Ep52: Designing Your Signature Coaching Program

Feb 19, 2021

Have you noticed how some coaching packages look the same? And why do some packages look incongruent and not helpful for clients at all? Don’t you want to create a package that will let your uniqueness shine?

Today is an exciting episode – it’s all about Designing your Signature Coaching Program! In this podcast, Heather gets into the nitty gritty of how you can create a unique coaching package that will allow you to help and reach more people. You will get to hear the three main reasons why people buy service-based products. Heather will also share the common pitfalls that most intuitive coaches, and other service-based businesses, fall into when designing their signature packages.

Look out for a very important question at the end of the podcast that will help you in shaping your signature package. And make sure you listen to Heather’s invitation on how to get a VIP seat on the next free Live Your Purpose, Launch Your Practice workshop!

Soul Stirring Quotes

“I want you to give yourself permission to put your ‘business person hat’ on and embrace the idea of turning your service into a tangible product.”

“Intuitive people are passive in nature.”

“We are in the business of solving people’s problems.”

“Your clients need your expertise to figure out how to sift through the vast repository of wisdom they could use to solve their problems and get results more quickly.”

“Personal growth process should be fun and enjoyable.”

“Be authentic and add what you want in your package. Don’t water it down.”

“Let yourself be creative and let your uniqueness shine.”

“Don’t play it safe! Get out there, throw what you want to teach into your coaching package, and know that your clients are going to like it.”

“Look at the coaching work that you’re doing and ask yourself “Where am I not being congruent?”

“Give yourself permission to play and experiment, and do what you want to do.”

Episode Timecodes:

  • 0:27 We are talking about Day 3 of the Live Your Purpose, Launch Your Practice Workshop and what it’s all about.

  • 3:28 Heather’s exclusive invitation for you to join the Live Your Purpose, Launch Your Practice Workshop and be part of the VIP list.

  • 4:45 Why it’s hard to explain to people what you do as an intuitive coach.

  • 6:05 The Oracle of Delphi and how intuitives can relate to how they work.

  • 9:06 Why do people buy service-based products?

  • 10:10 First reason why people buy service-based products – to gain access to knowledge they don’t have.

  • 11:55 Second reason why people buy service-based products – to get what they want more quickly.

  • 13:27 Third reason why people buy service-based products – to make the process easier.

  • 17:06 Pitfall #1 to avoid – The “Ish” Solutions.

  • 18:56 Pitfall #2 – Same Game Strategies.

  • 21:23 Pitfall #3 – Too Much, Too Many Syndrome.

  • 22:48 Pitfall #4 – “Just Add an Egg” Fixes.

  • 26:08 A great question that you must think about – What is the main outcome your client wants to achieve?

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