Ep70: Magnetically Market Your Brand with Nikki Nash

Jul 26, 2021

Do you find yourself dancing on Instagram, funding more ads than you can, or using way too many hashtags for your marketing, and still have zero results? Are the marketing strategies you see from “marketing gurus” no longer working?

In this episode, we have the amazing Nikki Nash and she will talk about all things marketing. Nikki is a Podcast Host, Hay House author, motivational speaker, and creator of the Genius Profit Society, a training and development company on a mission to equip entrepreneurs with the tools and resources they need to share and profit from their message.

Nikki will share her marketing genius and talk about what can make you standout with your marketing strategies. She will share the three main missteps of online business owners today in the marketing world. She will share her own experiences in getting to know the best marketing and the processes and strategies for her business. Nikki will share how dating and marketing has the same process. She will also share her Mad Scientist Framework, her book “Market Your Genius”, and her quiz “My Next Step Quiz”.

Make sure you listen to this fun episode and take some notes so you can magnetically market your online business now!

Soul Stirring Quotes


“We all are on our own radio station, and there are going to be people tuned in to your radio station that will want to hear what you have to say.”

“You really have to be yourself unapologetically if you are going to have an online business.”

“Every day you wake up, and get in touch with who you are, what you stand for, what you believe in, and be yourself, quirks and all.”

“The reality is, there are so many marketing strategies and tactics that will work to help you grow your business.”

“You really have to choose the one thing that you know you love doing and have that as the crux of your marketing strategy and game plan.”

“If I can help people find the marketing activities that bring them joy and make their lives super happy, then I’ve done my job.”

“Implementation gets you the valuable information that you need.”


Episode Timecodes:

  • 0:28 Who is Nikki Nash and what does she do in the marketing world?

  • 1:58 What are the biggest missteps business owners are making that are just wrong?

  • 2:38 Misstep #1: Trying to be like everybody else.

  • 5:51 Misstep #2: Rapid Strategy Switching.

  • 7:27 Nikki shares her own experience in implementing marketing strategies that work for her (watch out for the song!).

  • 11:03 Misstep #3: Not having a validated marketing plan and skipping the analytics.

  • 11:50 Nikki shares the Mad Scientist Framework.

  • 14:30 Nikki shares how she figures out which strategy works best, and her best practices in hiring.

  • 16:42 Nikki shares her thoughts on why the marketing process is like dating.

  • 24:15 Nikki talks about her book “Market Your Genius”.

  • 27:45 Nikki talks about her quiz “My Next Step Quiz”.

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