Ep62: How To Hire A Sensational Sales Team With Ryann Dowdy

Jun 1, 2021

Sales is your business’ lifeline, and getting help from a sensational sales team is a must. How do you hire the best sales team and where do you start in building it?

We are excited to have the Sales Expert, Ryann Dowdy. Ryann helps 7 and 8 figure CEO’s generate daily sales on demand WITHOUT more of their time, by building + training high-performing sales teams. Before starting her own business, Ryann spent 15 years in the corporate world building multi-million dollar sales organizations for start-ups in the digital marketing and advertising space. From sales rep to individual contributor to Director of Sales – Ryann has mentored, managed, and trained thousands of sales reps.

In this podcast, Ryann will talk about what sales is all about, the misconceptions surrounding sales, and when to hire a sales team. She will give her thoughts on getting into social media trends, consistency, and being “perfect”. Ryann will also talk about the difference between traditional selling and social selling.

Make sure you listen till the end to get Ryann’s exclusive info about Social Sellers Academy and some exciting resources in the program.

Soul Stirring Quotes

“Go hire people who are better than you. It’s the most empowering, freeing, and most exciting feeling in your business.”

“Selling is serving, selling is helping, and selling is about solving a problem for someone.”

“If you use that same passion for connection that you have with your clients in selling, it will change everything for you.”

“The only way that I get to give somebody the transformation that I offer is to sell it to them. I get to serve them in the process, it’s about connection.”

“There is no one social media platform that can make or break a business.”

“Social Selling is the new iteration of old-school outside sales.”

“Social Selling allows us to speed up, have access to so much information and people, and we get in front of people in a platform where they hang out and consume content.”

“99% of sales problems can be solved by increasing the number of people we are talking to.”

“You bring in people into your funnel, build a relationship, and  continue building the relationship until they are ready to buy.”

“Half of something is better than all of nothing.”

“Consistency is the most underutilized, underestimated resource business owners have.”

“Successful people are successful because they have the discipline to look past the shiny objects and keep consistently doing the same thing even when it feels like it’s not working.”


Episode Timecodes:

  • (0:26) Who is Ryann and why Heather is so excited to bring her in for this episode.

  • (4:14) How Ryann found her passion in helping CEO’s high performance sales teams in their businesses.

  • (7:41) Ryann talks about the misconception that other people are not well-equipped to represent a business in sales.

  • (12:47) What are the misconceptions about what selling really is?

  • (15:07) When should business owners hire a salesperson?

  • (19:27) Ryann shares her thoughts on the trends in social media today like TikTok videos and Instagram reels.

  • (23:32) The difference between typical selling and social selling.

  • (27:23) What are the metrics that business owners should be looking at when it comes to selling?

  • (34:07) Ryann shares her thoughts on being “perfect” versus consistency.

  • (35:50) Ryann shares what Social Sellers Academy is all about and upcoming resources in the program.

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