Ep59: How To Handle Interference From Client Family Members In The Coaching Process

Apr 27, 2021

As a coach, it can be awfully frustrating to find your clients experience interference from family members. You’d really want to get into it and fix everything. Before you do it, listen to this episode on how you can handle interference.

In this episode, Heather reveals what interference looks like and some steps you can take in order to help your clients, and not steal their thunder and their growth. These steps are powerful and very sensitive to what your clients may need in order to overcome their challenges. She will share coaching skills you can use when addressing interference. Heather will also talk about what change back behavior looks like in coaching. She will also talk about her own experience as a coach, some useful examples, quotes and great movies, and so much more!

Are you ready to dig into another amazing podcast to hone your coaching skills? Then listen in and enjoy!

Soul Stirring Quotes


“It is your client’s responsibility to address the interference. It is your job to help your client notice, accept, develop the skill and decide how to address it.”

“Have incredible compassion with yourself. It’s okay to feel frustrated.”

“Understand that the interference is part of the coaching process.”

“You always ask permission, you don’t assume your client wants to work on the interference.”

“It’s very important that we continue to empower your client.”

“Your role is to empower your client into a deeper sense of insight and awareness with respect to their lives, how they relate to people, their goals, how they’re getting there, and the changes they need to make to get there.”

“Professional coaches understand that we do not steal our client’s thunder.”

“Sometimes the greatest thing you can do for your client is let them sit right where they are in it, until they can see it.”

Episode Timecodes:

  • 0:33 What this episode is all about and what inspired Heather to bring this topic up.

  • 1:41 First thing to remember: It is not your job to fix the interference.

  • 2:30 Second thing to remember: Have incredible compassion for yourself.

  • 4:40 The steps to handle the people in your life who are not okay with your progress.

  • 5:41 The steps you can take to coach the interference.

  • 8:07 Step #1: Ascertain whether or not your client is aware of the interference.

  • 9:16 What is change back behavior?

  • 10:25 Step #2: Always ask your client permission to work on the interference.

  • 11:07 Step #3: Use your coaching skills, ask open questions with the intention, and point of helping your client get clear on what to do about the interference.

  • 13:29 The steps to take when your client is not aware that they are being interfered.

  • 16:26 Heather’s suggestion on what skills to use when providing feedback and an example on how to coach a client.

  • 19:11 Heather shares her own experience as a coach and what she observed with coaches.

  • 20:50 Heather talks more about using your skills to help your client’s create their own ideas and transformation.

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