Ep74: 10 Mediocre to Millionaire Mindset Shifts

Aug 23, 2021

How do you view money as a coach and a business owner? Do you feel that you don’t deserve to enjoy abundance in your life?

In this episode, Heather shares the 10 Mediocre to Millionaire mindset shifts that you can use to help you embrace the abundant life that you deserve. She will share what Millionaire Mindset looks like and why these shifts matter especially for intuitive entrepreneurs. Heather will also share her own experiences with the lack mindset and her words of wisdom that will definitely inspire you to embrace your wealth.

Are you ready to embrace your millionaire self? Then listen to this episode and start creating a more abundant life for you!

Soul Stirring Quotes

“Millionaire mindset is how we relate to ourselves, to other people, and how we use our resources.”

“Your time and your energy are way more important than money.”

“People who are financially wealthy understand their inherent value.”

“Wealth is actually our natural state of being in all areas.”

“Abundance is your birthright, it’s not for the privileged few.”

“Greed and poverty are the root of evil. People with a lack mentality shoot the messenger and resent money because they don’t have enough of it.”

“Money is just a resource at our disposal to create cool stuff.”

“Our ability to generate income is by and through relationships.”

“We all need money, it’s a fact of life. You need to attend to that aspect of your existence.”

“Dreaming about money can be incredibly rewarding because it’s all about that high level of creativity in life.”

“The truth is, money does not make you a better person at all, not even a little bit.”

“Status that actually matters is the content of your character, the values that you hold and how you strive to be a better person every single day.”

“Money is earned through creative ideas and helping people solve problems.”

“A lot of people who have wealth because they do have wealth have had to stop and ask themselves the big questions.”

“Money does not change you, it reveals you.”

“Optimism is a super power!”

“Wealthy people understand that it’s smart to be optimistic because they know their beliefs create their reality.”

“You deserve to live in alignment with the abundance that nature and the universe and God have to offer you.”


Episode Timecodes:

  • 0:32 Heather shares what this episode is all about and why it matters for intuitive entrepreneurs.

  • 2:18 What is the Millionaire Mindset?

  • 3:02 Mediocre to Millionaire Mindset #1: Being Rich Is a Privilege to Being Rich Is a Birthright.

  • 4:31 Mediocre to Millionaire Mindset #2: Money Is the Root of all Evil to Poverty Is the Root of all Evil.

  • 5:47 Mediocre to Millionaire Mindset #3: Rich People Are Crooks to Rich People Have Integrity in Dealing With Others.

  • 7:00 Mediocre to Millionaire Mindset #4: Denies the Importance of Money to Knows Money Is a Critical Component of Life.

  • 8:18 Mediocre to Millionaire Mindset #5: Worries About Money to Dreams About Money.
    How do you view money as a coach and a business owner? Do you feel that you don’t deserve to enjoy abundance in your life?

  • 9:20 Mediocre to Millionaire Mindset #6: Money Is About Status to Money Is About Freedom.

  • 10:25 Mediocre to Millionaire Mindset #7: Money Is Earned Through Hard Work to Money Is Earned Through Creative Ideas.

  • 11:22 Mediocre to Millionaire Mindset #8: Believes Rich People Are Shallow to Knows Rich People Seek Deeper Meaning.

  • 12:25 Mediocre to Millionaire Mindset #9: Believes Money Changes People to Believes Money Reveals People.

  • 13:11 Mediocre to Millionaire Mindset #10: Believes It’s Smart To Be Cynical to Believes It’s Smart To Be Optimistic.

  • 14:26 Heather shares her words of wisdom about embracing abundance.

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Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the everyday intuitive podcast. I’m your host, Heather Alice Shea intuitive life coach trainer status quo, shaker and founder of Atmana Coaching Academy. Listen in each week to break up with your comfort zone claim your self confidence and radically embrace your role as an intuitive healer mentor and sought after coach let’s get within and get after it.

Today, we are talking all about moving from mediocre to millionaire mindset. Now there is a ton of talk in the coaching industry about money and abundance and all of these things that we do to attract it into our lives. And I don’t really wanna digress into any of that because man, this would be a four hour podcast, but what I do wanna do is give you 10 useful tips to help you begin a new relationship with.

In a way that is very practical and grounded and in a way that really helps us see some of the erroneous and really ridiculous when you stop and really look at it, ideas that we have about money. And my hope is that this level sets us. With respect to money that you can listen to this podcast and go, you know what?

I actually have a dysfunctional relationship with money. Not because money is bad or not, because I don’t like money, but because I’m just believing that money is going to do things for, and in my life that it can’t in fact, do. Or that it is going to change me or my loved ones or my relationships in ways that it actually in fact won’t right.

Because that is why we keep we’re so hung up over money because we’re either scared of it. We either wanna push it away or we wanna clinging to it too much. Okay. So. There are 10 millionaire mindset shifts that I’m gonna offer you right now. And what these are going to do is it’s going to help you readjust and recalibrate your thinking around money so that you can improve your relationship with it.

And this is very, very. Practical advice that you can take practical tips that you can use. So the first thing I’m gonna say is gonna be a mediocre mindset, meaning it’s not a bad thing to think. It’s just not really helpful. Right? It’s erroneous. It’s not really true about how we perceive money. And then we’re gonna shift it over into the millionaire mindset.

Now, to me, when I say millionaire mindset, I’m not talking about just money. I’m talking about how we relate to ourselves, how we relate to other people, how we use our resources of which I believe money is at least third on the list. I believe that your time and your presence, right? Like your time and your energy are way more important than money.

I think the greatest gift you have to give to the world is yourself. Your. Your thoughts, your mind, your ideas, you know, your presence, your love, all of those things are so much more valuable than money. They really, really are. The millionaire mindset is about how to use the resources that you have, including money and how to have a healthier relationship with it.

So that all areas of your life of which money is a part can flourish. So let’s jump into the first one. The first mediocre mindset is that being rich is a privilege. right. So people who are wealthy, financially wealthy understand their inherent value. They say to God in the universe, wait a minute. I understand that I’m valuable.

And I understand that money doesn’t actually have anything to do with my personal value. So if it’s all the same to you, God universe, how about you? Just let me live in abundance now. So I have more physical resources to do good in the world. Right? So they’ve gotten over. The need to justify reasons for being quote unquote worthy in order to feel abundant, they don’t put caveats on it.

So being rich is a privilege then actually the shift is into the belief that being rich is a birthright. So people who are abundant understand that wealth is actually our natural state of being in all areas. Okay. Just. In nature, you see abundance everywhere, right? There’s a thousand million seeds of, you know, seedlings in a tomato plant or on the pine trees outside my window that I’m looking at right now.

One tree has literally millions of seeds, right? Abundance everywhere too much more than you could ever use. That’s the millionaire mindset shift. It’s not for the privileged few abundance is a birthright, the millionaire mindset. It’s like your value is not caught up in that. It’s just how it is. There’s nothing you need to do to be worthy of it.

It just. Is your birthright. That’s just your natural way of being number two is that money is the root of all evil. Nothing could be further than this. Greed is the root of all evil greed is actually the root of all evil. And if we were to put this in financial terms, what I would say, having lived the first, you know, quarter of my life in poverty, pretty extreme poverty.

What I would tell you is money is not the root of all evil poverty is the root of all evil, okay. Poverty. Is the root of all evil greed and poverty, right? So people in lack mentality, shoot the messenger, they resent money because they don’t have enough of it. Well, that doesn’t make any sense because if you had enough of it, how could having more of something that’s bad?

Remedy your situation. So that’s crazy, right? When you really stop and examine it, it’s weird. Everybody wants more money. And I think we all should have more money because money is just a resource. It’s just yet another thing in the world at our disposal to create cool stuff. So the mindset shift here isn’t that money is a root of all evil.

We would say greed and poverty. Are the roots of all evil and that when you see money for what it can and can’t do for you appropriately, you don’t really have this issue of it being evil because you’re not expecting money to do things that it can’t do. Like love people and care about people. Money is actually inherently neutral, right?

It’s what we choose to do with it. Number three is that the mediocre mindset shift is that rich people are crooks and the millionaire mindset shift is no, actually rich people have integrity in dealing with others. So, you know, we’ve all heard, you know, there’s this kind of this common, low grade thought that like how people become rich is by ripping people off and walking all over them.

And actually this is totally untrue. Most rich people here in the states, 80% of all millionaires in the United States from America are self made. They came from nothing, right. They made their money on their own. And what you learn in business when you start making a lot of money specifically, is that you better keep your word.

Rich people actually have incredible standards of integrity. That’s how they got rich, right? Because so much of money making our ability to generate income is spying through relationships, right? So if you get known as a cat or a crook, nobody is gonna wanna do business with. And that is very, very, very true.

So it is untrue that rich people are crooks. The vast majority of rich people are self-made. They know what it is to be poor, you know, to not have enough resources. They know what that feels like. And they actually have very, very high levels of integrity because they know how hard it is out there to become successful.

Especially if you’re self-made number four is the mediocre mindset shift is that you deny the importance of. Boy, do we ever see this happen? Oh, I don’t care about money. Well, you should care. you should care about money because money is very, very important. Right. And I think people say things like that.

Oh, I don’t care about. It’s a self-defense mechanism. And I also think it’s sort of this like low grade virtue signaling, like, oh, somehow you’re above care, like, oh, okay. Like when someone tells me I don’t care about money, I’m like, why do you think you’re above it? Do you think you’re above needing money?

Like the rest of us, like. Trust me, we all need money. It’s a fact of life. So like, we should all care about it. And if you don’t care about money, then that’s a problem, right? Like you need to attend to that aspect of your existence. Right? So the millionaire mindset is that. Money is a critical component of life.

It’s one component, right? We don’t exaggerate its importance, but we do acknowledge that it is a critical component of our life. And, you know, pretending to have a lack of interest or a lack of need in money, in my opinion, is veiled, spiritual narcissism, and, or just, you know, in the very least a drastic misunderstanding about the importance of that resource and the good that it can do in the.

If we would learn to value it in an appropriate way. Number five is the mediocre mindset is that we worry about money. Ugh. I’m sure you can relate to that. I think this one is a, a very hard habit to break, but really the millionaire mindset is to dream about money, right? To have hope about money, to think about the fun and creative things you could do with money.

If I had more money, if I had an extra $10,000, I would pour that into my foundation. And, you know, a hundred kids would have a better pair of shoes to wear to school this year. Right. That’s dreaming about money or I’m gonna help my business hit seven figures, or I’m gonna, you know, reach a new financial goal that I’ve never made.

Or remember the first time I made. Six figures in my business. I was like, wow, this is the most money I’ve ever made in my life. And I made it in my own company. Every last penny in this bank account is something that I created. It was an idea I had, it was my hustle. It was my hard work. It was my dream. It was my vision.

It was my belief in myself. And I gotta tell you right now, that was one of the greatest days of my life. Right? So trust me, dreaming about money can be incredibly rewarding because again, it’s all about that high level of creativity in life. The sixth mindset shift is money is all about status. Versus money is all about freedom.

If money is about status in your mind, that’s an indication that you’ve got some work to do around this one, because the truth is money does not make you a better person. at all, not even a little bit. It has absolutely no ability to increase your status in this world whatsoever. Here’s why, because you’re already priceless.

You’re already valuable. There’s not one thing you can do to add or take away from your value as a human being in the world. Period. End of story. Money has nothing to do with. so people in lack believe well, if I had that kind of money, they would be more relevant. They would be more important. They would have more social clout and that’s just not true.

Right. It’s just not, what money can do for you is give you freedom. You know, that’s probably what it provides you options and freedom, right? You just have ways to solve problems, cuz you have more means, but it’s not gonna add one ounce of status to your life at. Not the status that actually matters. And the status that actually matters is the content of your character, the values that you hold and how you strive to be a better person.

Every single day. Number seven is money is earned through hard work. It is not. That’s such a mediocre mindset. The world is filled with people who bust their butt 80 hours a week and die, you know, poor as hell. My father was one of ’em. He died at 62. He worked 80 hours a week. His entire adult. Money is not earned through hard work.

Money is earned through creative ideas and helping people solve problems. Okay. So hard work, no creativity, creativity, and helping people solve their problems is what people are willing to come up off their hard earned money for and give to you. Now that doesn’t mean we don’t work hard. We certainly do.

It’s just not the mechanism through which money comes alone. Right. We have to. Hustle and grit and perseverance with other things like creativity, integrity, also learning how to rest, right? Because we can’t work all the time. So hard work is just one tiny component of how we earn money. So the number eight is the belief that rich people are shallow.

Right? When in reality, a lot of people who have wealth because they do have wealth have had to stop and ask themselves the big questions. Right. They’ve had to. And say, you know, what is it that I really value? Because every single day you have the means and the resources to betray those values, right? And also you have more leisure time.

You have more options. You do have time to sit back and think, you know what? I’m gonna ask myself these big questions. So they actually have the time and the energy to ask deeper meaning questions in their life and believe you. Rich people do ask them people who are in abundance do ask that. So listen, there’s plenty of poor people out in the world who are shallow, and there’s plenty of rich people who are shallow, but there’s no correlation between how much money you have.

And how much money you don’t have to shallowness, right? Like there’s no correlation there, there are everybody in every camp, right? You can be rich and shallow. You can be poor and shallow. It doesn’t matter. You can be rich and seek deeper, meaning you can be poor and seek deeper meaning there’s absolutely no correlation there.

Number nine is that, um, mediocre mindset is that if you believe that money changes people, that’s actually not true money. Doesn’t change people, money reveals who you already are. If you’re a stingy son of a bitch, while you’re poor, you’re gonna be an even stingier son of a bitch when you’re rich. Okay.

And if you’re a generous person, when you’re poor, you’re gonna be a generous person when you’re rich. And that’s just the reality of it, right? It doesn’t change you. It reveals. Which I think is another reason why people are scared of becoming wealthy because they’re secretly afraid. Oh my goodness. Like, do I really love people and care as much as I think I do.

Right. Well, a great way to never find out what you’re really made of is to keep yourself poor. So there is absolutely again, no correlation between selfishness or generosity, whether you’re rich or you’re poor. Everybody is in all camps. Right. And number 10 is the mediocre mindset is that it is smart to be Cyn.

Right about life and about money. It’s smart to be cynical about things. Whereas people in millionaire mindset understand that optimism is a superpower. So people in lack, mentality, feel it’s smart to be cynical because they haven’t mastered how to think and feel good regardless of exterior outcomes.

Right. So if I don’t do great on my next launch, then I’m gonna feel terrible about it. So I’ll just be cynical about it. So I don’t have to deal with those negative feelings. Right. I don’t have to deal with the disappointment. So remaining cynical is a way of not experiencing that potential disappointment that might come with taking a chance on optimism.

Right. But wealthy people understand it is smart to be optimistic because they know their beliefs create their reality and they are more open to taking risks because they have the ability to control any negative emotions that they might have about the outcome that they can’t control. Right. You’re either gonna hit the goal or you’re not, but they’re able to redirect their energy into a conscious, chosen channel.

Of creativity that allows them to continue pursuing their interests and setting future goals that help them iterate toward getting what they want out of life. So if you have enjoyed these 10 mindset shifts, I am so proud of you. I want you to take each one. Maybe do some thinking about the one you do the best already, and then the one that you need the most help with.

But no matter how you move forward from here, I want you to give yourself permission to begin a new love affair with money because you deserve, you deserve to live an alignment with the abundance, that nature and the universe and God have to offer. Until next time together, we rise. That is a wrap for today’s show.

Thank you from the bottom of my feels for showing up today in your power and in your willingness to let your intuitive self lead. And if you are still working your way to your first 50 to 100 K in your coaching practice, I have two incredible free resource. To help you fast pass this process. The first is to join our free and fun Facebook group.

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I see you. I love you together. We rise.