way they understand.

  • Clearly tell your clients who you are, what you do, who you do it for (them!), how you do it, and why.

In this podcast, Heather will also focus on the Archetypal Matrix that applies to all four archetypes. The point of this Matrix is help you understand how you help your clients discover truth and accomplish goals. Check out the matrix below!

Soul Stirring Quotes

“Humans naturally embody, exhibit, admire and emulate primordial and power  qualities found in the archetypes.”

“Archetypes are metaphorical, universal concepts that speak directly to the human heart and mind.

“Archetypes are a representation of all accurate, accumulated knowledge that human beings have attained throughout our history.”

“The idea with archetypes is that we have the instictional knowledge and responses in the mental and emotional realm as well.”

“By figuring out your archetype, you gain a better understanding of how you uniquely present in the world.”

“Your archetype helps reveal the innate healing style that you were given at birth.”

“Your archetype lets you be in flow and you be you.”

“A thousand pictures are worth an archetype.”

Episode Timecodes:

  • 1:00 Heather shares the awesome topic for this episode.

  • 2:40 Heather’s invitation for you to take the quiz (link below).

  • 4:05 What you will notice about the archetypes?

  • 5:05 What are Archetypes? Heather deep dives into what an archetype really is and gives an amazing analogy.

  • 9:23 What happens when you understand your archetype deeply?

  • 10:14 How does your archetype help you in your personal life and your coaching practice?

  • 13:00 The Four Archetypes – Hecate the Shadow Healer, Demeter the Great Mother, Persephone the Oracle, Athena the Wise Warrior.

  • 13:56 Heather shares what The Intuitive Coach Matrix is and how it relates to the Four Archetypes.

  • 15:10 Level of Information, and its two categories – collective and individual.

  • 15:34 What is the collective information?

  • 18:05 Demeter, The Great Mother, what is this archetype

  • 19:30 Hecate, The Dark Healer. Who are the Hecates? What is her story?

  •  22:44 What is the Individual axis?

  • 23:16 Persephone, The Oracle, and one of the most intuitive archetypes.

  • 25:22 Athena, The Wise Warrior. What are her superpowers?

  • 28:18 How can you relate to each archetype and use it to your coaching?

  • 30:30 Heather’s invitation for you to share what your Archetype is?

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Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the everyday intuitive podcast. I’m your host, Heather Alice Shea intuitive life coach trainer status quo, shaker and founder of Atmana Coaching Academy. Listen in each week to break up with your comfort zone claim your self confidence and radically embrace your role as an intuitive healer mentor and sought after coach let’s get within and get after it.

What is your unique, intuitive coaching style? This is a question that if many coaches and healers out there understood and knew the answer to, they would find it much more easy, not only to establish a practice that really thrives. Much more, easy to feel confident in who they are, how they show up in the world and how they help others.

So this episode is all about helping you gain a better understanding of what your intuitive coach style. Is, and if you’re not a coach yet, no problem, too. These archetypes will still really go a long way to help you discover what your own unique intuitive gifts are and how they present in the world through your personality to really elevate and uplift.

Not only you, but everybody you meet. So this is gonna be a deep and juicy episode. And I am so excited to share this information with. so we are gonna cover, you know, the basic gist of what archetypes are. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of that word before. If you’re in the online space, in the personal development community, I’m sure you probably had.

So we’re gonna discover really a solid definition of what an archetype is. We are gonna talk about the four intuitive archetypes that I have put together for you, and I’m gonna. A little bit of Greek mythology to help illustrate what those archetypes are. And we are really gonna discover how they can help your coaching practice, how they can help you answer some of those fundamental questions that we have as coaches and emerging healers that will really make it easier for you to get your practice off the ground in a way.

That sticks, right? That won’t leave you rewriting copy doing your brand again for the fourth time. This year, really just tapping into the soul and the truth of who you are through. Understanding yourself. At this deep archetypal level. So before we jump in, I wanna encourage you to go and take the quiz on my website, which is going to give you your own personalized individualized results about your archetype.

So you can do that over at heatheraliceshae.com/intuitive. Coach archetype quiz. Okay. Or you can just head over to Heather lsa.com and right there on my landing page, there’s a button for you to take the quiz. So it’s a 12 question quiz. You’re gonna enter your name and your email address, and then you are gonna figure out.

Which archetype you are now, let me say this. This episode is gonna do a basic introduction to how these archetypes can really revolutionize your life. And then the next four episodes I’m gonna do after this are gonna be episodes on each individual archetype. Okay. So if you haven’t taken that quiz, go over and take it, and you’re gonna get an email with your individualized results and then come back here and listen to the podcast about your arche.

And also know this too, that you’re always more than one archetype. No person could ever be, you know, encapsulated in just one. Right? So after you take the quiz on the back end, I give you a link to the reports of the other three archetypes. So you can really study, compare and contrast what your main one is, as well as get a pretty good idea of what you feel that your second archetype would.

So you’re gonna notice yourself in all of these archetypes. And I’m gonna give you a, a little gist of each of the four of them here today. And you will notice a little bit of yourself in all of these, particularly if you’ve done a lot of self work, if you’ve done a lot of, you know, meditating, if you’re working on developing your intuitive abilities, you really are going to see your.

In all four of these, but stereotypically people have one that they’re really predominant in one that they’re really comfortable in and then one that they really need to work on. So I’ll give you an example for me, my primary is Athena, but the one I need to work on the most is demeanor. Right. So, and you’ll learn more about those two here in a minute, but I’m very aware that I have one that I’m really, really comfortable operating in.

And then one that really, really needs some. So it’s pretty awesome. Right? You learn your strength and then your area of growth. Okay. So let’s jump into this right now and talk about what are archetypes. So have you ever noticed that there are timeless characters that show up over and over and over again, and human history, art, religion, and myth.

have you ever wondered from where are those timeless characters springing? These figures transcend cultural differences. They transcend time and they make sense to all human beings, regardless of how ancient their origin or how separate from our own individual cultures or even belief systems, they might.

Humans naturally embody exhibit admire and emulate these primordial and powerful qualities that are found within these archetypes. Okay. So to not shell it for you, the definition of an archetype archetypes are metaphorical universal concepts that speak directly to the human heart and mind. You can think of an archetype as a meta example, the best example of the best example of the best example.

It’s a distilled version of the most accurate representation that we have of the ideal. I’ll give you an mother is an archetype. You no matter where you are, every human being understands the concept of mother. right. That is an archetype. And if you say mother to any human, there’s going to be a, just a massive swath of information that pops up in the human mind about what a mother is, what it should be, what a good one is, what a bad one is, what we would like one to be all of that is there.

right. That is an archetype. Okay. So archetypes are a representation of all accurate accumulated knowledge that human beings have attained throughout our history. And there’s a theory about archetypes and it goes that archetypes are a psychic, a mental right in the mental, emotional realm in the realm of mind, archetypes are thought to be psychic counterparts.

to physical instinct. Every human being knows. We have a limbic system and a, you know, our reptilian, Hein brain, they’re walking through your yard and you think you see a snake. So before you even can think you’ve already jumped away from it, right? That’s an instinctual response. There’s no cognition going on.

You just do it without thinking about it. You don’t have to sit there and go. Hmm. I think I will jump away from this snake. Now, then you look and you realize it’s a garden hose. There never was danger, but you didn’t think about it. To formulate a response that allowed you to realize that it was just a garden hose.

It wasn’t a snake and there was no danger in the first place. No, you just jump right. You just jump because your brain says it’s better to be safe than sorry. Okay. So that’s instinct we’re your instincts would rather make a error and judgment and stay alive. Then, you know, hold the line, do this slow thinking process where we’re analyzing and crunching data.

It’s like, no, just run tiger run. It might be a tiger. I don’t know if it’s a tiger, but you know what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna run. It might be a snake. It might not be a, I don’t, we’re just run, run, run. And that is a great impulse. It’s kept us alive for thousands and thousands and thousands of. so the idea with archetypes is that we have these instinctual knowledges, these instinctual responses in the mental, emotional realm as well.

And we call them archetypes. So it is our mind’s way, right? The psyches way of intuitively understanding the world. in a way that helps us prosper, thrive, and guarantee survival in this mental realm. So I think that’s really interesting and it’s something that many people who talk about archetypes don’t hit on that.

It is kind of this counterpart to instinct, right? So by figuring out your archetype, you really do gain a better understanding of how you uniquely present in the world. Just your personality constellation, right? Everyone is so different, but yet we still have many, many things that when you distill us down, right, when you distill down kind of all of those core strong.

Characteristics of anyone given personality, what you find is the archetype, right? and as you get to know your archetype and you really study it, you’ll begin to see what I mean. Again, go take that quiz. So you can have some frame of reference as we move forward through this. And not only that, but by figuring out your archetype, you get an understandable and easy to implement framework around which you can begin to build your coaching practice.

So how does this really help? Well, your arche. Goes a long way to help reveal the innate healing style that you were given at birth. So it helps you. In concert and in connection and in a complimentary fashion with just how you show up in the world. Right. In other words, it’s letting just you be in flow and you do you.

So, you know, when I put these archetypes together and I, you know, took the quiz, I saw myself and each of them, but I was like, oh, it’s kind of relieving to know that I’m an Athena it’s, it’s just really giving me permission to show up in the world. Be fully who I am now that I really understand that archetype better.

And yes, I’m talking about having insight over content. I’ve created myself. Believe me, when I tell you it was very much an inspirational process to put these archetypes together. Okay. So you, as an intuitive coach are gonna embody and exemplify one of these four archetypes. So go take that quiz and in doing so here is what this knowing archetype is basically gonna help you do.

It’s gonna help you identify your innate and unique coaching style, harness the power of behind how you really help other people. It’s gonna help you communicate more effectively with your ideal clients, because they’re going to be able to understand what it is you’re saying to them. And so, in a nutshell, you’ll walk RA being able to say who you are, what you.

Who you do it for how you do it and why those five main points you’re going to be able to articulate those five things in a much more effective way. Okay. So you’ve heard the expression, a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, a thousand pictures are worth an archetype. Okay. So when I promised you some meta, some deep in juicy meta information here, that is what we are diving into today.

So I wanna go over the four archetypes really quick that you’re gonna discover as you take the quiz and then. I want to talk about in this episode, we’re gonna jump into the intuitive coach archetype matrix, which is relevant to all four archetypes. Okay. So we’re going to dive into two core parts of this matrix that help you as an intuitive coach.

Understand how you show. In that coaching environment with your clients and how you work using this power of this archetype to help get results for your clients. Okay. So it’s how your presentation maps onto your client’s lived experience. and what that looks like in the room with your clients. Okay. So, and that’ll make more sense as we jump into the framework.

So let’s talk really quick about the four. So here are the four intuitive archetypes. The first is heck eight, the shadow healer. Then we have demeanor or diameter, depending on how you wanna say her name, the great mother we have per Seny, the Oracle and Athena, the wise warrior. So, if you go over to our show notes or over to our website, you’re gonna be able to see the intuitive coach matrix, where all four of these are put in.

so let’s go over the matrix really quick. Again, I would really suggest checking out show notes because we are going to upload an image of this matrix and just being able to visibly see it is super helpful. If you go over to Heatheraliceshea.com/intuitive coach archetype quiz, you’ll also be able to see it there.

Okay. So as a healer, as a coach, we have unique ways that we work with people. Okay. Some of us really like to, you know, work at kind of that like deep, emotional level. Right. We really like to get into all of that. Right. We wanna know why a person is the way they are. And we wanna look at like their relationship with their parents and their parents’ relationship with their grandparents.

We wanna get into all of that kind of that deeper stuff. Right. more global, global information, right? It’s not specific to the individual client, right. It’s information beyond that’s beyond the clients. We wanna look at the client in the context of their family, their ancestors, their culture, right? In other words, collective, there’s a collective level that you wanna look at.

Some of us are like, I don’t care. I just wanna look at this person, their unique strengths, their unique gifts, how they’re showing up in the. That’s what I’m interested, I’m interested in them. You know? So that is the two aspects of this are level of information and level of mind. So some coaches let’s look at level of information.

First level of information is it breaks down into two categories, collective and individual. So if you can visualize this in your mind right now, you could see level of mind written there on the X axis. right. Collective would be on the bottom individual would be on the top. Okay. So collective information, meaning that global, global, global picture far beyond just the individual you’re coaching and then people who like to work at the level of information of the individual.

It’s not that they don’t pay attention to that global information. It’s just, it’s not where their focus is. Right. They’re not necessarily needing to, or even interested in ever having a conversation about that. You know, they can just kind of work at that individual level. Then we have level of mind and you can picture this one going over the top.

Right. The why access. So we have unconscious level of mind and conscious level of mind. Now, what do I mean by. people who like to work at that unconscious level are people, again, who like to do a lot of the deep digging. These are people who like to, you know, hypnotherapist would be an example of this people who like to work to uncover that, which is hidden from their clients’ mind, either their subconscious mind or their unconscious mind.

Right. So it’s, again, it’s people who wanna dig into that who really enjoy, or sort of just naturally find themselves wanting to dig into that unconscious material. Then you have people who wanna work at the level of mind, that’s conscious. They’re like, okay, we don’t need to have a conversation about, you know, the first 20 years of your life to figure out why you can’t get out of this bad relationship.

Can we just talk about where you’re at today right now? like, why do you think you won’t leave the bad relationship? Tell me how you feel right now about it. Right? So you’re working with what the client has access to. It’s very present moment focused. It’s very future oriented. It’s very, really, really, if you’re a coach who likes to work with the conscious mind level, you’re very, very focused on goal attainment.

These are people who get results and they get ’em quick. You know, why is interesting to you, but not necessarily important. It’s not where you’re focused. Right. You’re just like, how can we move the needle? Okay. So when you put these four together, What you find is your archetype. So I’ll give you an example.

If you’re at the level of information, that’s collective, meaning that global look, that global scale. Look, if you like to work at that collective level. and you like to work with the conscious, your demeanor or ter you’re the great mother. So you’re someone who has the ability to deeply deeply connect with a person I’m talking like hyper, hyper, hyper empathy.

These are the most nurturing people in the world. A ter is the most nurturing man. She is just like a warm hug and a blanket and a kiss on the forehead. Just the most loving. Compassionate person, just deep, deep, deep Wells of that. Okay. She understands that there’s a lot going on with you, right. Cuz she can feel into that collective level, but she also just wants to love you in the here and now she doesn’t necessarily have to dive, you know, into that unconscious material with you.

So she’s conscious, but collective right. so she’s just more like, I’ll listen to your story. How can I help let’s you know, do you want me to make you a sandwich? Like , she’s the person who shows up when you’re having a bad day that shows up at your house with like, you know, a bag of, uh, you know, Chick-fil-A right.

And your favorite smoothie, right? She’s gonna take care of you in that way. Right. She wants to be present with you today. She’s kind of oriented in the here and now the conscious realm, but. Also deeply, deeply connected to there’s everything that’s going on with you. Way, way, way back. Right on that global level.

Now let’s compare her to heck, which is again, we’re staying at that collective level level of information is collective, right? We’re dealing with the information in this session. That’s at that collective level, but it’s unconscious. So that would heckaches are your classic shadow healers. Okay. These are the people who get into the shit of the shit.

These are the people who the dark is never dark enough. They can handle the worst crap, you know, in the psychotherapeutic community. These are people who are like the trauma experts, right. Just handling the deepest, darkest stuff that humanity can possibly thrown at them. That is a. Okay. So they’re dealing at that deep, deep, deep, deep, global level with unconscious level of mind is unconscious.

Okay. So there’s not a lot of knowing the client doesn’t know what’s going on. The coach might not be going on, but that’s where heck shine. That is where heck shine. So a little bit about heck eight mythology. Heck eight was. Cast down into the underworld for stealing a pot of Rouge and her was super mad at her.

So to hide, she came down to earth and hid in the bed of a woman who had given birth. And of course in the Greek theological era that made a person unclean. And so to punish her. They cast her down to hell, right to the underworld and heck actually come to find out, really liked it down there. She thought it was lovely.

She loved to be down there, you know, with all of this, you know, the night, right. The shadow side and Zeus, the three headed dog became her pet, you know, she commanded Zeus. So she is, you know, Like the queen people think that perse was the queen of hell and she was, but she was only that because she married Hades.

Right. She was his, she was Hades queen, but heck was really the one who ran the show and who really identified with that shadow. Right. So. She is an incredibly powerful archetype. And if when you are in the thick of it and really are in pain, you want to go find a because there is no amount of darkness they can’t handle their container is absolutely huge.

Huge, huge, huge. And Demeter, I didn’t touch on her mythology. She’s basically Gaia Demeter, and Greek mythology is Gaia she’s mother earth. Right? So she’s, everybody’s mama she’s on that collective level, but she loves you like you are the only child she has. Right. She is a nurturer that great, great nurturer.

Right. And Demeter is one of the few gods that even zoo could not command. She did what she wanted to. Do Zeus would come and give her an order and she’d be like, not today, bro. Like did not care. So she is super, super powerful. You know, one of the most embodied and powerful, feminine archetypes. Well, I would say the most empowered and feminine archetype that we have as an archetypal representation of feminine power.

Right? So very, very liberated, very strong had her own voice, you know, certainly ran her own show and was very, very much in her feminine. if you study the TA at all, she is embodied by the Empress card. That is her card. Okay. So now let’s move up level of information. Let’s move up to the individual, the individual access.

Okay. So again, we’re talking about dealing with information that is just, you know, more or less specific to that individual’s lived experience, right? Understanding that that is always couched within a person’s, you know, familial roles and family. Again, you’re the type of person who’s just really interested in getting to know and focusing on that individual’s lived experience without having to get necessarily so deep into the.

So let’s look at pers Seny. So pers Seny I call her the Oracle because she’s probably one of the most intuitive archetypes that there are. Now, if you go take the quiz, you’re gonna get the intuitive strengths and opportunities of growth for each of these architects I’m going through. Okay. So if you wanna know more about ’em.

Listen to the next four episodes we put out and also just go take the quiz and you’ll get access to all of the reports, but I call perse the Oracle because she really is one of the most powerfully, intuitive archetypes that there are. What makes pers unique is that they have the ability to truly bridge both worlds.

They have the ability to understand the deep, deep, deep, dark, like a heck or a DME. they also understand how to work with the conscious material. So perse are true bridge builders between the unconscious mind and the conscious mind between the shadow self and the higher self. These people are the go betweens.

If you study the TA pers Seny would be the high priestess in the taro. Okay. And what makes pers Seny unique in Greek mythology is she’s the only. Greek God. And the Pantheon who could live in both the underworld and the upper world Hades could visit the upper world and Zeus could pop down and visit Hades for a hot minute, but neither could live in either world pers Seny could, she could live in both.

She could live in the underworld and she could also live in the upper world. The only one who could do that. So she is a true bridge builder fun fact, M in Greek mythology, demeanor was her mother. And if you get your architect report, you’ll be able to see the relationship between these. So Perces, they really are the gatekeepers, you know, and I think a lot of us have a lot of pers Seny in us on the back end of my quiz, out of all the people who’ve taken it, most people are Perces.

And I think that’s because so many of us as healers, regardless of. How we are identifying have gotta have some pers Seny in us because that’s just our job. Right. So pers Seny is, she’s amazing. She is such, such a, such, such, such a PFA Hila. And then our last one are our Athenas. Okay. So Athena, she is just, she’s all systems go.

She likes to work at that individual level and she also likes to work with conscious material. Okay. So Athenas are your, just your warriors. You’re wise warrior kind of her superpower is the ability to see truth. Like there is no way you can bullshit in Athena more than any other archetype. She can smell deceit.

She can smell injustice. Like you read about that as her superpower. If you study the te Athena, her card would be the justice card. Okay. Athenas have the ability to build empires. They are, your rider dies, right? The person you call when it gets real world, they are the person who affects, who can create an incredible amount of change, the quickest.

So Athenas typically have, a very kind of tough love style. Like they really don’t put up with excuses at all. They’re just kind of like, you know what, babe, I’m gonna give it to you straight. This is bullshit. And what do we need to do? Forward, you know, they’re not really interested in. Dealing with, you know, the limitations of the past.

It’s not that they don’t believe insight should come. They wanna work to help you understand it, of course, but really they’re all about just helping you understand that you have the power right now in this minute. Why are we wasting our time dealing with anything other than the most actualized version of you?

If you want a good swift kick in the butt, work with an Athena, because an Athena is not gonna put up with the limiting story again, she’s still compassionate, right? She’s a healer, but. She’s just never gonna lose sight of the fact that you are an infinite being capable of greatness, the likes of which this world has never seen.

Right. She just can see you in your highest expression, every single moment she spends with you. That’s how she’s oriented. Right. And so she’s really interested in. Just moving the needle and getting things done. So I always say, if you really want results, if you are really ready to, you know, turn up the volume on your potential and just start living in it every day, you’re gonna wanna work with an Athena.

It will be very hard. , it’s hard to work with Athenas because they challenge you. They’re not gonna let you play small, not even for one minute. They’ll love you. They’ll hug you. They’ll give you kisses. And then they’re gonna look at you and kicking the butt and go, okay, let’s move. So they are natural warriors conflict.

Doesn’t bother them at all. They can be rude sometimes because they’re just all about speaking the truth. So Athenas have to really learn how to use tact. Athenas that’s you girl, you gotta learn how to use some tact. So those are the four and how they show up in the world and what makes them unique.

Right. So knowing this about you, you know, if you’re a think about how that helps you brand. Think about how that helps you market. So a heck, you know, a wouldn’t necessarily show up going, I’m the girl that’s gonna help you get results in, you know, 10 days. That’s not a, a is gonna say we are going to get to the bottom once.

And for all of why this keeps happening to you, you are gonna understand yourself at a level so deep. It’s unbelievable. And through that deep level of self understanding the client transformation. all these archetypes are working towards the same end. It’s the process of how you, how you showing up in this archetypal energy that you carry via your personality constellation, right?

In, in your soul’s mission. It’s how you move your client to that result. So each archetype gets clients’ results. It’s how you do it. Okay. So a head gate wants to do it through this insane, deep dive, into understanding one’s self and relationship to, you know, your ancestors and this entire framework of the global consciousness of humanity.

upper SNY wants to do that too, but then they wanna look at you. They wanna dive into that, but then at the backside, they go, okay, tell me how we can move this forward. Now let’s talk about you and how you are showing up. Right? So they’re going to take it to that individual level. They work at the unconscious, but they’re always gonna tie it back to that individual level in order to get client results.

The meter does it through learning self love. Self-compassion learning how to take care of your body. You know, really diving deep into self love. They will help you get the results you want through deep, deep, deep, deep, deep relationship with yourself. And in Athena, Athena’s gonna help you get results by.

You know, moving fast and breaking shit. That is how she’s gonna do it through, you know, this exciting, fun process of trying new things and making mistakes. And, you know, it’s just very, very dynamic to work with an Athena. So I would love to hear how all of these archetypes resonate with you, how the matrix resonates with you.

Remember matrix as level of information. Do you like working with the collective conscious or the individual conscious of your. level of mind, do you like working with the unconscious or the conscious mind of the client and also with yourself? Right? Because you can never take out, you know, the fact that you’re a person in the room too, you know, working with a client.

So ask yourself that. And it might give you some hint into what your archetype is. So stay tuned. Our next four episodes are going to be about each individual archetype. They’ll be short little episodes to kind of help you dive deep into, you know, what it really is for you to be operating in and out of each of these archetypes.

So head on over to Heatheraliceshea.com/intuitive coach archetype quiz to discover your unique coach archetype. And I would love to hear from you after you read your report, I will send you over an email. And then if you’d like, I’d love for you to screenshot that and post it over in our free Facebook group, the Atmana intuitive coach collective.

So if you aren’t over in that group, you can go to Facebook search bar, Atmana intuitive coach collective. And we will pop up. You get a free minicourse for just coming into our group. It’s called the intuitive coach toolkit, where we help you get started developing your intuition, using our six step framework.

So you even get a freebie, look at all this free stuff you’re getting. Isn’t it amazing. Okay. So stay tuned for our next episode. We are going to start with. Pers Seny. That is a wrap for today’s show. Thank you from the bottom of my feels for showing up today in your power and in your willingness to let your intuitive self lead.

And if you are still working your way to your first 52, 100 K in your coaching practice, I have two incredible free resources to help you fast pass. This process, the first is to join our free and fun Facebook group. The Atmana intuitive coach collective, where myself and our Atmana instructors do free trainings every week to help you turn your obstacles into opportunities with each and every step you take so that you can begin to achieve success on your own terms, and finally make the money that you know, you deserve.

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