Ep68: Energy Blocks That Stop Your Business Success With Melissa Zoske

Jul 12, 2021

You feel it, that dread that you are not good enough, you don’t have the right tools. You have limiting beliefs and energy blocks that just don’t go away. You know it stops you from becoming your higher self and elevating your business, so how do you deal with it?

Whether you are new or have been in the industry of coaching and helping others heal for a long time, you will encounter energy blocks that will make you feel yucky, exhausted and limited. In today’s episode, Melissa Zoske will help you understand what energy block truly is, where it’s coming from and how you can overcome it. Melissa is an Energy Alignment Business Mentor and it’s her passion and mission to help spiritual entrepreneurs, coaches, and healers, clear success blocks, attract ideal clients, and scale their business doing what they love, all while staying in alignment.

Melissa will share her wisdom about ancestral blocks and how it can affect your current mindset. She will share ways on how you can overcome ancestral blocks, and lower and upper limiting beliefs by using energy testing. Melissa will give her thoughts on mindset shift and strategies that are working in today’s energy and what are not. She also gives her amazing tips, and an awesome giveaway, for entrepreneurs who want to keep their energies high and be always in alignment.

If you are ready to get into the right energy and overcome your blocks, then listen to this episode till the end!

Soul Stirring Quotes


“I realized that everything is connected,  that when you work on one thing you’re working on everything else.”

“You can tell when you don’t feel right.”

“The flow is with the whispers, not waiting for the brick to the head.”

“You inherit more than hair and eye color from your ancestors. You inherit their beliefs, traumas, and emotional patterns.”

“The information from ancestors is replayed 24/7, broadcasted to the universe and the universe sends the same thing.”

“As energy workers, healers, and intuitive entrepreneurs, we need to take that downtime to process and integrate.”

“Take out all the fluff, we don’t need all that extra stuff. Delegate what you can and focus on what you need to do.”

“The thing with focus is you have to go through your blocks.”


Episode Timecodes:

  • 0:28 A short and sweet intro about Melissa, what she does and how she and Heather met.

  • 2:48 Melissa shares how she started her work, who she serves and what inspired her to start her career.

  • 5:53 How do you know that you are out of alignment?

  • 7:21 Melissa shares her own experience on how living in the moment looks like.

  • 8:10 What is an ancestral block? How does it affect you and your personal and professional life?

  • 12:28 What are the ways Melissa helps her clients overcome ancestral blocks?

  • 15:27 Melissa shares her thoughts on the work hours for healers, energy workers and intuitive entrepreneurs.

  • 17:05 What are the most effective mindset shifts or strategies that are working today? And what are the shifts that are no longer working?

  • 19:38 What are upper limiting blocks?

  • 21:16 What is energy testing?

  • 24:03 Melissa shares her own thoughts on research, animals instincts and ancestral blocks.

  • 25:35 Melissa shares her tips and/or habits for new entrepreneurs to keep their energy high and in alignment.

  • 28:47 What is Melissa’s Quantum Key Method?

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