Ep63: The 3 P’s Of Motivation & Manifestation

Jun 10, 2021

What motivates you in your business and personal life? How do you create a life that is aligned to your soul’s calling?

In this episode, Heather gives her thoughts on what should motivate you when reaching for your goals and creating a truly meaningful life and business. She will talk about the three P’s of motivation and manifestation that you will encounter as a creator. She will give her thoughts on why the first two P’s are not the best motivators and why the last P is the best. She will also share her own experience and her motivation in bringing Atmana to the world.

Make sure you listen to the whole episode for Heather’s exclusive invitation for you!

Soul Stirring Quotes


“Too many of us are using pain as a motivator and not enough pleasure, not enough moving toward what we really want to create.”

“We are striving for that highest expression but we are doing it with the hope or expectation and attachment to receiving or getting what we want.”

“There is nothing wrong with goal setting and wanting to attain that goal. It’s absolutely beautiful and we have to use that as a motivator.”

“When you move in your life from a place of purpose, it becomes unimportant to you whether or not you are getting what you want.”

“You have such a positive, pleasurable, meaningful lived experience as you operate out of your purpose. That is the reward itself.”

“The obstacles don’t go away, but they cease to hurt when you operate from a place within yourself.”

“You as an intuitive individual have an opportunity to use the gifts that you’ve been given to create something for yourself and leave a legacy for other people.”

“When you operate from purpose, from a place that can’t be touched by any obstacles, everything shifts and changes, and becomes exciting and meaningful.”

Ask yourself today, “What is my purpose? What am I here for? What is it that I’m called to do?”

“Every human being that’s born on this planet is a creator. You’re here to bring forward something to the world.”

“Every human soul has the same purpose, it’s to embody the truth of who you are, because you are the greatest creation that you will ever make.”

“You will manifest and create many things, but you have to trust your soul’s calling.”

“When you’re aligned to your purpose first, you will gain everything this world has to offer you.”


Episode Timecodes:

  • (0:28) What this awesome and helpful episode is all about and why it matters for soul-based business owners.

  • (2:39) The first motivator: Pain.

  • (3:42) The second motivator: Pleasure.

  • (8:02) The third motivator: Purpose.

  • (10:05) Heather shares how she is motivated by her purpose and her passion.

  • (10:41) How being motivated by purpose can make a difference in facing obstacles.

  • (11:44) The opportunity that you, as an intuitive, can create when motivated by purpose.

  • (13:52) Heather’s own experience in discovering her purpose and the soul’s calling.

  • (15:25) Heather’s questions that you must reflect on and will help you discover your purpose.

  • (16:50) Heather’s special invitation for you to join the Live Your Purpose, Launch Your Practice Workshop!

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