Ep57: Creating Systems that Increase Productivity and Freedom

Apr 14, 2021

How can you be more productive in your business and your personal life? How do we get really clear in our priorities?

One of the questions Heather gets asked is about productivity, and this episode is all about it! In this episode, Heather talks about why most coaches and business owners burn out and find themselves less motivated and productive. She will read a beautiful excerpt that resonates so well in this topic. Heather shares 5 important questions you must ask yourself, and 5 tips to make most of your time and productivity.

If you have been working yourself from dusk till dawn every single day and still find yourself in the same place, then this episode is perfect for you. Make sure you listen to the end for Heather’s exclusive invitation to join an awesome workshop and Facebook group!

Soul Stirring Quotes

“Running as fast as you can just to stay in the same place is no way to live your life and run your business.”

“Push against and challenge the idea that you are overwhelmed with work and too many responsibilities.”

“There are people willing to do things that you need to do when you are willing to let it go and let them do it their way.”

“Knowing where you want to go helps you prioritize what you need to be saying yes or no to.”

“What you need to go for is harmony in how you live your life and your work.”

“Give yourself permission to rest, not quit.”

Episode Timecodes:

  • 0:31 What this episode is about and what inspired Heather to share this episode.

  • 1:30 Why are we not productive in our time?

  • 2:08 Heather shares an important article and a beautiful quote.

  • 5:15 Why Heather shares the excerpt and how it relates to this topic.

  • 7:33 Questions you can ask yourself to help you become more productive.

  • 7:52 Question #1: “Am I really that busy? Or am I busy being busy?”

  • 10:36 Question #2: “Do I really have to or need to do this?”

  • 12:35 Question #3: “Am I the only human being on the face of the planet that can do these things?”

  • 14:40 Question #4: “What am I avoiding?”

  • 16:55 Question #5: “Do I specifically know what I am working for? What is the goal?”

  • 20:57 Practical steps you can use to have clarity and become more productive.

  • 21:09 Step #1: Spend a week brain dumping.

  • 22:43 Step #2: Give everything a bucket.

  • 27:21 Step #3: Prioritize everything that is important in the bucket.

  • 28:14 Step #4: Look at all your buckets and batch your work.

  • 29:02 Step #5: Track how long it takes you to do your tasks.

  • 31:03 A short and sweet recap on how to be more productive.

  • 31:40 Heather’s invitation for you to join the Atmana Intuitive Coach Collective Facebook Group.

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