Ep61: 4 Reasons Your Intuition Seems “Wrong” When It Isn’t

May 30, 2021

Have you ever doubted your intuition before? Was there ever a time when you feel like your intuition is not leading you to the right path?

In this episode, Heather talks about an intriguing topic- can your intuition be wrong? She will talk about the reasons why intuition may seem wrong but it really isn’t, and how to handle being “wrong”. She will give some great personal experiences on how intuition works for her and her clients. You will also hear some inspiring and beautiful words of wisdom when it comes to trusting in your own intuitive abilities.

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Soul Stirring Quotes

“Intuition does not work logically or in a linear model.”

“Intuition by nature is precognitive. The intuitive self has the ability to scan potential future events that are relevant to you, to your life and to the people around you.”

“Give yourself the opportunity to allow the intuitive information to bubble to the surface so that your conscious mind can comprehend it.”

“You need to translate the energetic language to verbal language.”

“Try on every interpretation of your intuitive impressions for size, hold it with curiosity, let yourself be loosey-goosey and free.”

“Intuition is an information gathering tool. It is there to lead us in certain directions.”

“Take the pressure off and allow yourself to know that it’s okay to be wrong.”

“Intuition is a process, an art and any other skill that you are going to develop.”

“The energy is perfect but our human interpretation is not.”

“You are doing the best you can to allow the higher power to lead and guide your life. That is the most beautiful thing in the world.”

“Give yourself permission to understand that in time it really will make sense.”

“An intuitively-lead life is an integrated process between our conscious self and intuitive self.”


Episode Timecodes:

  • 0:27 Heather shares what inspired her to share this episode’s topic and how she summarizes this episode in two words.

  • 2:31 The four reasons why intuition seems wrong but it really isn’t, and how to handle when your intuition is wrong.

  • 3:07 Reason #1: The information is future-based.

  • 5:03 How do you use or what you can use the future-based information that you receive?

  • 6:42 Reason #2: You or your client may not be consciously aware of what you are talking about.

  • 9:32 Reason #3: Interpretation error.

  • 11:42 How to interpret the intuitive information you receive.

  • 13:00 Reason #4: You are not trusting.

  • 15:06 Why people are afraid of being wrong with their intuitions.

  • 15:32 How to handle being wrong #1: Take the pressure off and allow yourself to know that it is okay to be wrong.

  • 16:10 How to handle being wrong #2: Don’t personalize it.

  • 16:49 How to handle being wrong #3: Understand that your interpretation is not infallible.

  • 17:12 How to handle being wrong #4: Remember that you are just the messenger.

  • 18:11 How to handle being wrong #5: Trust that in time, it will all make sense.

  • 19:12 How to handle being wrong #6: Know that even if it doesn’t all make sense, it doesn’t need to in order for you to live and intuitively guided life.

  • 20:53 Heather’s invitation to join the Atmana Intuitive Coach Collective Facebook group (link below)!

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Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the everyday intuitive podcast. I’m your host, Heather Alice Shea intuitive life coach trainer status quo, shaker and founder of Atmana Coaching Academy. Listen in each week to break up with your comfort zone claim your self confidence and radically embrace your role as an intuitive healer mentor and sought after coach let’s get within and get after it.

Have you ever had an experience where you were so sure that your intuitive impression was accurate, right? You get this download, you get this hit and you are absolutely sure that. You are on the money with it, but then something happens and you discover that you actually weren’t well today’s show is all about helping you maybe understand why, eh, you might have been right in the first place.

So I wanna talk today about the four reasons why you’re intuition seems wrong. When it is actually, right. So if we could sum this episode up in two words, it would be user error, right? We have these sort of. Ill conceived ideas, I think, or low resolution ideas of what the intuitive process is really all about.

And the reason why I wanna address this is because I think until we address them. And until we understand that these four things really not only. Destroy our trust in our own experience and our own intuition, but we really can’t make proper informed decisions with our intuition until we sort of understand the mechanics behind how intuition works, because it doesn’t work.

Logically, it doesn’t work in a linear model and we are so ingrained and trained to look at information and to look at our experiences that way that it makes it very, very hard to rewrite that script and trust your intuition when it seems like it goes off the, the rails. So my hope and my wish for this episode is to restore faith in your own intuitive abilities, your own sense of inner knowing if you have ever had one of.

You know, soul crushing experiences of just really following your heart, following your gut and feeling like it was a mistake to begin with. Okay. So we’re gonna go over the four reasons why it seems wrong, but it really isn’t. And then we’re also gonna talk about how to handle. Being wrong, right? Because sometimes we aren’t always on the money.

Right. So how do we handle that in that moment? When, when we really do find out that we were off base with our intuitive impression, this applies whether we are using intuition in our own personal lives or whether we are using our intuition and our professional lives as intuitive focused coaches, creatives, or entrepreneurs.

The first reason why your intuition seems wrong, but it isn’t is because the information is future based. Now, how do we know this? Well, because we know that intuition by nature is precognitive. So the essential function of intuition is to scan, literally scan, you know, your energetic field. And the potentials that are happening in the future.

Okay. This is what the research shows. You can check out heartmath.org.com. If you wanna check out some of their intuition research, but what the research shows is that the intuitive self, I guess you could put it that way or the intuitive system within you. It’s electromagnetic in nature. It has the ability to scan potential future events that are relevant to you, to your life and to your flourishing or to the people with whom you are in relationship, or you are even just chatting with at the grocery store.

Right? So it is by nature, future based. so your intuitive system is always scanning potential events, potential opportunities, trying to sift out or potential events, opportunities, and also dangerous situations. Right? It’s always there. Trying to help lead and guide and uplift your life. So often what will happen is that you will have an intuitive hit, but it is about an event or a situation or a mental or emotional state or orientation that you yourself or your client just simply hasn’t experienced yet.

So in your living now moment, you get this intuitive impression and you’re like, oh man, I feel this so strong. But because it isn’t for you right now, or it isn’t for your client right now. It’s for you six weeks from now. It’s for your client six weeks from now. You think that it’s. okay. So how do we remedy this?

Well, we realize that it doesn’t necessarily have to be for right now. So what we have to do is say, oh, okay, well, you know, it doesn’t really make sense right now. It doesn’t need to make sense right now. We’re just gonna put that on the table as a piece of information that could potentially inform our lives in a useful way.

We’re not gonna label it as wrong. In other words, we’re just gonna put a question, mark. I can’t tell you how many times I have done an intuitive reading over the years. I’m at year. Oh my goodness. I don’t know. Seven or eight now with it. And I get messages and emails and all the stuff all the time saying, Hey, I had a reading with you five years ago.

You told me that I was gonna move to a house on the lake. You know what? I just closed all my house, you know, at a lake here in Montana, you know? And I’m like, wow, first of all, I don’t even remember saying that, but how cool is that, that I wasn’t, you know, that I wasn’t quote unquote wrong. It was just for an event that I could not possibly be in touch with.

And neither was the client at the time that I spoke it, it was for five years later in that client’s life for that client to be led and guided to buy that house, to make that move right in that way. Based off their reading, right. The person had said to me, I had your voice in my head saying, oh man, if you move by the lake, you’re gonna love it.

It’s gonna be brilliant. Right. So that piece of that reading five years in the person’s past helped inform their path forward and their life in their living now at just the right moment. Okay. So it’s future based. We don’t say it’s wrong. We just put a question mark on it because you never. the second reason why your intuition seems wrong when it isn’t is that you might not consciously be aware or your client might not consciously be aware of what you’re talking about.

So this is what I love about being an intuitive coach. This is why intuitive coaching yields, faster results. It yields more complete, deeper results. It’s more thorough. It’s more holistic because when you work at that intuitive level, you are data mining. The unconscious you are able, or I shouldn’t say the unconscious more so the energetic field, which can sometimes, you know, be deeply embedded in a person’s out of their conscious awareness is a better way to say it because out of a person’s conscious awareness, oh, nerd moment.

Heather’s nerding out of a person’s conscious awareness and a person’s subconscious are actually two different things. But your client just simply might not be consciously aware of what is going on. Right? So you’re sitting here, you’re vibing out. You’re tapping into that energy boy. Is it emotionally relevant to their lives?

You’re feeling it all over the place. Six ways from Sunday and your client’s looking at you going, I have no idea what you’re talking about or you’re feeling it big time, big time for yourself. and you’re sitting there going, I have absolutely no idea what any of this is about. Right? So it’s not that it’s wrong.

It’s just that you haven’t had an opportunity to allow that information to bubble to the surface so that your conscious mind can comprehend it. Or this is actually a really silly example. I get a reading every year with Thomas, John. I absolutely love him. He. A world renowned, psychic medium. I get a reading with him every year.

And for two years straight, he kept saying to me, who is Michael? I keep getting Michael. And I’m like, no, no, I don’t know what, Michael, I don’t know what, Michael, I don’t know. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t know what, Michael, I don’t know what Michael, and then it hit me. I was reading over my notes that I had made with.

And my husband and I had some of our accounting work out on my desk. We were sending in some forms to our CPA and I saw Brandon’s full name. Next to the notes. And my husband’s middle name is Michael . And for two years in a row, what Thomas was picking up on was my husband’s energy, right? Because his middle name is Michael.

So I mean, I’m married to this man. His name is Michael, right. And I’m sitting there looking at Thomas going. Yeah, I have no clue what you’re talking about. Don’t know, Michael, I’ve never known to Michael don’t have any brothers named Michael never have zero, you know, connection to it at all. Yeah. I’m sitting here.

Hello, married to a man whose middle name is Michael. So you really just never know, you know, what is out of awareness. That is actually right. That you’re picking up on. And so of course I messaged, you know, Thomas and I was like, by the way, you know, you are right. Sorry, user error, right. User error. Okay.

And the third one is an interpretation error. So it could be that the intuitive impression is absolutely right. So we have to understand that the energy that you receive, it is a language, it’s an energetic language, but we have to translate that language into verbal language. Right? So intuition is a language that’s energetic, but that has to be communicated verbally.

In the language you are fluent in, or the language that you’re speaking in that is when it can go off the rails. So I believe and know that the intuitive information energetically speaking is always right, but that has to come through the human filter. So you’re just interpreting it wrong. Right. Some ways that we interpret intuitive information incorrectly is we are too literal in our interpretations, or we’re not literal enough or it’s, you know, a metaphorical interpretation of it would help or not.

Right. Or maybe it needs to be literal. I’ll give you an example of this. I was doing a live reading once and I saw a woman. She was standing in front of me and I instantly saw her in this casing. It was really weird. It was like, there was this cookie cutter mold around her. I could see this mold around her and it was like, she was trying to break out of this mold.

She wanted to break free. She wanted to express herself. She wanted to lift her arms up. She wanted to jump and cheer and run and dance and play and all of these things. But she couldn’t break the mold. And so I said, you know, I keep seeing you wanting to like break out of, you know, this like status quo way of doing things out of the mold.

And then her friend with her, and I said, does this resonate? And she goes, no, you know, well maybe kind of, and her friend goes, Jessica, you have a mold outbreak in your house right now. She had black mold in, uh, one of her closets in her house. Like literally there was mold. In her house and I was seeing her in this mold.

Right. And so then we had a conversation about how, you know, allowing her to express herself, allowing herself to break out of this mold that she had placed herself in or had allowed herself to be placed in. So the answer to this one is to just play with it, try on every interpretation for size. Let yourself be.

Lucy goosey and free, hold it with curiosity. The worst thing we can do when we’re trying to interpret intuitive impressions is, you know, try to decide exactly what it is. You know, maybe it’s one thing. Maybe it’s many things we don’t know. And if you are interpreting for another person, of course, in your coaching practice, then we absolutely.

You know, defer to the client’s interpretation of what it could be as well. Right. Because we’re always putting them in the driver’s seat. So we offer our impressions, we offer our interpretations, but you know, when we’re using intuition in our coaching practices, we always want to be collaborating with our clients on that as well, because you know, ultimately the information really is for them.

Right. So it might make sense to them. It might not, but. Wonderful to allow them to be a part of that beautiful process and inviting them to do so is such a fun, empowering thing for both of you to do. And it also takes the pressure off, right. Because, you know, I don’t know about you, but I’m not the Oracle of Delphi over here.

Right. Like I don’t have all the answers I’m doing the best I can, but not gonna be able to get it right. You know, all the time. And so it’s really just about taking that pressure. And then the fourth reason why it seems wrong when it’s really right or it isn’t wrong, you just haven’t figured it out yet.

Or haven’t had enough time to figure it out yet is that we’re not trusting. And if we don’t trust, we won’t act on our intuitive impressions. And if we don’t act, we might not ever have the call to us, the experiences, the people, the persons, the places, and the things that we would need to have called to us.

So asked to confirm that intuitive impress. Right. So what’s so great about intuition is it is an information gathering tool. It is there to help us do something with our lives, right? It’s there to literally lead us in certain directions. And so if we don’t trust it, if we don’t act on it, I’m gonna do an episode coming up.

The six stages of intuitive development, and two of those are trusting and acting. So if we don’t trust and act. Then we might not ever have an opportunity to even find out just how brilliant, just how right. That impression was. Okay. So small example here would be, I completely started Opana academy intuitively, right.

I had no logical reason whatsoever to start my company or to do what I’m doing. And yet, because I trusted and I took action. You know, I’m sitting here on. Almost, you know, we’re on track to hit seven figures in, you know, just a few short months. Right? So that is me trusting myself, trusting my intuition, moving forward in the process.

And then now, since I’ve done that, I see. Oh, wow. Okay. Well, you know, that was a pretty good intuitive hit to become an entrepreneur and to bring intuitive coaching to life. So you have to trust, you have to act, and I promise you when you do, you are gonna watch miracles happen. So now let’s talk a little bit about handling, being wrong.

So let’s just go there and say, you know, what, what if your intuitive impression is wrong? Well, first of all, it’s not the end of the world. Right? Worse things have happened. So the first one is to just realize it’s just not a big deal, right? Like we’re wrong about I’m wrong about all kinds of things. So for my intuition to be wrong, it’s fine.

Right. I think the reason why people are afraid of being wrong is because we hold a erroneous idea. That intuition is, it always has to be right. And if it’s not right, that means intuition isn’t real or, you know, spirit isn’t real, it’s all a lie, you know, that’s just your fear, self talking. There is no way that any human being is right all the time about anything ever anyway.

And it’s the same with our intuitive impressions. Okay. So the first one is just to take the pressure off and allow yourself to know. You know, let yourself know it’s okay to be wrong. When I did a personal or intuitive readings, I would start every reading with I’m gonna be wrong. Some of the stuff I’m going to say in this session is going to be wrong.

Okay. So you run it through your truth, filter every word that’s about to come outta my mouth is only to help you step into your truth in a more full way. So. I give myself permission to be wrong. I give you permission to disagree with me. I give everybody here. We’re all just trying to step into our truth.

And I love that because it just lets us be a human being in this intuitive process. The second is don’t personalize it. If it is wrong, that doesn’t say anything about you as an intuitive, it, it’s not an indictment on your gifts or your abilities. It means absolutely nothing. It just means you’re wrong.

You know, that’s fine. We’re wrong. Again, no big deal. We’re wrong about all kinds of stuff. You know, this is a process. It’s an art it’s intuition is just like any other skill you’re gonna develop. Imagine trying to learn how to play the piano, but insist that you never hit a wrong. when we get upset that our intuitive impression was inaccurate.

That’s essentially what we’re doing now, when I give you the piano analogy, it seems pretty ridiculous to get upset about, of course, you’re gonna hit some keys that are wrong. It’s the same with our intuition. Okay. Third is just understand that again, your interpretation is not infallible, that the energy is perfect, but our human interpretation or human filter isn’t.

So, you know, again, take that pressure off. Let your. Have the space that you need to develop that skill, not only of receiving the intuitive impression, but also interpreting it as you do get it. And then also, I really love this next one. Remember that you’re just the messenger. That’s all, you know, you’re here, you’re a servant.

You’re doing the best you can to live that intuitively led life. And you know, again, even if you’re just using your intuition for yourself, you’re trying to lead and guide yourself. Right. You’re a person too. You know, you’re just the messenger here. You’re doing the best you can to allow spirit, you know, and you know, whatever your concept of a higher power is to lead and guide your life.

And that is the most beautiful thing in the world. And so you’re here to try to bring forward that higher intelligence, that higher perspective and the love that comes with it. And I don’t know about you, but in my mind, that is you winning all day, every day. . In other words, that’s the big win right. Being right about every little intuitive of impression is not really that important when we zoom out and we look at the big picture of what it means to be an intuitive every single day.

And then the other one is just trust in time. If I had to put numbers on this, I would say that. Probably, if you could remember every intuitive impression you ever have and you had all the time in the world to wait and see them come to fruition, you would probably discover that you’re working with a 90% accuracy rate.

You know, you would be shocked to know how accurate you probably are. The issue is people don’t ever come back and tell you, or you yourself forget what you, your impression was. And it’s 10 years later. So you never find out about it. But I just know that to be true from all of the readings I’ve done over the years, it’s just unbelievable.

How many people come back and say, oh my goodness, that was right on the money. And at the time it didn’t resonate, but now I totally get it. And it it’s changing my life right now so many years later. So please give yourself permission to understand that in time it really will make, it really will come to make sense.

And the last one. To know this, that even if it doesn’t make sense, even if it isn’t something that you can ever really find out about, it doesn’t matter because you don’t need to be right in order to live that heart based life. This isn’t about being right. This is about doing the best we can from that beautiful place within our own soul.

So it’s about bringing our whole self forward. Sure. We listen to our. Right. We wanna make the best decisions we can. I constantly talk about how intuition is an integrated thing, right? It’s not all heart. It’s heart. And. an intuitively lived life is an integrated process between our conscious self and our intuitive self, our left brain, our right brain, you know, really bringing to bear the fullness of what it is for you to be you in the world and to move through your life in the way.

That you want to, right. And so you’re listening to the everyday intuitive podcast because I know that that is something that you want to do. Okay. So get out there and be bold with your intuitive senses. Allow yourself to really open up without fear of being wrong, without fear of rejecting or judging yourself.

If you can’t figure it out or if you can’t interpret it right. Or if it doesn’t seem to make sense, please note. It’s not necessarily supposed to right now in this moment. And even if it never does it doesn’t matter anyway, cuz the big win is that you are living your life as an everyday intuitive, which is absolutely brilliant.

So if you would like more help in learning how to hone and own your intuition. I have a free Facebook group that I’d love you to join. It’s called the intuitive coach collective. And over there every single week we offer free trainings and really just information and community. That’s the big thing to help you start developing this intuitive way of being, and really just connect with other people who get you, right?

Like your people, people. Our endeavoring to, you know, make an impact in the world. We’ve got coaches over there. We’ve got people who just want intuitive development. So if you’re looking for a home, if you’re looking for people who are interested in these arts, right, this inner technology of intuition, I highly recommend that you pop over there and join us so you can search it on Facebook.

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Let me know how this resonates with you and I’ll catch ya next. Together we rise. That is a wrap for today’s show. Thank you from the bottom of my feels for showing up today in your power and in your willingness to let your intuitive self lead. And if you are still working your way to your first 50 to 100 K in your coaching practice, I have two incredible free resource.

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I love you together. We rise.