Ep69: 6 Myths About Confidence that Keep You Stuck In Self-Doubt

Jul 19, 2021

Let’s talk about confidence, the “Achilles heel” of coaches, healers and intuitives. How confident are you in your ability to help others, build your business, or in any other aspect of your life?

In this episode, Heather shares a very common but often overlooked topic for intuitive coaches, healers and business owners. Confidence is often misunderstood and is surrounded by myths that can keep you and others in doubt. Heather will share her thoughts about confidence and her intentions for this episode. You will discover 6 myths that will help you understand what confidence truly means. She will also give helpful tips so you can start expressing your strengths and confidence everyday.

Are you ready to conquer your small self and step into your confident self? Then listen to the episode and start stepping into the best version of yourself!

Soul Stirring Quotes


“I want you to begin to see yourself as a leader.”

“We spend so much time focusing on our weaknesses and what needs to be fixed, and so little time leaning to our strengths.”

“Confident people are terrified in the daily.”

“Life isn’t easy. But it can become worth it, fun, and dynamic.”

“Being nervous is not a sign that you are not confident at all.”

“I trust myself that as I move forward I can pivot and make adjustments to accomplish my goal.”

“Criticism and judgement does not have to shake your self-concept. It should not rock your self-confidence.”

“Failure is not the opposite of success, it is a part of the success process.”

“Failure helps you see the world far more clearly because you really remember those lessons.”

“It is normal, healthy, and wonderful to want to be seen and recognized.”

“Show up in the world with your gifts shining. It’s the most natural, most loving thing you can do.”

“Practice the feeling and the actions of being confident.”

“Stepping into that confident version of yourself and achieving your goal is an evolutionary process.”


Episode Timecodes:

  • 0:28 What this episode is all about and what is the message Heather hopes to send  through.

  • 4:16 Heather shares some questions about confidence and self-doubt.

  • 6:09 Heather shares her intentions and setting your own intentions.

  • 7:21 What is the meaning of confidence?

  • 11:55 What are the common myths about confidence?

  • 12:14 Myth #1: When I am confident, I will not feel anxious or afraid.

  • 15:12 Myth #2: When I feel confident, I will begin working towards my goal.

  • 17:47 Myth #3: I need to have all the answers.

  • 21:00 Myth #4: Criticism and judgment will destroy my self-confidence.

  • 24:15 Myth #5: Failure will destroy my confidence.

  • 28:02 Myth #6: If I show up into the world truly confident, I will become or be perceived as a self-absorbed narcissist.

  • 30:57 Heather shares some steps you can take to help you express your strengths and confidence everyday.

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Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the everyday intuitive podcast. I’m your host, Heather Alice Shea intuitive life coach trainer status quo, shaker and founder of Atmana Coaching Academy. Listen in each week to break up with your comfort zone claim your self confidence and radically embrace your role as an intuitive healer mentor and sought after coach let’s get within and get after it.

Hello everybody. How are you doing? Welcome to the everyday intuitive show. We are live again for another incredible episode today. I am gonna be tackling some myths around confidence, and this is one of the. I don’t know, I suppose I would say the Achilles heel of not only intuitive coaches, but I think really any helping professional that you see in the world, whether it’s a therapist and anybody in the medical profession, people that are oriented towards.

Being of service and helping others. I think a common denominator or characteristic that we all share is this a challenge around really believing in ourselves. And so today what I wanted to do is tackle some six common myths about what self confidence is, how it shows up in our life. And more importantly, how we can really put this whole self doubt thing to.

once and for all, and just really stop tinkering around with this erroneous, false and ridiculous small version of ourselves that we, I think it’s best described that we are in the habit. A good way to describe it is. A habit of relating to ourselves. It’s a habit that we have, you know, to doubt ourselves and to not feel that confidence.

And so I think understanding these misconceptions really goes a long way to help us just kind of shake our heads and go, wait a minute. this is ridiculous. I don’t have to sit around staying stuck and doubting myself all the time. So what is that old saying that they say. Fear knocks at the door, but when faith answers, there’s nothing there.

So that is what I’m going for here today in dispelling the myth, right? It all be kind of becomes shadow and smoke when you really shine the light on the truth of, you know, what confidence really is. And so that’s what we’re gonna get down to the bottom of today on the show. And one of the big takeaways I think from this show right now is I want you to begin to see yourself as a leader.

I want you to begin to see yourself as someone who is willing to do more than just sit around on this self-help journey. No, this isn’t about sitting around constantly trying to improve ourselves, right? Yeah. That’s a part of it, but that’s not the point. I think a lot of people are. Stuck in that the point of it is for us to get up and be of good use and to be a person who is taking bold action and making the world an improved place.

Okay. So that is what today, by the end of this, that is what I’m hoping that you’re going to have the confidence to just kind of, you know, put to bed and put to rest, you know, bury into a shallow grave. Some. You know, this notion that you’re not a confident person, this notion that you need to continue to do the work before you can step up and really do anything else.

Fun fact. You’re never gonna be done doing the work on yourself. You’re not, that’s why you’re alive. so if we wait, if we wait to feel a hundred percent confident before we do anything, you go be waiting a long ass time, honey, cuz you’re never gonna feel that way. Right. You’re never gonna feel that way.

Okay. So let’s dive into it. So I wanna talk today about the six myths about confidence that are keeping you stuck, like Chuck in your self doubt. So I want you just to take a minute right now and check in with yourself. Do you feel like you’re someone who struggles with this, what does it mean to you to feel confident?

What does it mean to you to not feel confident? How do you know when you’re in self doubt? How do you know when you’re feeling confident? Just check in with your. Before we jump into this dicey conversation really feel within yourself where you’re at with that. So I wanna start off by giving a couple of useful definitions about what confidence actually is, and then we’re gonna boil it down to the gist of what we mean when we say we’re C.

What does this really mean? Let’s wrap our hands around it. Let’s get our head, you know, around it. Let’s once. And for all start working on this thing in a way that allows us to move forward. So we’re gonna do that. We’re gonna look at a definition. We’re gonna go through the myths and then I’m gonna give you some actionables on some things you can do to just operate from that place of confidence.

Not things you can do to work on being confident. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about. Just living in the truth. That you’re enough that you’ve got all the tools and the resources you need inside of you right now to go do your big thing, to launch your practice, to take on more clients, to say yes, to whatever it is you’re wanting to do, right?

Whatever that big dream you have in your life. What if I told you right now, you had everything you need to start doing it. That’s your whole and complete right. How does that feel when I say that, does that feel pretty challenging? It might, right. For most of us, it does. So as we walk through this, what I want you to do is have an intention in your mind.

I want you to think about something that at this moment, you might doubt that you have the ability to create, to build, to keep, to hold onto whatever that. Right. So for me, my big goal in my life, I’ve got two big goals in my life right now. The first is we want to close out our next two launches and hit seven figures this year.

What’s a massive goal that myself and team up man have wo have been working toward. We are on track. Do it, who that feels mighty big to miss Heather over here. Okay. It feels mighty big. So I, as I walk through these things, I’m gonna practice what I preach and I’m gonna take my own advice. and I’m gonna apply this to myself right.

As I walk through it. Right. Because we all have some big. That we feel it’s a little bit out of our reach, maybe little bit too big for us to be able to accomplish. So I want you to think about what that thing is for you. So this is more than just an academic discussion, but something that we can really begin applying to our life.

So think about that big goal that you have, maybe it’s something you wanna accomplish, or maybe it’s something you want to continue to hold onto, but you’re afraid you’re going to lose. Okay. So, what is the definition of confidence? Well, the dictionary, the, you know, good old fashioned Webster gives us three descriptions and I’m gonna read ’em to you.

Now, the first is a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities, a feeling of self assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities. Or qualities. The second is the state of feeling certain about the truth of something. The state of feeling certain about the truth of something.

The third is the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something. In other words, firm trust the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something. Firm trust. Whew. That’ll wake you up in the morning, man. Doesn’t that feel good? Isn’t that like? I’d like a double helping of all of those three things, please.

Thank you. Maybe that’s why I read ’em twice, cuz I’m like maybe if I read them more, I will get more of them. Like that sounds freaking epic. So let’s boil that down. If we were to say, what is confidence, if we could just kind of say what we think it is here is my kind of what I take away from those definitions.

Confidence is assurance, trust and belief. In the truth of something that you can rely on. That’s confidence, it’s the assurance, trust and belief in the truth of something that you can rely on. Self-confidence let’s take it to you. Let’s take it to the inside out. The world changes from the inside out self-confidence is the assurance.

Trust and belief that, that something is yourself, that the something you’re believing in, the something that’s firm, the something that’s true. Is you pretty powerful? Huh? So when we talk about confidence, the rest of this conversation, I’m talking about the truth, the trust, the firmness, the assurance in yourself, your abilities, your charact.

Your integrity, your honesty, your valor, your courage, every good thing, trusting that and allowing those qualities to lead and guide your life in full view of that, which needs to be worked on. We spend so much time focusing on our weaknesses and what needs to be fixed. And so little time leaning into our strengths and what makes us vibrant and beautiful and powerful.

Why do we do that to ourselves? It’s all here, right here, waiting for you to see it’s a shift in perspective to which part of yourself are you aligning the version of you? The part of you, the confident firm assured truthful side of you. or the part of you that feels broken and doubtful and oh, and anxious and all of these things, both are real and both are valid.

Both are valid. I love that small self of mine. I need her. She’s kind of smart. She’s aware of things. Maybe my, my higher self or my big self isn’t. It’s all. Okay. But it’s about which version of you are, are you gonna choose to let lead and guide your life? I’m suggesting you let the truest, the most confident, the most assure.

Part of you that has the courage to take action in the direction you’re called to go in your life, to lead and live into your purpose every single day. This is about shifting to let that version of you lead. Okay. That’s when things really become fun and interesting, not effortless, not even easy all the time.

Life isn’t easy. Anybody who tells you that is selling. So. But what it can become is worth it and fun and dynamic, you know, boy, that was hard, but damn, I had a good time along the way. Right. Okay. So let’s jump into the myths. Now we’re in this place where we know what confidence is. It’s an internal orientation toward that, which in you can be trust.

But our blocks to this, our blocks relying onto this are some of these common myths. So let’s tackle ’em the first is this when I am confident, I can’t be confident right now in my life, because when I’m confident, if I were confident, I would never feel anxious or afraid. Ah, What a crock of shit. . How about that?

confident people are terrified on the daily confident people. Move forward in trust and belief and in faith and in self-assurance not because of the lack of anxiousness or nervousness or fear, but in spite of it, maybe even because of it, right? What is it? You know, the truly courageous run in the direction of that, which they fear, right?

Like a firefighter running into a burning building. Think about that for a minute. A firefighter sees a burning building and the first thought he has is, oh, let me go grab my hose and run toward it. Pretty crazy. Why does he do that? Well, because he trusts his training. He knows he can handle it. He might not understand or know everything that’s gonna happen once he gets into the house, but he believes in himself, he knows he can handle it, or she knows she can handle it.

I G freaking te while the firefighter is running in that direction, they’re probably a little nervous, probably a little anxious. Right. the reason why we feel nervous and. I’m gonna offer this to you as a mindset shift is because it’s important to you. So the mindset shift here is no, no, no confident.

People feel nervous and anxious all the time. That nervousness and anxious you feel about the thing that, you know, you want to do. is an indication that it’s actually meaningful to you. When, when I went to graduate school at our first day of orientation, um, I overheard one of my, uh, cohort members saying to one of our professors that we had just met.

She was like, oh my gosh, like I threw up last night. I’m so nervous. Like I am just beside myself with nervousness. And the professor did a really good job of, you know, helping her calm down, but he said something I’ll never forget. He goes, what if. That nervousness was an indication to you of how important this is and how meaningful this is to you.

What if it became a positive sign instead of a negative one? So being nervous is great. It’s not a sign that you’re not confident at all. We’re gonna untether those two concepts. Okay. You can be a hundred percent confident and still feel nervous and afraid as a matter of fact, Maybe that nervousness and anxiousness is an indicator to you.

That that is the direction you should go. That’s where you’re gonna be of good use your talents, your skills, your character, your ability, your integrity. That’s where they’re gonna be of best use run straight at it, just like that. Firefighter runs to a burning building. Okay. So when I am confident, I’m allowed to feel nervous and anxious.

As a matter of fact, that’s a good. Second myth. When I feel confident I’ll begin working towards my goals. No, you won’t. No, you won’t because there’s never a moment when any living person on the face of the earth, unless you’re a raging narcissist, which you aren’t okay. Has ever sat back and went, you know what.

I 100% have figured out, I, you know what I think I’m ready. Ha like cue the trumpets and the spotlight and the fireworks. Like, no, nobody has that moment. Right? Every person who has ever accomplished something great. And by great, I just mean what’s important to them, right? Every person who’s ever accomplished that has.

Well, I guess I’ll just give it a go, you know, I guess I’ll just give it a shot. That’s how confident people begin. They don’t have all the answers. Right? So the truth about this myth, when I feel confident, then I’ll begin is actually the opposite research shows that behaving as if you’re ready, behaving as if.

You’re confident is what generates the feeling of confidence. So the behavior comes first. It’s quite literally like play pretend. Well, I don’t know. I’m just gonna go try it and we’ll see. I’m gonna act as if I’ve got, I’m gonna take the next best steps. I know it’s not about faking it. It’s about giving it your best shot.

I hate fake it till you make. Fake it to you and make it just makes you feel like an imposter. You’re not faking anything. What you’re doing is you’re giving it the best you’ve got with the resources you have write the hell now. Not tomorrow, not next week. Not that ain’t never gonna come. Okay. You’re it’s like people who go, well, I’ll start it later.

No, you’re not. You’re one of those gonna people. You’re gonna oh, of sure. You’re gonna, yeah, you’re gonna, and then you just wake up that day and you’re gonna, so you have to move. I’m not gonna, I’m doing it now today, this day right now, and this moment I’m moving forward right now. I’m acting it out in this moment right now, here and now, right now, I’m not going to go to the grocery store.

I’m driving to the grocery store. You see the difference, right? Whatever it is, it could be that mundane. You’re doing the thing. Just go do debting, go do the thing. And that is what will help you build confide. Okay. So act as if then the feeling comes not the other way around. You don’t wait to feel confident to then begin acting as if you are okay.

You let it, you take your next best step forward that you can. Third one. Oh man, this one is like my Achilles heel, my smarty pants nature. I am such a Butthead with this one. Oh, just call myself out. I think Stephanie Shawny, she’s a support coach and one of my dearest friends. She and I are both. She’s an Anya Graham five.

I don’t know how much you know about the Enneagram, but I wing five when I’m triggered and engram fives like to have all the. So myth three is I need to have all the answers before I can feel confident. I gotta have it all figured out. Right. Full map. Then I’m gonna be like, I got this. You let me go. No, that’s not how it works either because you can never fully know.

Right. One of the characteristics of confident people is the ability to manage and withstand internal ambiguity. So what does internal ambiguity mean? It means girl, you just know how to handle, not knowing something. You just know how to, how to deal with not knowing. And this is a really important quality because the world is an infinitely complex place.

And our human capacity to understand something, anything is finite, right? So we have a finite mind, a limited mind, right. But then the world is infinitely complicated. So you’re never gonna know all the things to it’s literally impossible. Right? Now why I’m such a big proponent of the intuitive lifestyle and living an intuitive based life is boy, are you able to know way more than you would ever know about yourself, others in the world, the future, the past, all of it right.

Wrapped up into one. If you El incorporate intuitive knowing into the mix with your cognition. Yes. Far better way live. But even with that being said, none of us are God, right? None of us are omnipresent OmniGen and omnipotent. Right? None of us have those qualities. So you have to get used to living with not knowing, with not having all the answers you have to get used to moving forward without knowing all the answers.

So it is impossible. If you’re gonna wait until you have all the answers to feel confident, you’re never gonna feel confident if you’re gonna wait until you have all the answers to move forward, you’re never gonna move forward. And confident people know they don’t have all the answers. So if you’re sitting there with a big dream in your heart or a plan or something you’re wanting to do, and you’re sitting there waiting and waiting to have more for, there’s never gonna be a moment when you’re like, yeah, this is it.

You just decide that now is it, this is it. Okay. I’ve done enough of the research. I generally have as much information as I can expect myself to have. I’m making a decision right now and I’m gonna go do the thing. So confidence says I don’t need to have all of the answers. To feel confident. I know that I’ve done enough and I’m gonna move forward in this direction.

And I trust myself that as I move forward, I can pivot and make those adjustments as needed as I move forward in the here and now as I go to accomplish my goal to get to where I want to go. Right. Myth number four, this one’s a good one. Criticism and judgment will destroy my self-confidence. As I experience this myth.

It’s, it’s almost like a little kid who’s laying in bed and they’re scared of the monster under their bed. And so they pull their little bed blanket up over their head. As if that’s gonna stop a monster, like how adorable is that? Right? Like your bed, sheet’s gonna, gonna stop the monster in your closet or the monster and be like, it’s not right, but we want to hide.

We want to hide. And so I see new intuitive coaches doing this. This is a big one. If you’re a new coach, It’s why people aren’t showing up more doing lives and, you know, marketing themselves, or we’re afraid to sell our services. We’re afraid to go big. We’re afraid to be seen. We’re afraid to say what we really wanna say.

We’re afraid to put the work out there that we really wanna do. Right. I mean, I talk to people, spirit guides for a living. That’s weird. Okay. It’s just, it’s weird. It is weird. Even if you’re in the spiritual community, right. Like I have. Intuitive psychic abilities. I don’t give a shit who has a problem with it.

I don’t care criticize me all. You want, you don’t pay my bills. so it’s about realizing that taking the criticisms, the slings, the arrows, and the barbs from people, the judgment, the criticism, it doesn’t have to destroy your confidence. It really doesn’t. But I think that we feel like it’s going to right.

I think we feel like we’re not strong enough to handle that criticism. So this myth. I’ll offer you this, this myth is only true for you to the extent that you allow other people’s opinions of you to determine your self concept. If other people’s criticism and judgment of you, rocks you. I mean, it really gets you going, right?

Like it sets you back a day or two or three, that is a sign that you need to start caring more about your own opinion of yourself. Than other people’s opinion of you. Okay. So criticism and judgment does not have to shake your self-concept. It does not have to rock your self-confidence at all. You can listen to criticism and judgment from the place of.

Is this helpful feedback and that’s what confident people do. They certainly listen to it. I listen to criticism and judgment. I listen to it with a objective ear. Sometimes it stings a little bit, but for the most part, I realize a lot of it is unfounded. Some of it is true. And the part of it that is true is amazing.

And I’m so grateful for it because it helps me become better. Right. But I don’t let it. Fundamentally, you know, shape who I am. That’s not appropriate to allow other people to do that. Right. So just open up to the idea that you can be confident. You can listen to judgment and criticism. You can do it from a place of objectivity.

You can allow it to help you learn and inform your path forward in a way that is actually helpful to you and not damaging. Okay. Myth number five is. Failure will destroy my confidence. And this is only true. This myth is only true. If you are unwilling to learn from your miscalculations notice, I didn’t say mistake.

Notice. I didn’t say mistake. So one of the things I would like to bury forever is this notion of a mistake. What is a difference between, uh, miscalculation and a. Mistakes make us feel like, oh my gosh, I did something wrong. It’s an internalized criticism. Whereas a miscalculation is, oh, I just assessed the external variables of this goal or this thing I’m trying to ACC.

I MIS assessed those variables. I miscalculated the path, the journey, the plan, you know, I didn’t allocate resources properly, whatever. I just did a miscalculation. That’s not internalized on me. That doesn’t make me bad. My calculations might have been off, but I’m not off fundamentally as a human being. I, I don’t have to internalize that.

So failure will destroy your confidence only insofar as you’re not willing to learn from the miscalculations you’re making. Failure does not have to. I love failure. I think failure is a wonderful thing. It’s not the opposite of success. It is a part of the success process and you know, I’m actually gonna hold firm to that word failure.

A lot of people go failure, you know, Well, you didn’t really fail, you know? Well, maybe you did fail. Like let’s stop trying to make everything feel good all the time. Right? Maybe you did fail. Maybe you tried and you didn’t make it maybe. Well, what I’m saying is let’s say that’s fine. That’s a normal part of endeavoring to do big things.

So I’ll give you an example. I wanna hit seven figures by the end of the year. If I don’t hit it. Then I don’t hit it. I failed at that goal. That doesn’t mean I’m a failure. It doesn’t mean I won’t do it in a month from now. It doesn’t mean I won’t do it two days from the date. I could hit it January 2nd, but I think it’s about having the confidence to.

Set really incredible goals. Hold ourselves wildly, wildly to those goals really work for them to the best for our ability and not be afraid if we fall short. Right. So I view failure as awesome. I have a chance to learn, like I’m probably gonna learn a lot. right. Like I probably miscalculated a lot there, so.

Awesome. So I’ll get to learn from. I’ll digest it. I’ll rest. I’ll integrate Ray. I’ll create a better plan and then we’ll continue to move forward. So you don’t have to view failure as something, apart from success. I view failure as an inevitable part of endeavoring toward the greatness that you’re called to create in your life and in the world.

It’s just a part of it. It’s not a bad thing. At all, but failure is real, right? It is a real phenomena. We need to stop trying to like run from it and make it feel better and use other words because all you’re really, all we’re really doing is lying to ourselves about it. What we need to do is remove the judgment.

We need to remove how we’re defining that. We need to remove this stigma, right? Like it’s totally fine. I feel all the time. It’s great. I get to learn. I get to do better planning and failure helps you see the world far more clearly, I think, than. Ever will, right. Because you really remember those lessons.

So I really would like to invite you to learn, to fall in love with failure, because it is a fantastic experience. If your goal is to grow in life. Failure is an awesome teacher. Okay. And myth number six is this, one’s a good one. I like this one. Myth. Number six is if I show up into the world truly confident, then I will either become.

Or be perceived as a self-absorbed narcissist. If I become confident, if I show up in the world confident I will either become or be perceived as a self-absorbed narcissist. In other words, eh, we keep ourselves small, right? Here’s the truth of this one. It is so normal. It is so normal and so healthy and so wonderful.

To want to be seen and recognized and to show the world your special talents. That’s the most normal thing in the world. That’s why you were given those talents to begin with. Right. So remember when you were in elementary school and they had the talent show. And all the kids get up there and they, like, they just do their thing.

Ava loved the talent show. When she was in elementary school, we would take her all the time. And the kids had just the great, like their talents were wild. Like one did the cups song, you know, they played. They would get like glasses of water and do the rims. I mean, just the like weird stuff, but amazing like really cool talents.

These kids, some were incredible pianists and singers and they could already play instruments really well. Like, you know, just incredible, but all of those kids were getting up there and they were shining being applauded and they were being cheered on by their teachers and their peers and the parents and their, it just it’s beautiful.

So for you to not stand up and say, you know what? I do this really well, and I feel really good about it. I am a badass at coaching. I am so badass at it. I was born to do it. I live and breathe. It it’s the funnest thing in the world. I’m completely passionate about it. I’ve never felt more myself or more alive than when I’m doing intuitive coaching.

It is literally the reason I was born. And I love it so much. I was born to shine my light that way you were too. So why would we deprive the world of that light? It’s the most natural, most loving thing you can do. It’s to show up in the world with your gifts shining. So, what does that scripture in the Bible, you don’t put a lamp on a, underneath a table or whatever you don’t like, you light a candle, so it will light up the room.

It would be like lighting a candle and then hiding it in the closet. Like, why would you do that? That’s crazy. Right? So it’s not narcissistic, it’s not narcissistic. It’s not self-absorbed to want the world to receive the light that you offer. Okay. So here are some of the actionables that you can take to step into the opposite of these myths.

Right? Let’s talk a little bit about how we can begin operating from a place that says I. I’m going to allow myself to express my strength and my confidence each and every day, my abilities, my unique characteristics and qualities, my skills. I’m here to give the world the best of me. I’m here to give the world the best of me.

The first thing that you can do is realize that all of this is practice. The first is to just practice. It’s like any other. You practice the feeling and the actions of being confident. So here’s a question that you can ask yourself. If I was confident at X, Y, Z. Remember how at the beginning of this, I asked you to think about one thing that you could apply all of this stuff to.

I want you to say if I were already feeling self, right, let’s go back to our definition. Let’s go back to our definition. If I was already feeling self-assured if I already trusted myself and if I already believed in myself that I could rely on myself to do this thing, how would I behave today? How would I change what I’m doing?

How would I change the things I say, how would I change the clothes I wear? What I eat for breakfast? What time I wake up, who I talk to? How you live your life, how would that change? So a running joke and , you can ask anybody on my team is I get up every single day. Every single day, we have our team meetings at 9:00 AM and I have hair done, makeup, bond, lipstick, dangly, earrings.

That’s like a running joke. that I’m like locked and loaded and ready to go. And it’s funny and it’s kind of unnecessary because, you know, half the time it’s just us doing team meetings, right? Like I don’t need to be dressed. But I say to myself, the version of me in my head, that’s running a seven figure company.

That’s doing what I know, I’m where I’m going. It’s just a matter of me closing the gap. That’s what she looks like in my head. And so I wake up and I be her every day. I already am her. Right. I’m just having the experience of becoming in this moment. But on the inside, I’m already her. I know that. because why do I know that?

And how do I know that? And it’s the same for you because I’m the one who says, so how about that? There’s nobody, that’s gonna walk up to me in my life or you in your life and wave some magic wand and say, oh, now all of a sudden you can feel confident in you’re worthy and capable. No one is ever gonna come do it because you are the person who’s supposed to declare it to be.

the challenge is, do you believe yourself, do you trust yourself to do it because many of us in our self doubt, because we orient towards that self doubt, we spend a lot of time betraying ourself, not following through on the things that we know we want to do so that we can express that confident, higher version of ourselves every day.

So just get up and say, how would I be different? And then practice, practice the habits of that version of you. And you’ll wake up one day and you’ll be like, huh, it kind of happened. Just, it sort of happened. I reached that goal. I accomplished it and it will feel very normal because it’s just your way of being right.

It will feel very, just like another thing that happens in your day, if that makes any sense, right. Because it’s a practice, it’s something stepping into that confident version of yourself and achieving the goal is an evolutionary process. It’s not a, it wasn’t here now. It’s here. No, it’s more like a plant growing, right?

It’s a little seed. You watch it. It grows slowly, slowly, slowly, every day. It’s not an event. It’s a process. Okay. So practice ask yourself, how is that version of me already behaving? The second thing that you can do, this is super fun. The second thing that you can do is I want you to think of your top three to five best friends.

The people that know you, the best, the people you trust, the people you respect the most. And I want you to send them a text message. Or email ’em. Could you send me a list of my top seven qualities that you admire or think that I do well, things that I do well or things that you admire about me, my gifts, my strengths, my abilities.

Can you just send me a list of the top seven, have your friends reflect to you those things that you do well, and what you’re gonna see when you do this is there’s gonna be consistencies and you’re gonna get to see yourself through their eyes. You’ll get to see the best of yourself. Right? Cause they love you.

They wanna see you win. They wanna see you thrive, right. So they know who you are and they’re gonna be able to give you that beautiful, loving feedback in a way that will help you see yourself in that true light, that confident light. Okay. So I will leave you with these six myths for you to take them and move forward in a way that is allowing yourself to just be in that confident space.

I’ll see you guys next. That is a wrap for today’s show. Thank you from the bottom of my feels for showing up today in your power and in your willingness to let your intuitive self lead. And if you are still working your way to your first 52, 100 K in your coaching practice, I have two incredible free resources to help you fast pass.

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I see you. I love you together. We rise.