Ep48: Intuitive Coach Archetype: Hecate, The Shadow Healer

Dec 31, 2020

Have you ever felt so highly intuitive that you actually feel scared and overwhelmed sometimes? Do you feel deeply and see a person’s shadow?

In this episode, we get to know more about the coach archetype Hecate, The Shadow Healer, and you will surely love her! Hecate can be considered as the most powerful archetype because of her ability to look into the chaotic and terrifying world of the unconscious without flinching. Remember that in this episode, just like the first three, you will get to know:

  1. Get a glimpse of Hecate’s Greek mythological “backstory” that helps personify the energy of your archetype, helping you understand it in a deeper and more helpful way.
  2. Your unique coaching style that your archetype represents.
  3. Your Intuitive strengths as an individual and as a coach.
  4. Your growth opportunities as a Hecate.
  5. Brand Ideas.

Are you ready to deep dive into this last but amazing archetype? Then listen to the episode now. And if you haven’t taken the quiz, make sure to click on the link below.

Soul Stirring Quotes

“Hecate is the primordial goddess of the underworld, and the ruler of the moon, magic, and enchantment.”

“Hecate is also known as the Invincible Queen. Zeus is said to be in complete awe of her power.”

“Hecate is the pure symbol of the mysterious watery depths of the collective human unconscious.”

“Hecate is the archetype most comfortable dealing with a person’s shadow and unresolved and overwhelming events in their lives.”

“In many ways, Hecate is the most powerful archetype because she has the ability to unlock, heal and integrate the most shameful, guilty, rejected, and unloved parts of a person’s soul.”

“Nobody looks into the blackness, into pain, into the trauma better than a Hecate.”

“More than any other archetypes, you command the chaotic and terrifying world of the unconscious, and have the ability to help your clients restore it to health and to the light.”

“Hecates have a way to show people how beautiful they are even in their brokenness.”

 “You’re just different. And it is awesome.”

Episode Timecodes:

  • 0:27 Heather gives an overview of why she is sharing this episode and her invitation to listen to Episode 44: What Type of Intuitive Coach are You?

  • 1:55 Heather’s invitation for you to take the Coach Archetype Quiz, check the show notes for the link!

  • 3:15 Heather shares the 5 key points that you will learn in this episode.

  • 4:05 Who is Hecate, The Shadow Healer?

  • 10:32 What is your unique coaching style as a Hecate?

  • 13:50 What are your intuitive strengths as a Hecate?

  • 14:25 What are your areas of growth as a coach and an individual?

  • 16:13 What does a Hecate branding look like?

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Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the everyday intuitive podcast. I’m your host, Heather Alice Shea intuitive life coach trainer status quo, shaker and founder of Atmana Coaching Academy. Listen in each week to break up with your comfort zone claim your self confidence and radically embrace your role as an intuitive healer mentor and sought after coach let’s get within and get after it.

Hello. Intuitives welcome to another episode of the podcast. Today. We are rounding out our last intuitive coach archetype of the series. We started an episode 44, where we kicked off the idea of intuitive coach archetypes, everything that they bring into your life in terms of helping you discover who you are, what you do, who you.

For how you do it and why as a professional intuitive coach. So I know that when you are starting out as an intuitive coach, or if you have been coaching for a while and you are trying to incorporate intuition into the coaching process, it can be harder than hurting cats to figure out how the hell you do that in a way that makes sense.

And that is what these archetypes help you figure out. So what I would suggest is if you’re hopping onto. Series here in episode 48, please stop and back it up, back it up, back it up, back it up all the way to episode 44, where we start with what type of intuitive coach are you? I give you some background into this archetypal framework.

I introduce the coach matrix, which will help contextualize. Each of the four coach archetypes, which we have gone through on the previous episodes. So we started with pers Seny and then we moved on to Athena and demeanor. And now we are on. So, if you haven’t taken the quiz, I’ve got a fun and free quiz for you.

It’s 10 to 12 questions. It’ll take you about 90 seconds to complete it’s over on my website@heatheraliceshae.com. If you just land on my website, there’s a button in the nav that says quiz. You can click that, or you can just go to Heatheraliceshae.com/intuitive hyphen coach hyphen archetype, hyphen quiz to take the.

Or check out show notes and we will have a link for you to take that so that you can figure out what your primary archetype is. Okay. So, you know, just like any other personality assessment, you’re never any one thing, you know, so if you are a heck, you’re certainly gonna have a blend of one of the other three in there.

There’s always, you know, one of the archetypes that you’re gonna be the least experienced with, you know? So I was sharing in a couple of the previous episodes that I’m in Athena. You know, my second is a heck eight and then the one that I need the most work on is Demeter. It’s just the one that I’m just not that great at, right?

Like that’s my area of the most growth, you know, if I wanted to focus on really, really growing in that area, that would be a really good place to start. So the archetypes are really cool because they help you see clearly what your strengths and. Your growth opportunities are so just like the other three archetypes, I’m going to cover for you the same thing.

So we’re gonna go over five things in this episode. The first is I’m gonna give you your Greek mythological, backstory to your archetype. That’s gonna help personify, you know, the energy that you bring in session so that you can understand it in a deeper way to help it make sense to you. We’re gonna cover your unique coaching style.

Really? What makes you unique as a coach, as defined by your arche? We’re gonna talk a little bit about your intuitive strengths and also what makes you, you know, both as an individual and as a coach, and then also your growth opportunities as an intuitive coach, as you step up and really serve in a bigger way in your practice.

And then just a couple of my thoughts on brand ideas on how you can begin to incorporate these archetypes in your business. So let’s jump into the story behind heck eight, the heck eight arche. Ate was the daughter of Zeus and harra heck is the primordial goddess of the underworld and the ruler of the moon.

Magic and enchantment. Now, if you listen to the pers Seny episode, we talked about how pers Seny was the queen of the underworld in that she married Hades. And so she became the queen, but she wasn’t the goddess of the underworld. In other words, she was taken down there and made queen versus heck eight was a goddess that went of her own free will and accord and decided, Hey, I kind of like it down here and rule.

Outright. She didn’t have Hades hand it to her. She just ruled outright. So that’s a big difference between the per second archetype and the Heay arche. So how they end up down there in the underworld, which is a very weird place for any Greek in the Pantheon to go. So while she was still a child, she made her super pissed off as kids do by getting into her makeup.

Right. Just getting into all of her, you know, stuff. I don’t know how many times Ava has taken my mascara outta my room, but I swear to God, if I had a nickel for every time she did it, I would, you know, have a big ass pile nickles. So, you know, she’s over there rummaging around in her mom’s stuff and her mom gets pissed off, starts screaming at her.

So she decides to flee to earth to have a good time. She didn’t wanna listen to her mom’s yapping. So she fled down to earth where she came into contact with a human woman. Who just happened to be giving birth and negate being the very curious kind of mischievous person or kid, she was thought, oh, that’s kind of cool.

So she wanted to stick around and see what that was all about, but in doing so she was rendered. I pure by such contact. So. The ancient Greeks believed that, you know, coming into contact with, you know, the menstrual cycle or childbirth made one tainted. So she was immediately was immediately sent to the underworld to be cleansed.

And once she got down there, she was kind of like, yeah, this place is great. She felt home in this dark yet rich and mysterious land. And she quickly ascended to become one of the underworld. Rulers. So Heay is known as the shadow healer. She’s also known as the invincible queen because Zeus, the king of the gods himself was said to be in complete awe of her power.

Heay was the goddess of enchantment nightmare. And. Purification. She had the power to grant humans. Any wish they desired and punish them for any wrongdoing alongside the three Fs. She held power over the Raths of hell. She sent plagues to human minds and souls when she got angry and her constant companion was Zeus that gruesome three headed hell hound, who Hoey her every command and was thought to be her spirit familiar.

So headgate is the symbol a pure symbol of the mysterious watery depths of the collective human unconscious. She represents the force that compels the power and the potential mankind holds within. into manifestation. So she’s an incredible, incredible archetypal figure. Hecate is what modern psychotherapists refer to as the shadow.

She’s the archetype. That’s the most comfortable dealing with a person’s shadow, dealing with a person. Unresolved and overwhelming events in their lives. Right? In many ways, she is the most powerful archetype because she has the ability to unlock, heal and integrate the most shameful, guilty, rejected, and unloved parts of a person’s.

So having faced her own shadow knows that there’s no amount of pain or fear or trauma that she can’t handle. Nobody looks into the blackness. Nobody looks into the pain. Nobody looks into the trauma better than a heck eight, nothing scares. Heck aids, man. Like you could walk up to a Heay and drop the most insane.

You know, stuff on them, the deepest, darkest crap that human beings have ever faced in their entire life. And a heck’s gonna be like, yeah, man, with you, buddy, what’s up. Like you absolutely cannot freak a heck eight out. They are just born, born, born, born. To handle the worst of the worst of the worst. They just thrive in that environment.

Right. So, and Athenas really thrive in, in that environment as well, but Athenas thrive in action in the world of action. They thrive in, you know, making things happen in the physical world. Right. And that on the level of the conscious mind, okay. They’re very action oriented. They wanna see results. That is not a.

A is someone who’s like, oh, okay. So you have some unresolved sexual abuse from your childhood. Like how do you think that’s blocking you today? They’re at their best when they’re dealing with the worst. Right. Whereas an Athena’s like let’s manifest by getting things done. Okay. So it’s that subtle difference between the twos are really, really good at holding space for the things that other people just can’t look at.

You know, it’s. Or if they can, they just don’t want do it for very long. Whereas a Hecate is just very, very, very at home in hanging out in that super unconscious collective energy. That is pans. Shely terrifying to. You know, most humans, right? Like most people spend an inordinate amount of time running from this part of themselves that, you know, so naturally swims toward and through, you know, whether it’s sports or alcohol or drugs or, you know, whatever.

Right. Uh, human beings have got a million ways to numb. Decades are people who are like, actually, no, they want to feel that stuff. They’re very, very, very good at holding space for that. So your unique coaching style really is that you can command more than any of the other coaching styles. You command the chaotic and terrifying world of the human unconscious and have the ability to help your clients restore it to help and to light.

Okay. So you go deeper than anybody. And you have the ability to help them bring that up to the surface and bring it to light. So you are called the shadow healer because you are gifted with the ability to see people at their absolute worst, and yet love them just as you would, if they were at their best and more than any other archetype, you witness your clients exactly where they are.

And accept them without condition. And this makes you a very brilliant and sought after coach people are naturally attracted to you because they know that you hold absolute zero judgment for people. You are a very, very, very non-judgment person. Having faced your own emotional demons, you know how to see a person’s true beauty underneath the superficial facades that they hold up to protect themselves.

So, you know, you don’t buy into the fakeness, you don’t buy into the bullshit, but you do it through the lens of seeing like, oh, this person is fronting. Not because they’re fake, they’re just doing it because they’re in pain. Right. So you’re just really, really, really good at seeing what’s underneath and helping people feel.

Relaxed because you have this disarming, loving presence. So other people know that they’re safe around you because you’re very understanding and compassionate, and they also know that they can trust you because they know that you are going to honor every part of them without condition. So, you know, like I’ve said, people really do describe you as like the least judgemental person that they’ve ever.

You are highly psychic, highly, highly intuitive. You might be so intuitive. Actually. It scares you sometimes like you are just in the Walter depths of it. All right. So, so intuitive that it could actually be quite overwhelming. You probably have psychic dreams as well. Heck gates tend to be really, really powerful dreamers and you really know how to help people navigate their.

Overwhelming emotions because you are really good at navigating your own. So you really are good at helping clients restore mental and emotional equilibrium in a soothing and lighthearted manner. So I think what really makes heck so great is that you have a way of showing people how beautiful they are, even in their brokenness, right?

Even in their brokenness demeanors show people how beautiful they are by helping them see their inherent value. Decades are good at helping people see how beautiful they are. Even with the scars, even with the damage, even with the brokenness, it’s like you have a way of helping them see that even that too is beautiful about them, which I think is something quite special because there’s nobody on earth that doesn’t have scars like that.

So decades look at a person and they say, no, no, no, you’re beautiful because of the scar, not in spite of it, but because of. So you are at your best when you are helping other people face and feel and integrate their darkest in the most rejected parts of themselves. And you are a master at creating space for unconditional love and support.

Your intuitive strengths are of course, interpreting universal symbols, navigating super confusing and chaotic situations. You’re very, very calm when things are crazy. You’re really good at revealing truth that deceptive people want to keep hidden. And you’re great at transmuting, emotional trauma and pain into power.

You are again, super accurate, intuitive, psychic with predictions. Great with soothing anxiety and fear just by your mere presence. And really just good at holding space and allowing things to gest, state and manifest in their own time. Areas of growth for you would be to allow yourself time for silly leisure activities that aren’t so quote heavy, you know, you’re the kind of person that like, you wouldn’t make small talk with a person for five seconds because like the minute that you meet a person, you’re just like, Hey, so tell me all of the, you know, worst, terrible crap that’s happening to you.

And you wanna do that too, right? To you’re a deep conversation. You can’t stand small talk. You just like wanna go for it. So a growth edge for you would be to like, learn how to have like casual conversations about the weather. I know it’s boring to you, but it is a part of being human, you know? So that would be a growth edge for you.

Also shadow healing is hard work and you do need time to recharge too. So, you know, just allowing yourself to time to come back up out of those depths, let the sunlight hit your face. Do some, you know, regular human stuff. Doesn’t have to always be, you know, so deep and heavy with you, although you are really good at that.

But just learning how to be. I think a little more lighthearted would be good and always, you know, look for ways that you’ve denied your intuition. Nothing makes a headache go outta whack faster than not listening to her inner voice or betraying yourself in that way. You know, deep, deep down, you know, what’s up.

So you really do have to live your life in accordance with that truth. That’s guiding you and your mental equanimity really does rely on you remaining in alignment with your emotional truth. That really is the crux for you, right? You are a person who orients through the world of emotion and not logic.

So again, juxtaposing, you, you know, with Athena, right? Athena’s like logic. Like that’s her thing. It isn’t that she doesn’t feel it’s just that she orients through the mind and the intellect where you orient through the heart and emotion. So that is your prima Tara, right? Like the. You know, the first part of you that really has to be nurtured.

If you don’t take care of that part of you, then you’re really gonna suffer. So, oh my gosh, you should see the heck gate board. I think if Heit had a spirit animal, it would be a Wolf. If you go and check out the he gate board, it is just absolutely. The branding is really gorgeous. So, you know, I really think of PS as using, you know, more darker tones, steel.

Would be one, you know, the moon is a really powerful, like if you were to study, the TA Heay would be analogous to the moon card in the major Arcan. So, you know, anything that sort of feels mysterious, you know, verbiage would be, you know, dark to light transmutation. Alchemy is a big word you could use. You know, helping a person, summon self confidence, helping a person integrate.

I think OFS, they’re very, very dynamic people and truly some of the most creative. And I don’t wanna say quirky, but I do think quirky likes just naturally stand out. Because you do spend so much of your time oriented in that collective unconscious, you’re just different. And it’s awesome. And I think for the goal is to really embrace that you are different and that you need to stand out.

Your brand’s probably gonna be like super poppy, very intense, give yourself permission to be intense because that is really where you shine. So go over to my website. If you haven’t had a. Take the quiz, find out your archetype and I will email you over a beautiful report, your Pinterest boards, and you get access to all four reports when you sign up to find out your main archetype.

So I hope that these have moved you in a deeper way to really claim your power as an intuitive coach. And if you would like to see some video on these, you are invited to join our Facebook group, the app intuitive coach collective. Where I am going to be doing some trainings. I’m recording this in December of 2020.

And by the first couple of weeks in January, we are gonna have videos up that are gonna help walk you through how to integrate these archetypes into your life in your biz, in a big, bold, and beautiful way. So until next. Together we rise. That is a wrap for today’s show. Thank you from the bottom of my feels for showing up today in your power and in your willingness to let your intuitive self lead.

And if you are still working your way to your first 52, 100 K in your coaching practice, I have two incredible free resources to help you fast pass this process. The first is to join our free and fun Facebook group, the atmana intuitive coach collective, where myself and our atmana instructors do free trainings every week.

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I see you. I love you together. We rise.