Ep58: 5 Ingredients Of A Magnetic 60 Second Promo Pitch

Apr 19, 2021

You’ll often see effective and attractive social media pitches in 60 seconds or less. And you might be thinking “How do I deliver my message effectively in such a short time?”

In today’s episode, Heather shares her easy to follow 5-step process on creating a 60-second pitch that will attract your audience. This podcast will show you a chronological way of creating micro contents that will clearly give your audience the idea of what they will and will not have when working with you. Heather will share some examples and will give you a clear picture on how to use these ingredients in your pitch.

Make sure you listen to the end for Heather’s challenge for you!

Soul Stirring Quotes


“It’s relieving to niche down into getting succinct with your messaging and still be effective.”

“Give people content in snippets to save time and avoid cognitive fatigue and overwhelm.”

“There’s nothing wrong with sitting down and writing out what you want to say and practicing it.”

“Come prepared with your message.”

“It takes a lot to get clear at what you are doing and give yourself permission to feel good about that.”

“There’s nothing nefarious about helping a person understand what they are going to get and not going to have when working with you.”

“As long as you present your messaging using the framework in a chronological way, it will resonate.”


Episode Timecodes:

  • 0:32 What inspired Heather to share today’s episode.

  • 1:30 Why you need to be in the habit of delivering succinct and effective messages.

  • 2:00 The 5 ingredients of 60 second pitch and creating micro contents that are not overwhelming.

  • 4:06 Ingredient #1: The Problem.

  • 4:34 Ingredient #2: The Solution.

  • 5:05 Ingredient #3: The Identifier.

  • 5:23 Ingredient #4: The Relevance.

  • 5:58 Ingredient #5: The Call to Action.

  • 6:20 Heather shares an example of a 60-second pitch with all the ingredients.

  • 7:25 Why it’s okay to write your messages and practice.

  • 9:51 Your solution can solve more than one problem and you can address them in other micro contents.

  • 11:10 Why it’s okay to push psychological triggers in your messaging.

  • 12:42 Heather makes some impromptu 60-second pitch examples.

  • 15:42 Why this 5-step framework works and creates confidence.

  • 16:17 Why most people do not get clear in their messages.

  • 17:40 Heather’s challenge for you to practice the steps to create your magnetic 60 second pitch. 

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