Ep5: 3 Myths About Intuition Everyone Should Know

Dec 4, 2019

Like most people, you probably think “intuition” is mystical, supernatural, irrational, untrustworthy… or maybe just complete bullshit. The truth is, the latest cutting edge neuroscience and medical research clearly show that intuition is a completely natural, reliable, practical ability we all possess and that if you listen to and trust your intuition, it will allow you to make smarter, faster, better decisions and give you an extreme cognitive edge. In today’s episode of The Everyday Intuitive, Heather Alice Shea is going to blow your wig back by busting the TOP 3 MYTHS ABOUT INTUITION and tell you what all the world’s greatest thinkers, artists, scientists, movers and shakers and top performers already know; that harnessing the power of your intuition and TRUSTING it will allow you to take quantum leaps in every area of your life.


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Episode Transcript:

Hello, lovely. Welcome to the Everyday Intuitive Podcast, home for conscious coaches, creatives, and disruption areas that are owning their inner power and igniting our world. I’m your host, Heather Alice Shea, intuitive life coach trainer, mental health counselor, business strategist, and status quo shaker. Tune in each week to hear hot and holy truths that help you catapult your life in business and to a higher reality that serves your soul.

Hey today, on this episode, we are going to do some myth-busting. I’ve noticed that when I talk about intuition with people, regardless of how open or not they are to this topic, there always seems to be a little of confusion and resistance to really embracing the idea. That your intuition is a reliable and practical skill that we can really use in our life to help us make better decisions and live a happier life.

So I think it’s really important for us to just clean house before I do any further podcasts on, really teaching you how to step into using your intuition in your business and in your life. So a good analogy to this is really think about your house. Let’s say that you are going to go and invest in $10,000 in new furniture and home furnishings, right? You’re going to spruce up your house. Well, before you go out to the store, pottery barn, target, wherever it is that you’re going to buy your awesome new stuff. Before you do that, what’s the first thing you’re going to do? You’re going to get rid of the old stuff that no longer serves you and you’re going to clean your house.

So this episode is just some good old fashioned house cleaning. We’re going to dispel the myths and the erroneous ideas that we have about this topic so that we can have a really firm foundation when we step into cultivating our intuition and really understanding kind of how that works. So while I think in our culture, we’ve generally accepted the idea that trusting our gut instinct is the fastest and surest way to finding meaningful success in your life, really discovering and living your purpose.

Not everyone is okay with the more nuanced or new age idea of just like, okay, follow your heart and see where it takes you. Just go with your gut. And so I think it’s really important for us to dive a little deeper on that one, to drill down on that idea, that intuition and that following your heart or following your gut is just some willy-nilly idea.

It actually isn’t. I’ll do another episode on the research that really supports why I’m saying that, but for now, it’s just enough to know that once we overcome these three myths I’m about to present, it’s going to make trusting yourself a heck of a lot easier. So the first myth is that intuition is a special gift.

So I know after I had my awakening experience, the episode two, if you haven’t listened to that one yet. And when I had my awakening, I swear I probably spent like three or four months just struggling with the idea that I was one of quote, unquote, those people who wasn’t an intuitive, I didn’t see myself as someone who was privy to that kind of information.

 I was really firmly rooted in my identity of being someone who was very rational, someone who was very, grounded, someone who was very practical. I prided myself on well, if I can’t see it, touch it, smell it, taste it, then it’s not there. I was really buying into that myth, the first myth, which is that some people are gifted with the ability to be intuitive or sense things that other, beyond our five senses that other people can’t, there are some people that can do that. And then there are some people who can’t. But this is erroneous.

The ability to send and receive intuitive information, and by intuitive, I guess another word we could substitute for that would be energetic information, isn’t a special ability that some people are born with while others aren’t. The research on this really clearly shows that all human beings are intuitive.

So intuition can really be more thought of as a natural occurring skill. Not a gift. So just like you can learn to play a piano or ride a bike, you can learn to harness and hone your innate intuitive abilities. And again, this is a confusing concept because it flies in the face of how we naturally think about intuitive people.

When you meet an intuitive person and you ask them how they do what they do. They’ll go, I don’t know. I was just born this way. Like I was just kind of born being able to pick up on things that other people can’t pick up on. So it makes the rest of us, and I know, cause I used to be one of these people, it makes the rest of us go, okay well, I’m just not gifted like that. I don’t know what it is you’re talking about. So the important distinction I think here to understand is that intuition, keep in mind that it’s a skill and it’s a skill just like any other skill. So a great example of this is Kobe Bryant.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Kobe Bryant was born with his baseline skill of being able to play basketball far higher than mine and most people, because he’s like the most incredible basketball player ever or Beethoven, right? The guy was just born with a natural talent to music that makes him seem like other worldly brilliant at it. So it is true that some people are born more intuitive than others, but that doesn’t mean that other people aren’t intuitive at all. It just means that just like any other skill, musical skill, athletic skill, intuitive skill. It’s all basically a normal human faculty that they have that they just happen to be using that they were just born more or less with than your average person.

So I hope that that makes sense. With practice, you can learn how to become intuitive too. Again, it’s a skill. It’s not a special gift you don’t have an opportunity to develop. It’s a skillset. And once you will learn how to develop that skillset, you too can become a really powerful intuitive. Myth two is that intuition is super natural.

Okay. So bear with me on this one. This actually is not even remotely close to true. Intuitive communication is really as natural to human beings as breathing. So we view intuition as something that’s super natural because it operates really beyond or sort of outside the typical quote, unquote, typical. We’ve got to put air quotes around that word, the normal, the typical way in which we define or conceptualize communication between two sentient creatures. So communication, meaning perceiving, gathering, and sharing information, whether that’s verbal or nonverbal. Body language is a form of communication.

As a matter of fact, 80% of all communication that you have with a person is non-verbal. So people tend to think of intuitive communication as supernatural because it just operates in an atypical way. So we just see it differently and therefore we don’t understand it. But just because intuitive communication takes place outside or its function, how it functions takes place outside of our mainstream definition, doesn’t make it super natural.

So current research has revealed that intuitive information is communicated energetically via our hearts, electromagnetic field and stay tuned. Sirs and sisters, I will do another podcast episode on that research and as a matter of fact, and shown in our show notes, I’ll link a couple of articles that show you, that give you the gist of how that heart’s electromagnetic field works. I’ll also link a YouTube video that’s really fascinating on it. So if you want, you can get started looking at that research today.

Intuitive information is communicated energetically via our heart’s electromagnetic field and our ability to do this doesn’t break any physical laws of nature. They just operate on the quantum realm of nature, but it’s still a natural law that we understand.

I always can say, it’s not the seventeen hundreds anymore. We do understand how intuition works. So once we understand how it works, it’s no longer supernatural. Maybe a lot of people can’t do it yet. Maybe a lot of people aren’t harnessing this skill yet, but that doesn’t make it something that’s other worldly you send and receive whether you know it or not, again, back to the sanction of it’s not people are intuitive and people who aren’t.

The truth is it’s people who are unconsciously intuitive and then people who are consciously intuitive. You send whether you know it or not, and receive whether you know it or not, intuitive information, every single moment of your life. And you do this as naturally and effortlessly and as unconsciously as you blink and breathe.

So a great analogy of this is to ask yourself, how many times you’ve thought about blinking today, or did you have to think about digesting your food this afternoon when you ate lunch? The answer is no, you didn’t. Right? Because those processes are governed by a part of your mind and your body that doesn’t require a conscious effort.

And so it’s really important to understand that the very same processes in your brain and in your body that allow you to blink, breathe, digest your food, all of those things, those are the systems that also govern your ability to send and receive intuitive information. Pretty cool, huh. So again, back to this whole notion, intuitive development is about bringing these unconscious systems online and under your conscious control.

So I bet you could choose to blink right now if you wanted to. So give it a shot. You can blink your eyes, right? So you’re blinking without meaning to, but you can also, if you choose to, blink when you want to. Same with intuitive, your intuitive skillset. So, while being intuitive is seemingly falls rather nicely into the realm of esoterica.

The truth is that it’s a totally natural occurring phenomenon that’s well understood and explained by science, which in a way is kind of sad because it kind of takes the magic out of it. It’s like going to a magic show and then the magician telling you how it works. It’s fascinating, but then you’re kind of like, oh man, that sucks.

I kind of liked it when it was magic. Okay. Myth number three. Myth number three is that intuition is spiritual in nature. And while it is true that most people who are highly intuitive or who desire to be so, express an affinity or an interest in spirituality, or even religion, it doesn’t follow that intuition itself is fundamentally spiritual.

Again, intuition is a form of human communication that gives us access to a broad range of physical and non-physical sources of information and intelligence. So even if intuitive abilities allow you to connect to superhuman intelligences, like your spirit guides or angels, or your higher self, what, your dog that passed away 10 years ago, whatever, right?

Even if they do do that, which you may believe that or you don’t, doesn’t really matter. I happen to believe that it does do that, but it doesn’t matter if you believe that or not. The function through which intuitive information happens that dialogue, the function of how it takes place, is still human and natural in its nature.

So although it’s entirely possible for a person to be highly intuitive, but not necessarily need or want to have anything to do with spirituality or even evolving into a better person or connecting with something or someone divine, it’s entirely possible for you to be highly intuitive and be an atheist. It’s up to a person’s belief system to decide if they want to think their spirit guides or angels or higher selves and all that out there.

But as an intuition educator, I think it’s really important that we make that distinction. You can be intuitive and not believe in anything, because again, it’s a skill. So while I personally roll with the idea of I got a higher self, I’ve got my spirit guides, you know, my dad passed away in oh six, he’s on the other side, looking out for me.

I totally roll with that belief system, but you don’t have to, you can still be an intuitive and not think that any of that is real. So I actually think it’s far more accurate to say that intuition is more creative in nature than it is spiritual. Although how a person chooses to employ, how they choose to use their intuitive skills can certainly change the flavor of how they show up in the world using their intuition.

So again, I personally characterize my own intuitive experiences as being very spiritual, but I also understand that that’s a perspective I’ve chosen to hold rather than something that’s inherent in my ability or experience of being intuitive. Those two things are separate. There you have it. I hope that this episode helps you embrace the idea that you are an intuitive being capable of developing this powerful skill in order to enhance and enrich your life.

No special gifts necessary. No spiritual or religious beliefs necessary. This is your birthright. It is in your untapped potential waiting for you. And I want you to take a moment and think about how your life would improve or change if you were to begin focusing on taking seriously and listening to your own inner guidance.

We all have that little Jimminy cricket on our shoulders guiding us at every single moment. And so, I want you just to take a minute and think about how you think your life would change. What would be different for you if you could begin paying attention to how you really feel and start trusting yourself to make intuitive decisions that feel and are right for you. So I want you to walk away from this episode, just getting curious about that and thinking about those times when you have felt guided or you felt you did know the answer and maybe you followed it and maybe you didn’t and how those situations played out for you. Because I really believe that as we learn to trust ourselves and put ourselves out there, by listening to the dictates of our own conscience, that’s when our life really begins to change and we’re able to more fully step into, not only the truth of who we are, but the work that we’re supposed to do in the world. Okay, let’s wrap up with three quick things. So my intention for this podcast is to be of impactful service to you.

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